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Anti-Latino Hate Crimes Rise for Fourth Year in a Row

By Mark Potok on October 29, 2008 - 6:11 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Latino, Hate Crime

Hate crimes targeting Latinos increased again in 2007, capping a 40% rise in the four years since 2003, according to FBI statistics released earlier this week.

As anti-immigrant propaganda has increased on both the margins and in the mainstream of society — where pundits and politicians have routinely vilified undocumented Latino immigrants with a series of defamatory falsehoods — hate violence has risen against perceived “illegal aliens.” Each year since 2003, the number of FBI-reported anti-Latino hate crime incidents has risen (see table, below), even as a swelling nativist movement has become larger and more vitriolic.

Anti-Hispanic Hate Crimes

The FBI statistics, which are simply compilations of state statistics as mandated by federal law, are notoriously sketchy. Because of a variety of problems in the voluntary reporting system, including the failure of many victims to report crimes to police, the FBI figures have long been suspected of being far lower than the actual level of such crimes. And that turns out to be true. The FBI has reported national hate crime totals of between about 6,000 and about 10,000 since it began publishing the numbers in 1992, depending on the year (the new report counts 7,264 incidents in 2007). But a definitive 2005 study by the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics (PDF), based on detailed and highly accurate National Crime Victimization Surveys, found that the real annual level of hate crime in America averaged some 191,000 incidents — in other words, about 20 to 30 times higher than the numbers annually reported by the FBI.

Although the numbers of FBI-reported anti-Latino hate crime attacks are small — from 426 incidents in 2003 to 595 incidents in 2007 — the trend they suggest is almost certainly a real one. California, which does a better job of reporting hate crimes than most states, has also seen a major uptick in anti-Latino violence, and the growth of hate groups has been most dramatic in Southern border states like California, Arizona and Texas, the front lines of the immigration controversy.

At the same time as anti-Latino violence has risen, the Southern Poverty Law Center has reported a major increase in hate groups — from 602 in 2000 to 888 in 2007, a 48% percent jump — and said that the growth has been almost entirely driven by the immigration debate. White supremacist groups that normally target African Americans and Jews have focused heavily for the last several years on the “threat” of Latino immigrants, exploiting the issue successfully in order to recruit more and more members, especially in the border states. That has only begun to change recently, as hate groups increasingly turn their attention to the subprime crisis (which they blame on minorities) and the likely prospect of a black president.

There are other problems in the FBI hate crime statistics, as is reflected in the new report for 2007. Mississippi, for instance, reported zero hate crimes last year, while Alaska reported one and Georgia had three. If there are more than 190,000 hate crimes nationally each year, it is obviously utterly implausible that the number of hate crimes in those states could be so low. A part of the problem has been the reluctance of some police departments and states to report hate crimes (one reason may be fear of bad publicity), along with reporting errors by various local and state officials. The 2005 Department of Justice study also pointed to another huge problem, finding that fully 56% of hate crime victimizations were never reported to police at all. That problem is exacerbated in the undocumented community, whose members are typically afraid to report crimes to police for fear of being deported.

The FBI’s latest report also found, as it has in most years, that schools and colleges were the third largest venue for hate crimes (with 11.3% of the total reported on campuses) after “in or near residences or homes” (30.5%) and “on highways, roads, alleys, or streets” (18.9%). Although many think of campuses as being bastions of open-mindedness, in fact they suffer the same pathologies as the rest of society. They also hold concentrations of young people, who are more crime-prone that other segments of the population.

The definitive 2005 government study also highlighted several other key facts about hate crimes, including that per capita rates of victimization “varied little by race or ethnicity: about 0.9 per 1,000 whites, 0.7 per 1,000 blacks, and 0.9 per 1,000 Hispanics.” Perhaps more importantly, the study concluded that hate crimes were vastly more violent than others — almost 84% of hate crimes included violence ranging from rape to assault, while only 23% of non-hate crimes did.

  • Mariselaura Gonzalez

    I am a victim in the State of Florida by educators trying to jeopardize my education , police officers in Broward harassing me in the streets to cause me an accident, denying of employmen by law offices and dealership, obstruccion of justice by attorneys

  • Tony

    I am an African american living in Seattle. I love seattle because I found my home state of Massachusetts to be too racist. Latinos on the east coast are far more racist than whites and blacks. Every other day a latino women would either call me a stupid nigger (in public) or some other derogatory remark. So I moved to Seattle and I have had only few racist incident all with latinos calling me nigger (in public) and gang threats. Screaming NK (nigger killer) El Salvadorians and latinos from Honduras and Guatemala are the most anti-black american people I have ever seen in my life and they are hell to work with and attend learning institutions with. Just yesterday I was shopping and a latino women gave me the finger, for absolutely no reason at all. That is the behavior I have come to aspect from latinos especially Mexicans.
    So it is know big surprise that hate crimes are increasing toward them because to be frank if a white person was to do what latinos are doing there would be a national out cry!


    who would ever think that all minorities are white when a hate crime is done by there own kind.revise statistics of hate crimes being comitted by whites only.unless it is an actual white comitting the hate be sure it is a white doing the actual hate crime,listen to how the jewish owned media reports on it.look for the self hating white liberals daming all the othere whites in this,i am waiting for the jewish owned media to hang a white right on there news network.ratings! anti racist is code for anti white.

  • LiZz

    I honestly am tired of seeing all this hatred toward Latinos in this country.First off, we contribute to the United States and many of us are citizens. People from all over come to the US in hopes of having a better future and if America had a comprehensive immigration reform we would not be having this issue in the first place. I believe that every immigrant group in America has experienced their moment of oppression whether they were forced to come here like African Americans or they choose to come here like the Italians, Jews, Germans, Polish, Chinese… the list can go on. What we need to remember is that America is a nation made up of all cultures and ethnicities and we are all people. We need to support one another and stop victimizing people for the problems going on. The further we divide the further away we are from resolutions that will advance the future of this great nation. The hatred that is running through America towards Latinos has to stop. It is not going to lead to anything positive and I just want to make it clear I am against hatred towards all people. Just because I am Latino does not mean I only support my people and their oppression. I support all movements against any form of oppression whether it be towards blacks, Latinos, Caucasians, east Asians, south Asians, Europeans, middle eastern, West Indians, Africans, Women, Men, Children, etc. Also to Val, it hurts me to see that you think that Latinos are taking from Americans and if you are open to it I would like to recommend you some readings that may help you understand more about what Latinos contribute to America. I am genuinely a person who accepts and love people. I am not for bashing cultures in fact I embrace everyone culture. On St. Patrick’s Day I am Irish, during the West Indian day parade in NY I am West Indian and so on. I believe the fact that this country is so diverse makes it beautiful. Matter of fact, I would like for everyone to read: Alinsky, S. (1969). What is a radical? Reveille for radicals (pp. 3-23). New York: Vintage. Well, that is all I have to say and I really hope that everyone takes a minute to remember that no matter where people come from or who they are no one should be victimized. We should have respect for everyone’s life and work together in our communities so that our future generations will know “love” not “hate”.

