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Ideologues Call for Post-Election Militia Revival

By David Holthouse on November 19, 2008 - 4:31 pm, Posted in Media Extremism

As the anti-Obama backlash continues to play out, with new reports of effigy lynchings, racist graffiti and other disturbing incidents surfacing daily, a number of voices on the far-right fringe are calling for a revival of the militia movement, a loose confederation of hyper-survivalist paramilitary groups that claim legitimacy under the Militia Clause of the Second Amendment.

Characterized by “black helicopter” paranoia and militant opposition to government regulation, especially concerning the purchase and possession of firearms, the militia movement has dramatically declined since peaking in 1996. Law enforcement crackdowns, arrests for weapons violations, and frustration among those waiting for the revolution that never came all contributed to that collapse.

But now, with the election of the nation’s first black president, some conspiracy theorists and fringe “Patriot” radio hosts are seeking to reverse that course by calling on their friends and countrymen to arm themselves, organize and head for the hills in preparation for a fast-approaching second Civil War. Their language is remarkably similar to that employed by the more notorious militia leaders of the 1990s.

“My fellow patriots, constitutionalists and citizens of the failing Republic, HELL is staring you in the eyeballs,” said Greg Evensen, a militia sympathizer and former Kansas state trooper whose essays and radio broadcasts are widely disseminated on apocalyptic Christian and militia websites, as well as the nominally mainstream right-wing Web forum NewsWithViews.

“We will no longer argue amicably about politics,” Evensen said. “Those of you who have anointed this socialist, Muslim sympathizing, gun rights hating, Mexican illegals embracing, abortion loving charmer POTUS [President of the United States] … I see you as my enemy. Am I picking a fight? Pretty much. Might as well, one’s coming down the street anyway. You have been warned.”

Evensen’s screed, which first appeared online Oct. 31, five days before the election, concluded with an outright call to arms: “American patriots you need to decide what your battle plans are. You cannot wait any longer. Are you stored up? Are you prayed up? Have you stayed up all night figuring it out? Have you decided that the time has come? Will you stand firm when they shut off your supplies? Will you resist in the cold and the dark? Will you go all the way to constitutional victory? Minuteman and militias were responsible for their own arms, ammunition and supplies. Can you muster with others and provide the essentials? Can you sleep with your back to a tree on cold, wet ground? Can you shoot and then seek good cover so you can survive another shot? When martial law is declared, can you and will you do these things or will you be rounded up by the hundreds of thousands each day? This is the new reality, friends.”

Another prominent “constitutionalist’ and NewsWithViews contributor, Devvy Kidd, declared in a column dated Nov. 10 that “Barack Hussein Obama is dangerous to freedom and liberty,” “Barrack Hussein Obama spits on God’s laws,” and “Our very survival depends on the states of the Union revitalizing the constitutional militias.”

“Forget states like California and New York. Real Americans in those states are outnumbered by the lazy, ignorant mobs who demand more and more from the public treasury,” Kidd said. She identified the states to “concentrate on” as: Arizona, North and South Dakota, Kentucky, Idaho, Montana, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. “I would also like to include New Hampshire whose state motto is Live Free or Die, but over 50% of the voters in that state allegedly voted for Obama,” Kidd said. “Is their motto dead or are there enough real patriots left in that state to get the job done?”

The omission of Michigan from Kidd’s list seems to be a glaring oversight, considering that state is home to a half-dozen of the largest and most active Patriot groups in the country, including the Michigan Volunteer Militia, which posted this message to its homepage last week: “Let it be known that the day after the election, we began the reforming and strengthening of a lawful Constitutional militia, dedicated to preserving our freedom, our Constitution, and our way of life.”

Meanwhile, sales of firearms and ammunition are reportedly skyrocketing nationwide as gun stores hold “Obama sales,” and the survivalist chatter on some right-wing blogs is heating up, exemplified by this post to “Moonbattery,” dated Nov. 9 and signed, “Glenn M. Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RET.”: “One in the belt, one in the hand, one over the shoulder. ATV’s ready to roll, gear packed, food, fuel, ammo stashed in various hillside hideaways. What’s the expression … ‘guns, gold, gas, grain’? Multiply that by two. But the daily Rosary will do more than all others combined. Pray to prevent formation of The Brown Shirts. I don’t care where your families live, they’d better have plans.”

  • James Hallman

    Doctor Jeep

    I hate to tell you this, but the Constitution is dead
    as a doornail. It’s either the lefts tyranny or the rights,
    one or the other. But then again, there is that something
    else that defies either side. It’s called the National Socialist
    idea as promoted by the National Alliance. It’s obvious
    how you feel about Hitler, but we let’s deal with the facts.
    Hitler was an enemy of Jewish Bolshevism, and if the west
    had stayed out of Hitlers program , he would have destroyed the Soviet Union and no doubt would have
    prevented the Chinese communist party from gaining power or at least them being able to hold on to it. He would have
    prevented the subsequent Korean War, the Vietnam War,
    not to mention the Cold War and the U.S. almost realizing
    WWIII in 63 because of the Cuban crisis. In fact , Cuba
    wouldn’t have survived without Soviet support. Hitler wanted
    three main things.1 to remove the Jews and their marxism
    from Germany.2. Destroy Jewish Bolshevism and the
    Soviet Union which was the real threat to the world as we
    now know, and 3. To provide sufficient living space for the
    German people, somewhat along the lines of our own
    founding fathers and early patriots through Manifest
    Distiny and the removal of the Indians. Our winning WWII
    is a direct result of the cultural marxism. open border
    policies and the Internationalism we see today known as
    the’ New World Order’. So say what you will about Adolf
    Hitler and National Socialism, but it is an Americanized
    version of the same thing thing we could use today.
    Pacifism, fixations on civil rights, humanitarism, all are
    designed to keep us from realizing what is really necessary in order to restore our national identity, that
    being, of European stock, and true political, economic,
    and social progress.. Our early patriots messed-up
    not sending the Blacks back to Africa when they could
    have easily and allowing the Jews to come here with
    their politically correct marxist ideas of equality and
    so forth. We need a reality based worldview and the
    mentality to do whatever is necessary to restore the
    whites back to at least their pre-1965 immigration
    status where we at least made-up 90% of the population
    and where not looking at becoming minorites in our\own nation. Our founding fathers would be rolling over in
    their graves at the prospect of our nation becoming
    an eventual third world nation populated by mostly non-
    whites, think about it.

  • Doktor Jeep

    It is long believed the Hitler banned gun ownership outright. The truth of the matter is that he simply made it difficult for common folk to have them.

    There are some parts of Germany where Hitler is quite despised still. The Mosel Region, for example. Hitler wanted to take that country and industrialize it, and move the people there to Western Russia (after invading it, of course). Lots of common people in the Mosel and Eifel regions – some of them might not have liked the idea of being moved. I lived near Trier for 3 years and heard this from the old timers.

