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Mongols Indictment Details Biker Gang’s Racism, Alleged Crimes

By Casey Sanchez on October 24, 2008 - 3:05 pm, Posted in Anti-Black, Extremist Crime, Hate Crime

Shooting up “Toys For Tots” charity events. Selling cocaine to Catholic high school football coaches. Earning “purple wings” by having sex with dead women.

Unsealed earlier this week, a vividly detailed, 177-page federal indictment (PDF) leveling 86 felony counts against 79 members of the Mongols motorcycle gang is a dizzying cavalcade of barbarous and degenerate acts, whose alleged perpetrators were arrested Tuesday during simultaneous raids involving more than 1,000 federal agents and local police in a half-dozen states, representing the culmination of a three-year undercover investigation dubbed “Operation Black Rain.” The indictment, filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, accuses Mongol gang members of engaging in drug trafficking, racketeering and money laundering. The gang, made up of 500 to 600 members, is based in Los Angeles but has affiliate chapters in 13 states as well as Mexico and Canada.

According to the indictment, the four undercover officers who infiltrated the Mongols discovered that it was a fundamentally racist organization. The gang’s mostly Latino members were motivated to commit violent acts, up to and including murder, not only by greed, revenge and sheer bloodlust, but also by racist hatred of African-Americans, who the gang often targeted purely for the color of their skin. “Mongols crimes typically include acts of violence … and, very frequently, hate crimes directed against African-American persons who might come into contact with the Mongols,” it reads.

Among the racially motivated crimes alleged in the indictment:

• On Dec. 10, 2007, four members of the gang — Shawn “Monster” Buss, Robert Rios, Abram “Cane” Wedig and Joseph “Socks” Braden — attacked and beat an African-American patron at the Tokio Lounge in Hollywood, Calif., while shouting racial slurs at the victim.

• On Feb. 4, 2008, members of the gang threatened to assault an African-American patron at “Steve’s BBQ” unless he immediately left the restaurant.

• On July 20, 2006, two members of the gang beat and repeatedly stabbed a female gang associate after they “observed her in the company of an African-American man.” One of the assailants, Richard “Radone” Espinoza, has been charged with attempted murder in that attack.

“The Mongols organization is … racist and hostile to the presence of African-Americans in bars or clubs where Mongols are present, or African-Americans in the presence of females associated with Mongols or Mongols members,” according to the indictment.

The gang extended its hatred to law enforcement. The indictment alleged that in 2006 Jorge “Solo” Viramontes “advised the [undercover] officer about the availability of other weapons, including hand grenades and rocket launchers, he and other Mongols had planned to use in order to ‘blow up’ a court house where a Mongols member was on trial.”

  • call me a dumb canuck

    So the only person with any common sense is Hammer seriously have you looked at the roster for 81 in Western Canada?
    There’s a few east indians I also belive there is an full patch african american too somewhere so when y’all do some home work
    then write something, also I can tell you now there maybe racial slurs involved in some mongol attack but if you ever been in a real scrap
    you’ll use anything words, teeth, sidewalks, pencils, ect…
    Also what about black hispanics? Or did all you idiots forget about them too?

  • Debra

    ViolentMouse, are you seriously bringing up black on black crime? There is, and always has been, and always will be, way more white on white crime then any other in the US. Most of your biker gangs, which are predominantly white, are at war with each-other. And this my friend has been going on far longer than any black on black crime. There are black street gangs as there are white street gangs and the astronomical numbers of the white gang members far surpasses any black gang members. The Scots, the Irish, the English, I can’t tell you how many white on white crimes have gone on through-out history. Those white people raged wars against other white people where thousands upon thousands were killed,

    It often baffles me when people spout out such idiotic rhetoric! Did you not get an education? Had you done so, you would know this. Just open any history book.

    This isn’t about race, this is about power. History has proven time and time again that the real threat to our society is man, and man alone, no-matter what creed, color, or race. If there were only white men, they would rage war with each-other, as would blacks, hispanics, asians..etc.

    Your debating which groups should and should not be labeled as hate groups, and yet, this forum is filled with racist posts.

    MEN! Argh!

  • trouble

    Hells Angels were a strictly white MC

  • trouble

    I do believe the Mongols were started partialy off of the fact that when the vets came back from the war, they would not let hispanic or native americans join!!

  • http://hatewatch fifth avenue kid

    In 1975 or there about I saw a Geraldo Rivera show about the Hells Angels on television. He asked the president of the New York chapter on TV, what do you have to do to be an Angel.The president said, and I quote, you have to be white and you have to ride a Harley Davidson.

  • KellytheSinger

    Respect To The 81’s. No more criminal than the police or the

  • Tony

    Actually, the Hells angels have had ethnically Mexican member since the 60’s.