  • Ali

    I would like to make a comment about latino hate crimes. I’m a young hispanic female who recently moved to southern california in a town called Victorville. Everyday that I have been here I have been face with racism I been called obscene words like whore from people I don’t even know while working out, going to the store and college. I’ve had the same boyfriend for 12 years and I don’t have any friends in this community. I would also like to state that I got a new vehicle in 2007 2 months after I got it someone vadalized it in the target parking lot. I called the police but the officer wouldn’t come to target and look at the vehicle he told me a cart hit the car. He never seen the vehicle. There is diffently racisms in this community. I believe the racism is coming from the whites and mexicans in this community.

  • Silvio

    This is similar to the way nazis started segregating the jews. The hatred and violence increased as years passed and ended in what today we call the holocaust.

  • Fred

    Legal Immigrants and illegal aliens should never be grouped together! Nor should they ever be counted as one group for any reason at all! Because they are NOT all legal immigrants in the first place!

  • Evelyn

    “Can’t we all just get along” = )

  • James Hallman

    I think we must keep in mind that what makes a country
    isn’t it’s sacred documents and institutions as many are
    lead to believe, but the people and general gene-pool that
    makes up the nation they inhabit. There is a reason why
    Mexico is a dung-heap of corruption, a society where
    crime,violence and corruption is so widespread that it’s
    become part of the culture itself. It’s the PEOPLE .
    It’s what makes Haiti and many of your African nations
    what they are. Contrary to what the politically correct
    would have us believe, race matters and if we continue to
    allow literally millions of these non-whites to flood into
    our country illegally or legal,we’ll eventually wake-up to
    an entirely different country than we’ve known before.
    The economics of cheap-labor doesn’t even have to play
    a part in any opposition to non-white immigration. It’s
    the genetic factor that really matters.

  • ViolentMouse

    LOL! wow you all got way off topic for a minute there, let me lay it out for you from a real perspective. I have lived in the southwest most of my life, and of the things I have witnessed, one thing stands out more than any. Every day thousands of Hispanics come across the border from Mexico into America and travel as far north as L.A for work. this flood of people who live in another country yet are considered “Legal” citizens causes huge confusion as to what an illegal is down here. Most illegal immigrants come here and stay here they do not traverse the border daily, it’s improbable they could do so without getting caught, and most of the illegals come here to get away from a corrupt government in Mexico. Seeking freedom from a place that is run by evil men doing evil deeds is an instinct and I do feel pity for them, but the fact is this, if you are a legal citizen you should not live in another country, you should support your country by living in it, this will allow valuable man power to be redirected at preventing illegals from entering in the first place, and reduce the amount of stress put on the borders and customs department.

    As far as crimes against Hispanics, I really do not want to know the statistics, all I can tell you at this point is that I see some of these numbers, like the white to Hispanic population ratio, and I find them unbelievable. When you live in a city where in order to find a good job you are REQUIRED to be bi-lingual? or when you call your bank and you have to choose which language you wish to use, and the ONLY options are English or Spanish? That simply says to me, that there is a much higher ratio of Hispanics than are actually being reported. Is this perhaps due to the fact that there is literally such a high ratio of illegal residents in this country?

    I’m sorry perhaps I stand alone when I say that English is the primary language of this country and employers should not be allowed to put a language restriction on job requirements, schools should not have papers that are bi-lingual, and I surely should not have to choose what language to use when I deduct money from my bank account!!!.

    There were 5 “White” kids in my high school, and all of them were severely beat, or chased off by Hispanic gangs. The neighborhood I grew up in used to be clean and upstanding, now it is a dust bowl with trash filling the gutters and walls that have enough spray paint on them that you cannot even make out the original color of the wall!

    My life is one double standard after the next, I cannot get this job because I do not speak Spanish, yet I am an American citizen and the job is in America? not to mention people like me who do live here, have to fight to survive, because the Hispanics who are allowed to own homes in Mexico, are able to live much better off ten dollars an hour than any U.S resident EVER could. This causes employers to keep their wages down, and hire these people who are willing to take the jobs at a lower wage, does that not incite some animosity? Of course it does, it’s outrageous!!!

    Imagine this, an A.S.E certified auto technician, in 1995 made a flag hour rate of $20, thats for every hour of labor the shop billed out, the employee earned $20. move forward ten years and the flag hour rate is LOWER? how can this be?, simple. because an unskilled laborer who is willing to do the same work for $7 instead of $20 means there is no need for the shop to shell out any money to the trained technician who will demand his worth. That caused a huge decline in quality of repairs, in 2005 we saw a shop return rate of 80%, or in common terms, 80% of my shops clients came in with previous problems that another shop was unable to satisfactorily repair.

    I’m not saying that they are not hard workers, god knows they are some of the hardest workers around. But that hard work is plagued by a severe lack of skill, and in a field like automotive, where there is actually some trade school skills required to do complex diagnostics, they have caused a huge deficit in the private shop owners realm. This has lead up to consumers believing that only the dealership has the ability to do the repairs correctly. When in fact, the dealerships are actually the majority employer of these unskilled laborers, these “R&R (Remove and Replace)” tactics have killed the auto repair economy and that’s just for starters.

    Remember back in the days when you were a high school kid you could get a job at the fast food place to make some money for that first car? or that motorcycle? Well now days, teens and adults alike can barely get a job with a fast food chain, because these legal immigrants who traverse the border daily, have filled ALL of these positions. Now when you go to a drive through, and you try to order a meal, if you don’t speak Spanish, you have a language barrier!

    Perhaps we could employ these guerrilla tactics back on them, by living in the U.S and working in Mexico…Only problem is, they pay about 2 dollars a day, and I could never afford my housing nonetheless my internet, or my phone.

