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Prominent Racists Attend Inaugural H.L. Mencken Club Gathering

By Larry Keller on November 26, 2008 - 4:40 pm, Posted in Academic Racism, Hate Groups, White Supremacist

While most political analysts say that John McCain lost the presidential election because of the sorry state of the economy and the unpopularity of President Bush, Peter Brimelow sees a different villain: Immigration.

“The fact is that white voters – what 50 years ago would have been called Americans because 50 years ago this country was 90 percent white – they went for McCain 55-45,” Brimelow told the inaugural meeting of the H.L. Mencken Club at a Baltimore hotel last Friday night. “It wasn’t overwhelming, but it was a sizeable victory. It’s not clear to me that the American people really supported Obama.” The president-elect only got a majority of white votes among 18-to-30-year-olds, according to Brimelow. “What this election shows is that whites vote one way and everybody else votes the other way.”

A former senior editor at Forbes magazine, author and founder and editor of the white nationalist hate website Brimelow blames the 1965 Immigration Act for a host of problems. (The Immigration Act greatly reduced the percentage of immigrants from Europe while allowing for huge increases in Asian and Hispanic immigration.) Until its passage, Brimelow said Friday, the United States had the option of being more like Switzerland – a relatively small population, stable birthrates, homogeneous and highly educated – or Brazil, which he characterized as “diverse” and “chaotic.” He added, “We’re in the process of becoming Brazil with gated communities and so forth.”

Brimelow’s comments came during his keynote address at the first conference of the newly formed Mencken Club. About 60 mostly male, entirely white people attended. While the turnout was modest, it included several luminaries of the academic racist movement, including Jared Taylor, editor of the white nationalist magazine American Renaissance, which features stories about eugenics – the pseudo-science of weeding out human ‘genetic inferiority’ through selective breeding, and carried a column by Taylor after Hurricane Katrina in which he agued that “when blacks are left entirely to their own devices—civilization disappears.”

The club will provide a forum for the “intellectual right” and be full of “young thinkers and activists,” said founder and president Paul Gottfried, 67, a speaker at past American Renaissance conferences.

Also a humanities professor at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania and contributor of essays to, Gottfried and many others at the gathering are self-described paleoconservatives whose sharpest barbs are often aimed at neoconservatives rather than liberals. “We are convinced we are right – while those who have quarantined us are wrong,” Gottfried said in introductory remarks. Ultimately, he added, we will “do to them what they have done to us.”

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Dobbs Minimizes Impact of Hate Crimes, Bashes Immigrant Rights Groups

By Heidi Beirich on November 25, 2008 - 5:49 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant

Last night, CNN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” aired a segment criticizing the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) for holding a news conference earlier in the day calling attention to the link between anti-immigrant rhetoric and hate crimes against Latinos. The groups were reacting to the recent murder of Marcello Lucero, an Ecuadorian immigrant, who was fatally attacked in early November by seven high school students in Suffolk County, New York.

“Suffolk County is a particularly good example of elected officials stoking the fires of anti-immigrant sentiment,” NCLR head Janet Murguia said during the press conference. She spotlighted the anti-immigrant rhetoric of Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy, saying he had been “notably hard line against immigrants in his county.” Earlier, Levy stated that the Lucero murder would have been a “one-day story” if the media hadn’t chosen to hype it. Levy later apologized for the remark.

Dobbs denounced NCLR’s use of the Lucero murder to call attention to hate crimes. Dismissing concerns about anti-immigrant rhetoric leading to hate violence, Dobbs called the groups “advocates of open borders” and mocked them for being “long on rhetoric and absolutely, absolutely devoid of facts or respect for them.”

Dobbs, who has a long track record of defaming immigrants by linking them to crime, disease and other horrors, would probably like to pretend that immigrant bashing doesn’t lead to hate crimes. But the facts of the Lucero case show otherwise. The teens implicated in Lucero’s murder specifically declared that they were going to “go jump a Mexican” and went out hunting in the ethnically diverse village of Patchogue. Latinos in Suffolk County have long reported being threatened and physically harassed and there have been other highly publicized attacks there, including the near-beating death of two Mexican day laborers in 2001 and the burning of a Mexican family’s house in 2003.

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Immigrant’s Murder Reverberates Nationwide

By Hatewatch Staff on November 25, 2008 - 9:59 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Outrage over the alleged random hate crime killing of Ecuadorian immigrant Marcelo Lucero in Long Island, N.Y. has revealed tensions in communities across the country that have seen a recent influx of undocumented workers.
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County Commissioners Propose Immigration Crackdown

By Hatewatch Staff on November 25, 2008 - 9:59 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Cherokee County, Ga. commissioners are poised to enact new ordinances targeting undocumented immigrants living and working in the area.
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Anti-Immigration Congressional Incumbent Trails In Vote Count

By Hatewatch Staff on November 25, 2008 - 9:58 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Rep. Virgil Goode, the 5th Congressional District incumbent known for his hardliner anti-immigration stances, lags 745 votes behind political newcomer Tom Perriello.
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‘Pandering To Nativists Costly For GOP’

By Hatewatch Staff on November 25, 2008 - 9:58 am, Posted in Uncategorized

The Republican Party’s anti-immigrant saber rattling amounted to political and demographic suicide at the polls.
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Campus Hate Group Founder: The End is Near for The Spartan Spectator

By David Holthouse on November 24, 2008 - 2:30 pm, Posted in Hate on Campus

Kyle Bristow, der Führer of the Michigan State University chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, or MSU-YAF, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has identified as a hate group, announced last Saturday that he planned to take the organization’s notoriously bigoted and mean-spirited blog, The Spartan Spectator, permanently offline “in a few days time.”

