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Klan Trial to Begin Tomorrow in Kentucky

By Sonia Scherr on November 11, 2008 - 5:02 pm, Posted in Klan, Lawsuits, Trial Updates

Brandenburg, Ky. — Trial is scheduled to start tomorrow in the case of a teenager who was beaten by Klansmen at a county fair in rural Kentucky.

The Southern Poverty Law Center sued the head of one of the nation’s largest Klan groups, the Imperial Klans of America (IKA), alleging that members of the group assaulted and severely injured 16-year-old Jordan Gruver during a 2006 recruiting drive at the Meade County Fairgrounds. The civil lawsuit contends that Gruver, a U.S.-born citizen of Panamanian descent, was targeted because the Klansmen thought he was “an illegal spic.”

The case aims to hold IKA leader Ron Edwards accountable for the attack that was perpetrated by members of his group. The SPLC hopes to win a verdict large enough to shut down the organization, which has 16 chapters in eight states. Also named as a defendant is Jarred R. Hensley, one of two Klansmen convicted of assault in criminal court for his attack on Gruver.

We will post daily dispatches as the trial unfolds this week in Meade Circuit Court.

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  • Guy

    One Klan member (and Republican precinct delegate for Midland, Michigan) went out in the middle of the day to protest the election of Obama.

    Given the election of Obama has radicalized racists across the country, and the Michigan Republican Party has openly supported other racist precinct delegates, and the trouble in the auto industry, its worth keeping an eye on klan activity in Michigan.

  • dave

    GRU VER GRU VER GRU VER! Hey klan boy are you ready for this? This is gonna be the smack down of the decade.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    I think Justin’s being sarcastic.

  • thirza

    Justin you are disillusioned, whites commit more hate related crimes than any other group, this is a fact. I pretty sure your racist against no-whites from your statement.

    The KKK is not peaceful and non-whites aren’t the only ones who commit crimes, the first crimes were committed by whites!

  • Justin

    This is inaccurate! This is slanted! The KKK are a “peaceful” organization who are only interested in racial separation, not racism! They would never advocate violence….. all the world’s problems, crimes and wars are because of the non whites!


  • GENO

    [Regarding the Klan]
    Also, just in today from the A.P. 8 Klan members were arrested in connection with the murder of a “recruited” White woman from Tulsa, OK, where she attended “a klan ritual” at the remote campsite in Louisiana.

    This latest incident only goes to shows us all what bunch of pathetic lowlifes these KKKlowns really are.
    Like I said in another forum, we`re gonna start see a surge of “Aryan” crime like the one just reported today.

    I guess that “8” taken off the streets of America but more to go.