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Editorial: Anti-Immigration Zealots Push ‘Juan Crow’ Laws

By Hatewatch Staff on December 16, 2008 - 10:30 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Demonizing undocumented workers is making brown the new black when it comes to racially discriminatory lawmaking, often with tragic consequences.
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  • Mark

    I am sure all those vets are just knocking the doors down at the poultry rendering plant, or just dying to gut fish down at the local farmers market, huh Fred? Or is it those coveted positions down at the slaughter house that they are really being deprived of. Or do they really want to pick vegetables or fruit? Thanks Fred, for perfectly illustrating how the Lou Dobbs, Tom Tancredos, D.A. Kings, and all the other low class nativist morons pray on the most ignorant among us. You are definately the lowest common denominator. Give the immigrants any day. They are a better class of people.

  • Fred

    Try telling all our U.S. verterans that can’t find a jobs about this racism bull sh— racism remarks of yours!

  • Sharonms

    “Nativists” are simply racists – they don’t even try to disguise it much. I, too, live in Arizona. I’ve had hispanic friends for years. They are good, solid citizens – ethical and moral – and 100 percent American, even if their ancestors a generation or two back came from Mexico – legally OR illegally. I was around during the blacks’ fight for civil rights, am for civil rights for everyone 100 percent, and I hate to see Americans fall back into racism. I have gotten to where I pay careful attention to what people say to determine if they are “nativists” – you’d be surprised how many “supposedly” good people have fallen into tha ugly abyss.

  • GENO

    This is terrible. With all the recent rash of anti-Hispanic articles and reports to the anti-illegal immigration debates and legistlation. It must be really hard to be “Hispanic” nowadays, even if you are an American/U.S. Citizen, you are still subjected to the notions of racial profilings and the assumption that you’re an “illegal alien” simply because you are “Hispanic”. This is a new stereotype of the 21st century designed to denigrate an entire group of people who are from the South of the Border or if their family line is linked to the South. It reminds me of a “White Supremacist” which is also a derogatory epithet aimed at the very folks who are members of such purported hategroups in the WN, who constantly cry and whine about the “Hispanics” moving into their neighborhood. And here in AZ, we already have “Juan Crow” style legislatures and it did not have an effect on the Hispanic American populace, which still holds a dominate force by a minority group. Alas some of the “illegal aliens” may have returned to Mexico or simply fled to other states but the “Juan Crow” laws harbor no effects on Hispanic Americans other than to put up with the constant hassles of discriminatories which may lead to many court appearances with relevance to the anti-discriminatory laws. And it looks like the ACLU will get its hands full or tied on this on.