“I have decided that I will not blog anymore after I graduate from the communist-infested hellhole of Michigan State University,” stated Bristow, a senior international relations major. “I am moving on to bigger and better things, and I unfortunately will not have the time to continue blogging about the decline of Western civilization.”

As of this morning, the Spartan Spectator remained online.

Spartan Spectator runeBristow’s announcement came just six days after YAF-Watch, a blog that tracks the activities (“antics” might be a better word) of MSU-YAF, reported that Bristow had updated the blog’s homepage banner with a red-white-and-blue Othala rune, a popular symbol with neo-Nazis, racist skinheads and practitioners of Wotanism, a racist variant of the neo-pagan Odinist religion.

The Spartan Specator’s most recent “poll” offered readers the option of selecting “Untermenschen” as the word that “best describes leftists.” Literally translated as “sub-human,” Untermenschen is a term from Nazi ideology used to describe Jews, Gypsies and any other persons who didn’t meet Hitler’s standards of Aryan purity.

In Bristow’s latest survey of the Spartan Spectator faithful, Untermenschen beat out “stupid,” “evil” and “degenerate” with 54 percent of the vote.

Ideologues Call for Post-Election Militia Revival

By David Holthouse on November 19, 2008 - 4:31 pm, Posted in Media Extremism

As the anti-Obama backlash continues to play out, with new reports of effigy lynchings, racist graffiti and other disturbing incidents surfacing daily, a number of voices on the far-right fringe are calling for a revival of the militia movement, a loose confederation of hyper-survivalist paramilitary groups that claim legitimacy under the Militia Clause of the Second Amendment.

Characterized by “black helicopter” paranoia and militant opposition to government regulation, especially concerning the purchase and possession of firearms, the militia movement has dramatically declined since peaking in 1996. Law enforcement crackdowns, arrests for weapons violations, and frustration among those waiting for the revolution that never came all contributed to that collapse.

But now, with the election of the nation’s first black president, some conspiracy theorists and fringe “Patriot” radio hosts are seeking to reverse that course by calling on their friends and countrymen to arm themselves, organize and head for the hills in preparation for a fast-approaching second Civil War. Their language is remarkably similar to that employed by the more notorious militia leaders of the 1990s.

“My fellow patriots, constitutionalists and citizens of the failing Republic, HELL is staring you in the eyeballs,” said Greg Evensen, a militia sympathizer and former Kansas state trooper whose essays and radio broadcasts are widely disseminated on apocalyptic Christian and militia websites, as well as the nominally mainstream right-wing Web forum NewsWithViews.

“We will no longer argue amicably about politics,” Evensen said. “Those of you who have anointed this socialist, Muslim sympathizing, gun rights hating, Mexican illegals embracing, abortion loving charmer POTUS [President of the United States] … I see you as my enemy. Am I picking a fight? Pretty much. Might as well, one’s coming down the street anyway. You have been warned.”

Evensen’s screed, which first appeared online Oct. 31, five days before the election, concluded with an outright call to arms: “American patriots you need to decide what your battle plans are. You cannot wait any longer. Are you stored up? Are you prayed up? Have you stayed up all night figuring it out? Have you decided that the time has come? Will you stand firm when they shut off your supplies? Will you resist in the cold and the dark? Will you go all the way to constitutional victory? Minuteman and militias were responsible for their own arms, ammunition and supplies. Can you muster with others and provide the essentials? Can you sleep with your back to a tree on cold, wet ground? Can you shoot and then seek good cover so you can survive another shot? When martial law is declared, can you and will you do these things or will you be rounded up by the hundreds of thousands each day? This is the new reality, friends.”

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Minuteman Infighting Continues To Intensify

By Hatewatch Staff on November 18, 2008 - 10:27 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Minuteman Project co-founder Jim Gilchrist said the movement he helped create has been taken over by “troublemakers with personality disorders and criminal propensities.”
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Escondido Minutemen Brigade Holds Pro-Checkpoint Counter-Protest

By Hatewatch Staff on November 18, 2008 - 10:25 am, Posted in Uncategorized

A few members of the Escondido Minutemen Brigade exchanged heated words with some of the 200 people who attended a candlelight vigil to protest the Escondido Police Department’s use of driver’s license checkpoints, which Latino activists called a ploy to check immigration status.
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