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Extreme Makeover: The Case of the Creators

By Casey Sanchez on January 9, 2009 - 9:38 am, Posted in Neo-Nazi

Nineteen-year-old Kyle Anderson wants the world to know that he’s out to change the image of white supremacists like himself. “People used to think of a guy with a beer belly spitting out tobacco and missing a few teeth,” Anderson told the Billings [Montana] Gazette earlier this week. “Now we think of people who are determined, energetic leaders, educated and idealistic, we’re the best creators. We’re the elite.”

Well, sort of. Anderson, a former associate of racist skinhead gangs, is now a member of the Montana Creators Assembly — one of several splinter groups that emerged from the wreckage of the neo-Nazi World Church of the Creator (WCOTC). And the history of that group (whose name was changed in 2002, after a non-racist Oregon church sued over copyright infringement) does not suggest that “Creators,” in the past or today, are the “elite,” let alone “educated and idealistic.”

Started as the Church of the Creator in 1973 by Ben Klassen, a former Florida state lawmaker who was state chairman of segregationist George Wallace’s 1968 run for president, WCOTC specialized in popularizing particularly guttural language, with Klassen ranting incessantly about “niggers,” “the goddamned mud races” and, in a cry that became a slogan, “Racial Holy War.” In 1991, a Creator “reverend” murdered a black Persian Gulf War veteran in Florida. Around the same time, a man who had served prison time for selling millions of pounds of tainted meat to schools was briefly named Klassen’s successor. Another man who led the group briefly was convicted of planting a bomb on a police officer’s porch. In 1993, after Klassen committed suicide, eight people with links to COTC were charged with plotting to bomb a Los Angeles church and assassinate Rodney King. The Washington state director of the group bombed an NAACP office the same year. And time didn’t soften the group’s taste for criminal thuggery. In 1999, a member went on a rampage, murdering two people and injuring at least nine. In 2005, its then-leader, Matt Hale, was sentenced to 40 years for soliciting the murder of a federal judge. Throughout, various Creators were arrested regularly for street violence, drug use and even shoplifting.

But Anderson, buttoned down in a burgundy dress shirt and clutching preparatory notes for his interview with the Gazette, complained that his group’s hopes — for a bloody national race war against blacks and Jews followed by the creation of an all-white country — are misunderstood. “A lot of people against us have never read, never looked into our program,” he said. “They’ve been brainwashed.” Kind of like Kyle Anderson.

  • Rahowaskin

    WOW! they really turned this around (SPLC) but what do I expect I mean honestly they say “Gangs” which in all fact the only gangs there were and still are the Nortes and the East River Skins (Native gang mainly Crow) and they constantly fight (MOST OF THE VICTIMS ARE WHITE BUT ITS NOT VIEWED AS A HATE CRIME), rob, sell dope constantly but when a White kid such as Anderson whom I know takes a stand and speaks out against it and wants to change it for the better he is shot down by B.S. judeo crap thanks to this site the gazette and so on but thankfully there has been people who have been able to read between the lines and join the struggle Anderson was and still is right it is getting bigger and stronger regardless of your lies.


  • James Hallman

    Aslan I appreciate those stats that reveals that given the fact that whites prior to 1964 made-up almost 90% of the U.S. population, they made up only around 60% of the prison inmates while blacks who only made up about 10%, crowded our prisons in comparison.
    As for blacks and hispanics consisting of 2/3 of our present prison population makes it obvious
    who’s commiting a great deal of the crime in this country considering they collectively only make-up 30% of the overall population.
    We can thank one reason for this expolsion of crime on the facts of history and the civi-rights movement that ended segregation and other means of keeping these non-whites under controll.
    Now that non-whites have more rights than whites, thay’ve chosen to act like foolish idiots and thus end up in jail than succeed and assimilate into our majority white culture.

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Sorry Hallman but your personal experience, assuming you aren’t ignoring the daily exceptions you see, just doesn’t jive with established facts.

    If you CHECKED once in a while, you would have found out that your assertion about welfare is factually incorrect, and things like farm subsidies and corporate welfare are VERY relevant. Hand-outs are hand-outs, period.

    Lastly, about prisons, prior to 1964 2/3 of prison populations in the US were white. Let me repeat that: 2/3, that is TWO THIRDS, of the US prison population were WHITE. Since 1964, this has basically reversed so that now 2/3 of the prison population are black and Latino- but the population of blacks did not rise radically in that time. So what happened exactly?

