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Nativist Leader Applauds Las Vegas Police Initiating Deportations

By Hatewatch Staff on October 7, 2008 - 8:33 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Americans4America president Kristen Telfer celebrated the announcement of a deal allowing Las Vegas law enforcement officers to begin federal deportation proceedings against illegal immigrants.
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  • Fred

    I guess law enforcement is starting to do the job we tax payers pay them to do! Enforcing all of our laws! What a new concept!

  • the Xenophobic Terrorizer

    Although its true that the immigration laws must be enforced. But deportation proceedings on illegal immigrants has no vile effect on the Hispanic American population in L.V. which comprised of the city`s strong workforce and economic growth than that of Natavists. General Whites who are more socialable and multi-racial(meaning getting along and working with other races in a show of unity for the sake of their American Dream, economic stability and not necessarily race mixing) than Natavist Extremists. Likewise. Natavists are usually separatists and comprised of White Supremacists, White Racialists thus harbor little or no economic viabilities. In other words, they have done nothing to rejuvinate the U.S. economy, other than to collect SSI, welfare, FS and protest and hold tiny rally aimed at the rather smaller percentage of illegal aliens in the country illegally since the start of the year. Thanks to some states such as Arizona for enacting laws to prevent Illegal Immigration but have no effect on Hispanic American population.