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Another Major Anti-Latino Hate Attack Makes the News

By David Holthouse on January 12, 2009 - 12:34 pm, Posted in Anti-Latino

Four reputed white supremacist gang members have been arrested in connection with the vicious beating of a Latino man on Nov. 19 in Hemet, Calif. The victim, a 19-year-old whose name police would not release, was knocked unconscious and then repeatedly stomped and kicked in the head. He suffered permanent brain damage and has been placed in a long-term care facility. According to investigators, the attack was random, unprovoked and motivated purely by racial hatred.

Hemet is located in the region of California known as the Inland Empire, which, as the Intelligence Report documented in 2005, has become a hotbed of white supremacist activity during an ongoing phase of rapid demographic shifts.

But the attack is also part of a frightening national pattern of rising anti-Latino violence. Hate crimes targeting Latinos have increased 40% since 2003, according to the most recent FBI statistics, which are known to undercount total hate crimes but nevertheless do indicate real trends. Whatever its exact level, the sharp rise in violence against Latinos has paralleled the spike in anti-immigrant propaganda on both the right-wing extremist margins of society and within the so-called mainstream media.

Last July, for instance, three white teenagers shouting ethnic slurs allegedly beat to death a 25-year-old Mexican immigrant in Shenandoah, Pa. Six weeks later, the nativist extremist group Voice of the People held a “pro-immigration enforcement” rally in Shenandoah, near the site of the murder. The attending crowd of roughly 50 included several members of the Keystone State Skinheads, a Harrisburg, Pa.-based racist skinhead gang.

More recently, in November, seven teens in Patchogue, N.Y., six of them white, decided to “go fight a Mexican” and randomly attacked an Ecuadorean immigrant who died after one of the assailants rushed at him with a knife, authorities said. As The New York Times reported last week: “The attacks were such an established pastime that the youths, who have pleaded not guilty, had a casual and derogatory term for it, ‘beaner hopping.’ One of the youths told the authorities, ‘I don’t go out doing this very often, maybe once a week.’” Times reporters interviewed 11 Latino men in the area who detailed 13 similar — though non-fatal — attacks before the “beaner hopping” finally turned deadly.

The upswing in anti-Latino violence does not seem to be abating. The first documented anti-Latino attack of 2009 occurred on New Year’s Day, when a Vallejo, Calif., motorist was arrested for gunning his vehicle toward a crowd of Latino day laborers. No injuries were reported. Frederick Martin, 31, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and committing a hate crime. Martin told police he was “trying to scare” the workers.

  • Katie

    I am a white girl, and was just viciously attacked by a Latino girl. She walked by me and said F**king white people, I responded excuse me? & she hit me in the face. I think race has nothing to do with it, only ignorance….No matter what the race.

  • L. MacRuari

    Illegal immigration is a serious problem in the U.S., and the largest group of offenders are of hispanic origin. That is the truth. That is fact. Now, I do not advocate violence in any way as a way to protect our country from the illegal hispanic aliens that have stormed our country, BUT I do NOT believe it is right that our government turns a blind eye and a deaf ear to millions upon million of undocumented illegal hispanic aliens all in the name of a dollar bill, and an illegal dollar bill at that. Why? Because they are costing we U.S. Citizens monetarily, and in terms of security as a people. I don’t want my children running around illegal hispanic alien criminals in the streets, with unknown backgrounds. The U.S. is a country of laws, and it is time that we as U.S. citizens, as U.S. Patriots get involved in this serious crisis of illegal hispanic aliens in our land and educate everyone you know of this epidemic and what it is costing each and every tax paying U.S. citizen. It is time to stand up also against anyone and everyone harboring or aiding and abetting illegal hispanic aliens, whether the person aiding and abetting is a citizen or not, as they are taking advantage of our people and our nation. Illegal hispanic aliens break in line of the “true immigrants” that are trying to immigrate to the United States lawfully.
    Illegal immigration is a serious serious crime, and it needs to be addressed. Since 9-11 our government still has not properly secured our borders, nor have they cracked down on people that threaten our U.S. security, if our security was really restored by all the “War On Terror”, then why are so many illegal hispanic aliens here?? And when the illegal hispanic aliens break the law to come to the U.S., they do so with “brown pride”, flying their country’s flags, and colonize. Now, my fellow Patirots, if that is not arrogant, stupid, and racist I don’t know what is. Illegal hispanic aliens are a very very racist people. If you don’t believe it, then, do a google search and do some research on this issue. Look at how many pro hispanic groups there are in the U.S., and read some of their blogs, look at their pro hispanic agendas, and listen to the crap they speak. If the illegal hispanic alien criminals had their way, our borders would be open and their people would take over the U.S. American citizens need jobs right now, and so many of the jobs have been taken away by illegal hispanic aliens!!!!! Also, another one of my grievances is that many Mexican hispanics wrongfully believe that part of the U.S. belongs to them, and that is a BIG pile of CRAP. A war was fought and they lost. Not to mention they where paid millions for the disputed land. They lost the war, and will lose again on their silly attempt to invade the U.S. Anyone that comes here to the U.S. has to WORK and WORK hard, it is NOT A FREE RIDE MAN, and we U.S. Citizens, we Americans are a strong, courageous, tenacious people, WE WILL OVERCOME. any and all invaders. We are a people, a nation of ALL colors, but we speak ONE language called ENGLISH, and we ALL stand up for one another as AMERICANS, not illegal aliens.

