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John Tanton’s Long History of Racism Exposed

By David Holthouse on September 26, 2008 - 2:27 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Podcasts

On this week’s podcast, Heidi Beirich and I discuss her story “The Tanton Files,” which was posted last week on Hatewatch. Heidi’s story takes a look at what she discovered while researching the papers of John Tanton, who founded the modern anti-immigration movement and is still on the board of the anti-immigrant hate group, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). Tanton’s correspondence, which is lodged at the Bentley Historical Library, reveals not only that Tanton is an unabashed racist, but that he has been enmeshed in the white nationalist movement for decades.

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  • Alex

    When’s the next podcast due out? Just wondering.

  • anti-zionist confederation of states

    Why do jews and jew-wannabes constantly try to pin white supremacy with the jewish, talmudic, kabbalistic, judeo mellenialist, Israeli-war-crazy Bush administration?

    Is it stupidity, ignorance, lack of reading, the inability to be subjective and put yourself in another’s shoes?

    America is going down, (insha’allah) and when the unifier of empty materialist capitalism and consumerism falls, the money runs out into a “poisecuted” jew’s pocket, people will fall back on their tribal loyalties.

  • GENO”88″(side)

    In light of all this revelation about one man`s disparaging lunacies dating back long before I was born. Should have no real solid political approach in terms of modern 21st century politics. Despite who is remotely associated with FAIR or any other xenophobic racist organizations, will most likey won’t be as successful as they were 20 some years ago. Because today`s socio-economic society is far too diverse to allow such singled-race based political figures to thrive politically. With a rapidly growing Hispanic American poplutation that surely recognizes the stark madness of the far right. Its highly unlikely that these virtual unknown political nutbars whose association with White Extremists organizations will be scrutinized in the public eye. Only for them to see that the past poltics of last century is ancient history…..

    Time has changed.
    White Supremacy idealogy is already unpopular at best, just like the current Bush Administration.

  • Micael O’NEILL

    One of the more insidious developements in the unfolding FAIR/Tauton/Pioneer effort is their subversive immersion in Republican party races as candidates. In the First Assembly district of NY, Jim Studenhaus, field representative for FAIR, is challenging incumbent Marc Alessi. Nowhere in his literature or web site is FAIR mentioned, even though there is more ink on “criminal illegal immigrants” than any other issue by a wide margin.
    Staudenhaus, was the eminence grise behind the Farmingville, LI Civic Improvement Assoc which led militant, highly charged anti-immigrant demonstrations at day labor sites, before it morphed into an active Minuteman group that has lately ran out of steam.
    Evidently several other people associated with FAIR over the years are also running for political office to give them a platform that will be highly visible pulpits to carry their hateful message to a new, higher level.
    Thanks for keeping a sharp eye on Fair & all its myriad, insidious spin-offs.–mo

  • the Great Southern Trendkill

    So the main point of all this revelation is that this nut is a “unabashed racist”?
    That’s what it tells me and anyone with a common sense. But the deniers which are usually White Supremacists will most certainly disagree.