    So in closing I leave you with a realistic daily view from someone who lives in the middle of it, and has to deal with it every day. And now maybe you have a better understanding of why these crimes are committed, I’m under the impression that these crimes are meant to be aimed at illegal immigrants, but are being misdirected by the actual legal ones that traverse our country’s great border every morning, flooding the lower states with traffic jams, and strangling our economy by forcing wages down.

  • Jonathan


    One thing: I would suggest that learn to spell, write coherently and open your mind beyond ignorant, multi-cultural blather.

    There are already too many people in the USA, the USA doesn’t need anymore of them.

  • Jack the ripper

    One last thing….do not forget that this land was for the natives and nobody else. If you came here and live, you must accept everybody to share a piece…..
    Enough of these species who hate latinos, blacks, jews , whites etc….

    I hope you are not one of them…..

  • Jack the ripper


    One thing. It is one thing to respect people but your opinion does not force the respect but disgust and a sense of advanced obscurantism. I would suggest you to travel a bit leave your box and experience brotherhood and respect and intelligence. Obviously you seem ignare and racist or anyway intolerant in all aspect, a category that should disappear in the new world. Get some education before you express yourself…maybe that way you will not spray your bad breath…..

  • Irv

    “If you are so appalled by the sight of brown skinned people dominating your once bleached blissful landscapes, stop buying the products that they produce or start washing your own dishes after going to the restaurants where they do your dirty work. ”

    That sounds racist, guy. I don’t agree with denigrating all white people if it’s just a few you dislike. If my skin were really white, I’d take offense to that, and I don’t really blame those who might.

    Too, you’ve got to be as unbiased as posible. We humans have to watch that constantly. The three people you mentioned above are all complaining about people entering the country illegally. I couldn’t find anything where they were against legal immigration. In fact all three support it. It relgates your entire argument to file thirteen by distorting the facts due to emotion.

    You raised an economic matter, also about the cost of picking our own lettuce and other farm labor. If you Google the subject you’ll see that many people who decry illegal immigration, and if I’m rembering correctly, about 80% of the populastion does, the ones I read about all are in favor of guest worker programs, but Congress won’t get in gear and enact anything along those lines.

    But, you know, I really think the immigration issue isn’t going to get a lot of attention in 09, because the economy is still falling precipitously and several very prominant Trend Analysts, Gerald Celente in particular, are predicting a depression greater than any the world has ever seen, so I don’t think the US is going to be able to bail out everybody and pay for extra social benefits too. In fact, from what this well-respected man says, we’re going to have to resort to growing our own gardens for food.

    He was on CNN. Here’s the link along with an explanation from an author on Celente:

    “Celente is not your garden variety doom-and-gloom crackpot. Celente, director of Trends Research Institute, forecasted the subprime mortgage financial crisis and the decline of the dollar a year ago and gold’s current rise in May. He also predicted the 1997 Asian Currency Crisis and the fall of the Soviet Union. “We are going to see economic times the likes of which no living person has seen,” he told United Press International.”

    Here’s how he describes his organization. “As Political Atheists — independent thinkers, unencumbered by rigid ideology, political persuasions, fixed agendas or conventional wisdom — The Trends Research Institute observes and analyzes the current events forming future trends for what they are – and not for the way they want them to be.”

    If anybody has any valid information on the issue, I’d REALLY appreciate getting it. Right now I’m planning on growing a garden. I live in a rural area, but anybody can grow one. It’s possible to get a LOT of veggies from just a small garden. My wife’s mother grows one, and she does canning also. She has a food pantry filled with what looks to me like hundreds of jars of food.

    It would’t hurt living close to a body of water that still has fish in it. I mean, uncontaminated like few are nowadays.

  • Jonathan


    Maybe the “Mexicans” should simply stay on their side of the border and thus would avoid such issues?

  • farberfoto

    Equadorian man was attacked and stabbed to death in Long Island, NY because of his supposed Mexican ethnicity. The 7 perpetuators were looking to “f-up a Mexican”.

    Just now on the local news, another story was reported about ethnic slurs and anti-Obama graffiti vandalism sprayed on cars and property in Long Island. The northeast is surely not the place I hoped it would be when I left the south so many years ago.

    How unfortunate that at this great moment in our nation’s history, it is just an excuse for some to react with violence and more hate. Anyone with any sense could have predicted this but we must not let it fester.

    Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Tancredo, the list is filled to the brim. Intolerance, fear, scapegoating, reducing people to what we don’t know about them as opposed to what we do know. Them vs. us. It’s never ending, as we witnessed in the recent Presidential election, when Sarah Palin upped the ante on carefully scripted inflammatory speeches that invited instant hateful reactions from large crowds that felt like mobs during those moments.

    While a lot of the country and most of the world has experienced a moment of euphoria after the victory of President-elect Obama, the demons of zenophobia, nativism and racial hatred are rearing their ugly heads. I am not surprised that it happened in a New York minute.

    It happened in the other suburbs of New York as well. A young black student was brutally beaten by a military thug because he was excited about the election of Obama. I’m sure there have been many such incidents since 11/04/08.

    But I don’t expect those non-Hispanics amongst us to take action, who stand for tolerance and unity, who understand the plight of immigrants who have come to this country without documentation simply because for them there was and is no line to stand in, who are economic refugees. I don’t expect that most of us will have the courage or take the time to rally around these vulnerable people who chose between starving or filling undesirable jobs, willing to accept poor conditions and wages that no one born in this country in their right mind would want no matter how bad things get, not when we have the right to unemployment insurance, food stamps, and other government assistance.

    But those that spew hatred truly believe that an undocumented (call them illegal if you must) immigrant is entitled to those benefits. When will someone explain to them that nothing is further from the truth. They can NOT get free anything, with the exception of emergency room services, that no one can be denied. Then they are billed and many do what they can to pay. Perhaps the employers are to blame for that.

    Perhaps the employers are to be blamed for a lot. Including contributing to the “push-pull” economy that benefits all of us. Teach your children that, Long Islanders. Research the cause and effect of illegal immigration. They didn’t just show up in your back yard because they thought they thought being a nuisance to your sequestered bedroom communities would be good for their health. If you are so appalled by the sight of brown skinned people dominating your once bleached blissful landscapes, stop buying the products that they produce or start washing your own dishes after going to the restaurants where they do your dirty work.

    As everyone moans and groans while prices for food and services consistently and steadily rise because of current economic conditions, be prepared for how much more they would rise if all those “Mexicans” that your children want to “f” up, suddenly disappeared and those Americans that you insist would take those jobs at exponentially higher salaries with benefits, just imagine how much more you’ll be paying for that lettuce, those tomatoes, that red wine, those home renovations.

