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Threats Against Obama Growing as Inauguration Nears

By Mark Potok on January 18, 2009 - 2:09 pm, Posted in Anti-Black

With the Tuesday inauguration of Barack Obama drawing nearer by the hour, threats against the first black man to be elected U.S. president are growing more heated.

On Friday, neo-Nazi threatmeister Hal Turner, amplifying on an earlier posting suggesting that it would be a good thing to use an unmanned drone carrying explosives to attack inaugural crowds, said a mass murder of those attending the festivities “would be a public service.” “I won’t say what may happen Tuesday but I will say this,” Turner wrote on his blog. “After Tuesday, the name Hal Turner may live in infamy. Let it be known that I saw what was necessary and decided to do what had to be done. I make no apology to those affected or their families.”

Earlier, on Jan. 11, Turner had posted photos to his blog, under the headline “My Inauguration Dream,” of a small, unmanned aerial drone, an electronic guidance system and sticks of dynamite as he laid out one method of attack. He also discussed the possibility of sending up balloons filled with helium and a “payload” and fitted with fuses that would explode the balloons over the crowds. And he displayed a grainy video that purported to show that method being tested. “Too far fetched?” Turner asks of a possible balloon attack. “It got tested and it worked! … Watch the video and imagine what payload, other than the index cards taped to the outside of the test balloons, might be substituted? HMMMMMM. Might be something messy? Something contagious? Something deadly? Ahhhh, such possibilities!” Then, last Thursday, he posted an update, saying: “All the assets that need to be in-place for next week are now in-place; deep within the security perimeter. Everything is a ‘go.’ We have crossed the Rubicon; let history judge us well.”

Turner, a North Bergen, N.J., man who in years past has been paid as an FBI informant even while making threats over the Internet (a relationship that ended after it was revealed on this blog and harshly criticized by law enforcement experts), said the attacks were deserved because of a whole series of government misdeeds. He added that it would be “a public service” to kill African Americans (“sub-human simians”) and white people (“mentally-ill Whites”) who attend the festivities. “Wouldn’t it be a great day for American and the world to see our federal government dealt with in such a fashion?” Turner asked. “Stay tuned…..”

Also on Friday, federal authorities arrested a Wisconsin man for threatening to assassinate Obama in a posting to an Internet site about UFOs and extraterrestrial aliens. Steven Joseph Christopher, 42, was arrested in Brookhaven, Miss., because of a Jan. 11 posting that read: “Yes, I have decided I will assassinate Barack Obama. It’s really nothing personal about the man. … But I know it’s for the country’s own good that I can do this. Barack Obama, I view more as a sacrificial lamb… .”

Christopher also allegedly posted a note saying, “It’s not because I’m racist that I will kill Barack, it’s because I can no longer allow the Jewish parasites to bully their way into making the American people submit to their evil ways.” It wasn’t clear if Christopher had real links to radical-right groups, but he has posted close to 70 YouTube videos, many of them short rants like the one limited to a single sentence: “Fuck you, Jew.” Many of them begin with the notation, “Jew Censor Alert.” One says simply, “I’m going to fucking kill you.” And in still another, he showed his familiarity with at least one figure well known on the radical right as he launched into a bitter attack on Alex Jones, a conspiracist radio show host. Christopher has also said that God is ordering “everyone” to move to Florida by Dec. 31, a contention he repeated as he left a Jackson, Miss., courthouse in handcuffs after an initial appearance.

In an unrelated case, state and federal authorities announced the Friday arrests of three white men for allegedly burning down a predominantly black church in Springfield, Mass., hours after Obama’s election. The three — Benjamin Haskell, 22, Michael Jacques, 24, and Thomas Gleason, 21 — were charged with conspiring to deprive the church congregation of their civil rights. Macedonia Church of God in Christ’s almost completed new building was set afire with gasoline before dawn on Nov. 5, just hours after television stations called the election for Obama.

As the details of these cases unfolded Friday, authorities in Washington, D.C., were clamping down security for the inauguration to an unprecedented extent. No white supremacist groups are known to be planning to come to the capital Tuesday, but one gay-bashing hate group, the Westboro Baptist Church (known chiefly for its infamous website,, and rallies at soldiers’ funerals), is reportedly planning to protest along the inaugural parade route. Another group, the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, has asked its member to wear black armbands and hang “yankee flags” upside down on Tuesday and Wednesday. But there was no indication that the Indiana-based group had plans to travel to Washington.

