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Texas Border Volunteers Claim 300 Members

By Hatewatch Staff on October 28, 2008 - 11:13 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Mike Vickers, leader of the Texas Border Volunteers, a civilian border patrol group, says that his organization has 300 members, patrols 2 million acres and has reported more than 8,000 immigrants, including, he says, 33 Chinese escorted by smugglers with machine guns.
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  • Jim Estes

    I find it interesting that I would find a reference to the Texas Border Volunteers on the SPL (lovingly refererred to in Texas as the Southern Millionaires Law Center) website.
    I joined thier ranks after growing tired of watching our government drown in it’s own apathy.
    This is neither a militant nor a racist/nativist endeavor. It’s everyday people taking ownership of a problem that our government either will not or cannot address.
    There are liberals (yes I’m both a liberal and democrat) and conservative alike that donate their time and money to assist the border patrol in addressing this problem.
    Do the Mexicans and other latinos that are an integral part of the organization quilify as “nativist”.
    What about the “coyotes” that traffic these people? When they abandon their “undocumented” charges, whom later die in the south Texas sun, is there an SPL term for them?
    In this day and age, what is the definition of a patriot? Meriam-Webster defines it as: one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests.
    I think that pretty much defines the interests and actions of the TBV.
    Those that might consider this a hate goup, like the SPL, are grossly misinformed.

  • Mr. Ryan the non-Aryan

    With extreme violence on the rise just South and near the borderline between Mexico/Arizona and Texas. I won’t voice any opposition against the Texas Volunteer group or any other civilian group for that matter like I did before. There is a Narco-Cartel blood bath between the Gulf Cartel(including Los Zetas paramilitias) and the Pacific Cartel(aka the Sinaloa Cartel which includes the Beltran group that recruits the MS-13 and Mexican Mafia gang members into its hitmen ranks). The drug narco-terrorism violence has been so out of control, that I think its wise to use common sense and help secure our borders from such bloodshed. Time to wake up people.

  • Steve

    Sounds to me like these men want to protect their homes and families. I think it’s great!
    This has nothing to do with nativism you silly people.