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Official Apologizes For Calling Immigrant’s Murder A ‘One-Day Story’

By Hatewatch Staff on November 18, 2008 - 10:19 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy, who’s known for his anti-immigration policies, apologized for dismissing the hate crime killing of Ecudorean immigrant Marcelo Lucero as a “one-day story.”
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  • lewis

    Unfortunately, Mr. Levy’s remark probably represents exactly what he thinks, his subsequent apology notwithstanding.
    Had it been his brother or son he no doubt would think it more than a ‘one day story’. But then, to feel that would mean being able to identify with the victim who was someone’s brother, or father, or son.
    In his presumably saner moments even the most rabid anti-immigration advocate would have a hard time seeing this as an acceptable response to illegal immigration (right, Jerome?) Whether the victim was illegally here or not has nothing to do with anything in this matter. ‘Innocent man attacked and killed by cowardly gang for fun’ sums it up.

  • jerome

    What hate crime? Why don’t you crazies find some real causes or better yet, why don’t you get a real job as an attorney and quit living off donations and grants to go out and find so called hate crimes to fight. You guys have no morals or integrity. You defend scumbags who commit murder and rape when they finally reach death row, but I have never seen you clowns defend anybody who is a decent human being to begin with. Many Americans hate the fact that our government has allowd tens of millions of illegals to invade our country and commit murders, rapes and other heineous crimes against U.S. Citizens. Why don’t you clowns speak up for Everyday Americans, instead of always defending weirdos, perverts, and criminals generally.