    I am glad the Hitler issue showed up, because it gives me a chance to address the one thing that I do fear going wrong with “the militia” and that is, it becoming a Freikorps. Google the term and you will see what I mean. The militia, as intended by the Founders, could never be true to the ideal and become something along the lines of a Freikorps in America.
    Yet this “tool” is desired by both sides. Obama wants a 1.5 million man security force, likely fueled by ideals of progressive socialism as every organization takes concepts from those who found (or fund) it. However such a disgraceful treatment of civil liberties and the concepts against standing armies could not be countered rightly on Constitutional grounds…. so instead there could be a “other side of the coin” response where people will claim to be “conservative” and try their own large force. Likely trying to call themselves a militia. Such a force would no more be a real militia than Obama’s security force. Yet if the counter is founded or run suddenly by “disgruntled conservative veterans”, then it could become something of a freikorp, leaving America with the choice of living under tyranny of social progressive thus or under the tyranny of social conservative thugs. It’s still tyranny, and the end results will not account to anything good. The difference between the left and right in America today is much like the difference between Stalin and Hitler. Both tyrants, both murderous, and both wanted to win at all costs. Hitler murdered 10 million at the least, Stalin killed somewhere from 60 to 100 million.. The Nazis kept records during their systematic murdering while the Soviets simply forced people off their land and onto the highways to starve, so the numbers to compare with the two murder machines are not exact.

    But it all comes down to murder, and it’s roughly 100 million murdered by their own governments in the 20th century. The worst part is that you cannot get good people to do this, unless you make them think it’s for the good, or necessary. This is why we see human rights violated in the name of human rights, discrimination in the name of tolerance, and theft from the state that claims to protect us from thieves.

    I know many good patriots who, never having a friend in such people who drink the Koolaid of progressive idealogy, find no home in the fake conservatism either. Be rest assured that the most capable people I know have no interest in attacking anybody on behalf of some ideal or stated purpose of a movement. Liberty is their goal, but are not on a level of ignorance to be led to violence against others by simple claims of a change agent or provoker. Nobody can tell me “Them blacks are out to take away your freedom! Kill them!”. However if I am to be imprisoned for protesting against the unconstitutional policies of a black president and therefore my ideas labeled a “hate crime” for political expedience of silencing me, then things will not go well. There is nothing new going on here: labels of hate crime, racist, bigot, etc, will be used for political measures. People will claim to “feel threatened” by those who simply disagree with them – all with the intent of bringing SWAT teams down on dissenters. Just like old times.

  • mountaingirl08

    So Hitler “liberalized” the ownership of guns. That was done so that “good” and “pure” German citizens would be armed, likely to murder Jews and political dissidents and the handicapped. I don’t think that gun training for the citizenry by Hitler’s minions is much of a recommendation for rampant and liberalized gun ownership.

  • mountaingirl08

    No; I don’t think Hitler really put his “people” before himself. He played to people who wanted simple answers to complex issues. Apparently thinking for themselves gave his followers a headache.
    In a somewhat authoritarian society, one whose citizens were economically decimated by the Depression and who were incensed by the terms of the Versailles Treaty ending WW One, and so on, Hitler seemed to offer a solution and also to be a leader who would allow the citizenry to hold their heads up again.
    He hired (a Jewish man of all people) a coach who taught him how to perfect his “delivery” so he would be impressive and domineering in his speeches. He also was a chronic user (abuser maybe) of methamphetamine. That aided him in being so angry and forceful when he made his rants, er, speeches.
    However, without the support of so many of his nation, Hitler would have remained a failed artist of murky background. It has even been suggested that Hitler’s grandfather could have been of Jewish descent. Ironic, ain’t it?

  • JewBet

    The United States owners of self defense weapons are as capable of operations with them as were al Qaeda. Since you anti-war types have been cheering on the terrorists since day one, you should be aware that such a rag-tag force can be quite a thorn in the side of an organized military. Many U.S. citizens have been trained by and served in the U.S. military. Since few of your panty-waist writers and readers can claim that same experience, it’s easy to see why they can sell gun owners short.

  • James Hallman

    Hitler was a true leader and put his people before
    himself, which is a lot more than one can say for these
    crooks we have in Washington today. I would say Hitler
    would be a very good role model for those who would
    lead us in the future.

  • mountaingirl08

    What a role model–Hitler.

  • James Hallman


    It’s because there are few White Nationalist within
    these wanni-be GI Joe militia groups that they’ll fail,
    for the lack of a cohesive ideology. Simply having a gun
    will not insure one knows how to use one, or when it’s
    necessary to use it. One needs organization and
    ideological training. Contrary to what the powers that
    be would have our people think, Adolf Hitler actually
    liberalized gun ownership and actually militarized the
    German population so that most could carry weapons
    and know how to use them. It was a very much part of
    the Hitler Youth Organization to teach every young man
    how to shoot and defend themselves.

  • Doktor Jeep

    Yes, the founders actually meant that we are indeed to train with military weapons, and not be hindered in that process.

    You forget US vs Miller. (1939). That case never finished out.

    Back in the day, townshipt maintained their own cannons too. That was way before the Dick Act.

    Please check the history of the Second Amendment before you make assertions.

    In the meantime, “trained by whome?” You ask.

    Well there was the Civilian Marksmanship Program, and it still exists. You can actually order large surplus battle rifles and the US Government will mail them to your door. Even under Clinton they did that.

    You can also look up the National Militia Standards – assembled by experienced veterans and operators. It also has a code of ethics that you will find interesting. You will also note there are no sections that mention anything about assassinations or blowing up buildings. (So don’t assume).

    Now to answer your question regarding why there is only resistance when democrats are in power, it’s simple: you are seeing the false left-right paradyne in effect. George Bush was anti-gun and anti-freedom too. John McCain was no better. But the great game is to keep a two party duopoly in effect that only looks different on the surface to keep the sheep thinking their votes matter. You get a democrat in office, pisses everybody off, so they vote a republican in thinking now everything will be fixed. That as 2000. Now Bush spent 8 years driving the office like a stolen car, yet while Obama brings back Clinton retreads who the neocons love, everybody thinks they will get “change”.

    Yes, people foolishly think that republicans are not out to disarm them or take away civil liberties. But people still think we have freedom just because the Constitution has not been officially burned (in ceremony no less) yet I know one man who was threatened with contempt of court for bringing up the Constitution in it, and two ladies who, on handing out pamphlets about jurist rights, were threatened with “jury tampering”. This was under the same regime that supposedly protects rights yet expanded the police state (Bush).

    Now it’s the turn of all those young hopeful liberals and progressives to become just as disenchanted in their party as conservatives are in the republicans. But in 4 or 8 years, they will have a republican come forth to make everybody think they are getting change again, but will not.

    Conservatives don’t conserve, liberals don’t liberate.

    Eventually all those disenchanted, disenfranchised, and then wide awake people will be Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich supporters.

    There is already a growing transpartisan movement towards freedom and it’s pro-gun too. Surely people of differing classes and colors uniting under a common banner that is NOT pro government would be enough to keep certain people from getting a good nights sleep.

  • CAJ

    All males aged 18 to 44 are part of the “Unorganized Militia.” The Militia Act of 1792 required all able bodied adult males to have firearms and ammunition, and to train with said weapons. The National Guard is not the militia, the militia is the people.

    “I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials.”
    — George Mason, in Debates in Virginia Convention on Ratification of the Constitution, Elliot, Vol. 3, June 16, 1788

    Those who worship governments as gods may not like this fact but the purpose of the Second Amendment was to enable the government to be overthrown should it become tyrannical. Governments have murdered more people than anything else over history so the people must have a way to prevent such crimes.

