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Sheriff Arpaio Vows More Immigration Sweeps

By Hatewatch Staff on December 23, 2008 - 9:44 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Recently elected to a fifth term, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says increased scrutiny of ethnic profiling complaints by incoming U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will not deter Arpaio from targeting more immigrants with sweeps and raids.
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  • Lex Lewis

    It isn’t just Mexicans. Hispanics in general have been the only group that feels their language should be on par with English, simply because they come in large numbers. What a crock. Yes, America is multi-cultural, but America has its own culture, and that preceeds Hispanic culture.

  • Mark

    He Geno, Immagrant OK………Illegal immigrant NOT OK……That’s not hard for you to understand is it? Sheeeesh, give it up will ya. You remind me of someone from the Andy Griffith show in Mayberry. lol.

  • GENO

    To prove that your geriatric “Sheriff” is somewhat of a hypocrite(besides being a media whore), yesterday`s “swearing in” ceremony was done by an “immigrant”, a “native from Mexico City”.
    I’m sure the racist inbreed imbeciles will love this one:

    Call that backstabbing a natavist if you will. His statements addressed to the public after being sworn in by a Jose Bello of Mexico City, I guess you can you say that he is now PRO-LEGAL IMMIGRATION. Well, that’s bad news for the retrogrades, who claimed to be only against “illegal immigration” when they are against all Hispanics entirely. I assume Lou Dobbs will be pissed?

    Another article by David Carr of the New York Times, this one blasting his dumb reality show, which has poor ratings by the way:

    Well, that’s so much for being a “natavist” nowadays when their very own hero has now turned ‘pro-immigration”.

  • Lee

    Joe is an awesome Patriot! He has removed murderers, rapists, ms-13 gangs, etc. The list goes on and on. Thank you Joe, keep up the Great Work!!!!!

  • Tom

    Not to mention that the $50million that the County has to pay out because JoeA killed and maimed prisoners in his concentration camps [county jail system] could be put to much better use “protecting and serving” the people of the county. Such as by cooperating with other law enforcement agencies who are doing their real jobs while JoeA does his ethnic cleansing raids.

  • GENO

    Sheriff Joe is a friggin joke. No wonder they call him the “joker”. He doesn’t even go after the 40,00 felony warrants that plaqued the streets in the valley.

    “Thank you Joe for cleaning up the streets from those freeloaders.”

    Wow. One tard way too many. Yeah you probably meant to “thank” him for rounding up *non-violent” felons. And these are the old fools who have re-elected our top contstable.

    The only true law enforcers is the entire valley police force. Most notebly is Jack Harris and George Gascon, the police chiefs of Phoenix and Mesa are unique crime fighters. They have cracked down on crime that the Sheriff is not doing. In fact, the MSCO is not a team player and does not work in cojoint operations with other law enforcement agencies. Simpy ask yourself–who is responsible for bringing down the violent street gangs twice this year??? That was the:
    1.) Phoenis PD(and other valley police depts)
    2.) U.S. Marshalls
    3.) FBI
    4.) ICE
    5) ATF
    6.) DPS
    The Sheriffs Dept. was not a part of this wider range of felony warrants being sought and apprehended by the greater law enforcement levels both federally and locally. In fact, he has chosen to work alone, only to go after “corn vendors”, “lawn mowers”, “cooks” and “maids” the non-violent types who are just doing hardwork that the natavists won’t do. Dirty ol`Joe was heavily criticized by everyone from politicians, former political figures(Rick Romely and others), law enforcement professionals, news media, union leaders, church and clergy officials, lawyers, business owners, community activists, students and ordinary everyday citizens.

    The Goldwater Institute has conducted a non-partisan independent research on the MSCO`s law enforcement abilities, and according to them, they have found numerous flaws into how Sheriff Joe is operating his jails, plus slower call response time, because his goons are too busy pulling over Pedro because he happened to be brown while driving. Whereas a White woman is getting brutally raped by a natavist criminal and it takes 10 mins or longer for the Sheriff to respond.

    Mesa Police Chief George Gascon has stated 2 weeks ago that the papers which issues a valid warrant to conduct his infamous nighttime raids on Mesa`s public institutions by the MSCO back In Oct. was downright “flawed” according to his statements in the EVT and AzCentral. Where the Mesa Police has conducted an investigation of their own on Joe`s unconstitutional raid that put American citizens lives at risk, according to Scott Smith the mayor of Mesa was ticked off by the “Joker”.

    Sheriff Joe isn’t enforcing any laws other than going after Juan, Jose, Jesus, and Jorge who are labor workers and harrassing “brown folks”, isn’t “enforcing aspects of the law”. That’s ridiculous, which is why he’s a joke.

  • Mark

    Laura, Thank you for that great letter! You are a true American Patriot!

