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Federal Investigators To Audit Controversial Sheriff’s Office Program

By Hatewatch Staff on September 16, 2008 - 8:34 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials announced that ICE will conduct an audit of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to determine whether it’s violating the terms of an agreement that gives MCSO the authority to enforce federal immigration laws.
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  • Fred

    Thats right the local law enforcement shouldn’t stop federal bank robers either! Why the hell should they! After all its not really their job now is it?

  • Incitatus

    The agency that has the jurisdictional premptive powers to enforce such immigration laws is ICE. The Sheriff`s dept. is not a federal agency, they are what we call a law enforcement agency. In this context, the MSCO has ushered a deal of signing an agreement with ICE called the 287G agreement that gives the Sheriff the right to enforce immigration laws. And there were conditions that is implemented into that agreement with relevance to the basic constitutional rights applied to those involved. The Sheriff has violated those conditions, which is why he is currently being “probed” by the feds. Go figure.

  • Albert Lee Garibay

    I forgot it is not just Mexicans I am talking about it is White Foreigners that flood the US that I do not like.

  • Albert Lee Garibay

    What ? do they have the right to enforce already on the books ( US Immigration Laws ) Hell yes they do how stupid are they every police officer in this country has the right to protect true born Americans from SCUM.

  • Incitatus

    Its a relatively good thing that the 3 federal agencies are on top of it.
    1.) ICE
    2.) GAO
    3.) FBI
    The Sheriff is notorious for a wide range of violations that needed to be investigated. The good news is that Sheriff Joe`s approval ratings has dropped significantly from his traditional “80 percentile” mark all the way down South to the now current readings of 52% according to the latest polls source put forth by the Feathered Bastard of the New Times of Phoenix, who then cites his source from the BAC/Rocky Mtn polls and from the polls taken from Joe Arpaio`s own website. The funny thing is that in Joe Arpaio`s personal website, he has lost tremendous amounts of support. And it shows that the vast majority of Arizonians will most “definately not vote” for Sheriff Joe for re-election. According to his own website, which was taken down and placed back up, and fooled around with by Joe`s personal hackers. Luckly the Feathered Bastard was abled to published copies of the exact readings of his polls before it was taken down and put back up by false numbers and with people`s ip addresses for intimidation purposes once they’ve cast in their votes.

    Sheriff Joe is infamously notorious for retrubution and vindictiveness on anyone who opposes the corrupted Sheriff. With the elections around the corner, the contender and the true “American Lawman” Dan Saban has repeatily called out the self-proclaimed “Toughest Sheriff in America” for a debate. But the coward constable refused many times only to pigsqueeked away back into his den, $60,000 a month rental space at the Wells Fargo “the eipicenter of evil” office space for the MSCO costing the county tax payers alotta dough. The bottomline is this–

    The Sheriff Joe is no good, incompetance at best and a travesty to the American taxpayer with a $43 million pay outs in lawsuits. K-9 cop sgt.Tom Lovejoy was the latest to add to the ever growing lists of lawsuits filed against the most KKKorrupted Sheriff in America in modern times.

    He is simply a “coward”.
    Sheriff Joe Arcorrupto!