    “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretense, raised in the United States. A military force, at the command of Congress, can execute no laws, but such as the people perceive to be just and constitutional; for they will possess the power, and jealousy will instantly inspire the inclination, to resist the execution of a law which appears to them unjust and oppressive.”
    –Noah Webster, An Examination of the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution (Philadelphia 1787).

    And the SPLC is foolish in saying all militias and survivalists are racist white nationalists. Utterly false, they are a minority in militias and survivalist circles, though they, the dumbest people who call themselves militias, do provide plenty of material because of their foolishness. Taking these minorities and painting all militia and survivalist types as such is as much bigotry as the racists have.

  • GENO

    “Im previous law enforcement until I got injured in Iraq.”

    Was it “funny” to be lied to and duped into an exaggerated warfare where Saddam Hussien had no WMDs??? Let alone, no ties to Al-Qaida terrorists??? Then that must`ve been a hilarious experience for you. The War on Terror and Bin Laden was in Afaghnistan, not Iraq.

    “I am not white.”

    You embrace an ideology that is embraced by White Supremacists, yet you claimed that you’re not “white” but perhaps you’re now ashamed to be “white”? You said on
    “The spic and you pukes should not belong in this country”(not sure who you’re directing that comment to)
    Since you spewed a racist epithet aimed at an unknown Hispanic/Latino and from what I can tell on this post thus far, there are no Hispanics placing any comments in this forum, because if there was, surely a Hispanic would place a comment on here to admonish your remarks etcetera. And there has been none. So if you are “not white” and I know you’re not Hispanic/Latino based on your racist remark, then I must assume you to be Black/African-American? If so, then what justifies you as a Black man that I as a Native American “should not be in this country”? This *is* my country, it was my land before your “Founding Fathers” and its “Constitution” have arrived. You were merely brought here by the slave trade. Another thing I like to point out is that your fellow White Supremacists friends claimed that 98 to 99% of the Black popular vote was in favor of Obama. I guess that makes you an outcast amongst your own people? But because of your racist views directed at the Hispanic/Latino population. You must have angered your fellow ex-comrades in the Law Enforcement and those in your neighborhood. Since non-Whites make up some *X* number of workers in the LEA on every level, all the way up to the White House including our President.
    I hope you won’t face police brutality coming from the Hispanic Americans because of your racist views.

    You claimed that you were in the militia. What militia were you a member of again? I’m trying to research one that recruits Black folks but did not find one, I did, however came across Whiite Extremists/Extreme Chistian Right groups were its members were comprised of White Supremacists, but did not find any Black militia groups other than Black Separatists such the New Black Panther Party, Nation of Islam(you claimed to be Christian so this one is out of the question, that also exempts Yaweh-Yaweh). The rest were street gangs unless you meant to be a gangbanger? Do you mind telling me which militia that was? If not, then you’re the greatest hoax since “the Piltdown Man”…..

    Also in case you didn’t know this. The LEA(law enforcement agencies) does not recruit high school dropouts and individuals suffering from retardation and learning disabilities. You lacked basic reading comprehension, grammar, spelling, improper use of words by incorrect terms. I figured you dropped out in the 6th grade or less. You also harbor no historical knowledge regarding our American History.

    “Hates the kkk their freedom of speech is protected like yours is”

    Glad to hear that you hate your fellow White Supremacist friends but again, need I remind you that hatespeech isn’t exactly protected. I suggest you read the exact policies on the Freedom of Speech and how it is applied. Promoting violence and terror is not “protected” speech under current federal laws and guidelines.

    Since you were purported to be a LEO, didn’t you know that the feds and the judge has the right to warrant a search and siezure if you are suspected to have ties to domestic terrorists groups or if your planning a “lone wolf” terror mission? Or even the dangerous WN elements? The Feds have that power but you as a former LEO did not fully understood this issue which is why I doubt your falsified claims as a LEO. Did you not remember that anti-Government militias are also anti-LEOs? LEOs have engaged in shootouts with militias and WNs over the years throughout the last century. Many LEOs have died as a result in those gunbattles with the militia.

    FEMA is a federal agency working under the Homeland Security Secretary Micheal Chertoff. Come 2009, he will be replaced by Gov. Janet Napolitano(D-AZ) who is a Democrat working under Obama. But since you stated that you are anti-Obama, boy I sure hope you can find another job. Good luck with that “dawg”!!

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Patrick Patrick….have you seen any bills in Congress to start quartering troops in the US? Do you realize that quartering troops in private houses made a LOT more sense in the 18th and 19th centuries than it would now? Are we losing our freedom of speech in the US? Sure there are various limits and such but as time changes, so must laws.

    “Some men look at constitutions with sanctimonious reverence, and deem them like the ark of the Covenant, too sacred to be touched. They ascribe to the men of the preceding age a wisdom more than human, and suppose what they did to be beyond amendment… laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind… as that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, institutions must advance also, to keep pace with the times…. We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy as civilized society to remain forever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors.” THOMAS JEFFERSON

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Your militias are not subject to regulation, not trained to any measurable standard. There is nothing to guarantee oversight, and we can only assume that you would “enforce” or “defend” the Constitution according to your layman beliefs, and what is there to guarantee that citizens would be able to redress grievances against your militia.

    Furthermore, you having an armed group not regulated by the government implies that you see the government as hostile, and thus constitute a treasonous domestic terrorist group. Not that I am always opposed to such groups- but you should at least be honest.

    There is no reason to think that militias like yours would be significantly better at doing anything than government agencies, and the idea of the UN invading America is laughable. America, on the UNSC, uses the UN to influence and oppress other nations, it is not a victim of the UN in any way shape or form. Plus, if they did invade for some reason, your militias would get plastered by several armies, instead of just one.

  • Patrick

    Reasons why I think this comment is funny.
    1. I am not white
    2. I am previous law enforcement untill I got injured in Iraq
    3. Has been in militia since getting injured in iraq
    4. hates the KKK but their freedom of speech is protected just like yours is
    5. And yes every ones rights of search and seziure is protected they cant just think your a criminal and search your car, im sure you all are the type of people who just hands a LEO your Id and lets him search you , your house or car, without a warrant or probable reasonable cause.
    6. I got the idea of providing quater etc because it used to be that way and because of a little war we all enjoyed from 1776 untill 1814 it is no longer. However if the UN has their way I am sure you will enjoy the blue hats being in your house be nice to them feed them well!
    7. I am not even from europe and the europeans are a bunch of whack jobs in my opinion however I have met some decent SAS guys and a few british soldiers in my travels
    8. How am I a whack job, radical, red neck, uneducated racist etc, because I am tired of watching this country go to hell and I enjoy freedoms that would make this country a better place if people stopped attacking them.
    9. I am not happy that the oh mighty leader obama got elected, however I have no plans of assination, war etc, I am however prepared to let it be known that I wills tand up for whatever I believe in. Voilence when there is other options is weak and cowardace, being prepared for violence when there is no other option is survival. I am more into training and being ready and speaking and resisting peacefully against our nantion being flushed.
    10. Other reasons I am in the militia and things my unit trains for: Natural disasters ie. Make disaster response more efficient. Local citizens know what resources they do and don’t have on hand at their disposal. We can’t expect some guy in a suit in Washington D.C. to know every detail of our situation. In the Katrina aftermath, FEMA turned away a Wal-Mart truck full of bottled water, despite there being thousands of people desperately needing fresh drinking water. The militia would have escorted that truck exactly where it needed to be.
    Assist local law enforcement, we have taken part in helping with search and rescue, especially with our mounted team. We also assist in man hunts including helping find criminals who have broken free etc. We also have assited in a small brush fire, accident response etc. So if we are such horrible domestic terrorists etc why do LEO’s enjoy our help and we time and time again provide it.
    I also find it funny because we also are ready and have trained to be ready to stand and help repel a terroist invasion and provide aid to wounded etc. Our group has over 15 medics, 2 doctors, and a fully functioning aid station and ambulance. All rapidly deployable to any where within our AO at a moments notice.