  • James Hallman

    Ruslan I’ve worked around blacks all my
    life and I can tell you for a fact, that blacks
    especially black males are lazy, can’t get
    to work on time, shows very little initiative,
    and have the attitude that society owes them
    a living on the whole. As I’ve said before, there
    will always be exceptions but exceptions
    doesn’t change the rule. As for government
    hand-outs, one has to look at proportions
    and ratios thus I stand by my assertion that
    blacks recieve more welfare than whites.
    This idea of corporate welfare and farm subsidies
    doesn’t even fiqure into the equation of what we’re
    talking about, but then again I guess you had to
    scrap the bottom of the barrel and twist the point
    in order to try and make a point, which you havn’t,
    sinse most people know what I’m talking about any
    Go to any government housing project in America
    and tell me what you see. Go to any human resources
    office where they give out food stamps and tell me
    what you see. Go to any of our jails and prisons
    and tell me what you see. I’ll tell you what you’ll
    see, you’ll see a sea of blacks faces that’s what!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Hallman, you haven’t posted any “facts”, all of them have been refuted. I have showed how not only do whites receive more in social services in general, but I was excluding farm subsidies, and corporate welfare which benefits nearly only whites, and cost much more in some cases. What you are posting is common urban legends and stereotypes about “welfare queens”.

    There is no reason to believe your claim that somehow, whites are “more hardworking and independent”. It is refuted by looking at Eastern Europe today, as well as taking an honest look at American history and seeing all the ways in which poor whites were given hand-outs by the government, in the form of cheap or free land, government loans after WWII, etc.

  • James Hallman

    As I’ve stated before, who I am, where I aim in the whole scheme of things is totally irrelevant and you know it so stop trying to divert attention away from the facts concerning racial differences. You know, the facts that people like you and the rest of your left-wing Jewish buddies don’t want the rest of the white world to know about. Did it ever accur to you, that there may be literally thousands of people just like me that you don’t know about. People mobilizing against the powers that be, the left wing cultural marxist attemping to undermine white hegemony in this nation. As white people drift ever closer to minority staus and more victimization at the hands of non-whites, you’re going to see our numbers increase, not decrease, and you denial of this eventuality isn’t going to change the facts.
    The National Alliance is irrelevant! You keep telling yourself that.

  • James Hallman

    I have absolutely no reason to lie about such
    a thing, especially since it’s totally irrelevant
    to the issues discussed. As for the ‘cursing’
    and uncivility expressed by both Aslan and
    yourself, I can only chalk-up it up to your frustration
    in not being able to refute my claims without
    having to resort to name-calling. It seems ironic,
    that for all the preaching of tolerance, non-violence,
    and peace, those on the left appear to be just
    the opposite of these ideals in any discourse
    about race. I’m not about ‘hate’, I’m just giving
    the facts as they exist. I admit, there are statistics
    and analysis that few could ever totally agree upon,
    but without question, blacks recieve government
    subsidies far and obove what they constitute in
    the American population percentage wise. If whites
    did recieve more as Aslan contends, which believe
    they do not, it would be only because we whites
    do still make-up a majority, but even then, they would still
    recieve less government subsidies than they make
    up in the U.S. population. The main reason being,that
    whites are more independant, hard working, and don’t
    look upon government as necessarily owing them
    something as most blacks do.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Well his claims about race and history are also incorrect too; it’s not just myself that disagrees with his concepts, science and the historical record also beg to differ. But yes, as for being an NA member for 10 years, no way. I had him pegged a long time ago as someone with no physical connection to the movement, and very new to WNism as well. No physical connection means there are most likely no WNs much less NA members(hardly any of those left) in his immediate area. It is possible that there is a tiny “proto-unit”, made up of a couple other guys who got into the movement late and just happened to look up NA when they were trying to find an organization to join.

    This is obvious because the entire movement knows that the NA has been dead for about 5 years now. The NA has made claims to the contrary ever since early 2003 when the controversy over Gliebe emerged. However, by the end of 2004, nobody with connections in the movement would be stupid enough to believe that the NA was going anywhere.

    The main thing is that Hallman claims to have been a 10-year member yet I have never heard of him. Even from 2002, members that showed potential rose through the ranks very quickly, by 2004 or 5, when the NA really needed its last remaining people, one should expect that they would be all over such a loyal, unquestioning member who at that point would have been in for three to four years.

  • Carter

    No, James: I believe that Ruslan Amirkhanov is calling you a damn liar. His point was clear enough. He said that your claim to be an NA Member for 10 years is BS. His point had nothing to do with conceptual justification.