  • Taytl_Ibid

    Hallman..Big Johnson WOW it’s amazing when people lack the ability to distinguish between fact and opinion..An INTRODUCTORY course in philosophy with a focus on avoiding emotional investment in non facts would do you a world of good…Sophie, two words fact check. Or people may think you imbalanced or incredibly ignorant.

  • James Hallman

    Axel, if you were honest with your self, even you would have to admit that you are a racist. God’s natural order consist of nothing equal in nature including his various subspecies of human beings.

  • Axel


  • James Hallman

    Diversity is Devisiveness! It’s purpose is to create
    a fragment society that is not only able to agree
    as to who the real enemy is, but how to deal with
    the enemy when they are identified. The parasitic
    Jews thrives in just such a social environment like
    smallpox in a host.

  • Arjay

    @Big Johnson,

    You hit the nail on the head, when you wrote,

    “Diversity as a strength is a politically correct, Liberal LIE. No country in the history of the world has survived diversity, and the United States will not. Uniformity is strength, Diversity is weakness.”

    Diversity is our destruction. The word “diversity” has the same etymological root as the word “divide.” A nation divided is a nation destroyed. “Diversity” as practised by globalizing elites is a classic case of divide and conquer.

    The global powers-that-be and their collaborators in this country’s government and media understand this. They are intentionally destroying our country in order to set up a global situation that they believe will benefit their bottom lines.

  • Big Johnson

    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and everything that has taken place since is surely destroying this country from the inside out. Diversity as a strength is a politically correct, Liberal LIE. No country in the history of the world has survived diversity, and the United States will not. Uniformity is strength, Diversity is weakness. This has been confirmed time and again throughout history. It is why empires fall. It is why China is the world’s new Superpower, while the USA decays. The more diverse the United States gets, the weaker it becomes. The end is nigh for the United States as the world has known it for over 200 years.

  • Jack C

    We are concerned that the “Southern Poverty Law Center” is attacking Americans’ right to freedom of speech, and we don’t take this lightly. We are considering filing a lawsuit against this apparently illegal organization who is trying to silence Americans who do not fit their idea of what they believe is politically correct. We will work hard to disband this organization through all legal means necessary and we do have the money to fight them. You’ll hear more about this in the news soon.

  • James Hallman

    According to FBI stats,blacks commit about 21% of your ‘hate crimes’ here in the U.S. even though they make-up less than 13 % of the population, and yet it would seem all the exambles of hate crimes by the SPLC are almost always white. Just one more example of the dubious distinction of the SPLC as being a ‘civil-rights’ organization. The SPLC is an anti-white organization and does everything in it’s power to incite hatred against whites, which is one reason we see so much black on white crime , the other being that blacks by nature are a very violent people.

  • Arjay

    The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report says that, “between 2001 and 2003, blacks were 39 times more likely to commit violent crimes against whites than the reverse, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.”

    It’s impossible to determine how much more likely Hispanics are to commit violent crimes against Whites than vice versa because the FBI refuses to publish the data for Hispanic violent crimes against Whites. In fact, it lumps all of the violent crimes Hispanics commit into the White category.

    In other words Whites get scapegoated for the crimes of Hispanics.

    Here’s a good site where you can learn more:

    The SPLC is a Jewish Supremacist hate group, which is why it doesn’t report the truth about interracial violent crime and instead chooses to lie about how Whites are “racist.”

  • Ron Whitcomb

    A whold lot of the BROWN HATE in America can be attributed to Lou Dobbs, and he should quiet his very unhealthy voice.

  • Dav Hauck

    These people shoulkd be sent to afganistan as unarmed scouts for US Forces.


