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Neo-Nazi Magazine to Feature Obama Assassination Cover

By Mark Potok on September 12, 2008 - 10:30 am, Posted in Hate Groups, Neo-Nazi

National Socialist Obama coverNeo-Nazi boss Bill White, long given to swaggering threats and proposals for violence, this week went even further than normal — announcing plans for a magazine cover headlined “Kill This NIGGER?” with a photo of Barack Obama and, two days later, publishing the home address of a juror who helped convict another neo-Nazi leader in a federal conspiracy case.

White, who heads the Virginia-based American National Socialist Workers Party, has issued a series of Internet calls for violence in recent years, including his infamous September 2007 suggestion that followers “Lynch the Jena 6,” a reference to black high school students in Jena, La. But of late, his postings have become even more violent, possibly as a result of White’s deliberate attempts to be provocative in the face of waning public attention.

On Tuesday, White posted on his website a request for money to pay for a special issue of his National Socialist magazine. The mocked-up cover, with a huge “Kill This NIGGER?” headline, shows Obama speaking to a crowd with a rifle’s crosshairs superimposed on his head. White said that the accompanying article would explain the Democratic presidential nominee’s “radical Communist politics and Jewish backers … and how he plans genocide against white working people.”

Then, on Thursday, White posted the name, home address and several phone numbers for an allegedly “Gay Jewish anti-racist” juror who helped convict Matt Hale, then-leader of the neo-Nazi World Church of the Creator, of soliciting the murder of a federal judge. Hale was sentenced in 2005 to 40 years in prison.

White does not directly propose violence against the juror. But he told his readers that the man “played a leading role in inciting both the conviction and the harsh sentence that followed.” He also described the conviction as wrongful and said that the prison term handed Hale was a “criminally long sentence.”

White, who lives in Roanoke, Va., has a long history of issuing sneering threats and vulgar, racist attacks. Earlier this summer, on July 22, he verbally attacked what he called “‘respectable’ niggers” in the NAACP and elsewhere in American society. “I am convinced, more and more each day, that the only solution to this problem is to kill all of the niggers involved, preferably with state sponsorship,” he wrote. “When the death squads come, line me up as volunteer number one.”

  • christian white

    The sideshow is merely smokescreen, Obama no more represents black interests than these so-called ‘white supremacists’ represent mine.
    Obama was harvested and sold like any other produce.

    Trust no-one, and plan action.
    Nothing is true, and all permitted.

  • Bored in America

    Another nazi magazine funded by the FBI?

  • rupertfurdley

    White is one hellbound lowlife!

  • Jeff Simms

    Hal Turner shares the same in common as Alex Jones and that is Jesuit trained Pat Buchanan who regularly appears on Jones show. It may be worth someones time to see if there are connections with White. Operation mockingbird is a commonly known Federal program dating back to the 1960’s and Jones, White, And Turner all fit the role to flush out would be “extremists”. Many of their idiotic followers have a cult like personality and anything presented to them that may be factual and contrary to their beliefs typically will draw a violent or irrational response.

  • Dave

    I don’t know who this bastard is to think he can threaten the President of the United States?! Every race and every realm of American society has its cruds and lowlifes, so where does this neo-nazi get the nerve to think he’s better than anyone? You don’t have to like Obama, but just maybe we can like what he can “do” for us. God knows he could hardly do worse than any other President that ever stepped up to a speaking podiam. Lets give the guy a fair chance, everyone wants a better tommorrow. Because just like you people reading this now, I don’t want to know what I can do for my country: “I want to know what my country is gonna do for me!

  • joe

    Funny how you people don’t like racial profiling when the police are in black neighborhoods or watching arabs at an airport. But now all of a sudden you are embracing the racial profiling of white people. Congraduations…you’re a racist.

  • GENO-Columbucide1492

    In light of the recent arrest and indictments of Bill White. Anybody suspected of having strong ties to Bill White are scrambling to cut off. In other words, that means these White Supremacists are trying hard to distant themselves from Bill White by whatever means. Taking down old forums and old websites could be one reason why you’re seeing stuff that were there before but are not there anymore.

  • John

    The Roanoke City Treasurer got caught giving Bill Whites personal address to Jim Ramm on a phone call that he reported on his

    On that web site there were countless threats of violence and death to Bill. The people there were going to hurt him when he got back. Hopefully they don’t do anything to his wife.

    Does anyone know what happened to the site? A few days ago all of the posts were deleted and now the entire site is gone. Jim took the link to it off his zogsnightmare as well.

