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David Duke Conference Plans Set Off Brouhaha

By Larry Keller on November 4, 2008 - 8:16 am, Posted in White Supremacist

The Mid-South Peace and Justice Center has been active in Memphis for nearly 27 years, but finds itself only lately on the receiving end of some decidedly hostile rhetoric. Since the social justice group objected last week to an upcoming European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO) conference in nearby Olive Branch, Miss., a deluge of verbal brickbats has poured in.

“You worthless unintelligent subhuman nigger loving piece of shit,” one man wrote to Jacob Flowers, the group’s executive director.

EURO was founded by David Duke, the onetime Klan leader, Louisiana state representative, and federal prison inmate (he served more than a year after raising money from his followers for the “cause” and then using it instead for gambling and remodeling his home). The organization’s conference is scheduled for Nov. 7-9 at the Whispering Woods Hotel & Conference Center a few miles from Memphis. Two churches that were going to conduct services at the hotel on Sunday have canceled because of Duke’s group being there. The hotel’s general manager resigned, and Flowers and his organization began to receive nasty E-mails and phone calls.

Duke wrote on his website that he is the conference organizer, which he will co-host with veteran anti-Semitic activist Willis Carto; white supremacist website creator and former Alabama Klan boss Don Black; long-time Georgia white supremacist Edward Fields, a convicted church-bombing conspirator; and James Edwards, host of radical-right Memphis radio show “The Political Cesspool.” The cost to attend is $75 per person or $100 per family — a 40% discount offered by the hotel, according to Duke. He’s promising “non-stop speeches, music and media presentations.”

Whispering Woods officials said they were unaware of the nature of the conference when a contract was signed. And they said they are legally obligated to honor it. The timing of the general manager’s resignation was coincidental, they said, and was unrelated to booking the Duke group’s meeting.

Black’s website, called, then posted contact information for the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center and Flowers, who was accused of sparking the manager’s resignation. That apparently set off the storm of attacks. “It is obviously you that is the bigot here,” one man said in an E-mail to Flowers. “I hope this group still comes to the area because thanks to you I will be first in line at the door to attend.”

Wrote another: “If you can’t see that you and your ilk are creating two separate societies in this nation you are blind!! I can only pray that the Lord Jesus Christ would take the scales off your eyes!!”

And from a woman: “I shall be sure to spend my ‘white’ vacation dollars in a town that doesn’t discriminate against someone because of skin color. Because of your bigotry, I shall send David Duke $100 to help defray the cost of the conference… . Thanks for opening my eyes as too [sic] HOW bigoted Memphis really is.”

Flowers said the E-mails, phone calls and sentiments some have expressed on the Stormfront website are “nothing that we’re worried about.” He’s most bothered, he said, by the racists’ accusations that his organization made harassing calls to the hotel general manager who resigned. That’s something that a peace-promoting group would not do, he said.

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  • Aslan Maskhadov

    “I was definitely supporting Russia’s war against Chechnya. Although, I didn’t pay too much attention to who their leaders were. I knew that they were Muslim terrorists, just like the people we were supposed to be going to war against in the Middle East.”

    A position derived from ignorance on the topic of course. Russia bought more terrorism by attacking those that were simply trying to maintain and independent nation.

    ” I also backed Slobodan Milosevic in his actions against the Muslims in Bosnia. It seems to me that the U.S. was fighting a common enemy.”

    Why? Most Bosnian Muslims didn’t want to fight. They also didn’t want to be totally crushed however.

  • GENO

    Cow Manure Verbiage,

    “Seeing that you are fond of Mexico,”

    At least the Mexicans of Mexico can start a revolution in their own country, something that your little band of merry WNs cannot do in this country. I have more respect for Emilliano Zapa than I do for David Duke or George Lincoln Rockwell.

    “I am real proud of you voting against gay marriage. But you must realize that isn’t going to win you many friends on this site.”

    Seriously I could careless as if was something I should be concerned, which I am not. I network with hundreds of comrades worldwide other than this site. In reality, I have no “gay” friends as far as I’m concerned but even if I do. I won’t get into their personal business since that’s their life as they see fit. And they know that I’m straight and happily married.

    “Yet you believe your life experience is sufficient enough to lecture someone twice your age.”

    You may be an ignorant geriatric windpipe living in your latter days in solitary bitterment beneath a rock. I don’t try and “lecture” you in any way because the way I see it. You’re incapable of detesting antequated bigotry you were born and raised with. Like the old saying goes: “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”
    I don’t share your retrograded views but I am entitle to my own opinions which is why this is called a blogspot. Its where you place your opinions. But in hindsight, despite the fact that you’re an old fanny, I don’t come looking to you for wisdom, I saw nothing intelligent from you. You merely look like an old fooI debating someone with brains half of your own age. I do have other mentors to guide me.

