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Prominent Racists Attend Inaugural H.L. Mencken Club Gathering

By Larry Keller on November 26, 2008 - 4:40 pm, Posted in Academic Racism, Hate Groups, White Supremacist

While most political analysts say that John McCain lost the presidential election because of the sorry state of the economy and the unpopularity of President Bush, Peter Brimelow sees a different villain: Immigration.

“The fact is that white voters – what 50 years ago would have been called Americans because 50 years ago this country was 90 percent white – they went for McCain 55-45,” Brimelow told the inaugural meeting of the H.L. Mencken Club at a Baltimore hotel last Friday night. “It wasn’t overwhelming, but it was a sizeable victory. It’s not clear to me that the American people really supported Obama.” The president-elect only got a majority of white votes among 18-to-30-year-olds, according to Brimelow. “What this election shows is that whites vote one way and everybody else votes the other way.”

A former senior editor at Forbes magazine, author and founder and editor of the white nationalist hate website Brimelow blames the 1965 Immigration Act for a host of problems. (The Immigration Act greatly reduced the percentage of immigrants from Europe while allowing for huge increases in Asian and Hispanic immigration.) Until its passage, Brimelow said Friday, the United States had the option of being more like Switzerland – a relatively small population, stable birthrates, homogeneous and highly educated – or Brazil, which he characterized as “diverse” and “chaotic.” He added, “We’re in the process of becoming Brazil with gated communities and so forth.”

Brimelow’s comments came during his keynote address at the first conference of the newly formed Mencken Club. About 60 mostly male, entirely white people attended. While the turnout was modest, it included several luminaries of the academic racist movement, including Jared Taylor, editor of the white nationalist magazine American Renaissance, which features stories about eugenics – the pseudo-science of weeding out human ‘genetic inferiority’ through selective breeding, and carried a column by Taylor after Hurricane Katrina in which he agued that “when blacks are left entirely to their own devices—civilization disappears.”

The club will provide a forum for the “intellectual right” and be full of “young thinkers and activists,” said founder and president Paul Gottfried, 67, a speaker at past American Renaissance conferences.

Also a humanities professor at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania and contributor of essays to, Gottfried and many others at the gathering are self-described paleoconservatives whose sharpest barbs are often aimed at neoconservatives rather than liberals. “We are convinced we are right – while those who have quarantined us are wrong,” Gottfried said in introductory remarks. Ultimately, he added, we will “do to them what they have done to us.”

The club’s leadership includes several other notable academic racists. Treasurer William Regnery, 67, is the founder of two white nationalist hate groups, the National Policy Institute and the Charles Martel Society, the latter of which publishes The Occidental Quarterly, a far-right race journal. Regnery in 2004 sought investors for a matchmaking service for “heterosexual whites of Christian cultural heritage” in an effort to ensure “the survival of our race.” Taylor, 57, sits on the boards of both of Regnery’s organizations.

Mencken Club vice-president E. Christian Kopff, 63, has written for The Occidental Quarterly as well as Social Contract, an anti-immigrant publication. At the Baltimore conference Kopf promised the club would be a forum for new ideas.

Naming the club after Mencken, the late, longtime Baltimore Sun scribe, was a curious choice. Like many of the club’s members, Mencken admired European culture and 19th Century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, and loathed Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New Deal. But he also called the Anglo-Saxon “race” the most cowardly in history, and he was an atheist. That last fact coupled with the saying of grace before Friday night’s dinner caused one conference speaker to express his consternation on a blog afterward.

After Obama’s decisive win over McCain, many in the GOP said the party needs to recognize the democratic shift in the country and seriously court Hispanics and other minorities in order to reverse its fortunes. “As the party of Lincoln, Republicans have a moral obligation to make our case to Hispanics, blacks and Asian-Americans who share our values,” Karl Rove, the former strategist to President Bush, wrote in Newsweek.

By contrast, much of the talk at the Mencken club’s inaugural gathering was about how the GOP could regain power by more fervently courting the white vote.

Brimelow, 61 – who was introduced by Gottfried as “a real, as opposed to a John McCain, maverick” – said that’s not necessary. “The way to win is to get white votes. If [Republicans] did that, even without actually cutting off immigration, they could continue to win national elections for quite a long time.”

