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Beating Deaths Spark Outrage, Calls For Justice

By Hatewatch Staff on December 16, 2008 - 10:25 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Reacting to the second beating death of an Ecuadorean immigrant in six weeks, community activists and elected officials called upon anti-immigrant politicians and media commentators to stop stoking the fires of hate.
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  • GENO

    Just because there are “Illegal Aliens” in our midst, does not give one justisification to maim, brutalize and murder them soley because they’re “undocumented immigrants”. And “truth” be told that this was in fact a random act of violence and the irony of ironies was the fact that the purpetrators happened to be “African- Americans” instead of the usual White Supremacists we`re used to seeing doing the beatings and sent off to prison to become a minority. At least the victim in this case is not “White”, otherwise the White Supremacists would be screaming “raaaaaacists!!” and “what about us, we`re attacked by the Black Man isn’t that a hatecrime!” etcetera. But from the looks of it, the illegal brothers who were purposedly in “arm to arm” were attacked because they were thought to be a gay couple.

  • Fred

    Justice goes both ways! its time we enforce our immigration laws so this kind of sickening thing doesn’t keep happening here! Yet was this story about real immigrants or an illegal aliens instead? I think we all want to hear the truth here dont you?