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Idaho Lawmakers Plan Anti-Immigration Legislation

By Hatewatch Staff on December 16, 2008 - 10:27 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Two northern Idaho lawmakers said they intended to reintroduce and “put some teeth in” anti-immigration legislation that has been rejected the last two years.
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  • Mark

    Amen to Idaho, some real Patriots not like the folks that hang out around this site!!

  • Fred

    When we have millions of LEGAL U.S.citizens out of work now! I think your propaganda is worthless and bogus at best!

  • Albert Lee Garibay

    well this is just wasted time and money nothing is going to stop people from entering this country the right way they do not care and never will I am sick of hearing of how other dirty countries do not help their own people so what is the solution to the problem enter the US at all costs and take the jobs that what the sick Rich Jews and sick Rich Whites say Americans will not do ( I know this is a Lie just like school all the White Jewish Liars that brainwash children and teens telling them that everyone is the same and has the same level playing field this is a Lie and always will be ) True Born Americans regardless of color deserve the dignity and respect that is given to first all the dirty foreigners that have taken all the jobs.I see poor Whites Blacks Legal poor Mexicans with nothing it makes me sick I have nothing I am in school to learn how to do Data Entry I am afraid that when I do learn it and start looking for a job doing this that I will be disrespected and have my heart stomped on all over again.The United States needs to stop caring about foreigners and the problems of the world and turn it’s mind back to helping True Born Americans.

  • Sharonms

    Sounds like the mean, nasty tactics of the Republicans and Nativists here in Arizona where I live – RACISTS ALL -and the term “racist” describes MOST “conservatives.”

  • Richard

    It is important to note that illegal immigration has been a significant drain on legitiamte work for legitiamte Americans. The SOLE reason it could make food cost more would be that illegal workers will take less money for the same work. In Mexico there is plenty of similar work, the ONLY reason the illegals come here is because even though they get paid less than legit workers the pay is still higher than Mexico. NAFTA and anti-union activities only make it worse both here and particularly in Mexicao.