    I hope that others like me will stand up and be counted for. There is no time to lose to do what all good religions preach, to be our brother’s keepers.

  • Irving

    “Jonathan said, on November 9th, 2008 at 9:52 am
    The rise in hate crimes could be due to Black/Latino tensions (no White people involved):
    “Latino and Black Hate Crimes: The New Face of Hate”

    A definitive search finds you are exactly right, Jonathan.

    In addition to that, the SPLC published a report by Suzy Buchanan entitled “The Rift,” and it highlighted CONSIDERABLE black/Hispanic fighting.
    Here’s a brief excerpt”

    The Rift
    Evidence of a divide between blacks and Hispanics mounting
    By Susy Buchanan

    Intelligence Report
    Summer 2005

    In May, Mayor-elect Antonio Villaraigosa spoke to parents and students from Jefferson High School, where police gang units were brought in, after the third major brawl in six weeks.
    (AP Wide World Photos)

    One after another, the reports have rolled in. From Florida to California, Nevada to New Jersey, even as far away as the state of Washington, the news is getting harder to ignore: There’s trouble brewing between blacks and browns.
    At Hug High School in Reno, Nev., an emergency task force began work last October after a series of fights between black and Hispanic students that interim Schools Superintendent Paul Dugan said reflected “definite racial tensions.” In Monroe, Wash., similar tensions shot up after a Mexican flag was torn down and thrown into a bathroom and several off-campus fights broke out. In Chicago, seven students were arrested after an interracial brawl in January left teachers and security guards injured and parents complaining of mounting racial strife.

    But it was in schools in California, where so many of the nation’s trends first take shape, that this disturbing conflict was most obvious.

    On Nov. 8, hundreds of black and Latino students got into two separate battles in the streets around Wilmer Amina Carter High School in Rialto. Two days later, another interracial fight broke out on campus, and four days after that a huge battle erupted in the lunchroom, leaving 57 of the hundreds of students involved injured. At around the same time, more than 20 police officers broke up a series of street fights between black and Latino students outside Fremont High School in Oakland that involved as many as 150 participants and bystanders. In San Jacinto, a riot at San Jacinto High School between black and Hispanic students resulted in three arrests, six suspensions and the lockdown of 1,700 students. Some 500 students were involved in the fight, and police reported some arriving parents added fuel to the fire by shouting racial slurs and urging their children to keep up the battle. Similar racial conflicts hit Crenshaw, Manual Arts and Jordan high schools in Los Angeles.

    The Presumed Alliance
    Traditionally, black and brown activists have seen themselves in a natural alliance in a country historically dominated by whites — an alliance of mostly poorer, darker-skinned minorities whose struggles are not dissimilar. But like the civil-rights-era alliance between blacks and Jews, the black/brown coalition has grown more and more strained. Many blacks resent what is seen as Hispanics leapfrogging them up the socioeconomic ladder, and some complain of the skin-color prejudices that are particularly strong in some Hispanic countries, notably Mexico. Just this May, the Rev. Al Sharpton bitterly demanded that Vicente Fox apologize after the Mexican president made what some blacks interpreted as a racist comment. Similarly, many Hispanics say they are treated in racist ways by blacks, some of whom have apparently singled out undocumented immigrants for robbery and worse.

  • Jonathan

    ” though it does happen that some police profile, lets not think all of them do.”

    The police are more than likely to “under-profile” as they correctly fear that they’ll be fired, sued or persecuted by federal agencies for “racism”.

  • Mike

    MdeG -Sometimes the police drop the other chrages and just go with the bigger charge or lesser charge, depending on the person cooperation, though it does happen that some police profile, lets not think all of them do.

  • Jonathan

    The rise in hate crimes could be due to Black/Latino tensions (no White people involved):

    “Latino and Black Hate Crimes: The New Face of Hate

    The arrest of Jonathan Fajardo brought a momentary breath of relief to Charlene Lovett. Fajardo is one of two purported Latino gang members charged with the murder of Lovett’s daughter, 14- year-old black teen …”

    “These aren’t just garden variety white on black hate crimes. Blacks and Latinos are committing many of these crimes, and they are victimizing each other. This represents two tormenting new trends. One is that blacks and Latinos now commit the majority of hate crimes in L.A.”


    What about “garden variety” Black on White hate crimes? Oh well, at least White people didn’t get too much blame beyond that single comment!

  • Jonathan


    Yes, I’ve read George Orwell’s book, 1984.

    So, do you consider Caesar Chavez a “Nazi” for turning illegals into the INS?

    “I do believe (as I said before) that illegals need to do whatever they can to become legal.”
    I do too by way of self-deportation. They may need a bit of “encouragement” from time to time too; if they knew that they couldn’t rely on their fellow Hispanics for protection, that would be one less incentive to stay.

    “… what would all the business owners who employ illegals and pay them substandard wages and force them to work in substandard and often unsafe conditions do without all the hard working illegasl that they employ?”

    They would stop dumping costs for which they don’t cover onto the taxpayer. I’m all for people turning in businesses, who employ illegals. Maybe this could be called the TIB (Turn in Businesses) program, sort of a “Just Say No”-like undertaking.

  • Irving

    xenophobesnightmare said,
    on November 5th, 2008 at 3:55 pm

    “Ah yes, Irving. But you missed my point.”

    Sorry, old guy, but it is you who are missing the points.

    My response was data I researched that involved both illegal and legals in this country, and I juxtaposed nothing. I provided information on both, because the issue is really a Latin one, legal or illegal.

    In fact, my inquiry was one in which I was trying to gather more information, but you responded as if I were trying to pull some kind of trick. If you had additional info, all you had to do was write it out without any uncalled for denigrations. If I check it out and find it to be wrong I’ll say so, but I’m not going to call you a liar for being mislead.

    Do try to keep your paranoia under control, old guy.

    Well, in fact, I did check out your sources and found that they’re not accurate, and I did that by comparing what you provided by double checking your claims against statistics from the United States Department of Justice. It takes quite a bit of searching.

    I’m a stckler for accuracy, eliminating all the emotion involved as much as I can as a human, but you seem to be hung u on a particular view.

    You seem to be saying don’t confuse the issue with facts, I have all the facts I need from groups that have an agenda and they slant their information to fit that agenda.