    “As for the Katrina fiasco blah blah……….”

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…Katrina, New Orleans or the people who governed it, doesn’t really interests me so I won’t bother discussing your “fiasco”.

    “Although, it might give us a chance to see what kind of “Warrior” you are.”

    I am a certified weapon holder with a concealled weapon gun permit. The same with my wife and we are avid hunters and gun collectors.
    My dad was a Vietnam Vet, Rez Cop for over 20 years and a BIA official. He’s now retired. We own several hunting rifles, assualt rifles, and several hand guns and a tactical 12-guage shotgun. We are members of the NRA and we strongly support the 2nd Amendment Right. I was also once a member the “Native Pride” boxing club for almost 2 years and I am also skilled in submission MMA tactical self-defense combat.
    We are survivalists. I also own the “Survivorman” series.
    And I am still learning from my uncle on how to track down animals. Our methods of tracking are classified and I won’t get into anymore details. Because the “Shadow Wolves” an elite Border Patrol Unit in Arizona which comprised of Native Trackers uses the same methods.

    “Wandered into the wrong hood or barrio.”

    We don’t live in the city. However, my wife is from an upper middle class neighborhood in Utah which is largely a Mormon community and gangs are almost non-existent. Since I am done with this forum, I won’t be reading or addressing your awry delicate comments. So I figured I leave you to reading and worrying about the obituary list.

  • Cowtown Rebel


    I was definitely supporting Russia’s war against Chechnya. Although, I didn’t pay too much attention to who their leaders were. I knew that they were Muslim terrorists, just like the people we were supposed to be going to war against in the Middle East. I also backed Slobodan Milosevic in his actions against the Muslims in Bosnia. It seems to me that the U.S. was fighting a common enemy. I hope Premier Putin will round you up and send you to a Gulag. We are certainly better off without the likes of you contaminating our soil.

    There’s no point in arguing with you about what Marx did or did not champion. You and I both know that he espoused the destruction of Nations and that he endorsed the methods just as I outlined them. You can claim he didn’t, but, if anyone wants to find out for themselves, all they have to do is read the Manifesto.

    Anyway, comrade. Nobody over here cares about Russia!
    You keep bringing it up like it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue. You need to realize that Russia is fading from prominence even more rapidly than the United States.

  • Cowtown Rebel


    Well, I am real proud of you for voting against gay marriage. You must realize that isn’t going to win you very many friends on this site.

    You’re all of around 20 years old. Yet, you believe that your life experience is sufficient to lecture to someone who is twice your age. I was once almost as naive and misguided as you. Perhaps, in some ways, more so. But, I have seen the light. Someday, you will to.

    Anyway, I genuinely hope that you and your pretty wife aren’t car-jacked, raped, tortured and dumped like garbage into a land fill by some minority gang members. Because, you wondered into the wrong Hood or Barrio. Although, it may give us a chance to see what kind of “Warrior” you are.

    You keep listing the sins of the Republican party like it’s going to be some kind of surprise to me. I am well aware of the corruption and mismanagement of both parties. But, seeing as you clowns think that Balack Osama is going to fix everything, it’s fun to pick on the DemoRats. For the record, I could care or less about Connecticut-Born, Yale (Skull and Crossbones) Educated, Yankee, Carpet-bagger, George Bush. I never voted for him, not even when he was running for Governor.

    As for the Katrina fiasco, that undeniably falls squarely into the lap of Kathleen Blanco. She had a National Guard, a State Police Force and a State Treasury. She could have mobilized the military and police forces to restore order and declared a State disaster, using the treasury to pay for the necessities required by the refugees. She, herself, when first questioned, said that she panicked. It was only after she had regained her composure that she claimed that there was a plan in place and it had been implemented. And, did you notice how Ray Nagin’s elite Negro police force abandoned their jobs in mass, (some of them joining with the looters!), leaving the White officers to try to keep the peace. This was the result of insisting that the officers come from within the city itself, instead of the suburbs.

    While we’re on the subject of New Orleans, you should look into the fate of one naive, young Krysten Brydum. She was silly enough to ride her bicycle through the 9th ward at 2:00am.

    Anyway, good luck with your marriage and everything. Being as you are only 2 years into it, I wouldn’t be so sure that you will be married in another 2 years. Relationships require an ability to cope with stress and temptation. Two elements today’s narcissistic young people have an extremely difficult time dealing with.

  • G.H.