  • Mark

    LOL, liberals will say the strangest things. ha ha ha ha. Deport all the illegal law breakers we have enough law breakers here right now.

  • Mark

    Potter, I word, National security. If you think breaking into a country is the same as jay walking or driving to fast then you have a problem with reality.

  • Tom

    The US immigration system and laws are broken — we can only secure our border by legalizing the workers who are already here and contributing to our communities and economy, and issuing enough visas for future workers and their families to immigrate [whether temporarily or on a citizen track, like our own forefathers]. Until that systemic reform occurs [this year, we hope and work for], the governmental actions against immigrants by ICE and Arpaio [Arpaio — that’s Italian, right?] amount to nothing more nor less than official terrorism against the most vulnerable among us. Keep the families together, respect the workers, live the American Dream of liberty and justice. We are all immigrants, we are all human beings, we need to treat each other better. And retire Joe — after trying him for his abuse of power and assaults under color of law.

  • Ahwatukee T


    If your neighborhood was engulfed in flames, yet you heard no sirens coming, how long would it take for YOU to pick up a hose? Here in Arizona, the Feds AREN’T coming, yet OUR neighborhoods are engulfed in an invasion that threatens OUR educational, health care, legal and cultural institutions.

    How many more police officers have to die? How many more young girls have to be attacked? How many more legal students have to wallow idly in class while an illegal ESL student has to be brought up to speed?

    Instead of just feeling, try thinking things through.

  • Laura …

    Thank G-d there are still some people who are enforcing the law. And you know, Southern Pov. Law Center, once was a good organization that stood for high values. They have sunk so low now, they are unrecognizable. That’s why I unsubscribed from them many years ago. Perhaps it has something to do with all their millions of dollars I understand their CEO’s now have. I have worked for gov’t agencies helping illegal aliens and it is terrible what they are doing to this nation. They are not “immigrants” in any way, shape or form. They have no respect for law as most of them (85%+ are Mexican) tell me “who needs laws? In Mexico we don’t follow laws?” These same people have little respect for education and most do not graduate. I have worked with many hispanics and Cubans are very different and highly regard education. I lived in Mexico and “la mordida” is a way of life down there (bribery). They come here not to be Americans like “immigrants” do but for whatever they can take from us: steal our jobs, steal our social services, etc., etc. and instead of trying to learn why our nation works and theirs don’t, they come with an arrogant attitude of “I can take what I want” and march in the streets with their Mex. flag telling us how they aregoing to take over this country (they don’t just want the SW anymore – which was only theirs for a mere 24 years, their indigenous were never up here (big lie!). Mexico has an agenda called “la Reconquista” but SPLC is so blind they would rather give them our nation than open their eyes. Americans are not racist – we actually are the most generous nation in the world. But we are a nation of laws – otherwise we will become just like Mexico – a corrupt, drug-infested —–hole! Thanks, SPLC – you certainly know how to stab your country in the back. I am so glad I left your organization!

  • Potter

    “Sharonms, Those poor people have broken the law like a poor bank robber has broken the law!”- Mark

    Are you serious? You think being in this country illegally is equal to robbing a bank? I jaywalked today. I broke the law. I have driven too fast on lonesome highways. I broke the law. I drank some wine before I was 21. I broke the law again. I have evidently broken many of our laws and yet do not feel like a criminal. Heck, most people think that I am a law-abiding productive member of my community. Some even think that I am a good person. If you believe that this could possibly be true, then why can’t an illegal immigrant be a non-criminal who has broken a law?

  • Fred

    nice to see some people in law enforcment still enforce all of our laws! some what like they do in mexico! yet they never get call racist it! i just wonder why that is?

  • Mark

    Sharonms, Those poor people have broken the law like a poor bank robber has broken the law!

    The states have the right to enforce these laws but most don’t because the don’t have the money or the time.

    Joe is a true John Wayne American hero! We are starting to see more law enforcement doing what he is thank god! What a Patriot.

  • Sharonms

    Joe Arpaio has done ONLY ONE GOOD THING since he became Sheriff – taking in stray animals and letting inmates help take care of them and train them. Other than that, he’s nothing but a big blowhard who panders to the extreme right here in Arizona. He needs to do his job as Sheriff of Maricopa County and not stick his nose into jobs that belong to the feds. If someone commits a REAL crime, and that person happens to be an illegal immigrant, then Sheriff Joe’s boys have a right to arrest that person – otherwise, leave those poor people to ICE.

  • Mark

    Thanks you Joe for cleaning up the streets from these freeloaders!

    Time that these illegals who have BROKEN THE LAW to turn around and go home and fix the Government who is holding them down!

  • John A. Burrus

    As a long time citizen of Phoenix and as an old white man, I’m mortified that we elected Sheriff Joe again. He and too many others in the past have cleverly misused the law to promote racism and bigotry.