    But, in the final analysis, if you want to believe what you do, please feel free to do so. My original inquiry was not directed at you, and I really don’t want to exchange ideas from a true believer on any particular subject.

  • xenophobesnightmare

    Irving I think its important for you, if you so concerned with “Illegal Immigration” and “Crime”, is to look up the facts based on known facts by several studies conducted by various resources. Its also imperative to point out the differences between the vapid fear mongering stories(such as propaganda) and the legit scientific studies.

    For instance:

    There have been dozens of national studies examining immigration and crime and they all came to the same conclusion; immigrants are more law abiding than U.S. citizens. A 2007 study by the Immigration Policy Center(ICP) found that immigrants whether legal or illegal are substantially are less likely to commit crimes or to be incarcerated than U.S. citizens. Here’s a couple of examples as cited by the ICP:

    1.) Incarceration rates for U.S. born in the 18-39 age group was 5 times higher than incarceration rates for foreign born men in the same age group.
    2.) Data from the census and other sources show that for every ethnic group incarceration rates for young men are lowest for immigrants even for those who are at least education and least acculterated.

    As for the rest, you can look it up on your own.
    Hence, the study noted, the fact that many immigrants enter the country illegally are framed by anti-immigration forces as an assualt to the “rule of law”, thereby reinforcing the false impression that immigrants and criminality are linked.

    Since the FBI and DOJ`s data seemed to be a bit sketchy on the issue of Immigrants and Crime, I suggest you can also look up *unbiased* research by the American Policy Program:

    “Truth about Illegal Immigration and Crime.”

  • Jonathan

    From the FBI’s website (

    “By race

    In 2007, the races of the 6,965 known hate crime offenders were as follows:

    ” * 62.9 percent were white.
    * 20.8 percent were black.
    * 4.9 percent were groups made up of individuals of various races (multiple races, group).
    * 1.0 percent were American Indian/Alaskan Native.
    * 0.7 percent were Asian/Pacific Islander.
    * 9.8 percent were unknown.”

    So it looks like White people commit “hate” crimes at a lower rate than Blacks; Whites are about 65% of the population and Blacks are about 13%.

    Strangely absent are hate crimes committed by “Hispanics”. Hmmmm … maybe they simply don’t commit hate crimes? More than likely most of them are put into the White category thus making White people look worse than they are. I’m sure you’ve all read about how Hispanic gangs are cleansing Los Angeles of Blacks?

    Additionally skewing the statistics, which I admit is my impression from reading countless articles of attacks against Whites while saying/yelling racial slurs by Blacks, is the reluctance of authorities to classify such crimes as hate crimes. When the roles are reversed such crimes are quickly classified as hate crimes.

    Note the low numbers of hate crimes/criminals. It is dwarfed by the ~1.7 million violent interracial crimes committed each year. Talk about the white elephant in the room!

  • Elaina

    Has anyone ever read George Orwells book 1984? If not then you should because what Jonathon is suggesting is what happens in that book. The books tells the tale if a totalitarian state where people turn against eachother , turning eachother in for various alleged crimes and trying to find favor for themselves within their government and it escalates and innnocent people get hurt.
    This is also simliar to what happened during WWII when all the Asian Americans were forced into camps, simply because they were Asian. Other Americans were turning them in and innocent people suffered.
    Which is exactly waht will happen if we start turning eachother in. Unless we delve into a persons personal life, credit, etc, we have no way of really knowing who is legal and who is not. I am not going to nose my way into someones personal life and assume they are illegal.
    Even though I have never even been out of this country I was forced to prove my citizenship by my state government. I had to have an original copy of my birth certificate sent to me to give to the state. I have a social security card, I pay taxes I am legally eligible to work and there is no reason for me to have to prove myself. Yet due to our country and it’s government motivated anti-latino attitude (my case in point) I was made to prove myself. How would you like it if you were forced to prove who you are? I do not know what you look like or who you are but just imagine how you would feel IF you were dark haired and olive skinned or were of some other ethinicity and were forced to prove that you belong here simply because of your ethnicity.
    Another thing that people seem to be forgetting, the Native American people are the only group of people who do not come from a long line of immigrant ancestors. Everyone but the Native Americans is here because someone in their family immigrated here!
    Now who has the true right to be here?
    I’ll bet that had my ancestors not immigrated here my life would be very different and so what that of many others.
    Immigrants today come to this country no for the same reasons they did when this country first began, for a better life and for FREEDOM! Freedom has many different aspects and parts to it, one being the right to be FREE from judgement and predjudice.
    I do believe (as I said before) that illegals need to do whatever they can to become legal. But I will not turn into a Nazi and start targeting people.
    Besides that, what would all the business owners who employ illegals and pay them substandard wages and force them to work in substandard and often unsafe conditions do without all the hard working illegasl that they employ? I sure would not work under such conditons, and I doubt many others would either. I do not come from a third world impoverished country where I have to live in a hut and drink contaminated water and am lucky to make a few dollars a week to survive so I surely would not work for less than I deserve. Because I live in a country where I know I do not have to, where I know I can have a better life That is all these immigrants want, is a better life! So they are willing to work in substandard conditions and get paid very little because the fact is, it’s better than where they came froma nd that is sad!
    What if, just what if the US got so bad that our country’s conditions became that of Mexico, or South America? Wouldn’t we all be trying to get to a better place? I know I would!

  • xenophobesnightmare

    Ah yes, Irving. But you missed my point.

    “Hispanics had a much higher crime rates, as a percentage of their population than White.”

    However, I’m not disputing this fact and I’m not sure why you bothered asking me. But regardless of the outcome of the criminal stats quoted therein. You foolishly juxtaposed “Hispanics” with “Illegal Aliens” and that’s not a fact based assertion but a sketchy assumption. The point I was making was that Americans(that includes all racial ethnicities) commit more crimes than Illegal Aliens and Illegal Aliens in prisons only make up a very small percentage of the prinson population. This particular answer could be found in another forum where Mark Potak writes a letter to the American Legion(see the next forum).
    But simply ask yourself this:
    Who commits the most *HATECRIMES*???
    The answers lies in the FBI`s hatecrime statistic data. And I’d be more than glad to debate you on this.
    Whites, Caucasians and Aryans commit the vast majority of hatecrimes in the U.S. Some of the answers are already quoted in this article regarding Latinos and Immigration.(see above).

  • Irving

    “Infos on criminal stats can be acquire from the FBI`s and DOJ`s websites to prove my point.’

