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Neo-Nazi Stage Mom Boasts Of Retail Con Prowess

By Sonia Scherr on September 25, 2008 - 10:21 am, Posted in Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist

“Is it luck or am I a thief?”

That’s the question neo-Nazi April Gaede posed Sept. 10 on the forum of the Vanguard News Network website (motto: “No Jews. Just right.”). Gaede, whose teenage daughters form the racist pop-singing duo Prussian Blue, recently boasted in an online post that she regularly scores free merchandise through underhanded means. “My family seems to have this gift of confusing clerks at large chain stores,” she confessed. “We end up not getting charged for items all the time. I think this happens to me because I talk to them and distract them (not on purpose) by saying outrageous things.”

It’s not hard to imagine Gaede uttering something unsettling. The neo-Nazi stage mom propelled her twin daughters, Lynx and Lamb, to international stardom in white power circles. Fans watch the blond, blue-eyed girls sieg heil and sing odes to “white survival,” though a 2007 documentary about the pair showed them tiring of their mother’s overbearing ways.

Now Gaede, a prolific contributor to neo-Nazi web forums, has revealed that micro-managing her daughters’ musical act isn’t her only skill. In her post on the VNN site, she tallied the thousands of dollars she’d saved by walking out of stores without paying for merchandise. Shopping in Kmart one day for window coolers, Gaede wrote, she saw a sign asking shoppers to donate money for Iraq veterans. “I asked to speak to a manager about how much the CEOs of Kmart were personally giving and why should they ask poor Kmart shoppers for money when they are a multibillion dollar company?” She reported that the “riled up” employee failed to ring up one of the coolers in her cart, saving her $150.

Another time, according to Gaede, she picked out some pricey merchandise at Ikea, only to find that the store was unable to charge her credit card for more than $300. So Gaede decided to return the following day to buy the remaining items. “When they loaded up our car they included the $500 table we had not paid for,” she recounted. “Dumb Mexicans.”

But Gaede apparently doesn’t want readers to think she lacks ethics. “Now if this happens at a mom and pop store we always correct it and if a clerk gives me the wrong change I always correct it (if they are white) because I dont [sic] want them to get in trouble for their till to be wrong. But otherwise if it is some big store I go for it… What do you all think? Is that evil???”

Opinions varied. “McKinley” wrote, “I will never fill [sic] wrong about getting one over from an enemy. Morals do not count in a death match.”

But others thought Gaede was taking the wrong tack. “It’s stealing from white people,” wrote “cknott.” “Because of April’s stealing, companies raise their prices which makes honest white people pay even more at the store. If we want to beat the J*w, we have to stop acting like the J*w.”

To which Gaede promptly replied, “Oh spank me! Probably most here on this board has [sic] done this. I just have the guts to admit it.”

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  • IMr. GENO”88″(cyde)

    Seriously why would folks take the VNN so literally? Although I don’t usually believe in rumors since its not always 100% accurate. But word has it that the VNN is so full of fakes and “has beens”. Its not a real White Supremacists website as it is made out to be.

    Gaede may have “the guts to admit” her crime, but she’s also a flippin` moron. That alone is asking for some time behind bars which I hope truly happens. Because if she’s not guilty of shoplifting, then surely her bragging about how she claims to have taken large sums of merchandise with paying is fluke(you know, a lie just to garner some extra attention from her hate buddies).

  • Retail Manager

    Looks like the Nazi site removed the post. Bet a lawyer made that happen. You can still read Gaede’s comments in a google search (“april gaede” and “am I a thief”) in the VNN Forum archives cache.

    In answer to your question, Mrs. Gaede, yes, you are a thief. In my state, what you have admitted to is called felony theft by deception. You are intentionally confusing a store clerk during a transaction to facilitate theft of merchandise. You are also guilty of being in receipt of stolen property.

    Most retail stores train their cashiers to be mindful of this well-known deception technique. Your claim that it was done unintentionally would only protect you in court if you brought the error to the attention of the store and immediately returned the merchandise. Your bragging about it online would not amuse a criminal court judge.

    Millions of dollars are stolen from retail businesses each year due to variations of this type of theft by deception. Gaede’s public admission that she has done this several times recently is grounds for a felony investigation. Someone should contact the stores Gaede has stolen from. Does the SPLC know where she lives?

    Your post also incriminated your husband, Mrs. Gaede. If there is a record of his ordering those sheds from Lowes and an inventory discrepancy or video footage of the transaction, he would be going to jail today if that was my store.

    Spent some time this morning researching this woman. It would appear that Mrs. Gaede’s daughters are no longer making momma any money on the neo-Nazi music circuit. They have not performed in the United States for almost two years and have not updated their blog in months.

    The novelty of the Nazi twins seems to be wearing off in the mainstream media as well. Their last mention in the press evidently involves Mrs. Gaede providing photos of her children to a prison inmate and a now-convicted pedophile.

    It would appear that karma is causing Mrs. Gaede to have to steal merchandise from stores. Her children are apparently no longer allowing April to steal what is left of their childhood.