    Simply amazing. This string is proof positive of what is wrong with this country.
    Being a person of little travel I have not been beyond the Caribbean and Mexico so I cannot speak of worldly affairs other than what I see on the “controlled media”. As for the US however I have been all over it and see one common conception nationwide. It is that of white oppression. As racial conflicts worsen, and they will, I only hope that the true color of hatred is revealed and not covered up as it seems to be now.
    Look back at the comments of the self proclaimed “Katrina Refugees” after that devastating event. There was one black man on Fox that was interviewed and stated that he was placed on a “slave bus and shipped off” further he commented that he should be given “what he deserves”! What did he deserve for staying in an area of mandatory evacuation and having to be rescued by the federal government?? Why was it all black “refugees? Where were the whites from New Orleans? Don’t say the whites had the means to leave but the blacks didn’t, there are rich and poor of both races in New Orleans, been there seen that! Amazing how a natural disaster was racially motivated!! The response to the disaster was tanted as so poor by all from Louisiana yet the same storm hit Mississippi and nobody there screamed foul. In fact the brunt of the storm hit the MS gulf coast, which is still not 100% rebuilt and will not be for a long time, causing wide spread damage but instead of people piling into buses to be sheltered and given assistance etc the video that came from MS as early as the next day was that of ALL people in the streets cleaning and clearing the roads as well as people working together to start over-blacks and whites alike. The same FEMA and other gov’t agencies responded to that area who responded to New Orleans so why was New Orleans so discriminated against?
    I really hate to use that as guide post and sure it will draw massive response but come on people, wake up and smell the coffee. That disaster emulated what it is like living in the south every day. There are comments in this string reminding everyone how terrible it was during slavery and in the many years that followed. To the best of my knowledge there is nowhere in this country that blacks are being lynched by whites any longer and of all things Obama has proven that if you get off your ass and work you can achieve anything no matter what color you are. Slavery was a horrible thing but it happened in the Caribbean also and you don’t hear the blacks there bitching and wanting retribution. In fact there is a saying in Jamaica among all natives there, ” Iri mon” which means “it’s all good, man” and while there I have been treated as equal as the natives. In fact it happened all over the world, blacks were plucked from Africa and sold to countries worldwide (not by white Europeans, by their own people) so why is it that only in the US it still drives racial hatred? Let’s move on, if anything there is discrimination against everyone but blacks in the US today and only getting worse. Every race here presents it’s good and bad to society so take it all for face value and not for the actions of the past and current so that maybe one day we can all reach the promise land!!

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Actually I was born in the US and spent most of my life there. And if you Googled my name you would see that Aslan Maskhadov was the late leader of the Chechen resistance, in other words- not Slavic at all(though I am partially by heritage).

    Let me exercise my powers of deducation(remember, you were the guy who first claimed I lived in the US and couldn’t return to Russia, only to find the opposite is true): You referenced the Communist Manifesto; but then you go on to claim that Marx espoused a number of things which he never did. In fact, the Manifesto addresses specifically those points on the nation-state, family, etc. Ultimately, Communists do not advocate the destruction of anything capitalists have already been destroying, including national sovereignty or the sacred ‘family’.

    Also, you might notice that per day, I write about one post per thread, assuming someone responds to me. Compare that to you making “hard copies” of everything. In other words- glass houses.

  • GENO: the_warrior1492

    CowClown Feeble–

    “You know, you’re right though. Democrats do so much better when they are in charge.”

    That’s right.
    So why then refute the facts that you failed to grasp?
    Try Contemplating on this, cattle:

    During the past 8 years, the Republicans have committed more crimes than any other political party.
    1.) John McNasty`s involvement with the Keating Five Scandal was the only presidential candidate whose record was tarnished by fruad, greed and ethnics violation.
    2.) Tom Delay(R-Texas) ex-Senate Majority Leader was indicted on violating campaign finacial fundraising laws.
    3.) Senator Larry Craig was found guilty to sexual misduct(based on his infamous bathroom incident)
    4.) Senator Ted Stevens was found guilty on 7 counts of lying on Senate docs.
    5.) Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham guilty on bribery charges.
    Such Republicans connected to JACKadbrahmOFF on bribery and corruption:
    6.) Congressman Robert Nay
    7.) Bush Appointee–David Safavian
    8.)and J. Steven Griles
    All convicted on corruption charges.
    9) Rep. Rick Renzi indicted on money laundering charges

    I guess that explains your agreement on why Democrats run the country better? Why not?

    Oh and by the way, it was Micheal”you’re doing a heck of a job brownie!” Bown who was at fault for Katrina`s post disaster mess. He was the one, who was at the center of scrutiny by the Senate overseeing the wrongs of FEMA`s inept plan. Nagin was trying to reach the president while Micheal Brown was too busy trying to look good for a fancy dinner.
    Nice try Cowtown Manure.