    You post sparked my interest.

    I scanned the DOJ web site pretty thoroughly and nothing at all was reported on illegal aliens, so far as the commission of crime is concerned.

    However, I did find stats revealing that Hispanics in general had much higher crime rates, as a percentage of their population than whites. Their crime rate was lower than blacks, however.

    I found a couple of articles quoting The Border Patrol higher ups, and they asserted that 10% of all illegals coming across the border are criminals.

    If anybody can find additional info , please let me know, because I’m a stickler for tossing out all emotion and basing my beliefs on facts.

  • Jonathan

    “Aryan controlled law enforcement ” Ha! That’s a good one!

    Maybe if illegal “Hispanics” would learn to respect the law and stay on their side of the border there would be far less problems for everyone.

    If I recall correctly, there are about 43 million Hispanics in the USA and about 12-20 million illegals. So it’s no wonder people associate Hispanics with illegals when up to almost half of *could* be illegal.

    I’d recommend that we have a new national program where legal Hispanics vigorously turn in illegals just like Cesar Chavez did. We could call it TIL (Turn in Illegals) similar to President Nixon’s TIP (Turn in Pushers) and President Ford’s WIN (Whip Inflation Now) programs. I think that would really help.

  • xenophobesnightmare

    Elaina I don’t blame your fustrations and stresses of the illegal immigration mess. Its imperative that you remain vigilant as a U.S. Citizen. And there is one thing you should bare in mind:
    It is not illegal to be a Latino or a Hispanic American Citizen of the U.S.
    A cop(especially the Sheriff) has no right to stop you simply because your skin is bronze.(unless of course, if you commit a crime) That would be called “racial profiling” and a violation of your Civil and Constitutional Rights as an American. Nor do they have the right to questioned your citizenship status when it comes to you being a victim of a crime.
    You can always file a complaint and possibly sue, because the Aryan controlled law enforcement needs to learn how to maintain and uphold the law without retorting “racial profiling”.
    More Americans commit crimes than Illegal Aliens(this does not mean I promote open borders nor am I a pro-illegal alien supporter as the WNs love to accused everyone of).
    Infos on criminal stats can be acquire from the FBI`s and DOJ`s websites to prove my point.


  • Elaina

    With regards to the latino hate crimes issue:
    There are many of us “latinos” living here that ARE legal. I was born and raised here just as both my parents were. Yet because my name is latino, or of spanish nature and I have the dark hair, eyes and skin I have been presumed to be illegal. I am 30 years old and only recently have I had any problems due to my ethinicity. I do not even speak spanish fluently! I do believe that the problems I have had have been consistent with the recent rise in anti latino attitudes which is strongly motivated by the government villifying illegals.
    I believe that immigrants need to do whatever they can to make themselves legal, I believe in that 100%. However, I do not see the government giving back the billions of dollars that has accumulated from all of the false social security numbers held by many illegals. What happens is the illegals obtain false social security numbers and then when tax time comes, they get a letter saying that their number does not match and the number holder never gets that money back, the government keeps it. That right there, shows me that the government knows who many of these people are, yet is doing nothing about it except making these people out to be monsters. Why? It is because of all the money it is making off of these people. if the government really wanted to do something, they would.They know who many of these illegals are and they could deal with them but they won’t because they are making too much moneyoff of them. The government villifies these people while at the same time taking their hard earned money. If the government wants to keep the money, fine but how about using it to help get this country out of it’s financial crisis, don’t let it just sit there.
    Lastly, I no more presume that a middle eastern person is a terrorist than I presume a blonde haired blue eyed person is a german nazi, and it would be great if I were exempt from the presumption that I am an illegal.
    Maybe I should bleach my hair?

  • Jonathan


    “It stated that the Rabbical High Courts in Isreal has turned for a far more strict methods of requirements on ‘Jewishness”.”

    It sounds like an interesting article. I wonder what the High Court does about liberal Jewish Israelis? Yes, they do exist.

    “I can see where this is coming from and I think Isreal is alienating herself from the world.”

    I don’t blame such Israelis for wanting to defend their Jewishness. They should be wary of such liberals, they often are the “fifth column”. I doubt that Israel would alienate itself from the rest of the world for wanting to be Jewish, if that’s what you are implying. It would be more likely due to treatment of the Palestinians or nuclear weapons.

  • GENÖ

    Irving you pretty much summed it up.I don’t percieve you as anti-Isreal as I shouldn’t be viewed as pro-Isreal. But its highly unlikey that the disarmament of Isreal would result in the disarmament of Iran. That notion might be a little overtly naive expecially since Iran`s tyrannical leader has ‘vowed to wiped Isreal off the map.” And I think the continued sanctioned on Iran would probably help lead towards Iran`s nuclear disarmament as did with N. Korea. But I wouldn’t lump both countries commitments into the same boat. The sanctions process would worked on N. Korea, but would not necessarily mean that it will work on Iran.
    However, I’m optimitstic about it, if the U.S. and its allies would keep its pressure on Iran.

    As far as Jews in Isreal is concerned. I recently read an article somewhere. It stated that the Rabbical High Courts in Isreal has turned for a far more strict methods of requirements on ‘Jewishness”. Jews in Isreal have distant themselves from the Jews in the U.S, Russia, and other countries with high populations of Jews. Because the way they(Isreal) see it. They percieve the Jews in the United States as “too liberal”, and they do not follow the strict guidlines for Judaism. To which they feel it might be a threat to their identity. Its funny how they refer to these Jews from foreign countries as “immigrants”.
    As a result, they annulled over 40,000 converted Jews in that country alone. Maybe more.
    I can see where this is coming from and I think Isreal is alienating herself from the world. Perhaps nuclear disarmament of Isreal is probably not such a bad idea after all. As long as if they continue to harbor the mistrust and suspicions at everyone around them, especially at Jews of foreign decent. It might be the right thing to do for Obama to follow up on it, the goal for a nuclear free global community.

  • Irving

    Well, I kind of like what you’re saying, Geno, but there are a couple points, with all due respect, that I think you need to reconsider:

    First of all, Israel is killing the Muslims and Palestinians even more than Bush and Cheney.

    Now, before you think I’m anti-Israel or something, let me tell you that my father is Jewish and as far as Native Americans are concerned, on my mother’s side my great grandfather was Cherokee. I have an olive skin that will attest to that, and I was raised Jewish but at this point in my life I’m agnostic.