    It looks like either this whole story was either a lie from Jim Ramm and the Roanoke City Treasurer didn’t give him the address or the FBI got a hold of Jim and made him take it down in an attempt to wipe clean any evidence that Bill could use in his case for a defense.

  • diamonddog

    knuckle draggers – UNITE!

    We are all in this thing together.

  • George

    I’m writing to report something I find totally offensive. Recently a GOP group depicted Obama with watermelons, fried chickens on a $10.00 bill.

    Take a look at this:

    Unbelievely racist!!!!!! You can contact the group at:

    Take a stand!!!

  • Prof. Dr. S. Collymore

    Where are the US laws on incitement to murder. Or do you all think that such odious conduct should be regarded as freedom of speech? And yet you delusionally regard yourselves as a civilized country and, what’s more, have the audacity to demand that countries around the world do and you order them to.

    Professor Dr. S. Collymore
    London, England.

  • Al Champagne

    This Bill White character must be dealt with. He uses the internet to harass, stalk, and threaten citizens. The privacy of our citizens is under direct attack and until the government steps in and passes legislation to protect our rights and personal privacy from cyber criminals, it will remain. If you are opposed to the PATRIOT Act, you must also oppose allowing citizens to use the internet to spy on fellow citizens.

  • Roger Grant

    Bill White has a fascination about attacking former 2008 NS Presidential candidate John Taylor Bowles. He must be jealous or something of him. I would believe Bowles over White any day.

  • Great Southern (trendkill)

    A true White Supremacist usually keeps a low profile. They are completely irrelevant to the behaviors of Hal Turner and Bill White.

    Hal and Bill are foolhardy idiots, spokeholes, and PR flacks. These 2 idiots are nothing more than a couple of lousy comedians and attention seekers.

    However, true White Supremacists are for the most part–loners. Many have connections to the various anti-immigration groups. And many of them are Natavists shrouded as American Patriots, rather than a Neo-Nazis. A Neo-Nazi is almost like a thing of the past or are just mostly designed for White kids(Skinheads)and Gestapo youths.

    Don Black and David Duke are good examples of a true White Supremacists.

    Another good example of a true White Supremacist in my own area is J.T. Ready of the local (but weak) NSM chapter. Which we need to concentrate on and not waste time on secret federal agents with their bogus magazines like that one above.

  • Racist Truth

    Billboards!!!!!!, let the morning commuters see for themselves’ what is really going on in this supposedly christian country we call a democracy. Obama will win unless the fix is in, if Mcain wins then all doubt is removed as to who pulls the string in our so called free country.

  • Accutek & Co

    This is scary but hardly unexpected…a black man running for President,even one who doesnt stand a chance of winning,will still draw the ire of these type people like a lightning rod draws current….it just has to be watched and any attempt intercepted

  • the Great Southern Trend Kill

    I think the SPLC should stay focused on the real White Supremacists. If the guy, just like Hal Turner, happens to be a Fed or a Jew disguised as a Neo-Nazi, then its probably not worth wasting time debating his legitimacies of their frivolous agendas.

    We need to confront the real White Supremacists and rid them by exposure through excessive means by public scrutiny, smears and scathing cycnicism based on their connections to the WN movement, in an effort to show intolerance for their idealogies of hate.

    False imposters like Bill White and Hal Turner are a complete waste of time. And shall be dismissed as nonsense. There may be other fakes within the WN movement. And they are aplenty!

    And my point?
    If Bill White and Hal Turner were true to the sense of being called Neo-Nazis, surely they would’ve been incarcerated in Federal Prisons a long time ago. Why they happened to remain free men is to already assumed they’re Feds or agents working for them otherwise.

    Americans both Nazis and Anti-Naz are not that gullible(well maybe some of the Neo-Nazis are) to see that.

  • Smith

    The WN movement is highly infiltrated. My guess is it was govt created. You never know who is a fed or an agent provocateur – though it is safe to say that most are. LOL remember, when you are protesting NS/WN groups, you are yelling at Feds and APs, thus fueling the fire. My guess is it’s 50/50.

    Here are my top five clues the person is a Fed or AP:

    5) The guy with no job & is always broke who seems to always attend meetings all over the country. Or, the guy with a good job and money and is still out in public.

    4) The guy who seems to be the public face of the movement, especially if he has a good job. And anyone who hosts an event on their own property, encouraging people he doesn’t know to attend.

    3) People who do stupid things but never seem to get kicked out.

    2) People with German sounding last names that have no meaning in German but have Jewish roots.