  • GENO: the_warrior1492

    Howdy Lil Rebel!

    Cow-Dung Babble–
    “So I guess you assume the female role blah..”

    (Then he/she imprudently implies:)

    “Make that….Xena: the_warrior1492…
    I never watched that “Feminist Fairy Tale” anyway.”

    So basically you’re saying that not only are you a classical Jethro Bigot but you’re also claiming to be Sexists by retorting to tawdry misogynisms???
    In other words could this puny fallacy of yours which is widely shared by many in your septic circlejerks, could also explain why your Party has lacked the majority of American female votes???

    Sorry CowClown. but as much as you love to “assume” everybody is a “Feminist”(or a women). Well I am not. I figured you are alone, singled and unwanted? Boy ain’t that a shame?
    I am happily married to a beatiful hard working wife of 2 years and we got married right after we graduated from High School.

    “Female Fairy Tale” shows”???

    Actually to your own disadvantages, I don’t watch tv. Nothing of that nature. But in case you didn’t know. That title “Xena” is already applied to one of your own BULL DYKES. Yep the L-word, the one who burns flags for a living and she goes by the lame psuedonym “Laine Lawless” aka Roberta Dill. How’s that one for your woodpile? And speaking of homosexuality as you seemed to be amused by it since you brought up the topic. It was my vote among many who voted to ban gay marriages in my State and others.

    “So as far as my powers of deduction and judgements are concerned.”

    “Excuse you”, your typo:
    Did you meant POWERLESS? You lacked irrational judgements on rationale logics.(see your above petty asinines on “Feminists Fairy Tale” nonsense)

    “Oops looks like I was momentarily “Hooked on Phonics.”

    Then I must’ve pushed somebody`s buttons didn’t I? Can’t get over it can you?)(LOL).

  • Cowtown Rebel

    Is there a problem with the server. I post comments, I go back to see if anyone has responded and my comments are deleted. Is this how the immature, juvenile delinquent, “college students”, that moderate your forum, get their jollies? Well it only serves to prove my point that the liberals are jellyfish with no spine. Go ahead and play your games, it really doesn’t bother me. I have plenty of other outlets for my message. And, as always, I did make HARD COPIES. So, if need be, I can always re-insert my commentary at a later date. If you think that I will “just give up and go away”, then you are mistaken. I have only just begun to harangue you.

  • Cowtown Rebel

    Oops, looks like I was momentarily “Hooked On Phonics”.

    Make that… Xena: the_warrior1492

    Sorry about that ma’am. I didn’t mean to misspell your name. I never watched that “Feminist Fairy Tale” anyway.

  • Cowtown Rebel

    Zena: the_warrior1492,

    So, I guess you assume the female role when you and Vicious V get together?

    You know, you’re right though, DemoRats do so much better when they are in charge. Look at the great jobs that Marion Barry did in Washington D.C. and Kwame Kilpatrick did in Detroit. Not to mention the wonderful way that Ray Nagin and “Governor” Kathleen Blanco handled the situation in New Orleans. Chicago, (that’s in Illinois by the way), currently has the highest murder rate per capita in the country and is solidly under DemoRatic control.

    Seeing as you are so fond of Mexico, then I am certain that you will enjoy living in the nation of Aztlan. Mexico is such a fair and hospitable place to live, that I am sure that you will love living there as much as the Mexicans that risk life and limb trying to get the hell out.

    The point of bringing up the U.S.A. County Map was to demonstrate how skewed the perception given by the RED STATE – BLUE STATE MAP is. As I mentioned, a quick look at the map will reveal that the majority of the people, inhabiting the greater land mass of the country, have a Conservative leaning. The “BLUE STATES” are primarily RED. It is only on the fringes and in the cities where the liberals have strongholds. The rural folk are “still clinging to GOD and GUNS”.

    Have you ever seen the old Kurt Russel movie, “Escape from New York”? He made one more recently called “Escape from Los Angeles”. Are you familiar with the concept of a Penal Colony? There may come a time when we put a wall around these “Urban Cesspools” and leave the residents to their own devices. Sound far fetched? Remember, it was only 50 years ago that Robots and Clones were Science Fiction.

  • Cowtown Rebel


    You appear to be a regular contributor to this blog. I have only recently began to interact with your GOON SQUAD. It is clear that there are a number of you who spend the better part of your lives on here.

    The first time that I ever noticed you saying anything about living in Russia was when Mark told you to go to Mexico. I had long since realized that you were a Slav.