Still, the chatter of Hal Turner’s site was not reassuring, especially given the two alleged white supremacist plots to kill Obama already broken up in Colorado and Tennessee. “Why talk about it?” asked “Reck Less Abandon” in a comment after Turner’s post suggesting ways of attacking the inaugural ceremonies. “JUST FUCKING DO IT.” Another poster, “PragmaticSaxon,” proposed adding an explosive gas to “bubonic plague or anthrax” in the balloons: “The exploding balloons will spread the pathogens and have massive effect on the masses of useless feeders that put that fucking nigger in office,” he wrote.

  • Mitchell

    Okay, so everyone wants to glorify Obama JUST because he’s black, and JUST because everyone wants to kiss ass and get rewarded for it somehow. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a black president, and why the heck these liberals keep on playing the race card with EVERY conservative I just don’t understand. Also, you people talk way too much. Shorten your responses, get to the point. There’s nothing wrong with respecting our president, but there is something wrong with it if you only do it because he’s black and your an ass kisser.

  • Songbird

    It’s a blessing to share kindness and love, Ms. Beverly. May God continue to keep your heart, soul and mind pure with love, mercy and thankfulness every second of your day. Gods Speed to you and yours!

  • beverly

    Thank you Songbird,

    A wonderful testimony and prayer for all, makes me take a step back, and try to better understand……

    I am Native and I want the future to be better for mine, I hope that doesn’t sound selfish.

    I try to pray every morning to Father Sun for blessing me with a good peaceful night and for giving me good health so I can take care of whats needs to be done, and I ask him to take care of our Leaders, so they may make the right descisions for all concerned, he alone knows my inner thoughts, can’t hide those from him!.

  • Songbird

    I have read every comment and I am so happy that there are “superior human beings” speaking out against stupdity and hate. At the end of daily life, you have to sort out the madness just to get a good nights sleep. I thank God for giving me another day to praise him and give him the glory. I ask for forgiveness of all my sins. I feel sorry for these people who fall for and believe the lies just to belong and to be loved. I feel sorry for those whose parents speak only of “baby, hate that person/people…”, I feel sad for those whose heart is black with hate and negativity, I feel horrible for the loniness they feel even to join such madness. The Bible and life states “hate is earlier to spread than love” because this is the devil play ground and his last days. Satan is busy and working full time. But my GOD is all powerful for even satan shakes at his voice. Jealousy, envy, greed, low self-esteem are tools the enemy uses to divide. Don’t give the such people your thoughts but give all to GOD, who is just and good. I see some of you trying to connect with those who are filled with hate and we all know racism will not stop today. But we must believe that GOD has a plan and his plans does not involve hate, division of man or self destruction ( and hating is self destructive) Keep your head up, listen and be aware. For warned is forearmed. But don’t give the beast! We have blessings every day, every minute….I thank God that he loves you and me, unconditionally. Don’t let drama in your head, or your life and not even in your computer :0)

  • GENO

    Bad news for “whities” in the WN, the recently elected Black man to the RNC named Micheal Steele, has just been chosen to lead the now disgraced GOP party. Which brings me to another point–thats not one but 2 Black men leading a major political group. Barack Obama a Democrat and the current President of the United States as well as Micheal Steele, the newly selected leader for the RNC.(the ravaged GOP party).

    Martin Luther King`s Dreams is coming true. But the nightmares has only just begun for the white supremacists, who are not assimilated in today`s civil society but instead, they have become the enemies of Freedom.

  • James Hallman

    Whitey: Jews aint white. Ask any of them!

  • Taytl_Ibid

    …Congratulations on maintaining a successful marriage for over a quarter century. Unfortunately more people don’t choose to work through the difficulties of marriage…Even better to know you count yourself blessed; If more of us focused on what we do have instead of what we don’t more resources would be likely utilized toward solving our common problems. As far as fiscal responsibility goes it seems our lawmakers and most of our country’s citizens, would have done well to follow your example.