Look at Alabama, suggested Brimelow, British born, but now a U.S. citizen. With whites only comprising 65 percent of the electorate, “they’re in worse shape than American whites generally.” Yet McCain easily won that state, in large part because of support from 88 percent of white voters, he said.

“It seems like an implicit thing that everybody in the South understands how things are and they all vote Republican. Not that Republicans deserve this, but that’s how it works.” McCain, he added, should have said that Obama was the affirmative action candidate. “It would have been so easy. All he had to do is get up and say it.”

A big concern at the conference was perceived overbearing and unnecessary limits on hate speech. Brimelow said one of the first things he believes Obama will do as president is push through a federal hate speech law that will include “hate facts – the things everybody knows are true but can’t be said.”

He also bemoaned the recent jailing of a couple of 18-year-olds for hanging a noose in one case, burning a cross in the other. “It’s to the discredit of the establishment conservative movement … that these people are not being defended,” Brimelow said. “I know that they are rednecks.” But jailing people for political expressions is “almost unprecedented in American history, certainly in the last 100 years.”

It’s immigration, however, that is foremost on Brimelow’s mind. He blamed it in part for the nation’s inability to eradicate poverty. Many of those living in poverty are immigrants or the children of immigrants, and immigrants compete with and displace native-born Americans, he contended.

Several of those attending the weekend conference sounded gloomy about the future for what they see as true conservatives. Brimelow professed to be more optimistic. He predicted that Obama will do something “that will start to shock people right away. I think that whites – that is to say Americans – will organize … I think immigration will become an issue and it will become an important part of that organization process.”

  • GENO

    Another thing I forget to mentioned is the fact that “Brian” is also known as “Sancho”. One can judge this by their own anecdotal observerance through his writing style which reflects their personality. Noticed how “Brian” addresses posters;(e.g. @ Asian Mashahdov is the same as “Sancho`s” @ Jonathan, the use of the “@” symbol) including the writing habits in how one express themselves etcetera. So I guess that this “Brian” fellow is now ashamed to go by “Sancho” due to his lame, embarassing, and often senseless comments that no one seems to understand or take him seriously. Even if Jonathan finds him to be “entertaining” once he is being called “Zeek” by Brian the Sancho

  • GENO

    Check this one out:

    “Enjoy Geno.s[sic] 5 Dec. @ 4:44 where he makes a French statement AND immediately tells himself to speak English, Hillarious!”

    From the one calling herself “Brian”, who has no reading or spelling comprehensional abilities. She thinks I made a–

    “French statement”???

    As I have just stated the fact that she can’t seem to read anything posted there and to prove that she is wrong, try reading the post by “T. Cooper” on 2008-12-03 @ 6:30pm….

    How “Arrogant and silly” of you.
    Now the jokes on you, pal. Enjoy.

  • http://Buzzflash Brian

    @ Aslan Maskhadov,

    Before you go any further with GENO and JOHNATHAN, first go to the following site, Dobbs Minimizes impact of hate crimes, bashes immigrants rights groups.

    Notice how Johnathan did not criticize Genos twice as long statement of 8 DEC @10:12 AM ( carpal tunnel) as he does yours. Enjoy Geno,s 5 DEC @ 4:55 where he makes a French statement AND immediately tells himself to speak English, Hilarious! Of course one can never lose an argument when arguing with ones self. Also notice Johnathan’s Hillbilly antics with his 1DEC @ 5:14 statement.
    They don’t appear to understand much, yet are quick to argue even when confronted with facts and knowledge that they were not aware of, quite Arrogant and silly of them.
    It seems like these guy’ s are working together ,so handle accordingly.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    The fact that you are unfamiliar with violent attacks connected to the WN movement shows you are generally unfamiliar with its history. Said history includes numerous bombings, shootings, shooting sprees, etc.

    This is only natural for a movement that preaches revolution and at the same time holds a conspiratorial view of the world. The thing about conspiracy theories is that they are non-falsifiable, and due to lack of evidence, the “justice” that adherents seek never comes. As a result, frustration builds, and for movements with an especially violent ideology, it sometimes causes people to go off on a spree, especially if their personal life is messed up. Of course many incidents tied to the movement were not necessarily last-ditch attempts to get some kind of vengeance on society- sometimes they were planned acts of terror.