    So, living in Russia? Then why in the hell are you sticking your nose into the business of MY country? I know why.
    Because, as you have confirmed, you are a Communist. And I quote: “I have no “other reason” to recommend the Manifesto but to espouse its tenets; Why else? It is as valid today as it was back then, if not more so in the context of globalization and this current crisis (all of which is alluded to in the Manifesto)” – Aslan Maskhadov.

    So, as far as my powers of deduction and judgment are concerned. I have been well served by them. I flushed out a COMINTERN mole.

    Just so you know folks, the goal of Communism is the destruction of the Nation State. According to Marx, this is to be achieved by undermining the foundations that the Nation is built upon. Namely, it’s History, Culture and the Family Unit. You do this by defaming the history and heroes of the Country, then you replace them with revisionist history and “new heroes”. Next, you condemn the Country’s Culture and replace it with different cultures. Finally, you assault the Family Structure itself, by estranging children from their parents and undermining the parents authority, you promote alternative “lifestyles” and “choices”.

    So, as Maskhadov says, The Communist Manifesto really does have a lot of relevance to what is going on today.

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    Yes “excuse you” Cow Rebel.
    I couldn’t help but wondered what you are “rebelling” against. Judging by your net handle–“rebel”, one should wonder what it is are you rebelling about.

    Are you rebelling against our Freedom and Democracy???
    Are you rebelling against the greater American people who have elected Obama to be their president???
    Are you rebelling against Justice and Civil Rights for those you are referring as minorities???
    Are you rebelling against the Rule of Law???
    Or simply put, are you just–
    “A rebel without a cause”???
    Whatever your answer is, it probably doesn’t have a rational tone to its true meaning unless otherwise it is you sir, who is–

  • GENO: the_warrior1492

    Cowpuke Rebuttal,

    The “Red States-Blue States map” you are citing is not “wandering from topic to topic” by itself??? That’s a rather invalid classification on your part.

    The maps doesn’t interest me but haven’t you noticed the Senate imcumbents are drastically being usurped by Democratics???
    In fact, the political map is quite meaningless and doesn’t “emphasize” on anything regarding the swift turn of the tide in the Senate majority as well as in the White House itself.

    But however, speaking of “Red States and Blue States”.
    Here is another fact based emphasis I have just noticed lately in terms of Crime in Red States and Blue States.
    Take a look at Arizona which is a strong Republican foothold and McNasty`s country. The RepubliTURDs have just retain their control. Most notobly the notorious KKKlown Sheriff Joe Arpaio has just won his 5th term(but I doubt he`ll live to his end of his term, since the ancient lawman is older than McNasty. Joe is 76 years old).
    More than half of the district seats are retained by GOP incumbents.
    Now looking into how the Republitoons run that state, they have done an excellent job of driving that state into a third world cesspool with its hard right policies that further damaged its economy, increased soaring crime rates, and ranked 1st in Housing Forclosures(or at least at the top).
    The explaination of its high crime rate can be pinpointed to Sheriff Joe`s policing policies and tactics used to combat crime.

    Sadly they don’t work.

    His policies have allowed over 40,000 felony warrants to go unserved and roam free. Resulting in high rates of murders, copper thefts, rapes, methaphetamines usage/lab busts and other sorted White coller crime(and Blue coller crime as in the case of Republican Rick Renzi).
    Its Employer Sanctioned Laws which was sponsord by Rep.Russell Pearce(with Neo-Nazi ties to the NSM/National Alliance according the sources in the local A.P.) has forced numerous lucrative business owners to relocate to other states or out of the country altogether, because they could not find suitable workers under strict nazi guidlines. This can be blamed partly on White Supremacists who refuse to do the jobs that immigrants wanna do.

    Then take a look at New Mexico which borders with AZ and Mexico. NM is largely controlled by Democrats(each districts are seated by Dems including Gov. Bill Richardson)
    The crime rate in NM is uniquely lower than that of AZ. Why?
    Because the Sheriff Dept. in NM works in co-joint effects with other law enforcement agencies in tackling serious crime.
    (Notice: that Sheriff Joe Arpaio only goes after corn venders, lawn mowers, and Janitors–“the none violent criminals” as quoted by Mesa Police Chief George Gascon)
    The comparison of crime rate in NM is a lot lower than AZ.
    Even NM`s economic prosperity is at ease and at smoother pace than that of AZ. NM is no where near the top on Housing Foreclosures.
    Even with its high populations of Hispanics and Native Americans same as AZ, the Democratically controlled NM just proves that Democratic States just run their States a lot better than Republicans.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    The fact that I live in Russia, and have mentioned it, speaks a lot about your powers of deduction and “judgement”.