    My dad works as a volunteer for the Obama campaign, and the one thing about Obama he doesn’t like at all is that he’s pro-Palestinian, and although he isn’t anti-Israel he firmly believes, as the Europeans do, that Israel has to be brought in line in order to stop the indiscriminate killing of Palestinians. Obama believes the Palestinians should be a sovereign nation state, and he’s intensely anti-nuclear, believing no nuclear arms should be allowed in any nation in the MIddle East. He’s going to insist Iran halts their nuclear armament, but in order to achieve that goal he’s convinced the US must pressure Israel to give up its nuclear weapons. He has the Europeans with him on this, as well as Russia, and almost all the nations in Latin America but Mexico. He wants the wall to go also.

    So, look at it this way. Wouldn’t it be a better world to have a bare minimum of nuclear weapons? Obama is for nuclear disarmament for the US, Russia, China, India and Pakistan as well. If the US cut back seriously on its nuclear armaments and encouraged Israel to scrap theirs entirely, Obama would be on higher moral ground to demand other countries do the same.

    Most importantly though, Israel must disarm in order for Iran to halt their nuclear weapons program, and with a nuclear-free Middle East the degree of safety will increase substantially.

    There are rumors in the Obama camp that the main concern of Wesley Clark, who advises Obama, is to create a nuclear free world or one as close to it as we can get, and Obama and General Clarke have identical philosophies.

    Believe me, there WILL be a reduction in nuclear arms and you can take it to the bank that the Middle East will be nuclear-free within two years even if the US has to withdraw aid from Israel and apply other pressures in order to get them to reduce the danger and destroy the weapons of mass destruction as Sadam was forced to do.

    No nukes so our children will have a future.

  • Jonathan

    “That would be a death sentence for a small Nation surrounded by Nations that breeds Islamic terrorists.”

    So by whom exactly is Israel threated, the surrounding nations or the terrorists themselves? If it by the terrorists are you advocating that Israel nukes them?

    In my humble opinion, Israel doesn’t need to worry very much about being “driven into the sea” by her neighbors with or without her nuclear weapons. Israel has a far superior military bolstered by the high Ashkenazi IQ. An article worth reading is “Why Arabs Lose Wars” – it’s long but worthy read.

    The biggest threat to Israel is the Arab womb from within Israel proper.

  • GENO: the_warrior1492

    I also forget to note that I disagree with Irving on one item:

    “and Isreal must be made to disarm its nuclear capabilites in order to stop being the bully of the Middle East.”

    That would be a death sentence for a small Nation surrounded by Nations that breeds Islamic terrorists. As you stated you are an Obama supporter. Barak Obama is in favor of Isreal defending itself and rightfully they should. But what you Democrats fail to acknowledge is that Isreal is our top allies in the war on terrorism. Al Qaida is still active and Osama Bin Laden is possibly still alive and at large.
    But as far as the “killings of innocent Muslims” is concerned. That is the fault of this current Bush Administration, primarily centered around the most dangerous right-wing war monger Dick Cheney. And Old Man McCain is equally held culpable for his role as an avid support of Cheney`s false alarms(regarding Saddam`s Iraq, no WMD was ever found). But at last, I agree that Isreal needs to stop building settlements on Palistianian lands. That would be a form of unjustified occupation and to some degree I can relate to that.

  • Jonathan

    “Obama will help us to help ourselves.”

    There are dishes in my kitchen that need washing, will Obama somehow help me with them?

  • GENO: the_warrior1492

    Irving cites some valid points. And I won’t dispute his assertions. But bare in mind that there are many “patriotic” Americans who are in favor of protecting our beloved Nation and our interests as Americans(not by race as of what the Aryans want to lead) who do not call themselves “liberals” nevermind the scurrilous antiquated attitudes by those who refer to themselves as “Neo-Con”, GOPs and other wing-nut titles typical for this Nation`s discord. I am an Independent Centrist and a Comformist as well as a Native Nationalist(traditional American Indian) and I share a common fundamental beliefs with “moderates” and I never call myself a Republican. I care about our Nation as much as the next “patriotic” American. But because I am a non-White or a non-Aryan, I don’t fully get the “labels” throw fits that the GOPs always seemed to be so concerned with. Many of their distorted verbiages directed at others Americans who are not “Republican” or “White” are always juxtaposed into the lame idiotic catagories such as “Commie”, “Socialists”, “Open Borders Crowd” or “Pro-illegal Immigration” et al. That’s all hyperbole and exaggeration bent only on to serve the interests of their likings. Ever since I took up interests in politics during the last 4 years(and I’m only 20 something) and I have began to noticed this trend. This common fallacy by the Republitoons who hold scorn for all those who aren’t “White” and “GOP” as nothing more than false innuedo. And in my mind, they are wrong. They have become the Party of Bigots and Racists, rather than the Party of legitmacy, respected businessmen, and fundamental conformists. They have lost my respect as a once respected Party.

  • Irving

    There’s really nothing wrong with advocating a liberal policy, nor a conservative one, but IT IS ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY that gross exaggerations and lies be kept out of whatever point or situation is being debated. The above posters should please take note.

    I’m an Obama supporter that believes we need someone like him in office to stop the US wars of aggression by power hungry politicians, like Bush, who want to run the entire globe. Also, the capitalist system has run amuk from what it was intended. Greater controls and taxes have to be placed on the George Soros’s, the Warren Buffets, the RothChilds, the Rupert Murdocks and the Bill Gates types.

    Also, justice must be given to the Palestinians. Their land was stolen by the Israeli’s and they have been denied a legitimate government to protect and advance their interests.

    We must understand that ALL these terrorists attacks against our infrastructure throughout the West are the result of the unjust wars and killings of innocent muslim civilians by Israel. That has to stop and Israel must be made to disarm its nuclear capabilities in order to stop being the bully of the Middle East as the US is the bully of the world.

    Justice must be the order of the day in the Middle East as well as the US. Hispanics must be allowed to freely cross into this country without fear of being deported. They must be given Tax I.D.’s in order to hold down jobs.

    It’s been argued that Hispanics are taking black jobs. But they’re doing work the blacks refuse to do, so what could possibly be wrong with having them working construction, gardening, etc.? All the blacks have to do is stop dropping out of school, and they could be as successful as Obama. They wouldn’t need low tier jobs the Hispanics are working.

    Likewise all Cacasucasians here…..Anglos, Irish, Italians, Greeks, Jews, French, Saxons, Spanish, etc……….will all have to wait in line behind Hispanics for jobs, schooling, etc., since they have been favored for so many years.