    So there you have it. I really am done with this convo, for If you dont get it you dont get it simple as that. For any one else who does seem to get it I have a flyer which is our public information flyer we hand out at our fundraisers, bake sales, any where we go etc. If you want to take a look at it or are interested in taking part in our upcoming FTX where we are teaching family first aid skills, disaster prepardness etc, shoot me a email and I will get info out to you.

  • GENO

    ‘would you like to give up your right to free speech,’

    Hate speeches are not “protected” nor is it tolerated in free speech events. Which is why your KKK/WN cohorts tends to get the boot almost daily.

    “your right to protection from searches and seizures,”

    Once again, you imprudently think you are “protected” from unlawful “searched and seizures” if the U.S. Governemt deems you to be a dangerous psychotic WN. By the rule of law, they can warrant a search to rid your rights to keep arms if you posed harm to the U.S. Government and to the American citizens alike. And in your case, you shouldn’t be in possession of arms based on your low functioning understandings of the “Rights” granted therein.

    “or maybe you want us troops living in your house because you have to provide them quater?”

    When I meant “retarded” in my previous posts, I think that’s exactly what I meant in terms of your lowly concept. Or did you just come up with that concept?

    “Or perhaps we all want to be the chuch of england?”

    Speaking for myself, I personally want you and hacknuts like the WNs to go back to England or wherever they came. Because you’re a part of this Nation`s problem and not the solution.
    And that would be–
    “one less person to contend to repair our great nation.”
    But in hindsight, I don’t think you have any idea what you’re talking about in terms of “repairing our Nation” when its folks like you who wish to wage war on the Federal Government and the American people. But if you want to “repair our nation” you simply need to respect all aspects of the laws in the books and respect the man who will be our President come 2009. I’m not implying that you ought to like the guy, I am merely saying what Morris Dees has said–
    “You have the right to hate. I support that right. But you do not have to cross that line and hurt somebody”
    Simply because that American does not agree to your low IQ`d fallacies and it also does not justify you taking up arms against the President-Elect and the United States Government.

  • Patrick

    Let me guess you think the civil war was about slaves also? And what they meant back than does matter, because it is how you have freedoms today. If that is the case would you like to give up your right to free speach, your right to protection of searches and seziures, maybe you want us troops living in your house because you have to provide them quater? Or perhaps we all want to be the church of england? If you think it doesnt matter and you dont want these freedoms leave this great country so its one less person helping it slide downhill and one less person to contend with to repair our great nation.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    It doesn’t matter what the Founding Fathers meant back then, because what they DID mean was for the Constitution to be a living document, and after the Civil War it was pretty apparent that it would be a bad idea for the government to relinquish a monopoly on force.

  • Patrick

    Oh and one more thing citizens surpriseingly enough can buy at4s stingers, tanks wtf ever just get taxed out the ass and have to pay for a stamp and permit for them. < goes outside to play with friends m203

  • Patrick

    I find that funny, first off I am not white so that makes your comments about me that much entertaining, second off I was in a militia when bush was in office, third yes our founding fathers did mean for citizens to train and equip them selves, it happened time and time again hence why this country has its rights of being idiots today. Do not make it personal if personal attacks is all you can come at us with than it shows what you reallya re about.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Since when does “regulated” mean trained? And if trained? TRAINED by whom? The National Guard is trained by the US government, in US military facilities. Do you actually believe that the Founding Fathers just expected US citizens to randomly organize on their own, with no government oversight, with military weapons? Sure, they ought to let you guys buy AT4s, Stingers, and other major weapons and leave you alone on private land to play with them.

    And I’d like an answer to Geno’s point that for some reason, militia types find the need for resistance against the government when there is a democrat in power. You talk about this like it would be some kind of popular uprising, but in case you didn’t notice, a vast majority of Americans don’t seem to find their freedom so threatened. In fact, they voted for Obama.

  • Flick

    Professor Carroll Quigley, globalist insider, from his book, “Tragedy and Hope”:
    “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can throw the rascals out at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party, which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies.”

    Samuel Adams:
    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsel or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands of those who feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you. May posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

  • Doktor Jeep

    “Well Regulated” meant “well trained”.

    It’s common for people lacking study in these matters to assume the meaning of “regulated” to mean “regulations” as in “rules”.

  • Jonathan

    “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

    — Thomas Jefferson

  • GENO

    I agree with Asian Maskhadov.
    Patrick`s retarded and often degenerated nonsense regarding his fallacious opinion on militias exemplify the notion why our National Homeland Security is threatened from within. His backward unsound arguments merely shows off his ignorance many of them are best known for. Which is why they are a part of this country`s growing problem.
    One question pops into my head on why is that these White Extremist Wing-Nuts always feel the need to take up arms and rage against the U.S. Government whenever a Democrat becomes the president? It only tells me one thing, and that is they can’t seem to possessed the abilities to cope under a different party surely to last 4 years or more. So they retort to their “Gods” and “Guns” when a Republican is not in the White House. I say that the Independents(like myself) and Democrats voters have more balls to live under Republitard tyrannical rule than that of a Neo-Con under a “Liberal”……

    “When you need help pray that I’m christian and man enough to reach out and help you.”

    Seriously, you’re the last person I would ever ask for any help in this country, you have nothing that I want. But even if one were to seek help from someone, it surely won’t be coming from you nor that person would accept it. Certainly I won’t.

    “keep believing what CNN tells you.”

    The Dobsy Award winning Lou Dobbs is so full of that brown stuff, that anybody with a rationale mind knows it. Only xenophobes and other paranoid crackers would lap up anything he spat out, no matter how bogus and exaggerated his reports are. I’d wondered about the nuts who actually believe him than wonder about Lou Dobbs himself.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Thanks for the prayers but Allah can hear me just fine! I hate to tell you but your “we are all the militia” argument does not jive with the American legal system. You’re back in the 18th century. Not to mention the fact that even in the 2nd Amendment there are the words “WELL REGULATED MILITIA”. Hmmm…regulated by whom I wonder.