  • Whitey

    Sorry about not having a Phd. never finished college! Common sense is in short supply these days but, I thank my Lord in heaven for the things I do have…I am grateful and am Christian. I have a loving wife of 26 years – a son that was raised in a loving home-a smelly basset hound-our vehicles are paid in full- we have no credit cards- our home is paid off- we owe no loans- we have vacation property paid off- you see I worked my white ass off to do these things without that Phd. can you state that at 49 years old …you owe zero! I may have odd opinions, and not agree with alot, but my salvation is in check and I am the richest man alive…………

  • Taytl_Ibid

    I’ve learned many things in my life, one unassailable truth is even if you are conversing with the seemingly most ignorant person you never get anywhere trying to make them feel stupid. Human nature is to want to feel important. If you denegrate another’s opinion, no matter how inane; you are not working to further the cause, you’re just making yourself feel important. I have often found myself “caught up” in emotion and lashing out. It accomplishes nothing. If the person is too ignorant for you to control yourself and deal with from an educator point of view then ignore them. Better to let them alone. Sometimes being ignored is the best stimulus for introspection; of course this is contingent on a sincere desire to learn, or at least consider the validity of an opposing viewpoint. In short getting angry with the foolish is like a kindergarten teacher becoming angry with her students. Secondly if a person doesn’t want to know, YOU CAN’T FORCE THEM TO LEARN!! In a forum such as this, better to ignore them and concentrate your time and energies interacting with positive people. In other words respond to the intelligent post and ignore the idiots, there seems to be more of them commenting than us. Which for a moderated blog is really kind of a turn off.

  • Whitey


    Go back up a few posts and re-read my old proverb and tell me your opinion.

  • mountaingirl08

    Re the Alabama Christian Klan. Now there’s an oxymoron. Since when does Christian and Klan go together? Hanging the word “Christian’ in the name of your group does not mean there is anything remotely Christian in the behavior of the group.
    The AB and neoNazis, to recognize the glaring fact that Christ was a Jew. The man had no intention of starting a religion.
    Also, slamming people whom you identify by using labels such as “Jewish” and “Marxist” spoken together as if they were one and the same does not make for a well-reasoned argument. Or anything other than a juvenile way of looking at the world.
    The “ugly truths” are based on a lack of American history and current demographics.
    In the 19th century “Irish and dogs” were not allowed in many parks in the north. Apparently the Irish were considered on a par w. dogs. Nice, huh. And I won’t even go into the visceral hatred of the Chinese when they were immigrants in the country. And in spite of the wishes of the white supremacists African-Americans and Latinos will one day be totally accepted and integrated into American culture. Ethnic and racist ignorance and hatred don’t do jack to the plural nature of our nation. Every group adds something our society and culture. America is the sum of all of our immigrants.

  • GENO

    “Geno your not white what do you know about white feelings.”[sic]

    Well, that’s because you’re a retard, dummy. Just like the rest of them. But what on Earth is “white feelings”???
    To demonstrate your half wit ignorance, you harbor no knowledge in psychology and human socialogy, (let alone in anything). where all human beings have “feelings” regardless of your race.
    I lived amongst “whiteys” in Utah for 11 years before eventually moving back to AZ. And most of my comrades there are white and all the girls I dated there are white. You don’t need to be a “rocket scientist” to understand the fundamentals of human feelings. Heck, even retards know how to hurt the white man`s feelings. And to bear out how degenerate some of them really are, take the WNs/white supremacists for instance. They are the cowardly lions among us and paranoid like the mental patient James in the isolation ward unit # 2, weak-minded that they tend to fall for silly fantasies based upon lies and exaggeration. They buy into the asanine notion that they will make the U.S. White again. They commit suicides and murders on their own. Because they’ve been devastated by someone else`s idea that they are about to be exterminated by another race or by the UFOs.
    Which is why we are seeing a surge of white crimes throughout the nation. White on whitey crimes is what we are hearing on the news frequently. Many beautiful White women are being raped by the violent white male beast at a higher rate than any other ethnic group. Because of the epidemic of mass paranioa infecting the WNs since Obama became the 44th prez. Its a cause for alarm.
    And I know that Obama will act with integrity to expand the Hatecrime Bill which is also known as the Mathew Shepard Act, so that the WNs will not be let off the hook easily for the violent crimes they hath committed.