    And as I said before, the popularity of shows like South Park(among others) does disprove any notion that there is some kind of political correctness in society. In fact, both sides of the political spectrum often insist on its existence, but political correctness is often defined differently. Conservatives tend to believe that open, fundamentalist Christianity and conservative values are “politically incorrect”, almost radical. Some more “liberal” types think that offending said values are “politically incorrect”. Both sides are acting in a manner that is idiotic- because of course such a concrete politically line could not be so contradictory.

    In the real world, it’s not that political correctness exists, but rather as people have the right to express certain opinions, others have the right to react to them. Some people simply cannot handle that, and thus pretend there is some kind of persecution afoot.

  • Jonathan

    Wow Aslan, do you have carpal tunnel syndrome after all that typing?

    With regard to elements of “pro-White” organizations, that engage in criminality, you seem to expect that I should wear sack-cloth, shave my head and roll around in ashes!

    Is there any evidence of the “… many incidents are ideologically connected to the WN movement, …”? Touchy-feelies pontificating doesn’t count.

    I know you didn’t use the word “evil”, I did. It was to emphasize a point. South Park being popular doesn’t prove that PC does not exist. Take the counter example of Dr. Watson.

    “When does “hate” = engaged in violence?”
    – You seemed to imply that with what you earlier said:
    “on December 3rd, 2008 at 3:26 pm
    How many attacks based on ethnicity has the National Council of La Raza been connected to?”

    “For a group of people so concerned about having everyone speak English, you ought to brush up a little.”
    – What? When did I mention about speaking English? And what’s this “group of people” thing, is it one of those “you people” things?

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Ok first off, yes ancient Egypt was Semitic. It was called by the people Kemet, based off the root KMT. That is a Semitic language root.

    Now…for our main program:

    Jonathan said,

    “I’d agree that there are some “pro-White” organizations that disreputable and do more damage to White interests than good. I’m not really fond of them at all. If they commit crimes they deserve to go to jail.”

    First off, let’s not call it damaging “white interests” and call it what it is- crime and terrorism. Second, if you actually took the time to see how many incidents are ideologically connected to the WN movement, you would be surprised. Everything from random beatings to shootings, and the occasional bombing. I highly doubt we would allow a radical Islamic organization to run a mosque in the US, openly preaching for insurrection against the US government. Yet we for some reason have allowed WN organizations to not only openly do just that, constantly, but even have paramilitary training camps in some cases.

    And all that is AFTER the Oklahoma City Bombing, the worst domestic terrorist attack in American history. And despite all the bombings, counterfeiting, fraud, threats, and even open declarations of war(the Order), the system considers ALF/ELF to be the biggest domestic threat in the US. That’s right, the folks that let animals out of pens and occasionally wreck a bulldozer.

    “The point I was making is that people in this article and others are condemned as “evil” but haven’t done anything wrong or illegal, except being politically incorrect. ”

    I didn’t see anyone using the word “evil”, but does one have to do something illegal to be considered “wrong”? And political correctness does not exist, nobody can accurately define it anyway. You think political correctness exists? Fine, explain to me why South Park is one of the highest rated shows on television.

    “For example, the SPLC labels VDare a “hate website”. Has Peter Brimlow engaged in violence? Or Paul Gottfried, who is a great conservative intellectual and happens to be Jewish. Do you condemn him?”

    When does “hate” = engaged in violence? For a group of people so concerned about having everyone speak English, you ought to brush up a little.

  • GENO


    I see your point. I guess you’re right. If Hispanics can have a “racial advocacy” group, then why not Native Americans, Asians or even Muslim Americans? I know Blacks have the NAACP and others.
    But the White Man tend to be over-represented in this country. And yet, they’re asking for more organizations. And I wondered, what more can they want? And Why?
    They got the WN movement. They got the FAIR, ALIPAC, MInutemen, CCC, KKK,VDARE, the John Birch Society, hell even the Republican Party just to name a few. I think the motive behind your point may be a little too substantial.

  • Jonathan


    I actually enjoy Sancho posting here. He’s entertaining.

    I’ve never asserted that Ms. Murgia has engaged in violence. The point I was making is the double standard in labeling what is a “hate” group. Personally I wouldn’t call NCLR a hate group, they’re a racial advocacy group. Thus I think it is a double-standard to call VDare a “hate” group.

  • GENO


    To cite your example of “Reverse Racism”, that’s a possiblity and to exemplify this possiblity, look to “Sancho” as a good example. Quite frankly, I don’t think anyone takes him or his somewhat retarded puny arguments seriously. But he is an *individual* example of a “racist” esta pendejo del loco hombre but not an organizational one….

