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Minuteman Infighting Continues To Intensify

By Hatewatch Staff on November 18, 2008 - 10:27 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Minuteman Project co-founder Jim Gilchrist said the movement he helped create has been taken over by “troublemakers with personality disorders and criminal propensities.”
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  • GENO

    Its not surprising to hear the “infighting” within the WN/Natavist Movement, since these particular extremist organizations more than any other orgs have a long history of “infighting” and disintegration amongst themselves as a result of some individuals they’re known to employ into their folds, who harbour such traits like the ones he described–
    “Troublemakers with personality disorders and criminal propensities.”
    If they could at least allow “Other Americans” of non-Aryan descent to join a non-biased organization that shares a common concerned for our Nation(like myself) as much as Gilchrist, surely they just might survived much longer. But its highly unlikely since these organizations have too many old school White Supremacists in them and we want nothing to do with them. For their logics are outdated and “racist” to some. And if I were Gilchrist, I would much rather have non-Aryan Patriiotic Americans join and perhaps run the organization(without the “Minutemen” titlle) than a White Extremists whose views are far too “extreme” for the movement, that breeds to the point where “criminal propensities” will most likely suffice. It is apparent that White Extremist can no longer have the means, the logics, and the proper temperment to run any organization in these dire times. And in the future, instead I see that its non-White Americans who are trying to protect our country.

  • Teresa O’Brien

    An interesting trend in history is the stated purpose of the original creator of an invention, social movement, discipline, idea, or what have you, and then what it later becomes or is applied to.

    Those who first created assistive devices for physical injury, and prosthetics, as well as medicine, did not intend for the same techniques to be used to experiment on innocent people, and/or for war. The same with the creators of artificial intelligence. They envisioned a better world in the mode of an enlightened Walden II. They did not envision your average citizen being yanked out of their lives and being tested in planned prison communities using
    aversive and operant conditioning principles to
    disenfranchise them from their world using artificial intelligence and artificial environments, with clones who resemble loved ones and the whole shebang, as an experiment, just to see what the results would be, and for their version of fun.
    We do forget about the psychopaths in our midst who do these things.

    Like Gilchrist, whose original objective I do not agree with, just the same, he envisioned a strict democratic process. We always forget that whatever we create does eventually fall into the hands of those without ethics.

    Consider terrorism tactics of the new right who inject
    in vitro fetuses into drugged women who are not pro-life (DV shelter incident). Consider psychology used to test imprinting strengths and behaviors in political prison camps and concentration camps
    (all of this has happened in the USA and other countries). That is not what those ideas were created for.

    Whether in the arena of direct violations of human rights, or the just application of a principle, there are always those not troubled by conscience willing to misuse a good or not so good idea in a wrong way.

    Gilchrist has made a wise decision regarding his environment given that this happened.