    And I have no “other reason” to recommend the Manifesto but to espouse its tenets; why else? It is as valid today as it was back then, if not more so in the context of globalization and this current crisis(all of which is alluded to in the Manifesto).

    I also never said that Russia was wronged by America- as I said they surrendered needlessly, for the benefit of a few corrupt individuals who stood to become billionaires with the erradication of the last vestige of socialism- to the detriment of tens of millions of people, no only Russians. Russia is the one country that cannot blame America for it’s current woes.

  • Cowtown Rebel


    I have listened emphatically to you plead your case. I have taken note of the details and I have witnessed a pattern emerging.

    I am now ready to render judgement.

    It is clear that you are a homesick, would-be cosmopolitan, that, for whatever reason, is either unable or unwilling to go back to Russia. Your contempt for America and its History is glaringly apparent. I have deduced that you, being a pseudo-intellectual, have found yourself frustrated in your attempts to engage in a meaningful dialogue with some of my more vacuous countrymen. In particular, with regards to trying to interest them in the plight of YOUR country and how it was wronged by America and had to “Needlessly Surrender”. Thus, your co-recommendation of the Communist Manifesto becomes remarkably transparent.

    You wish to aid in fulfilling the goal of Destroying Nations.

    I recommended the book to assist people in understanding what Communism really is.

    You recommended it for “Other Reasons”.

    What “Other Reason” could there possibly be to suggest reading the Manifesto, other than to espouse its tenets?

  • Cowtown Rebel

    Ryan the non-American,

    Excuse, me…You commie creeps wander from topic to topic, slinging barbs in every direction. So, don’t criticize me for doing the same thing. Besides, you guys were talking about the alleged FRAUD committed by David Duke and I merely chimed in with a FRAUD that was perpetrated by one of your “Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement”. I should have taken the extra space to explain that I saw the Alex Haley “FRAUD” displayed in an “African American History” exhibit in a school, where children were being indoctrinated with this garbage.

    Oh yeah, something else off topic…I am sure that you all have seen the Red State – Blue State map. But, have you seen the one of the U.S.A. with the an illustration of how the Counties voted? If you look at this map, you will see that 2/3’s of California is Red (except the coast); 3/4’s of Oregon is Red; 2/3’s of Washington State is Red; Indiana, Pennsylvania and Ohio are 95% Red. There is a large pocket of Red in Maine. In fact the only Blue areas are those in the Coastal areas, the Big Cities, the areas along the border with Mexico (Big Surprise) and the New England States. I am proud to say that for over two hundred miles in any direction only Dallas County was Blue and as for the rest of the State only the border areas, Houston and San Antonio were Blue. My beloved Fort Worth was solidly in the RED. Thank God! You know looking at that map, it can be seen how we Conservatives could, if we took a mind to, push all of you liberal, left wing nut cases into Canada, Mexico and into the Ocean. Take a look at the map and see if I am exaggerating. Another interesting map to look at is the one with the Electoral College numbers. Again, looking at this map, it is easy to see how elections are manipulated by Yankees and Far Left Coast Hippies.

  • Jonathan

    Aslan Maskhadov,

    “Duke’s organization is not equivalent to a Civil Rights organization. You see, the Civil Rights Act was designed to give rights to those that were previously denied said rights.”

    But now things are flipped completely around: Duke’s group is now being denied rights and, as you say, rights that were “previously denied” are no longer.

    “In the end however, Duke is not involved in this because of ideology- he is a con man, and this is a good business.”
    Really? How much does the SPLC have in their bank account?

    “People will believe anything you say, and ignore all criticism because you tell them the Jews are out to defame you and railroad you.”
    Mr. Duke tends to concentrate on Jewish Supremacism as the SPLC concentrates on White Supremacism (funny as most Jews are White). Personally, I wish Mr. Duke would spend less time discussing Israel and Jewish Supremacism. There are plenty of other pressing issues. He rarely seems to discuss Islamic extremism (or should I call it Islamic Supremacism?).

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Duke’s organization is not equivalent to a Civil Rights organization. You see, the Civil Rights Act was designed to give rights to those that were previously denied said rights.

    In the end however, Duke is not involved in this because of ideology- he is a con man, and this is a good business. People will believe anything you say, and ignore all criticism because you tell them the Jews are out to defame you and railroad you.

  • G.H.