  • LG

    Hey Hammer…there has NEVER been any other race in the HAMC other than white!! I live in N.C. and I see these racist assholes every other day with their confederate flag patches and the infamous SWASTIKA and double lightning bolts…I have also did research about this and they are definitely racist!! Just because you try to cover it up with a couple of toys for kids doesn’t mean they won’t say nigger “spic” or jew in the drop of a dime…don’t get it twisted!!

  • namz

    what they don’t tell you is that Richard Espinoza’s charge was dropped to a GBI (great bodily injury) and he already served his time in this case.

  • ViolentMouse

    Seriously. you are all the largest group of imbeciles I have had the pleasure of looking down upon. From the first post to the very last, an absolute and complete lack of knowledge on Motorcycle Clubs, as well as true hate groups. Lets get something straight, even if the mongols had an open policy against blacks, which there is no evidence of such the fact is right in front of you is a 177 page long indictment, which NO PERSON is being prosecuted for a hate crime…

    Not to mention this 400 years on in-justice, let me sum it up for you as nicely as I can without being “Hateful”
    When you were born YOU were NOT a slave, and there has not been such PUBLIC SLAVES for longer than any of us have been alive, long past is the time to drop that entire concept. It is morons like you who constantly hold your own people down at this point. By preaching about something that doesn’t even exist in your lifetime, and has ZERO EFFECT on your life, you make yourself guily of a hate crime, and more specifically, when you say,

    “the black man”
    “privileged racists”
    “true justice”

    True justice ? you gonna hunt down the white man ?, looks like a hate crime to me, racist comment in disguise?

    Fact is, you need to find more “solid” proof that this is a hate group, before you go putting them on blast when I can testify by witness that I have seen mongols, in the presence of black men, and NOTHING HAPPENED.

    P.S, Can you imagine what would it would have been like had the “slaves” not been brought to the U.S ?
    Harlem would be an outstanding community, so would most of Los Angeles, oh and lets not forget little rock Arkansas, Oh and before i get off the topic…. lets name the TWO LARGEST hate groups in the united states… the bloods and the crips. blacks hating blacks, killing each other, and using something that happened 5 generations ago as an excuse to commit these crimes? why didnt the ATF go after the much larger groups that these two comprise of? if the mongols are only 400-600 strong…it surely makes sense that the group that numbers in the THOUSANDS would be a much more suitable target…
    oh damn… thats right… you don’t have to murder someone to get into the mongols….

    and with that I say good day, and oh yeah.. if you do not like the injustice here in the united states that went on 400 years ago, you have the freedom to move to any other country of your choice. like Mexico… lets see how welcome you are there smart guy =o)


    GENO-Columbucide, your a moron.
    “Hell`s Angels should be catergorized as a “hategroup” because its members comprised of Aryans.”
    First off, the HAMC is not an all-White Club. They have MANY Hispanic AND Asian members. The club is not based on any form of “hate” or supremacy. So you are saying call them a hategroup because they are ‘mostly’ white? You might as well call the US Government a hategroup as well because the Government has a bigger percentage of whites than the HAMC. Do your history before you openly try to label something.
    And secondly, who says that a hategroup has to be white? The mongols are mostly latino, but have an obvious hatred towards blacks. Just because they are not White doesn’t mean they can’t be racist. Hell, even blacks themselves can be considered racist. It doesnt matter what color you are anyone can be hateful

  • mike

    so let me get this straight. hispanic bike gang who hates blacks and had members who purposely killed blacks… but they’re not a “hate group” because “they focus on drugs”. white prison gang who hates blacks and had members who killed blacks… automatic hate group, together with a lengthy report.

    p.s. metzger, how’s your peruvian friend doing there? and little johnny boy? haha.

  • smk

    damn what is going on in this country.there are so many laws everyone is a criminal.even grandma for driving to slow its a ticket.the law enforcement is a gang extorting our money through tickets.i thought it was to serve and protect.i am a white middle class american,who would help the judge who sentnced me with my 3rd dwi as a passenger.a law i never knew about alowing a dwi is the same as the same judge who gave me a dwi was charged with a dwi.if something dont change soon it will be like ride a custom bike and it gets confiscated for some crazy law.

  • iz

    the jews i mean

  • iz

    dear bill how ignorant you are, they were not jewish but brittish ships that stole african people from africa with the promise of a better life and work,too bad that after 300 years of free labor, they still hold all the chips

  • Gunslinger

    The Mongols, much like any other Outlaw Motorcycle Gang is primarily a criminal organization that focuses on making money through drug and gun running, white slavery, and extortion and also the killing of rival motorcycle gangs. Any and all racism is secondary.

    Stay focused on the true hate groups in the world where hatred is the defining characteristic.

  • Bill Spoyer

    IRVING, what planet did you come from”denied justice for 400 yrs. then go back to Africa and eat rocks for breakfeast ,catch AIDS you louse. See how far you get without Affirmitive Action.!! Poor me, Poor me, Poor me,
    Your own people sold you off, not the “evil white man”,
    YOUR OWN PEOPLE SOLD YOU OFF TO JEWISH SLAVE SHIPS, around the world, not just here!!!
    And that is why Africans look down on African-Americans!!
    Because you got caught, dont blame your problems on us, we are just”gentials”to Jewish Supremacism!!!