    The Hispanic crime rate is high, but would it be high if drugs were declared legal, because many of them are serving time for possession or sale? Like liquor in the thirties, drugs will continue to be used no matter how many laws are enacted to prevent it. Eurpeans have legalized drugs and their societies are better for it. The same should be done here.

    An Obama presidency will rectify the many problems listed here, because he has indicated a desire to see that the Palestinians are treated fairly and Israel is held to account for their crimes, and he will give amnesty to the Hispanics living here now. And, surely, the blacks will strive toward more dedication to learning and trying to get ahead, since they will have a presidential model. If they do not, then it is absolutely justifiable for them to be moved to the back of society for failing to do so, since their opportunities are FAR greater than those of Hispanics.

    The election is all but assured. Obama will help us to help ourselves. We need a better society, somewhere between what the Swedes have and what Castro has created in Cuba and Hugo Chavez is now creating in Venezuela. Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Nicaragua. All moving further away from the US. Obama will assure they remain our friends, by creating friendly alliances with Venezuela and Cuba, and Russia.

    The day of US and Israeli Imperialism is coming to an end and so be it. China and India must now come to the forefront to lead the world, especially China since it is more technologically advanced and has a far superior political system.

    Injustice against Hispanics aren’t the only problem here. The entire situation needs to change. And it will.

  • xenophobesnightmare

    And because of a Sheriff, whose infamous “crime suppression sweeps” has brought nothing but fear into a little town called Guadalupe(which sits between Tempe and P-town aka Phoenix). It has become a “Ghost Town”, according to this article:

    (Guadalupe is domiciled by Nativez(as in American Indian) and Latinos).

  • MdeG

    Yes, it’s more intense on the border. But it is not absent from the rest of the country. I live in a small city in the northeast, where immigrants of all statuses and national origins feel a good deal of hostility from the town gov’t. (Which is, by the way, solidly European-descended, 80% of the same national origin — non-anglo) Some of us tried to interest ACLU in pursuing a profiling case based on the police blotter published in the local paper — every week at least one person with a Spanish or Portuguese person is reported to have been arrested for driving without a license, no other charges. Unless our local constabulary have x-ray vision, they’re profiling. The police have so far not complied with a FOIA request, and ACLU’s attorneys said that the newspapers’ ethnic and racial bias was so blatant that we couldn’t discount that the editors might be selecting cases to make the immigrant community look bad. How’s that for a nice atmosphere?

    And yes, there is more. A lot more, close to here. I bird-dog the blogs in one local paper where a cabal of old duffers (having resorted to a virtual coffee-shop) spend their mornings saying nasty things every time an “ethnic” type gets arrested for anything. Ombudsperson doesn’t do a lot, though it’s been explained to her very clearly that some of what’s said is incitement to violence. And the violence does happen …

    Sometimes I am tempted to despair of human nature.

  • GENO: the_warrior1492

    As stated in the article, the epicenter of the immigration battles are largely concentrated in the Southwest. States that share the border with Mexico.
    Arizona is no exception when it comes to the victimization and demonizing of “Latinos” by political demagogues such as the notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio, County Attorney Andrew Thomas and the co-spnsor of the controversial legistlatures designed to eradicate illegals in its entireity–Rep. Russell Pearce(who is also known to have ties to the Neo-Nazi movement according to A.P. sources in Az.) All of them up for re-election come Nov. 4th.

    Furthermore, Arizona for the most part has also been a breeding ground for virulent anti-Latino hategroups such as Rusty`s “United for a Sovereign America”, racist mother(f****rs) like the hirsute milf Michelle Dellacroce of “Mothers Against Illegal Aliens”, as well as that rabid little hobbit lady-the infamous traitorous, self-loathing-pride lacking anti-Hispanics Hispanic Anna Gaines formerly of (You Don’t Speak For Me) among other numerous untold hordes of grubby dirtcrusted alter kockers.

    Hatecrimes against Latinos can be pinpointed to one major factor–
    Illegal Immigration.
    But even when states like Arizona whichever was the first to enact such laws preventing the infux of aliens from down South, could not fully sustain the number of Latinos living in that state alone. Despite the exodus of aliens leaving the state since the “Employer Sanctioned Law” went into effect on Jan. 1st of this year, the vast remaining Hispanic Americans were still subjected to racial profilings by the geriatric lawman who believes he’s John Wayne of today.
    Likewise but ironically, racism still runs amok under his tyranny that smacks square in the face of our Constitutional Rights as Americans.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    No, actually they aren’t. Why don’t you do some research for yourself instead of buying into something a WN on a forum told you. If that were the case, Latinos would commit no crimes whatsoever in the US, and the DOJ would have no data on Latino crime whatsoever. How likely does that sound?

  • Jeronimus

    Latinos are counted as “Latino” only when they are victims of a crime. When they perpetrate a crime, they are counted as “White” by the Department of Justice.

    Therefore, when a Mexican attacks a Mexican, that would be counted as an anti-Latino hate crime by an evil White person. When you have a bunch of Mexicans and other Latinos moving in, naturally by the above method you will get more “anti-Latino crime.”

  • GENO: the_warrior1492

    And there were only 75 anti-Native offenses for 2007 as reported by the exact same source. The hatecrimes against Natives have stayed the same from the year before. The FBI also states that “Natives were less than 1% of the hate crimes victims”.

    Sadly, the vast majority of hate crimes offenders are for the most part–Whites, Aryans and Anglos(Saxons). En Spaniol–“the Gringos”. This is the race that percieves every other race as the enemy. Especially on the Jews and Blacks(in recent times). Nowadays, they have shifted their attention towards the Hispanic population. Do you not see that, Al Rodriquez(You Don’t Speak For Me)? You are not immune to racial profiling, discrimination and most of all hatecrimes. No matter how hard you try to deny it, the basis of the facts are undisputed. Simply because you share the same skin color as the numerous “Latino” victims as quoted in the FBI`s statistics. Your brainwashed, illusory decrepit thoughts in believing that racial profiling doesn’t exists among your own people is just another tawdry nadir on your low buffooneries. Al Rodriquez of ‘You Don’t Speak For Me” is nothing more of a spam at best! Sure buddy, half of your people broke the laws trying to cross the border(which is a misdemeanor by the way). But its the domestic laws broken on your people by the ones who treat you as fodder(sort of like a sock puppet)–for the Natavists.