    Thank GOD OBAMA is coming
    things will CHANGE

  • Jeff M

    It’s abvious Geno is an anti-white racist, and like all racists, has found a rationale to defend his racism in his mind. He says that since white supremacists do it, it’s OK for him to do the same. This is the essence of the SPLC sense of identity, right up to the blue eyed white person used in the logo at the top of each webpage here. SPLC is a hate group, and should include itself and followers like GENO in it’s listings. It’s always ironic to me how it’s always nazis that point the finger at nazis. You don’t have to be white to be a nazi.

  • Lynn

    Are you Native American?

  • GENO

    I could careless if its a “racial slur” or not since white supremacists are known to use racial slurs in their everyday chit chat. Being called names isl part of their cultural atmosphere. Then again, I see that it shouldn’t be such a big deal for them. The world doesn’t evolve around them.

  • SG

    Hey Geno,

    Do you realize “Kraut” is a racial slur?

  • Sophie

    To Edward: We are not IMMIGRANTS. We are U.S. CITIZENS of a SOVEREIGN NATION, called the United States of America.

    Every ILLEGAL ALIEN in our country, is breaking our laws and not being punished. That punishment is DEPORTATION. Every single ILLEGAL ALIEN is using fraudulent or stolen documents, to live and work here, illegally. They drive, illegally, without a license.

    This is not their country and for them to enter our country, without our permission, is an act of war. When European settlers came here hundreds of years ago, they had to fight off, the Native Indians. Thousands upon thousands of settlers were slaughtered, by the Native Indians. Well, we won and when you win the war, you win the land.

    Now, if the ILLEGALS and the traitors who support them, want this country, we are going to make them have to fight, bleed and die for it. They walk across the border and think they have a right to our country. No. You are going to eventually have to physically fight for it. They will lose. They do not know how to fight for anything. They run, to our country. They will have to fight.

    You racists, continue to make this about race. It is about NATION, against NATION. Right now, our number one enemy is Mexico. We get rid of them first, then work our way down to the illegal Irish and Illegal Russians.

    Remember, they brought this to us.

  • daemonesslisa

    To back up GENO’s point…these crimes were reported by the SPLC as well. To assume that they don’t care about Black people is, well…incredibly stupid!

  • Edward

    By reading some of these comments I’m speechless the way everyone thinks and flips this story around. Two wrong doesnt make a right, Life is not about getting even and thinking well this group of people did this so there’s no need to feel sorry for them. When you have hate you dont live a good life. If you think about it everyone is an immigrant in this country and I was born here.

  • Moctezuma

    Jeff M,

    If murder is being committed by illegal aliens, then they must pay the price too. Skinheads and other violent racist groups are cowards (just like most gang members), and they like to intimidate and threaten when they are in packs. If they truly hate people of color, why don’t they try to find their prey in the barrios of East L.A. or Compton? There’s plenty of those “dreaded” minorities residing there. The answer: They’d be pushing up daisies in less than 5 minutes.

  • lorri

    Is it possible to get a list of groups and/or foundations supporting SPLC?

  • GENO

    “Funny you NEVER hear about brown on white or brown on black crime by illegal aliens.”

    What planet are you from? We hear about those sorts of crimes all the time. But because you are “black”, you may have been spending too much time watching BET/VH1/Mtv`s etc. Try watching the local news reports next time and chances are high, it will be a natavist/whitey criminal. Just as what we are hearing about that weird case concerning a pilot from Indianapolis who supposedly made it appear that he crashed his plane.

    “How about the brutal murders of those 3 black youths by a Mexican illegal alien in Newark?”

    Like I said above, you watch BET way too much. That crime was reported in the media like 3 years ago. But fast forward to 3 years later into 2009. What you should be enraged about is the recent cop shooting of your fellow black brother in Oakland, CA. Oscar Grant was unarmed and innocent only to be gunned down by a white rogue cop. We expected to see another Watt`s style riot. But there hasn’t really been one. Maybe the tide is turning because the whites in Greece were rioting like crazy. If Oscar Grant was a white boy, surely what we`ve witnessed in Greece will likely have occured in Oakland.

    “where the ethnic cleansing of black people by illegal aliens.”


    “Los Angles”.

    Yeah, that took place like 3 to 4 years ago. Have you read the recent crime stats for the fiscal year of 2008? It shows L.A. and several other larger cities has seen significant declination in homicides because of the anti-gang task force and other crime fighting techiques. But instead, we have seen a rise of HATECRIMES on non-Whites by the aryans.
    Thus the latter part of your rants is moot……
    Its hatesites like stormfront that you should be angry about as a black man.

  • Exaggerator

    Let’s not forget, “Jeff M” in particular, that South Africa’s apartheid regime sanctioned black-on-black violence, using the old agent provocateur device to provoke brawls in the townships.