    “As Peter Brimlow [ever] engaged in violence?”

    In contrast to your “point”, has Janet Murgia ever engaged in violence??? Let alone, does she as the prez of NCLR promotes violence on the Anglo-Saxons, to be regarded as a hategroup??? If so, can you name an incident by citing a valid source to prove your “point”???
    Its unlikely but I doubt it.

  • Jonathan

    “Get over it. Immigration always happens, has always happened and always will. Its just the nature of things.”

    Racism always happens, has always happened and always will. Its just the nature of things.

  • History Boffin

    Note that Ancient Egyptians were not semetic. In the bible and other sources it describes them as differant. In fact they themselves said that their place of origin was Put. A land in Ethiopia which does not necessarily mean that they were black African. The nose of the Sphinx was blown up by Islamic religious zealouts who believed it was blasphamous not Napoleon who started to adopt non racist they points later in his dictatorship. What you ‘race protectors’ dont understand is tick they were African which is an all encompassing term of people on the continent. Afrikaanse, Ashanti, Zulu or whatever. Get over it. Immigration always happens, has always happened and always will. Its just the nature of things.

  • Jonathan

    Aslan Maskhadov,

    “Doesn’t exist genius. Now if you want to talk about folk like Tim McVeigh or the Order, or perhaps Ben Smith…then we have another story.”

    I’d agree that there are some “pro-White” organizations that disreputable and do more damage to White interests than good. I’m not really fond of them at all. If they commit crimes they deserve to go to jail.

    The point I was making is that people in this article and others are condemned as “evil” but haven’t done anything wrong or illegal, except being politically incorrect.

    For example, the SPLC labels VDare a “hate website”. Has Peter Brimlow engaged in violence? Or Paul Gottfried, who is a great conservative intellectual and happens to be Jewish. Do you condemn him?

    I think I’ve made my point.

  • Josh Cooney

    Racism, real or imagined, has done far less damage than the anti-human ideology of Marxism, which is the intellectual foundation of crackpot organizations like the SPLC. Perhaps you might wish to debate someone like Peter Brimelow or Thomas Fleming in public rather than manipulate a few statements to present them as racists and cranks. But I doubt you have anyone there who knows anything about history, philosophy, literature, and science. Or perhaps you could setup a debate with Walter Williams and call him a racist, or Paul Gottfried and call him an anti-semite. You people are cowards.

  • James Hallman

    White people should read Micheal Masters ‘ The
    Morality of Survival’ and grasp the fact, that if we
    as a people don’t acquire the same racial consciousness
    as other races, we’re going to face extinction.
    Race does matter, contrary to all the cultural marxist
    crap being taught in our institutions of so-called
    higher learning. Every test given by the Armed services,
    States, and Federal government has shown that blacks
    score about 15 points lower than whites do. This
    doesn’t mean to admit this you have to go out and
    kick them in the head, but it does account for a great
    of the disparities one sees in education for example,
    instead of it being blamed on white racism as it always
    is. Studies have even shown that blacks from more
    affluent black families still score lower on test so
    socioeconomics doesn’t have anything to do with it.
    It’s about ‘GENES’! And why this is so difficult for
    people to get is beyond me ,even with all the marxist
    brainwashing our people recieve day in and day out.
    Anyone whose lived and worked around blacks should
    be able to realize that there are definite racial differences
    intellectually as well as morally.
    There’s a ‘REASON’ Haiti and many of your Africa

  • Richard

    I do not like Southern Poverty Law Center and agree with Jenny and some of what was said by Aslan but I think that credit needs to be given where it is due. I like seeing that it is willing to allow open dialog. My father was White my Mother is Black. I think that before any judgement is made on Black intelligence it is necessary to take into account who creates the IQ test. According to my score I am in the top 1/1000. At the beginning of the last century 1900+ the urban Blacks had higher IQ scores on surveys than did the Jews.. There was more education among urban Blacks and the Jews faced their deficiency and pulled ahead since then. A major part of alleged Jewish intellectual superiority comes from internal bias Jews preparing the current IQ tests choosing what they think people should know. The Blacks today are generally under educated and depend on affirmative action which is a means of counter acting the publics reaction to the fact. Blacks should focus more on education they have it within themselves to pull even again.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Doesn’t exist genius. Now if you want to talk about folk like Tim McVeigh or the Order, or perhaps Ben Smith…then we have another story.