  • Bill Spoyer

    , lets just make it an even playing field for ALL. enough with all the Bullshit!

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Attention tards: Did you not notice that one of the main articles in the latest intelligence report focuses on a BLACK militant gang and documents their harrassment of some people for being white? Do you guys just not notice reports like that or do you purposely ignore them?

  • GENO-Columbucide1492

    Mongols shouldn’t be classified as a “hategroup” if they’re racially diversified as such. A documentary was aired last year on A&E which I was able to see(including the one about Hell`s Angels in AZ). The members of Mongols who were interviewed on camera were for the most part–White(and imprisoned). The gang comprised of mostly Latinos, Mestizos, and White. Several of their photo line up shows this otherwise and nothing on their website promotes racism other than displaying poigant views of anti-government and anti-law enforcement rhetoric. They’re more of a biker terrorists group than “hategroup”. Hell`s Angels should be catergorized as a “hategroup” because its members comprised of Aryans. Groups that are incorporated with a singled race based groups(i. e. Hell`s Angels, National Socialists, Vanguard etc.) Should be classified as “hategroups”, and not to be juxtaposed with groups that are racially diversified.

  • Tom Metzger

    This is silly.The Mongols have been race mixed as far back as I can remember.


    Is the SPLC going to classify the Mongols mc as a hate group ?

    Now that will be a first. While the SPLC is at it, why not list all of those other Hispanic gangs in So.Cal who hunt down black Americans and then murder them just because they are black.

  • sickfothelies

    one thing i have learned in the 45 years of my life is that if a government agency states it, it is a lie or an exagerated bunch of bull. It amazes me how we as middle america buy into the lies everytime without trying to learn for our selves. being an avid motorcyclist I have always been told to FEAR the Hells Angels and guys like them. “they are killers, rapists, drug dealers and will beat you for no reason. Well one day I went on a toys for tots rally and the hells angels were there at first I avoided them but then I approached them and struck up a conversation about a members beautiful custom bike. TO make a long story short that was the start of a great friendship that has lasted 9 years now. He and his wife and two children come over to my house often for dinner and we go riding together all the time. Now what I have gathered from many conversations with him is that they are a group of MEN that are not sauve on the PC crap. A member may break the law but not the club. I have seen and heard about more atrosities to polite society done by Police officers then by bikers a thousand fold. So next time a police officer breaks the law, (like, murder, rap, drug sales, etc.) then do we go after the department…?

  • White Boy

    Them Damn Racist latino bikers!! Hey Dees, they did the same thing to white people. Oh yeah, I forgot it’s ok with you to hate whitey!

  • GENO-Columbucide1492

    Mongols do not only limit their extradinary violence towards African-Americans. They are also known to compete in gang biker violence against their archenemy rivals–the Hell`s Angels. Violence captured on hotel survelliance in the Harrah`s Casino in Mesquite, NV a few years ago where the annual biker fest took place. In which it was all caught in the national headlines when Mongols were confronted by rival Hell`s Angels.
    Hell`s Angels are comprised of barbaric white men. These bikers gangs are also known as 1%ers.

    Nowadays there are also Natavists biker gangs such as RidersUSA, Riders Against Illegal Immigration among others. I don’t think that was Mongols that partakes in “Toys for Tots”, that was some of the Natavists hatemongers that I just mentioned above.

  • Irving

    The Mongol society is one that this country is currently devolving to and thank the gods that we’re at last ridding ourselves of these witch burning Christian puritans.

    Obana will set us free. There is a rightious wind blowing at his back which will propel him into office and spread a cloak of justice over the entire nation.

    Laws are for fools who are so uptight and caught up in the authoritarian personality that they are at a level of insanity.

    Especially the laws making children responsible for their actions if they shoot someone with a firearm made available to them are gross injustices. No 14 or 15 or 16 year old child should EVER be punished for committing a robbery, burglary or shooting someone, because his actions are learned actions from those around him, which relieves him of any responsibilities. In a just society there would be no bad examples for children to learn and follow.

    Do you have any money left over after paying your expenses, brother? Sister? Then it should be made available to those who cannot make ends meet, because they have been incarcerated by an unjust kangaroo court or they are addicted to substances provided by capitalism that are intended to make them forever a dependent class, peons to toil as slaves to oil the mechanations of the capitalist machinery. The national treasury will soon bulge with the excesses of those who give lip service to the downtrodden, calling themselves “progressives,” but still cling to their toys and luxuries. That will cease.

    SPLC leads in the fight against these injustices, as they lead in the fight to allow our poorer brothers and sisters free acess to this country without fear of being termed “illegal.”

    In two weeks the winds of justice will send gentle breezes across this entire land, and it will be then the black man will be on the road to true justice, as privileged racists will be replaced by those who have been denied justice for four hundred years.