  • Patrick

    You POS sheep just will never get it will you? Like I said earlier When you need help pray that I am christian and man enough to reach out and help you. Reminds me of the ant who did not prepare story as a kid.
    Also why do you all keep thinkign the goal of a militia is to be some armed insane bandits who violently overthrow the govt? Even though that is a right people have is to overthrow their govt. A militia is simply you we all are the miltia. If you have ever even gone on a camping or hiking trip you in fact have taken part in militia training. I give up you all will just never get it, keep believing what CNN tells you.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Kev’s reply actually came before mine, so now I have to give it props. Let’s face it, if a Communist group like the RCP were conducting paramilitary training in camps, openly stating their intention to rebel against the US government, they would be taken out in a week. If Muslim organizations, worried about Islamophobic hate crimes, started teaching self-defense courses on private land including shooting skills, Homeland Security would be all over them within days.

    The Federal government has every right to ban and lock up all actively training militias as domestic terrorists. Aside from previous acts of violence that had ties to these groups and their conspiratorial ideology, these groups are conducting paramilitary training and could be logically viewed as potential domestic terrorists. Few countries in the world allow their citizens to conduct such training with the stated aim of using it against the establishment. The 2nd amendment ensures right to bear arms, but it says nothing about things like registration, and more importantly it does not grant the right to form anti-government paramilitary organizations. What part of “well-regulated militia” don’t you folks understand.

    In the end, your half-baked interpretations of “original intent” will fall flat in court like so many arguments common to tax protesters and “sovereign citizens”. In the mean time, I predict a new wave of con men will arise in the militia movement, just like those that used to make fortunes selling bogus tax advice and snake oil like “pure trust” accounts. Due to militia types’ lack of any real legal knowledge, and their distrust of any establishment advice or sources(like the IRS), many people lost thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars to con-men who knew how to take advantage of the paranoid.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    It may surprise you to know that the Constitution is a living document, and our “militia” has been known as the National Guard for quite some time now. It would be foolish to suggest that the Constitution, a document drafted in the 18th century and its conditions, should never be changed. After all, had they not changed it, we would still have slavery today.

  • Kev

    Ok, before you guys think that these idiots have so many rights and ways to go through with them know this: It is an act of Treason to revolt against the United States of America which can be punishable by death. If President Andrew Johnson would not have been a nasty racist and did his job there would have been so many people executed and imprisoned after the Civil war to teach that lesson. It is also an act of sedition, not to mention plotting against the Presdient of the US!! WTF???!! Do you really think that they can plot against the President without being arrested? They will be arrested. They will be killed or do hard time. No where in the constitution does it say you can plot against the President. Nothing in any “right” or “amendments” They are going to go down. If need be the national guard will become involved and I will be among the ones bringing the treasonist traitors to justice.

    They are now committing federal crimes, they will lose everything. I do not think that most people;the overwhelming majority of people, are willing to lose everything. (Do they really want to leave their comfortable lifestyles to live up in the hills drinking water and eating squirrels?) So they need to relax and maybe they will enjoy maybe the best President the US ever had. They may come to love him and be glad he is our President. Just give it a chance.

  • Carter

    Virtually EVERY WN organization has at minimum two or more Federal Agents or paid C.I.’s working. Most everyone knows that. Militias, may or may not have directed agents in the ranks depending upon the level of their rhetoric, but likely there is some oversight to their activities. It doesn’t take an insider to know this is a reality.

    The MISTAKE that is often made is to consider Militias as a separate entity from the body of the People. I am very weary of the “organized militia” concept. Primarily because THEY get penetrated by White Nationalists (WN) who eventually ruin every damn thing they touch! Not only do I find their thinking inappropriate for the present century (& just plain ridiculous) but they are very often extremely disloyal to their own pathology.

    Anyone who has ever worked in a correctional environment knows that the “Aryans” are extremely quick to exploit their own – to such an extent that they are better called the “Heroin Brotherhood”, than the “Aryan Brotherhood”. No one who has ever sampled real life would EVER trust a “white nationalist”…It’s as simple as that.

    That being said, the concept that a Militia is a white nationalist playground is only true in-so-far as they are allowed to exploit that venue. ANYONE with an once of sense would distance themselves from any WN in the ranks. They are there to exploit, to inform, to corrupt, & to aggrandize (themselves).

  • Bene D

    KKK recruitment posters in Michigan.

  • FoolsRush

    Have you read your Constitution? Have you read the Patriot Act? Do you understand who the militia truly is in legal terms? I suggest you do some reading in the next few days before you continue this perspective you have based entirely off of media bias. Of course, that is only a suggestion, do what you want.


    “It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who have died, rather we should thank God that such men lived.”
    -General George S. Patton Jr.

  • Patrick

    The splc and you pukes should not even belong in this country. Our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves as we speak. There is great MEN and women ready to make a difference and all you want to do is demonize them. You want to know who the militia is? Take a look in the mirror once. You are the militia, and with out the miltia and the second am. You dont have any other rights at all. I am sure POL POT and kim jung ill and stalin would all agree with your puke views. Because of the fact that their is great patriots you have the rights and freedoms to poke fingers and complain.
    When the day comes I will walk down the streets and as you are looking up begging for help because you were to blind now I hoep that I am a decent enough man to stay godly and lower my hand for you.

    >>>>>>>patrick of carrolltown

  • Doktor Jeep

    “Also when it comes down to our Constitution, your people seemed to distort the true meaning of the term “Constitutionalists” or “Patriotic American”. You are not a “Constitutionalist” or a “Patriotic American” when you retort to terrorism, anti-government, anti-law. You are merely the opposite of what the Constitution is all about. The Constitution is more than keeping the 2nd amendment right. And every American regardless of their ethnicity have Rights just as the next White man. But their Rights are frequently violated by White controlled government(Neo-Con/GOP). A “Patriotic American” is defined by one who fights and defends our country, not terrorize it. You are a “Patriotic” only when you respect and abide the rules of law not when you break them simply because you believed in some arcane propaganda written by White Extremists. ”

    I would like to see that actual laws on the books that state white people have more rights. There are no white colleges, no white scholarships, no white TV channels. The misperception will have us making discrimination a part of law, all in the name of fighting discrimination. Such ideas will have schools and state agencies hiring non-whites ahead of whites without consideration of merrit and skills. Oh wait, they already do that.

    Meanwhile, if there are any doubts to what a patriot really is, perhaps this article and video should suffice:

    Here is highlight:
    “True patriotism today has gotten a bad name, at least from the government and the press. Those who now challenge the unconstitutional methods of imposing an income tax on us, or force us to use a monetary system designed to serve the rich at the expense of the poor are routinely condemned. These American patriots are sadly looked down upon by many. They are never praised as champions of liberty as Gandhi and Martin Luther King have been.

    Liberals, who withhold their taxes as a protest against war, are vilified as well, especially by conservatives. Unquestioned loyalty to the state is especially demanded in times of war. Lack of support for a war policy is said to be unpatriotic. Arguments against a particular policy that endorses a war, once it is started, are always said to be endangering the troops in the field. This, they blatantly claim, is unpatriotic, and all dissent must stop. Yet, it is dissent from government policies that defines the true patriot and champion of liberty. “

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Iraqi insurgents? Vietcong? Please, I’ve seen plenty of videos and photos of militia types. Do you have a massive superpower supplying you with weapons? Is it easy to truck large amounts of weapons across the border and into the US? Do you guys even know how? How are you going to get a steady supply of portable anti-tank weapons? Even with those you’re going to have trouble taking on the M1A2 Abrams. What about mortars, not to mention SAMs. You have no outside support and no popularity. You are damn lucky to live in the US because if they ever wanted to, they could snatch up your guns in a couple weeks, and every militia tough guy would give them up at the drop of a hat, from their warm, dainty fingers.