    Amazing how a discussion of the cancelled conference lead to discussions of the Holocaust and I think I even saw the former Soviet Union mentioned in here somewhere.
    One comment I did see and must agree with is that there is a need for a movement to begin protecting the rights of ALL people from the Civil Rights Movement. Anyone here remember the basis of the Civil Rights Act and the movement? Through the years it has become a convoluted belief that the movement and the laws that resulted etc were designed for blacks only. Sorry folks, please read the laws, it is for ALL people. Much like the Fair Housing Act states that there be no discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status and handicap. I don’t see “just for protection of blacks” in that.
    Unfortunately the current established groups, such as Duke’s, have been tagged “hate groups” so if they could make any positive moves it would fall on deaf ears due to the history and would likely taint the chances of any future groups. The end result is that years from now all Caucasion people will be the minority and suffer much worse consequences than what any group has suffered in history.
    Just for giggles I suggest that all read the bible front to back as well as the prophecies of such greats as Nostradamus and see what the “end time” is predicted as and what the signs are. Might want to get right with God soon.
    Oh Helen, I wouldn’t forget you. Amen, I moved to OB 15 years ago (right after King Willie was elected) when a really nice black man stuck a gun to my head, in the neighborhood I grew up and graduated high school in, and let me know that “HIS PEOPLE own Memphis now, if you wants to live you then you need to get your honky ass out and don’t come back”. I headed his advice and left immediately.

  • Jonathan

    Hi Aslan Maskhadov,

    Interesting story.

    Just to be clear, I was referring to Mr. Finkelstein’s exposure of unethical use by some organizations of the Holocaust for financial gain and cheating people out of money, like Mr. Finkelstein’s parents, who deserve compensation for what they suffered. I pretty much agree with you.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Finkelstein did expose some negative things about how the Holocaust is used in an exploitive manner by certain organizations. He did not expose the “Holocaust” itself as a hoax. The fact that there have been lies or mistakes(in terms of historiography) regarding the Holocaust is no secret; never has been. Historians to this day study the Holocaust and do legitimately revise things, as they do with all big, complicated events. None of this undercuts the fact that the Holocaust happened. Just as new facts undercut old about WWII, yet we don’t pretend that WWII was a scam.

    A good example of this is the story of Alexander Matrosov, a Hero of the Soviet Union winner who became quite famous in early 1942 for blocking a German bunker gun port with his body, allowing his comrades to advance. First revisionists found reasons to doubt the story, and posited that it was a hoax because his death occurred on Stalin’s birthday(because they, like most Western hacks, think everything in the Soviet Union from 1924-53 revolved around Stalin). To those in the know, it turns out that the story was indeed true, but the name was false- Matrosov was an orphan, and took the Russian name to fit in better with the other kids. He was in fact Tatar. WWII still happened though.

    And Cowtown, don’t even start about censorship on this board because I hammer the racialists constantly and I’ve even seen some of my posts erased.

  • Jonathan

    Hi Aslan Maskhadov,

    “I don’t see how Finkelstein was screwing Jews …”
    He wasn’t; he was exposing the scams of the “Holocaust industry”.

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    Asian Maskadov, I think its a waste of time to actually address Cowfaux`s irrelevant absurdities that are not applicable to the actual subject. I don’t see the connection between an “African author” and the article above, regardless of his tawdry point.
    Nonetheless, his jewish style distortions are entertaining though

  • Cowtown Rebel


    I never knew that an organization run by lawyers could be so cowardly when it comes to moderating a debate forum. You guys are terrified of someone who has facts at his disposal and can wield them mercilessly. I can simultaneously out debate your GOON SQUAD three and four at a time. Anyway, once again, I have made HARD COPIES for distribution. I imagine that this will be deleted as soon as I log off. If anyone is interested in seeing how I single-handedly held these dorks at bay, check out our skirmish on the “Plot to kill Obama” blog.

  • Cowtown Rebel


    I’m glad that I caught up with y’all. You jerks left me behind at the alleged Balack Osama murder conspiracy plot. Some silly Canuck posted some drivel on there and I attempted to answer it, but your censors deleted me. That’s O.K., I made HARD COPIES.

    Anyway,…. Maskhadov,

    Lets talk some more about hoaxes. I’ve got one for you. Have you ever read Alex Haley’s book “Roots”? Another black author named Harold Courlander wrote a book called “The African”. Courlander sued Haley for plagiarism and was victorious. The court found that Haley had copied the plot, characters and scenarios. Courlander was awarded an undisclosed cash settlement with a stipulation that he not make any public statements. Haley sold this stolen work of fiction to the public as genealogical research that he had done on his family. I recently saw a copy of his book on a shelf dedicated to “African American History”. I doubt that the teacher either knew or cared that the book was the work of an unscrupulous, lying, thief.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    I don’t see how Finkelstein was screwing Jews over the same way David Duke does. He does not solicit donations under false pretenses, he does not preach Christian morals while engaging in compulsive gambling and womanizing, and no doubt prostitution based on the behavior of his friends in Russia.

