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Panel Recommends Termination Of Sheriff’s Immigration Enforcement Contract

By Hatewatch Staff on December 29, 2008 - 10:15 am, Posted in Uncategorized

The Arizona Civil Rights Advisory Board recommended that, due to racial profiling complaints, Maricopa County end a contract with the federal government that allows anti-immigration Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s department to make arrests for violations of federal immigration laws.
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  • GENO

    As we progress into 2009, we all know that the Sheriff`s defiant attitude towards the government(directed at the new administration primarily centered around Eric Holder) is an inidication that not only is he vindictive, bitter, and believes he is above the law(like an “untouchable” figure), the old douchebag`s behavior can also be comparible to that of a “capo” thug rather than a well respected cop.

    Sandland residents will recall the time when Sheriff Joe Arpaio appeared on CNN`s Lou Dobbs, spitting his infamous septic vitriol by stating that–

    “Its an honor to be called the KKK.”–Sheriff Joe

    With a statement like that, one cannot be wrong as it is crystal clear, this insidious Sheriff is indeed a “racist” loon.

    Recent reports from our very own, our comrade, the Feathered Bastard has revealed that the Sheriff`s recent tryst with Chris Sincox can be found on his blog:


    Evidently from these reports, it shows the mean ol` Sheriff catering to the likes of White Extremists and Barbaric Natavists, then he is by all means–a “racist” demagogue.(nevermind that little traitorous self-hating, pride lacking, anti-hispanic hispanic Anna Gaines)

    And I`ll let the readers be the judge of that(excluding all retrogrades, Neo-Cons & White Supremacists)

    For more information and hardcore facts concerning our top KKKonstable, you can click on the link below:


  • GENO

    At last–
    Here’s the latest article from “the New York Times” regarding “America`s Worst Sheriff”:


    This isn’t the first time The New York Times has did a piece on our “worst Sheriff”.
    This is probably why our professional law enforcement officials are distancing themselves from the likes of Arpaio.
    He has become a laughing stock, I`ll say.
    I can’t wait to see what the new administration has in store for this hacknut calling himself “America`s Toughest Sheriff”, come Jan. 20th 2009.

  • GENO

    “and it is WE The People Who Have The Final Say, as long as the Constitution is in effect.”


    Are you not from Maricopa County?
    Why do you think the MCSA was created? That group comprised of “the people”, my friend. It is made up of productive members of society– Union Leaders, Legitimate Business Owners, College Students, Lawyers, Teachers, Activists, Politicians and so on and on. And they are concerned about our Constitutional Rights as much as the next American. Yet, your ancient Sheriff goes around arresting these extradinary and upstanding citizen before they had their “say”:


    “Stop this leftist slide, that we are on”

    Sorry to diappoint you but I don’t take political sides as I am not a member of either party.
    However, our Constitutional and Civil Rights is not a bipartsan issue as it affects every American regardless of their political affliates. And I am not sure if you’re able to understand my position on these important issues. But judging by you assertions, it appears that you habour no clue as to what is going on locally, since you are a “Rev.” of some unknown specific church group, you’re kept in the dark about the very topic we are discussing regarding the Civil and Basic Legal Rights of Patriotic American Citizens (like myself), who are standing up for our *Freedom of Speech* which has been grossly violated by the BOS and the MSCO according to local media outlets.

  • Rev.Lawrence M. Grant

    Geno,the sheriff is not “my hero”,all I am saying is we as a nation,need to return to the Constitution.Stop this leftist slide that we are on,at least as far as I can tell.

    If that sheriff was “my hero”,then he would enact the Sheriff Posse Comitatus Act.We are still a Republic,and it is WE The People Who Have The Final Say, as long as the Constitution is in effect.

  • Albert Lee Garibay

    Fred I agree with you 100%.

    Yes this Evil United States is Racist but not against Legal Born True Citizens like ME hold on I have to correct my self the Evil United States is Racist towards Legal Born True Citizens like ME the ONE thing they are not is Racist towards Illegal Foreigners of all colors that believe they have the right to be in the US ( They are wrong so wrong ) I hope in my life time I will see a mass Immigration from the US of Foreigners back to the country they come from and they stay there forever.

  • GENO

    There’s nothing “racist” about “enforcing duh laaaaw!”….
    Its how a cetain specific group of people who are targetted for sole purposes that are assumed to believed that they are “illegal aliens” when they’re not. That’s called “racial profiling”, that’s when an American Citizen is pulled over simply because they’re non-White. Only “morons” and retards can’t understand that. You don’t pull over people for the colour of their skin. And can you explain to me where in books states its “duh laaaaw!” to pull people over based on the colour of their skin?…. You can’t. Because its not “da laaaaw!”.

    Ask yourself this–
    Why would “illegal aliens” want to reside in a state where its nearly impossible for them to make a living? AZ has laws that are designed to thwart “illegal aliens”. You retards.
    Thanks to the Employer Sanctions Law. Which is exactly why your aging hero Sheriff Joe hasn’t been netting much “illegal aliens” lately.
    How many did he get when he raided Mesa`s public library?(which is Gascon`s territory). He only got 3.
    What is that?!?
    That’s not “enforcing the law”, that’s called a waste of time and waste of tax payers $$$.
    Only the Police Dept. is doing the job that the Sheriff can’t do and they(the P-town 5-0`s) have raided “coyote drop houses” whereas, the Joker is looking for janitors.
    That’s as moronic as one can get. The Sheriff is no good as he is incompetent at best.

  • Fred

    Enforceing all of our laws can hardly be seen as racist! After all illegal aliens are of all races to begin with! Only a real moron would believe enforcing our laws is racist!

  • GENO

    Who’s speaking for the “illegal aliens”?

    By the grace of your God, the words embetted into our Nation`s Constitution does not describe *Americans* as “illegal aliens”.
    Violators are violators whether you’re violating the Constitution, the Laws, and the Given Rights to Americans, regardless of their class, creed, nationality and gender.
    And the Sheriff has violated this by falsely created antics that supposedly nabs “illegal aliens” to which it does not.
    The only law enforcement agency enforcing the immigration laws without violating the Rights of individuals is ICE, not the Sheriffs Office.
    The geriatric nutjob needs to be recalled.

  • Rev.Lawrence M. Grant

    illegal is illegal I see no violations of the Constitution in arrests of illegals

  • GENO

    He’s not only ‘racial profiling” Latinos/Hispanics/Mestizos
    (or in some rare cases, even Nativez as to what happened in Guadalupe earlier this year when Rebecca Jimenez was still the mayor of that town). But the corrupted Sheriff is also violating the Civil and Human as well as the Basic Rights of many law abiding American Citizens who happened to be protesting his tyranny. Heck, even Amnesty International and the New York Times (among other orgs and media outlets) have reported this. Its a cause for alarm and a grave and dire threat to our Nation`s Constitution. Especially since Natavist criminals have died in his Mexican Style Gulags. Yet, the Natavist retrogrades still support him, even when the majority deaths that occured in his jails happened to be their own as in the case of Robert Cotton.