    1) People who seem to be on extreme ends of the spectrum: they either stay sober & are perfect model Aryans or they are always trying to get people to do something stupid.

  • someguy

    actually, he has recieved visits from FBI/secret service over the mag.

  • Monkey Man

    Meh, most nazi “extremist” groups in the USA are either infiltrated or run by the FBI.

  • IludiumPhosdex

    Speaking of using Barack Obama to pander to racist sentiment among Those Who Should Know Better, an item from Think Progress:

    At the Values Voter Summit this weekend, vendors sold an item called “Obama Waffles” featuring a racist cartoon of Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) on the box front—with “popping eyes and big, thick lips”—and another image of him wearing an Arab-like headdress on its top flap. Its creators, Mark Whitlock and Bob DeMoss, said it was meant as “political satire,” and sold the box for $10 from a booth at the Family Research Council event. CNN’s Lou Dobbs stopped by the booth and exclaimed, “My wife will love this!” A photo shows Dobbs with a box of the mix in his hand.

    Beg pardon, but where does political satire stop and crass racism begin in instances such as this?

  • Mr Stagger Lee

    Where is the Secret Service, the FBI and DHS? Oh let this be a Nation Of Islam talking about doing John McCain, and they would be shut down in 24 hours, but a white nationalist group, I guess there are sympathizers in the Law Enforcement Community, Yeah I’m saying it.

  • Wolf Trax 88-Hunter

    Well then if Bill White is indeed a fed or even a jew. Then it exemplifys how rigged the WN movement really is.

    They got the feds within their ranks! With Bill White as one of them, then they must be a joke. The WN movement is all but lost! This ANSWP thing is a fake.

    Lets see,who else is fake besides Bill White and Hal Turner???

    Alex Linder and the VNN???
    Sounds fake to me.

    Josh Hotz and the gays at “Eyez on Hate”???
    Sounds fake to me.

  • the Great Southern Trend Kill

    The irony of all this, is that this group–the ANSWP, is not really a “Political Party” by any means, but just another lowly Neo-Nazi gang that engages and preaches violence and the rhetorics that associates with hostility.

    Political Parties control the government and sets the standards from which we have to abide by. Political Parties design legistlatures that becomes a law into effect. And that they have the power to control American lives and how we live.

    None of these street gangs have that power. The ANSWP is merely a paper organization whose leaders aren’t serious about what they say… the ANP of the 1960`s, the only real difference is that the ANSWP can at least publish its own zine and operates its own website.

  • someguy

    read bill white’s site(, it doesn’t say they’re going to kill him. It says “Negro deification and the “obama assassination” myth”, meaning the media lies about white groups wanting to kill obama. Of course jew potok doesn’t tell you that.

  • IludiumPhosdex

    So much for the idea of “genocide against white working people” in the event of an Obama Presidency, notwithstanding polls now suggesting a slight trend (howbeit within margins of error on many leading polls) favouring John McCain:

    Wasn’t that the same kind of paranoia apartheid South Africa kept pushing upon the “privileged” and “superior” white peoples thereof to maintain apartheid?

    And Another Thing:

    Maybe it was time to find out how many racist and white-supremacist groups are raising funds to evacuate Afrikaners from South Africa and resettle them in the United States “to save them from further persecution @ the hands of Communists,” let alone whether such will have any success. Or, for that matter, whether funds thus raised will be diverted @ the last minute to “more pressing needs” “for reasons you will understand,” or so the official patsy will go.

  • D. L.

    Yes, as Turner was a Fed, so is White. In late 2007, White accused Ron Paul of going to some Neo-Nazi meeting at a restaurant that usually had Neo-Nazi meetings. A screen capture of his “Stormfront” blog comment page showed a Megaphone down at the bottom. The Megaphone is a device that allows pro-Israel people to automatically “get the word out” about anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, or anti-Israel web sites so that Israel supporters can target these sites. Since White is clearly working for Israel while camoflaging himself as a Jew-hater, he is probably working for the Feds as well.

  • Wolf Trax 88-Hunter


    Sounds a lot like Hal Turner to me. And of course most of us knew Hal Turner worked for the FBI and the Federal Government. He was bogus!
    This latest tactic of Bill White too seems bogus!

    Could Bill White be working for the Feds too? Many White Supremacists opposes the assasination of Barak Obama, nevermind the lower than dirts ranks of the Neo-Nazis Turd Reichers. I’m talking about legitimate leaders of the WN Movement.

    Contraversaries surrounding Bill White were unearthed before. Some debate surrounding his the legitimacy of his true White Supremacy was argued about in the past. I have doubts about him again.