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Government Reports Dispel Myth Of Al-Qaida In Mexico

By Hatewatch Staff on September 30, 2008 - 8:44 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Recently released reports from the governments of the U.S. and Mexico confirm that contrary to the claims of anti-immigration groups, no suspected Middle Eastern terrorists have been caught in Mexico or trying to enter the U.S. from Mexico since Sept. 11, 2001.
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  • Xenophobic Terrorizer

    Nobody is gonna cut you some slack. Simply because you believe in myths in a nonsensical term. Al-Qaida hates everybody who isn’t a Jihadists Radical Extremists. And I can’t imagine how they are supposed to collaborate with lowlife gangbangers from Cental America(MS-13). This is just some retrograde`s ideal of galvanizing support for his racist cause. It didn’t work.
    So there will be no “breaks” for natavists but to expose these racists organization as the fakes that they are.

  • Fred

    Give me a damn break here, terrorist will get into this country anyway they can! Right now that way is over the Mexican -U.S.border! After all how many human smuglers ever ask for proper I.D.s or good Social Security numbers? Yet they sure can tell you where to get them illegally,cant they!

  • Xenophobic Terrorizer

    That theory did not make much sense anyway. We all know that Al-Qaida is worldwide network of Islamist Extremists terrorists group that sees every “infidel” a none believers as enemies to their septic cause. And that includes folks from South of the border who are for the most part Catholics/Chirstians who do not meet the criteria for their fudamental core beliefs of Islamic Radicalism. So to juxtaposed the Islamists Extremists with gangbangers is egregiously implausible at best. This was probably someone`s idea which was fueled by xenophobic parnoia. The seed of all consipiracies.

  • loren

    The Nixon Center, hardly a progressive organization, also studied that issue and reached the same conclussion. They reported that there is no evidence of terrorists crossing into the US from Mexico. One can conclude that, once again, the claims of the anti-immigrant groups are simply falsehoods pulled out of a hat.

  • Debbie

    How on earth can they make such a statement. In America we have NO idea of who sneaks over the border. We have NO idea who is in this country breaking all our laws, and using our social services. So how can you say NO terriorists have come thru the border. Just wait, and they you’ll hear, “don’t know how that happened”, or more likely, you’ll hear nothing at all about where they came from , etc, politically correct.

  • GENO”88″(side)

    It was all hype, exaggeration and fear mongering when the xenophobes linked Al-Qaida working in conjuction with the notorious MS-13. In which, they could not cite one valid source to backed this “myth” up. And in the end, most Americans brushed it off as hyperbole, in order to garner support for an agenda bent on scapegoating Latinos and Hispanic Americans.

    They failed.

    But in light to the governments findings. It sure as heck made them lose some credibility and exposed them as fake patriots disguised as the racists that they are. But sadly, there are still some ignorant and ill-informed hypocrites who still believe in this hogwash. Nevertheless, they are the insignificant few.

  • Beverly Kurtin

    Why is it okay for the United States to built a “Terrorism” wall but not okay for Israel to build one for exactly the same reason?

    The USA has never been attacked by Mexico…but Israel, until they began building their wall was under constant attack. Innocent men, women and children were slaughtered by the Arab homicide bombers. What country needs a security fence more?