  • James Hallman

    Get to the bottom of what? Like I should have to justify
    my giving the facts about race that you don’t agree with,
    but are nevertheless ‘TRUE”.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Actually Hallman, it has become clear that you don’t know the “truth” about race because you were not aware of some basic facts, such as that whites receive more in government aid than minorities; far more when we consider farm subsidies, the original post-war FHA loans, and corporate welfare. Moreoever, you seem woefully ignorant about the realities of European culture and it’s obvious that you have never even been there.

    As for your claim of having been an NA member for 10 years, it shouldn’t be too much trouble for me to consult some old contacts and see if anyone remembers a “James Hallman”, for confirmation purposes. 10 years as a rank-in-file member is really rare; I was in for three months before meeting Gliebe face to face.

    We’ll get to the bottom of this for sure.

  • James Hallman

    I didn’t say anything about being buddy buddy with
    Creators, I’m just saying that some of their views
    are in harmony with those of the NA especially
    those concerning Christianity and it’s origins as
    well as its detrimental effects on white people and
    our present struggle.
    As for your advice I don’t need it. I’m aware of the
    truth concerning race and the future that whites
    are facing in this nation if something isn’t done soon.
    I’ve been a member of the NA for over ten years now
    and have done my homework when it comes to the
    Jews, Blacks, and other races that now threaten our
    very existence. Your insistance that I reject what I
    know to be true only reveals you to be either a Jew,
    or a left/wing marxist, or worse, just a lazy white person
    who is too cowardly to stand up for your own people.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Hallman, before you get buddy buddy with the Creators I suggest you contact your master Gliebe and ask him about them. I would recommend you talk to Shaun Walker, but he is of course in jail.

    I see from that post that you are indeed very new to the movement, and perhaps connected to the NA only via the internet, which explains why you are an NA member in the first place.

    I have been very generous with you, showing you the error of your ways and giving you the resources to get yourself out of that movement. I suggest you heed the warning and save whatever precious time you have left in your life. I’m glad I did.

  • James Hallman

    I have thoughly enjoyed your website and
    plan on studying it further.
    I have to admit that I don’t necessarily agree
    with the idea of refering to blacks and other
    races as n…ers and mud people, and I would
    differ about the opposition to the idea of ‘nationalism’
    as being “divisive”, especially if it included our
    ‘white’ race. But on whole, I found that much if
    not most of the program and general thinking of
    Creativity is agreeable to much of what I already
    believe in, especially your views on Christianity and

  • ????? ???????

    Yes Creator, I’m sure when you and the other two guys in the Creator movement start a fire in a public trash can somewhere, the Jewish community in America will die from fright.

    It is ironic how long WNs have been trying to put a respectable image on their organizations; thinking it is as easy as wearing a tie. Of course anyone who has ever watched these guys in person knows that in private, their discussions always consist mainly of racial slurs and comlpaints about other races, as well as the occasional violent fantasy.

  • Creator

    you jews really know how to spice up a story. when the flame starts to arise, the kike dies!

  • Carter

    Even the most committed of the WN crowd; people like David Duke, disguise their rhetoric behind positive attributes. They will say that they don’t hate anyone; they only “love” their “race”: the “White European”. This is because they know that gaining inroads with negativity can only last so long or attract certain type of followers.

    The individual attracted by extremism is rarely committed. This is because the attraction is based on a variety of things which are transient in life. Such as a negative experience with someone whom they believe “represents” that ethnicity, religion, or race. Most people grow & their belief systems change as they do so. So the “window” of opportunity has to be taken advantage of with a commitment to a larger picture or world view.

    Basing that world view on a positive attribute is always a better bet. Hate needs to be fed, like a fire. Love or acceptance doesn’t need to be fed as it is a natural part of the human existence. The family unit is often based on these things. Neighbors learn to accept each other…even when we were very primitive – this occurred. So that racism, if premised on a positive emotional dynamic, has a greater chance of being embraced, then if it were built upon a foundation of active anger or aggression toward another.

  • Sean

    Christine: On the other hand, it is educational. This kid’s goal is to disguise his white supremacism and make it more palatable for people — this Gazzette article puts his virulent racism right out in the open, so hopefully people will realize just what his group stands for and what they are doing, which means an increased amount of public opposition to hate groups.

  • Christine

    Can you believe his comment about hate “as a natural counterbalance to the power of the love”? And why on earth is the Missoulian giving this guy the time of day, and then at the end of the article advertising its CD of hate music!?! If I were still a resident in Big Sky country, I’d have a few things to say to the publisher up there.