  • Al Champagne

    I’m from Louisiana and I am glad that this clown has faded from the spotlight. I suppose William Pierce and Bill Wilkinson were Zionist stooges for their criticisms of Duke?

    If that Ku Klux Son of a Bitch did any good in this world it would have been destroying any chance for legitimacy for the White Supremecist movement.

  • Jonathan

    Dear Aslan Maskhadov,

    “Duke is a proven fraud, and his various lies are readiliy admitted by some of his closest associates. This is of course ignoring the lies embedded within his ideology.”
    Like what? Any examples?

    “But please, keep sending him your money, that would crack me up.”
    I’ve never sent him money, but you’re tempting me to so do.

    “And didn’t you ever consider that the criticism of people like Finkelstein, Chomsky, Wise, and many other prominent Jews actually disproves the very notion of a collective hive-mind amongst Jews?”
    Who ever said Jews were like a bunch of programmed robots?

    “Don’t you find it a bit hypocritical … ‘Jews do such and such?’”
    Of course. I don’t see Jews as a monolithic block. The point I was making is that some Jews screw their own people, so would you say “Poor, gullible, dumb Jews”?

    “I also don’t see how taxes are so evil.”
    All things in moderation. The American people certainly aren’t getting services commensurate with what they pay. What makes it worse is they have very little choice inhow much they pay.

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    Poor choice of words Helen. I think you need to do a little google search into Mid-Peace and Justice and find out why you’re dead wrong. Or simply put this way–

    If the Mid-Peace and Justice org was “anti-white” as you flimsy put it. Then the group would be going out to Olive Branch holding protests at the various White Churches and other sorted White gatherings.

    Sorry Helen.
    That’s a low, lame, pointless rebuttal. But because you’re very ignorant as the next Aryan Supremacists. That flawed dubious EURO is a White Supremacists-Racists organization and not just some ordinary White gatherings the Mid-Peace cares to bother.
    Do your own research next time around before placing any petty assertions.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Lol wut

    Duke is a proven fraud, and his various lies are readiliy admitted by some of his closest associates. This is of course ignoring the lies embedded within his ideology. But please, keep sending him your money, that would crack me up.

    And didn’t you ever consider that the criticism of people like Finkelstein, Chomsky, Wise, and many other prominent Jews actually disproves the very notion of a collective hive-mind amongst Jews? Don’t you find it a bit hypocritical that folks like you don’t want to be blamed collectively for slavery(which is actually quite fair, considering how many descendents of poor immigrants there are amongst “whites”), but when someone who is “Jewish”(as the definition for this is ever-changing) does something you don’t like, it suddenly becomes, “Jews do such and such?”

    I also don’t see how taxes are so evil. You want to partake of government servics without paying? Or would you rather these services all be privatized, subjecting them to the profit motive and the laws of the market?

  • Helen

    Has anyone noticed that Memphis is a city ruined by black crime and that Olive Branch is place where whites move to escape black crime? You can call names all you want, but that only makes you part of the problem.

    The actions of the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center are anti-white and the authorities are not doing their jobs when they censor free speech and shut down the debate.

  • Jonathan

    Aslan Maskhadov,

    “Poor, gullible, dumb WNs. Constantly sending their little money to this known huckster.”
    Mr. Duke is probably far more honest than many people in various organizations. For example, “the Jooz” set themselves up: remember Norman Finkelstein’s “The Holocaust Industry”? Similar charges have been made against the SPLC.

    Ah yes, and then there’s the biggest scam of all: “your tax dollars at work”. But I guess that doesn’t count as it is involuntary “giving”.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Hmm…someone needs to search the internet and find out how many hours Duke will be able to afford with Russian prostitutes after all the money is counted up. Poor, gullible, dumb WNs. Constantly sending their little money to this known huckster. All he needs to do is claim “the Jooz” are setting him up, and the retarded wallets open.

    And Ken…we all know the NAACP is no different from EURO. Allah damn it! Where do you people come from?

  • Mr. Ryan the non-Aryan

    Yeah they’ll be spending $$$ on a vapid bunch of hooey and hogwash alright. Then the next thing they’ll noticed is that David Duke”the Hazard” will be spending all that money on himself. But instead, rather on the phoney “causes” the White Supremacists would loved to believe in.
    Another thing that is a little perplexing is–Why was the Wispering Woods manager`s firing “pure coincendential”??? If he wasn’t fired for allowing filthy Nazis to hold a little pow wow, then what was he actually fired for? Was he dumb, stupid or what?

  • ken mier

    I imagine that if this were a NAACP convention that the manager would be sanding on a soap box.

    Welcome to the New Civil Righs ERA.