    All the better, no doubt, for the service of the White Man’s Burden as was @ the “core of the core” of apartheid.

  • Sophie

    ILLEGAL HISPANIC ALIENS have MURDERED THOUSANDS OF U.S. CITIZENS and murder more, every single day. Every day you pick up a paper or read on the internet of another ILLEGAL HISPANIC ALIEN murdering, raping or committing some heinous crime, against OUR PEOPLE, U.S. CITIZENS.

    You better hope, we do not start slaughtering ILLEGAL HISPANICS the way they are killing us.

    A little 8 year U.S. boy was hacked to death, by an ILLEGAL HISPANIC ALIEN. A 9-year old girl in Hamilton, Ohio was raped, by an ILLEGAL ALIEN MEXICAN. A 15 year old girl was brutally beaten by an ILLEGAL HISPANIC ALIEN, and then dragged in the woods to rape her, but was stopped. She had 30 stitches to her face, a broken jaw and a fractured skull.

    I could be here all day listing the HEINOUS CRIMES, that have been committed by ILLEGAL HISPANIC ALIENS, against OUR PEOPLE, U.S. CITIZENS.

    The 3 boys in Shenandoah, PA, were coming home from a party. They were totally wasted and were walking down a dark alley, when they came upon 25 year old Luis Ramirez, walking with a 15 year old girl, at night. Luis started the fight and left, then came back with another ADULT ILLEGAL HISPANIC ALIEN.

    Get your racist facts straight. When the trial takes place, against these 3 boys, the truth will come out. They did not go out, to hunt down hispanics to beat to death.

    You being the Anti-American racist bigot that you are, would fail to mention the thousands of U.S. citizens being slaughtered every day, by ILLEGAL HISPANIC ALIENS. You can rant all you want, about the FEW , the VERY FEW ILLEGALS, who OUR PEOPLE HAVE MURDERED, but we know, who the REAL HATE MONGERS ARE. That be you.

  • Jeff M

    Funny you NEVER hear about brown on white or brown on black crime by illegal aliens. How about the brutal murders of those 3 black youth by a Mexican illegal alien in Newark? Hate crime. How about the murder of young black man scholar athlete Jamiel Shaw by an illegal alien in Los Angeles, where the ethnic cleansing of black people by illegal aliens and their open borders activist friends is occurring as we speak? SPLC is part and parcel of the perpetuation of this assault on black America as they embrace their new pals, the hispanic open borders invasion lobby.

  • Michelle

    I have a public blog and have numerous times written posts regarding the racism that is still a part of our nation. Unfortunately, most think this is untrue and have gone so far as to suggest that those reporting such acts of overt racism are not telling the truth.

    I’ve been careful to give accurate data with corresponding links to verify what’s been written. I don’t know what it’s going to take for some people to WAKE UP! It’s as if they are living in some alternate universe.

    I have SPLC listed on my blogroll. There have been a few positive comments…but those were the ones familiar with SPLC. THANK YOU so very much for making the “Hate Watch” available. Personally, it’s my opinion that those thinking we have no problem with race in our nation have never had to deal with it.

    The one thing I know is that we need to continue speaking with one voice! I am forever grateful for the work you continue to do and the information you make available for all of us.

    Kindest Regards,


  • GENO

    Obviously in these violent unfortunate incidents, it takes more than 2 kraut boneheads to beat down a 5ft tall Mexican.

    Yet, as a former boxer/MMA freestyle submission fighter, it took three 20 year old something rednecks to kick up the courage to pick a fight with me a couple years back, while I was dating a non-Native girl at one time in a nearby town.
    If being a man is a part of being a warrior, and by doing so through a fair fight, certainly these bonehead nazis are not men. And if any man is brave enough to defend himself one-on-one, then being brave is certainly not a part of being a neo-nazi. These skinheads feed off of fear, cowardice and paranoia as sole means of justifying their excuse to kill a single individual who happens to be undocumented or “Latino”. Hatred defines their nexus of logic which drives them to do acts of sinister evil. And because they are “teenagers”, they are only regarded as fodder and nothing more, for their leaderless hypocritical causes that strives on false ideas about everything based upon race. As if that’s all their narrowed little minds ever think about.
    They keep reiterating this phrase–

    “Illegal is illegal”(huh?)

    Well, you just committed murder, you little pansy, and not only is it “illegal” but its also a FELONY charge. And the irony of ironies? The crime the undocumented are usually accused of for crossing the border illegally is but a simple misdemeanor(if they are caught).

    Send those dirty krauts off to the gulags.