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Civil Rights Activists Demand Sheriff’s Resignation

By Hatewatch Staff on September 23, 2008 - 8:44 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Two dozen immigrant advocacy organizations signed a letter to the Johnston County commissioners asking the board to pressure Sheriff Steve Bizzell to resign in the wake of his public statements that Mexicans are “trashy” and “breed like rabbits.”
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  • loren

    When one thinks of our justice system, the statue called Blind Justice comes to mind. Everyone is familiar with blindfolded Lady Justice holding a balance scale. The system, to work fairly and justly, requires a high standard of behavior from its gatekeepers. Sheriff Bizzell has failed to maintain the required standard of behavior and , for the good of all, should resign. Does anyone believe that Latinos are going to be treated fairly when the Sheriff, himself, has used such demeaning and dehumanizing language against them? I think not.

  • Mr. GENO”88″(cyde)

    Its a wise move to add such pressure on the county commmisioners to think about a Sheriff, whose logical mindset is biased and bigoted on a specific group of people. Simply because they’re Hispanics and do the jobs that unskilled and often times uneducated Natavists won’t do.
    The same thing must be applied to Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Whose thuggery tactics goes further than disparaging Latinos.