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Motorist Arrested For Driving At Day Laborers

By Hatewatch Staff on January 13, 2009 - 10:42 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Fredrick Martin, 31, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and committing a hate crime after gunning his car toward a group of immigrant day laborers on the side of a road.
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  • Mark

    Monica, I’m not upset at all. I didn’t vote for bush,I don’t think Palin is any more qualified than Obama, David Duke? where did you come up with that? Oh geeez. McCain sucks also, this has been the worst pres race in history.
    Oh and by the way, all the blacks who voted for obama because he is black are racist, see how that works? Just like what the SPLC preaches.
    Keep on following the herd of sheeple Monica, What else do they talk you into doing that is un Americn?

    All inaugurations are multicultural, duh.

    Have a great time at the circus.


  • monica

    Still a little upset about the election huh. Boy oh Boy, we got a McCain/Palin/Bush/David Duke Supporter here…..I knew it, I knew it…. So I guess they’re all Patriotic to huh! So that mean you were probably part of that huge group of people who voted for good ole Bush for 8yrs. He definitely gave you guys a wonderful 8yrs. Just to think people still wanted more ole croonies on walking canes working 20 yrs past the retirement age if not older. Talking about unqualified, did you take a look at Sarah Palin, you remember her the pitbull with lipstick (enough said) puhpleeeaaassseee. Maybe saturday night live will give her a job … But I could go on and on but really don’t have time, gotta get ready for the inauguration, by the way are you going? Its really gonna be grrreeeaaatttt! Its a multicultural event, all races of people will be there. Have a wonderful life Mark! It was good blogging with you.

    P.S. He is guilty! No doubt about it.

    GOOOOO SPLC! Love your blogs!

  • Mark

    Monica, I didn’t say they were terrorists. I was pointing out that anyone who sneaks into this country could be a terrorist and we would never know it. People try to run folks over all the time so are they all hate crimes? (Oh I see where your going, as long as the driver is white and the victim is not that’s a hate crime).

    Do me a favor and give me a link where the SPLC is sticking up for a white person who has had a hate crime against them from a diff skin color. ( I have not seen one yet)

    My point is that you can’t mix up Patriotism with racism although you might not know what Patriotism is, liberals have a hard time with Patriotism because they are socialist clowns who voted in Obama.

    Oh by the way Obama is looking worse and worse every day with all his picks of troubled folks. We are in so much trouble with this un qualified guy that the only change we will have is in our pockets.

    Oh and by the way……..The wall will be finished and there will be no amnesty because the great American Patriots have and will stop this once again for we will not let liberal socialist people like you ruin our great country. The great fathers of the Constitution are rolling over in thier graves from you folks. Sheeple just follow the rest of the sheep and that’s who voted in Obama……..Sheeple. By the way McCain would have been a terrible Pres also.


    PS: I hope that the SPLC will post that this guy was innocent of a hate crime after he is found not guilty of it. Ya fat chance in that. lol

    Does the SPLC have thier hands in this case? Or not enough money for them to make out of an American citizen who lost his job to an illegal alien.

  • monica


    How do you know their terrorists? You’re just gonna run someone over just because you THINK they are a terrorist. Everybody walking along the street is not a terrorist. It is a crime to run over anyone with your car intentionally. Bottom line it is a CRIME! Nobody just runs over someone for no reason intentionally and all of the workers just happen to be mexican day laborers. Come on it doesn’t take a genius to figure out it was a hate crime. I would hate to have been walking along the road with my brown colored skin and that idiot was driving. I am a firm supporter of the SPLC and this is a blog that supports the fight against racism and bigotry. Boy! my partners in our Law Office enjoyed your comment. I’m sure there are millions of people out there that think just like you, so sad. We have a lot of work ahead of us to change the face of America! Thank God for sending OBAMA! A change is coming finally! Is that okay with you?

  • Mark

    Monica, The article says hate crime. How is this proven to be a hate crime? These people on the corner could also be terrorists! We don’t know who the hell they are, Is taht Ok with you?

  • monica

    Driving your car into a group of people no matter the race is a crime, anywhere in the U.S. And I’m pretty sure those laborers walking alongside the road know when someone is intentionally trying to run them over. I wish people would stop trying to blame all of their problems on the mexican immigrants. Face it the Bible speaks of those who will never see! Racism has been here since the beginning of time and will be here until the end of time. Pray for those people who have those stoney hearts and inbreed racist mindsets.

  • Mark

    Soooooo, wheres the hate crime come into play? What did he say that made this a hate crime? How do the crooked cops that said this know it was a hate crime?

    If the SPLC does not know the answer to this then they should not print it. Oh that’s right it’s another slow news day and guys like Geno would have nothing to do. Ha ha ha ha

  • Fred

    Funny how just racing your car engine is so unlawfull today! Yet being illegally using false documents fraud is no big deal! Boy are we looking more and more like Mexico every day now!