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Minutemen Protest Outside Baca’s Office

By Hatewatch Staff on December 23, 2008 - 9:41 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Rep. Joe Baca, the outgoing chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, said members of the Minuteman Project who staged a protest outside his office “hate the fact that the demographics of our society are changing.”
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  • cliffhammond

    I was in a discussion with a Minuteman from Arizona. It went well at first, but then when I expressed opinions that did not meet with his sense of “Christian Nationalism” regarding migrant workers, he began to use ad hominem. When I pointed out recent research that contradicted his party line, he became vile. All the while I kept pointing out the simple rules of debate that might lead to better understanding of this issues. Then it progressed to threats. He even attempted to discover my address and threatened to find me. In his eyes, I was unpatriotic and a threat to the national security. Anything he could do to silence me was justified in his mind because of his rigid ideology.

    My personal experience with these anti-social and authoritarian personalities has convinced me that they do not understand reason or science. Their operational level is authority. In my opinion, no one explains the phenomenon of the Minutemen better than the Canadian social psychologist Robert Altemeyer. I recommend his work and it is available free on the Internet. Just Google “The Authoritarians.” Conservative John Dean, former White House council for Richard Nixon even recommends his work and based a recent book on his research. The book is, “Conservatives Without Conscience.”

  • Marc

    Nice trolling Fred another baseless meaningless comment.

  • Fred

    its an illegal power grab by racist illegal groups that caused these protest to begin with! when you call yourself the race its hard to defend your false arguments about racism!