  • Jonathan

    How many attacks based on ethnicity has the National Council of La Raza Blanco been connected to?

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    How many attacks based on ethnicity has the National Council of La Raza been connected to?

  • Jonathan

    “Reverse racism”? It depends how one defines it.

    The SPLC certainly has a double-standard; they give “The National Council of La Raza” a thumbs up, but would expect that they would treat the hypothetical “National Council of La Raza Blanca” the same?

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Show an instance where the SPLC engages in “reverse racism”.

  • Bobo

    >>the pseudo-science of weeding out human ‘genetic inferiority’ through selective breeding, and carried a column by Taylor after Hurricane Katrina in which he agued that “when blacks are left entirely to their own devices—civilization disappears.”

    The SPLC needs to support this, or the negation therof, with facts and argument. The SPLC is a kangaroo court; a self-appointed moral authority. They have no mandate other than political correctness itself to go around bashing folks who disagree with them.

  • Bobo

    SPLC doesn’t have the authority to designate VDare or Amren as a hate group. SPLC routinely engages in reverse racism, of the most sublime type, which makes them a covert hate group, themselves. Therefore SPLC needs to add itself to the hate list. But it won’t in all of its hypocritical glory.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Yeah, and ancient Egyptians also had the bodies of cats, and sometimes the heads of dogs, plus east Asian eyes. Because you know- they have a lot of pictures on walls that look that way.

  • Sancho

    Whatever you say dear. Now go take your PMS pills.Im going to bed.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Wow, that is quite retarded but sadly the fact remains: ancient Egyptians were Semites, not Congoid nor “white” as the WNs would love to believe. And Napoleon did not order the nose shot off- it was destroyed by the Turks. The Turks also used some of the marble statues of the Parthenon as target practice so this is not exactly odd at all.

    What you cite as evidence is no different than what folks like Arthur Kemp use to claim that the founders of Indian, Egyptian, and Chinese(and even Japanese) civilization were all white. Namely drawings and statues.

  • http://Buzzflash Sancho

    O K, I get it, those 50K yr. old Caveman drawings in France, should not have been take seriously either. why, they are much more ancient. Those silly Neanderthal CAVEMEN, what did they know, and have you actually ever seen one? . Archaeological finds of the Saber tooth tiger , and woolly Mammoth were totally fictional too, You really need to enlighten those dumb Archaeologist. How dare they take thing so seriously.
    Writings of Napoleon, ordering his men to blow of the nose, are false also.
    Your comparison of Krisha who walks among us and is living proof, and someone presuming to think that there are actually Chinese in China would also also make a good and brilliant comparison.

    Please enlighten all of us who do not understand YOUR ways of logic and higher learning’s, and help bring us to Nirvana, oh enlightened one.

    Arrogance, is even more ridiculous then illogical and those that practice it, should never be taken seriously either.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Incidentally, the nose of the Sphinx was missing when Napoleon arrived- it was the Turks that blew it off. Not to mention the Sphinx basically has the body of a large cat, so it shouldn’t really be taken seriously as a representative of Egyptian people.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    I see, so if something is in Africa, or something is portrayed with certain features, it must mean the people looked that way. Black people live in Africa, ergo anyone from Africa is black. Brilliant. You know that Krishna is portrayed as blue, if not paste white- I guess there were blue people in India at one time. Afrocentricism is as ridiculous as Nordicism and white-supremacist theories.

  • http://Buzzflash Sancho

    @ Maskadov,

    It’s debatable? Gee I guess we will just have to believe you and not our lying eyes. Guess we will just have to ignore the Pictures of ancient Egyptian temples where they clearly depict, the Black, Brown and Lighter skin characters also.
    Oh , and Napoleon did not have his soldiers blow away the nose of the Sphynx either, nor are the statues with negroid features real either. I suppose also that just because the American Indians ONLY migrated from Asia to the Americas. It really means that, they actually did not come from Asia.
    Hey, how about that Bush, the economy booming, peace all over the world, and the martians have actually landed, wow, But then again, it’s debatable isn’t it?

    Try going to a Museum and picking up a map sometime. You, will be astonished to discover what continent, Egypt is actually in, then again YOU may disagree.