  • GENO

    “Tell that to the Viet Cong or the Iraqi Insurgents who have brought the greatest military force on Earth to its knees.”

    First of all, before I address you, try pulling your head out of the mudpile. We are talking about the WN, you know? The crazy paranoid crackers who are buying civilian weaponeries like there is no tomorrow. Not some foreign terrorists group in full operation inside the U.S. And trust me, the WNs are *nothing* compared to the “Viet Cong” or the “Iraqi Insurgents”. These terrorist groups have been oppressed for hundreds of years and were born into the logics of warfare and live by it everyday.
    The terrorists you mentioned have the resources to conduct such large scale insurgency. They have that capacity to build bombs, IEDs, launch rocket propella grenades so forth. The WNs inside the U.S. do not have that means, but even if you did, surely the Feds are right on top of you, looking to take you in. Since the enforcement of all apects of the laws of this country still applies. The world is facing an economic depression, not anarchism/armegeddon as you would like to believe.

    Also when it comes down to our Constitution, your people seemed to distort the true meaning of the term “Constitutionalists” or “Patriotic American”. You are not a “Constitutionalist” or a “Patriotic American” when you retort to terrorism, anti-government, anti-law. You are merely the opposite of what the Constitution is all about. The Constitution is more than keeping the 2nd amendment right. And every American regardless of their ethnicity have Rights just as the next White man. But their Rights are frequently violated by White controlled government(Neo-Con/GOP). A “Patriotic American” is defined by one who fights and defends our country, not terrorize it. You are a “Patriotic” only when you respect and abide the rules of law not when you break them simply because you believed in some arcane propaganda written by White Extremists.

    “they shouldl be writing about our rights being eroded rather that spinning slick propaganda a la Goabal”

    What Rights of yours are being “eroded”???
    White people have more Rights than a non-White. You possessed no clue as to what a non-White goes through on every level of society and all walks of life. You are not entitled to more Rights simply because you are White. The Constitution does not state you above all other American with relevance to equality.
    I think your complaints should be directed at your Congressman rather than the SPLC.

  • Doktor Jeep

    The Militia is not a race or religion based organization. Defined in USC 10, Article 1 S 18, USC 18, and 2A it is clear not only what the Constiution says, but there is no disconnect between that law and the intentions (spirit) of it when reading the opinions of the men who penned them.

    Yes there are knucklheads who think it’s all about race or whatever religious identity they take on, and then call themselves a militia as a off-the-shelf term. A group of blacks fighting for their voting rights is also a “militia”.

    I have trained over 700 fellow Americans of all stripes, from Democrats to immigrants from Jamaica. Lots of blacks, whites, and whatever else you can throw in. They all have one right: to be armed and to band together under free association to defend themselves. A few months ago I spoke to a man from West Africa. He was telling me about how his SUV, had he tried to have something like that in Africa, would be taken by a soldier or policeman at gunpoint. I showed him a AR-15 and told him that sort of thing does not happen here. The connection was not lost on him.
    You can trace back all slaughters, genocides, and ethnic cleansing to cases where small arms were only in the charge of a government or a faction. Either it’s government causing the mayhem, or only an armed government versus an armed faction and the rest of the people get to be refugees. America is different in that the people who prefer above all to be left alone are armed, and let no government or faction interfere with that. This is why you will find whites who want to kill blacks, blacks who want to kill whites, browns on whatever side of the matters of the day, and other factions with violent ideas, yet little violence if any. Why? Because it’s not that easy for any small “hate group” to go and act out on their desires for slaughter or genocide, and even those who harbor such fantasies still have to live as human beings in the real world and cannot muster the proper psychopathic state to become a mass murderer.
    And even if those obstacles can be surpassed, a criminal mind, working only on the level of violence, knows that violence comes back; much like how a thief fears being stolen from. And that is why you only get sporadic cases of lynchings or murders and not systematic eradication. Yes there are cases of one or a few people being killed for racial or ethnic purposes by a few miscreants, but individuals or small groups do not organize large scale attacks, even if they think it’s a good idea. This is why you don’t see truckloads of rednecks doing raids into the inner city. Not only because rednecks for the most part are more interested in minding their own business but because the inner city is just as armed as the countryside.

    History shows that cases of ethnic cleansing and genicide only occur when backed by a government or mass movement that gives license to the few psychopathic individuals capable of carrying out such actions. But they still must retain support of the masses enough that they do not respond; therefore having to convince their charges that it’s for their own good, a necessary action, or a form of preservation. The book “Seduced by Hitler” has a very good explanation of this dynamic and I recommend it to anyone who wants to better understand how a nazi regime can accomplish such feats – and it offers insight into how these factors are still being exploited.

    I know of a lot of people in the militia. There are no more leaders. Most are trainers and veterans. Leadership in the militia is usually a subject of much debate because once you have leaders, you get people who want to call themselves “colonel” or “general” or something like that. Given that the militia is so demonized – with footage of McVeigh being shown in every media clip in the subject in total ignorance of the fact that he was never in any militia – the point is missed that the concept is not a large centralized force on a state level but of individuals trained in the use of their weapons and able to defend their rights. Therefore violations of USC 18 s241-242 are to be dealt with when no other redress is possible. This is why I don’t care who is in it and train all who ask. The blacks, jews, hispanics, and everyone else have rights, and they have a natural right to defend themselves. People have asked me “What about blacks with guns? You would train them? What if they come after you?”,
    Well, since I have no intention of denying life, liberty, or property from anyone else, this means I don’t have to attack anyone. Now as for the “blacks” or whoever else I am told to fear “coming after me”, if through some breakdown of communication or misinterpretation of the laws, my rights are to be violated, I will defend my rights. It’s as simple as that.

    Of course I know that people who think they are entitled to others property or wealth, or attempt to use the letter of the law to coerce or socially engineer the lives of others, have no intention of actually picking up a rifle and doing the dirty work themselves. This returns my point to the Nazi example: the Germans on average didn’t have to do the dirty work themselves either. But dirty work was done (and done indeed). In America we make the same mistake in thinking that just because a law was passed by good intentions, and such law by the letter is destructive, then resisting it is criminal. And so it’s easy to think those those who will rightfully defend their liberty and property are crazy because the person trying to destroy it is some misinformed well-meaning grandma who simple casted a ballot. But that system, in place, will license and enable others who manipulate it for their own power. You cannot murder scores of people and get away with it – unless you happen to be working in a concentration camp. But those who did, were not the ones who funded and built that camp.

    And so it is possible that people with good intentions will end up supporting some horrible policies. Those of us who have a sense of history and a more constructionist view of the Constitution and natural law are taking to arms because of what the history shows us.

    And so far, history is proving that nobody ever learned from it. We have seen so-called conservatives silent over Bush’s attacks on civil liberties, and yet as Obama puts together a cabinet of same-olds from the 90s, there is silence from “the left”. Where is the talk it liberty?