  • Whitey

    Well…I guess not!

  • James Hallman

    Ms Greene there is a lot you have to say that I
    would agree, with but you have to admit that blacks
    regardless how they came to be here, even in slavery
    are better off than those still in Africa. No credit is
    given white people for the influence we’ve had on non-
    white around the world. Almost every aspect of what
    one would call a civilized society is the direct result
    of white culture.
    We nationalist have no desire to inslave, discriminate,
    or exploit blacks or anyone else, merely to take what
    we feel is our fair share of this countries land and resources
    and live among ourselves free of non-white influence.
    Unfortunately, this very idea sends blacks in to fits, just
    as the idea of segregated schools and communities, for
    the simple fact that blacks left among themselves tend
    to revert back to the jungle in behavior.
    Any community,city,country, dominated by blacks reveals
    the consequences of low IQ and immoral and vilolent
    behavior. These are the ugly truths that blacks don’t wish
    to deal with and instead beat ‘whitey’ over the head with.

  • James Hallman

    Caucasian is an anthropological designation.
    You don’t hear white people saying Hey! there’s
    a ‘Negroid’ walking down the the street do you?

  • Whitey

    Why do blacks get “african-american” title?

    Native-Americans…sorry I am European-American…white folks did create this problem they were jewish slave traders. Geno your not white what do you know about white feelings.

    My proverb stands true……… the news…!!!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Another correction “whitey”, you are an American. Obviously of European descent, but if you were in Europe you would be seen as an American, nothing more.

  • GENO

    Speaking of “crackers”, “honkeys” or even “peckerwoods”.
    They are not as offensive to “whiteys” as the “N” word is to Blacks.
    However, those puny titles all by itself is basically stupid, plain and simple which is why I never used them. The best way to anger “whitey” is simply state facts and truths about whatever they wish to debate on(primarily on the subject of race). And to state their ineffectuals as a whole in terms of a movement is another idea.
    “Honkeys”,”crackers” and “peckerwoods” when it used by non-Whites(mainly Black folks) are not effective in the form of a trivial insult. And I can say the same thing about “Redskin” which is not offensive to many younger Nativez as it is to some older generation Nativez(40 or so) claiming it to be.
    I don’t see ‘redskin” any different from the inbred term describing a retarded redneck. And I think non-Whites should get over themselves in these slurs. Like I said, there are better ways to get the white man angry. To exemplify an instance–take Affirmative Action as one good example…..
    Expansion of the Hate Crimes Bill can also be used to keep “whitey” in his place. And I remember Mr. President made a mentioned about expanding the Hatecrimes Bill. Because he knows very well that he is a target of the WN. So that white supremacists can be effectively punished and harsher sentences implemented.

  • beverly

    but Whitey,

    Thats just a discription, not a racist remark, I tried to describe you, nothing personal. Most white people I know are Pink anyways. If I called you Pinky, you would say I called you “GAY”.

    Besides that if you have no business in Black Section, just stay out, save your white skin, in fact go live in Germany.

    Its people like you and david yeagley who judge others by their color and beauty…….I am Native American, not a Savage as yeagley would like all you white people to see us. Savage sounds as bad as calling the Indian woman a “SQAW”, which he also sees nothing wrong with. Thats why I keep bringing his name up. Its wrong if white people read his views and think ALL Indians are the same. Just as wrong as All people think Blacks are violent, and ALL white think as YOU! We know the difference, but you hardly ever hear the Native Americans Views, so I’m glad to represent them if I may, at least I am 4/4 Comanche and he is but 1/16th or less….white as you, therefore I do resent his view of the Mascot, Squaws and Savage….other than that he can go and #%&# himself!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    As usual whitey is ranting about a bunch of things that aren’t really happening- blacks supposedly sucking up massive amounts of welfare(whites receive far more, in actuality), blacks supposedly acting “upity”, walking around wearing “KILL WHITEY” t-shirts, etc.

    WNs and their fellow travellers are paranoid types who see these kind of things in the fantasy world they live in.

    PS- If anyone is interested, the words “cracker” and “honky” were invented by whites, for other whites.

  • Whitey