  • JMarra

    They call it “Mencken” the same way sites or organizations call themselves “Freedom Society” or “Progress Council.” “Preserve Our Dream”–I mean, who can be against that?

    The same way a local talk radio station marketed itself as “younger, smarter, better”–while featuring the same-old same-old hosts and shows.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    It is debatable as to whether the Spinx has “black” features, and this is especially the case with the Pharoahs. The ancient Egyptians were a Semitic people.

    Also, Aryans did not come from India, they migrated from India. The originated from the North Caucasus, Southern Russian steppe region.

  • Sancho

    1) All Humankind originated in Africa, from an African
    woman, who’s gens we all still carry.
    2) The Egyptian Sphinx is over 10K years old and has
    BLACK features, as do most of their Pharaohs , and at
    a time in history when Europe was still in the stone
    3) The original Aryans came from India, have the bigots
    noticed the Indian skin color?
    4) The President Elect is OBAMA, how did that happen?

  • Jonathan

    “He’s a speciesist.”

    That’s hilarious! Good one!

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Yes, perhaps those PC thugs should also let up on those flat-earthers as well, allowing all viewpoints to be heard.

  • martin weiss

    Seldom do I see a gathering so proud of its ignorance. Their concepts are grounded in parochial and palsied perceptions. People, check the genetics. The reason we have white folks is that some had to go pale in order to absorb adequate Vitamin D in northern climes.
    Humans were all originally black. Get over it. Clarence Thomas is proof that one can be black and bigoted. However your organization and your worldview are doomed.
    Arise out of the morass of feudal thinking and eschew your myopic perceptions. You might as well reckon by fingernails or car brands. It has nothing to do with any of your avowed goals that someone is purple, green or silver.

  • someguy10

    He’s a speciesist.

  • Jonathan


    Are you racist against Neanderthals? Do you hate them?

  • Emilio

    The return of the Neanderthals. What these monster do not yet realize is the impermanence of everything, up to and including humans and the planet that spawned them. So I’d like to advise them to hate with all their might, because that too is futility, and everything under the Sun is futile, so give it all you’ve got.

  • Jonathan


    I’m rather open-minded on the IQ issue. I’m aware claims are made both ways. I’m hoping that research can continue without PC-thugs bullying and threatening people who conclude things that aren’t politically incorrect.

    You should WNs more credit. My impression is that they accept that Ashkenazi Jews and East Asian have slightly higher IQs in aggregate than Gentile Whites. Yes, Ashkenazi Jews are White – sorry Adolf.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    The problem with that is IQ differences are not genetically based. When controlled for income and certain other factors, black and white students don’t show significant difference in IQ scores. Of course that presupposes that IQ actually determines anything important anyway.

    Also, most WNs tend to misinterpret average IQ scores to mean that blacks are inherently less intelligent than whites. What sad little Johnny WN must realize is that even if that were true, it would not change the fact that a few MILLION black folks are significantly smarter than him.

  • Jonathan


    “… groundless ‘fear of persecution’ grounds….”

    Groundless? About 3000 Afrikaner farmers have been murdered since the end of Apartheid.

  • Jonathan


    “I would like to see an example of things ‘everyone’ knows to be true (& can’t be said).”

    I’m speculating that one example would be that the differences in IQ between different races are genetically-based. Of course not “everyone” believes that. One could say that but would risk punishment for it. Remember Dr. Watson?

  • Carter

    What exactly ARE Hate Facts? – “hate facts – the things everybody knows are true but can’t be said.” I would like to see an example of things “everyone” knows to be true (& can’t be said).

  • Exaggerato

    Also expect the Mencken Society to pass the hat for the “evacuation” of Afrikaners from South Africa on groundless “fear of persecution” grounds….

  • Jenny

    Given the fact that SPLC has sought to excuse the displacement of poor American citizens, who are black, brown and white, from the workplace, into dire poverty, at the behest of serving the US Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable, the historic enemies of the minimum wage, workplace and environmental protections, it’s more than apparent that it’s the SPLC who are racists and in service of the same rationale that brought about slavery.

    I no longer respect your organization. it’s ignored the poverty and suffering of Americans in the south and in fact the rest of the country.. you have no standing from which to speak, most certainly no right to attempt to demean and demonize American citizens, who do have free speech.
    SPLC is no more than a group of con artists. Tell Morris Dees to go back to hawking cookbooks, he has more of a future in that.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Those guys must be real casanovas with the ladies!