    Lately it has come to my attention that the militia is being watched closely. Indeed it appears that the favorite boogeyman of the “left” (I hate these labels) is the gun-owning patriot. This after 8 years of the favorite boogeyman of the “right” : the muslims. People simply never learn. We have seen 8 years of agents and plants setting up muslims as possible terrorists, but that was after the Clinton years of agents and plants setting up patriots as possible terrorists. There is a pattern here.

    For the record, while security specialists, whose incomes depend on people being scared and using words like “imminent threat” and “growing danger” a lot, are thinking out loud about the possibility that a physcial threat against Obama or the government is coming from “the militia” or some comparable entity, I know of no operator trainer who harbors such ideas. That whole cliche of assassinations, shooting judges, or blowing up federal buildings is played out. Yes you might find some retart in a trailer park with an SKS who will say he would do those things if given a chance, but these people could never pull off such an operation (without help from an agent perhaps). There are plenty of people like that, and you will also find similar personalities in hispanic and black groups too. There are no serious militia operators I know of, or hear of, who think that such measures will amount to anything. Shooting a federal judge only means that a new federal building will be erected with that judges name on it, in a town that currently has no installation. Blowing up that building means they will build a new one, and there will be legions of hangers-on and security experts getting rich over the incident, using it to get more funding and bigger paychecks at our expense.

    If you really want to hurt a federal judge, impeach him and let him look for work in the private sector. I think most of them prefer to be shot rather than have that happen.

    What the militia is afraid of is that Obama may get the “JFK treatment” if he does not play nice with certain agendas in Washington. The security that surrounds our presidents is well advertised, so taking out a president, in our country, has to be an inside job. Yet surely with such concerns over “the militia” and the safety of the president being broadcasted ahead of time, it’s obvious who will be blamed IF anything should happen.

    And that is why people are arming up. Nobody who values life, liberty, and property can seriously consider taking to arms to deny those from someone else. History shows that individuals cannot pull that off either. But there is always a Reichstag out there ready to catch fire.

  • Larry

    “But in reality, it probably won’t happen because these WN Wacknuts know its suicide to actually wage their illusory “Civil War II’”

    Tell that to the Viet Cong or the Iraqi insurgents who have brought the greatest military force on earth to its knees.

    If you peruse a board such as you will see that many in the military and law enforcement, the real deal guys who have been there, done that and have the t-shirt, are deeply concerned about the direction the country is taking and are themselves cognizant they might have to uphold their oath to defend the constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic.

    The militia isn’t about race or religion. The militia is about protecting the constitution. The fact is we now live in a country where anyone can be picked up off the street for any reason, have no charges ever filed against them and be held and tortured indefinitely.

    The SPLC should take a cue from Naomi Wolf and they should be writing about our rights being eroded rather than spinning slick propaganda a la Goebel.

  • Carter

    I happen to agree with Aslan Maskhadov in that gun control has made millions for firearms retailers with little else to show for it.
    What’s more Obama should stay away from reactionary politics (abortion, gun control, radio talk-show fuel) and concentrate on substantive issues. The gun control blathering talking points is for people like Sen. Shumer (D-NY) to gather votes while doing little else to solve real problems.
    Let’s face it, a firearm is an OBJECT, just like a chemical is an object. You can’t control behavior with additional laws upon laws. Look at the UK. …Tightest gun control in the EU & they have violent crime that tops most all of Europe. They have even gone after “BB Guns”!
    Intellectually honest, they are not. If they had the sense to see that chemical dependency is a medical issue & the Object (in this case drugs or alcohol) are non-thinking objects, why can’t they get over the symbolical power that a gun maintains over some? The damn things don’t jump off the table & shoot someone, some human has to do the deed. If you really want to seal the bill look at Mexico! Corruption is endemic & so close to a totalitarian state, Mexico is the best example of gun control gone sour.
    We have some strong laws already on the books all over the nation. More of them just serve to play into the hands of those who make political currency out of such things.
    We as a nation have determined that the 2nd Amendment was not about hunting rights: it was never about sporting issues. If we respect Roe vs Wade then we need to respect other court decisions that challenge our preconceived notions of what a perfect world would be.

    I am so tired of this subject being made a battle ground. Guns are objects and object control after a certain level becomes symbolism & vote gathering instead of logic approaches to real world social problems. WE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO LEGISLATE MORALITY! But we can come together as a nation & deal with problems that affect us all; at the root causation level. Education, heath care, productivity (on a personal & national level) – these are the common ground that we should be concerned with.

    I deeply hope our new President will not stoop to symbolist pap to convince the public that he is actually “doing something” & tackle the tough questions. Even if it’s little by little.

    Re the comment about Mini-14’s stopping Apache helicopters….. There once was a little country in SouthEast Asia where the Army we fought had little else than rifles & determination….We had a damn tough time dealing with such a foe. – No the answer is not in fighting but in looking at what the Framers of the Constitution had in mind. They felt that an individually armed population could always be a threat to totalitarian government & that was a positive influence in our Republic. We have come to recognize the genius in many of the basic elements of our Bill of Rights and no where in there does it give “We The People” the right to hunt ducks.

  • Susan Smith

    I heard from friends in Kentucky about a recent anti-Obama incident at the University of Kentucky that has been covered up. A football player hung an effigy of our President-Elect from a tree on campus. When I tried to get more information on the Internet, I couldn’t access the Lexington Herald-Leader or the WLKY websites. Could someone at the Center look into this and post the information?

  • ken mier

    I am certainly not for violence, However during my endeavours in the field and meeting with many wanna be patriots and even some realist, I do see this as a threat.

    I personally have received Death Threats for the New Black Panther Party and as you know, I have insisted that any and all groups simply sit back, pay attention and regroup.
    Its not about supremacy its about survival.

    I see that the pressure on this new administration is very intense. Obama and his Clinton Cabinet will have to make some fast impressions on the Citizens, and I do believe they will. So my opinion is get the New First family in the White house and lets all begin to enjoy at least a temporary time of Change and Contentment. Yall know its got to appear positive or this country will not stand for it very long.

    For change to happen there has to be an enormous amount of forgiveness and acceptance of the situations that lead us all to this point. It is clear as the red and blue areas on the polling map on CNN the south is still the south. How else could we identify the contradiction.

    As a good friend of mine reminded me just yesterday, Whites must now realize that we have absolutely no reason to feel guilt for past actions of vigilantes or live in denial.
    Our country has cleaned the slate and Change has come.

    Very true, many folks are up in arms and worried about their firearms. Unfortunately, it is very dangerous to visit any major city today without some form of personal protection. The focus should be on the ones who present a problem. Not the homeowner. Im for restrictions that will take the crazies off the street. I want my Children and Grandchildren to walk about without fear of assault.
    BUT…You will pry my Guns off my wall over my dead body.

    Im actually hoping that there will soon be available newer non lethal weapons that all can carry. Such as a stun laser with a knockout burst. Police use a simple form of this weapon everyday and justify their actions by simple reports of resistance. They are effective and much safer than a bullet. Trust me I know this I have two floating around in my body that were near misses.

    What most of the White Nationalist don’t realize is that the common White Christian Aint gonna put up with their rhetoric much longer and the Family man will put a stop to their BS right away. All this talk about an uprising worries the man holding his child and honoring his Lord.

    The well formed militia uses the most lethal weapon…The Holy Bible. Southern Christians were brought up to be Christian Soldiers, differentiate the violence from the forgiveness and Acceptance will prevail.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    I wonder how often these militia people really take the time to think about what they are proposing. Do they really think Mini-14s are going to stop Abrams tanks, self-propelled artillery, Apache helicopters, and the B-52?

    Good luck, cretins.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    In case you didn’t know, Obama hasn’t considered gun control a big priority. Besides, a little gun control really wouldn’t hurt anyone. Not bans necessarily, but registration and tighter controls on private sales. You can’t logically argue that it is a good thing that anyone can go to a gun show and buy a semi-auto AK, for as little as $260(might be even less since I’ve been out of the country for nearly three years), without any background check or anything(I’m talking about private sales).

  • GENO

    Ken I think the ones that you are referring to as “paranoid” are the lesser and insignificant few who ominously call themselves “Patriot Americans” or the “Constitutionalists” fringe nuts of the far right. Not the entire general population who have more important things to worry about. Nevertheless, Kidd also mentioned one of my home States I currently reside in and boy would I say this–
    Bring it on!
    But in reality, it probably won’t happen because these WN Wacknuts know its suicide to actually wage their illusory “Civil War II’. I firmly believe the strong arm of the law will reign supreme and the crackdowns on WNs will only intensify in the coming days without incident. But it also would mean good news for many and that is more WNs behind bars.
    Breaking the record that Whites will make up the majority of prison population in the coming months/years. Its an assumption based on what I am hearing in the A.P. The ATF has already done several raids in my State this past year and more are yet to come. And as a true “Patriot American” myself, i support the rule of law, and I’m all for the cracking down on the WN/Militia.

  • ken mier

    It appears that the New Administration will dive right for the parchment of the constitution.
    The logic behind this is clear.
    The recent coverage of the Washington Gun Ban has brought contributions for Pres. Obama so he must continue on Nationality with their plight.
    This Country is in absolute paranoia, take away the right to defend themselves on their own property and the future homeland terrorist have an open door policy for search and seizure.
    I imagine that we will build many new federal prisons soon.

  • TheExaggerator

    Conservative talkback radio host G. Gordon Liddy has issued a similar “call to action” on his show of November 13th, though not explicitly referring to militia-type action.

    As transcribed by Media Matters for America:

    CALLER: Good morning, sir.

    LIDDY: Good morning, Jim.

    CALLER: I’m honored. I — I didn’t hear the music, but I did note some dead air. Now, that’s not a host problem, but an engineer’s responsibility, is it not?

    LIDDY: Well —

    CALLER: Anyway, knowing how important your time is, I apologize. And also knowing the evils of Marxism, liberalism, fill in the blank, I am really concerned about the newest version of the brownshirts. And I’m concerned that, you know, almost immediately, that — that new little group will be formed. And I’m also very concerned about the firearm owners in this country. I think we need a bit of general advice from you as to what we can do as a group with our firearms.

    Do we need to buy up all the Cosmoline in the country and bury our weapons? And I’m — I’m curious as to — as to what advice you have for us. I mean, we know what’s gonna happen. We know that they can’t get their fingers on the brass ring until they’ve disarmed us. I don’t know — you know, health care is a concern, but it’s not my primary concern, and I think that —

    LIDDY: Well, health care, as I warned before, and as [former House Majority Leader] Dick Armey [R-TX] — who’s also, you know, a Dallas, Texas, guy —

    CALLER: He’s a good man.

    LIDDY: Yes, a brilliant man. He said, look, it’s coming in the guise of health care, but that’s not really what it’s all about.

    CALLER: Certainly.

    LIDDY: What it’s all about is acquiring dominion over the individual.

    CALLER: Absolutely.

    LIDDY: Well —

    CALLER: How do they — how do they obtain any kind of dominion over an armed populace? I mean, it has to be their number one concern.

    LIDDY: Yeah, I would think so. And Barack Obama, by his voting record, has demonstrated that he is, you know, totally anti-gun.

    CALLER: Oh, certainly.

    LIDDY: Now you say what to do. Well, the first thing people are doing — the stories were in the news yesterday, and there’s more stories today, about how the gun stores are being stripped by everybody going in and buying firearms.

    CALLER: Yes.

    LIDDY: And they’re — they’re particularly buying handguns and semiautomatic shoulder weapons that look like —

    CALLER: Yes, like the M1A, and —

    LIDDY: Yeah. They — they look like —

    CALLER: Oh yeah, the black gun.

    LIDDY: Yes, assault weapons, but they’re not. An assault — an assault weapon, by definition, is capable of fully automatic fire. These are not.

    CALLER: Yes, sir.

    LIDDY: But — but people are buying them. Some because they’ve always wanted one and think that the Obama administration will try to outlaw them again, the way the Clinton administration did. Others figure, “OK, I’ll buy as many as I can get my hands on, and I’ll be grandfathered in. And then when they’re banned, I will be able to sell them at a very nice profit.” So, that’s going on. But the main thing is, you know, get them into private hands as quickly as possible. Now, what do you do? The first thing you do is, no matter what law they pass, do not — repeat, not — ever register any of your firearms.

    CALLER: Yes, sir.

    LIDDY: Because that’s where they get the list of where to go first to confiscate. So, you don’t ever register a firearm, anywhere.

    CALLER: Well, on the same hand, you know, if we’re — if we’re apprehended with a nonregistered firearm, we’re — you know, we’re under the jailhouse there, too.

    LIDDY: Well, that’s — that’s true, but what — what’s gonna happen is, if you register your firearms, you’re handing them a list —

    CALLER: Certainly.

    LIDDY: — of where to go to confiscate the firearms. So don’t do it.

    CALLER: I think that’s why we fear them.

    LIDDY: That’s right.

    CALLER: Because we have so many registered firearms. Out of, probably a dozen or more firearms that I have, I believe I have one 1911 that’s not registered, that I procured at, you know, at a gun show many, many years ago. I have an M1A that was purchased for me, much like you, by my lovely spouse. And I’m considering another M1A purchase, only the — the new SOCOM, the — the carbine version. Now, where am I gonna find one of those, and — and have the ability to purchase without registering it, you know?

    LIDDY: Well, the — the purchase data will certainly show that you have it. But what I’m speaking of is any firearms you may have that they pass some law saying, you know, bring in your firearms and register them.

    CALLER: Oh, certainly, yes. I understand now.

    LIDDY: That’s what I’m referring to.


    LIDDY: That’s what I’m referring to. And then — and then, as to —

    CALLER: I’m sure — I’m sure you made that clear. It just went right over my head.

    LIDDY: OK. Well, at any rate, then, depending upon the intensity of the repression by the government, the way they’re, you know, seeking firearms and so forth, then I would say, yes, with respect to Cosmoline and, you know, proper wrapping and storage, and then putting them where they will not be findable by metal detectors and things of that sort. I’ll leave that up to your imagination, and because it differs from location to location, but that would be the thing to do.

    As it turns out, Liddy has this Rather Nasty Reputation for endorsing the use of firearms against those in positions of Lawful Authority, which is well documented.