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Troubled Minuteman Leader Suffers Gunshot Wound

By Hatewatch Staff on January 20, 2009 - 10:21 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Minutemen American Defense leader Shawna Forde, who reported that she was attacked in her kitchen by Hispanic intruders last Dec. 29, told police that she was shot in the arm by unknown assailants the night of Jan. 15.
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  • Fred

    Gee wis Geno its seems to me the only person here using racist terms is YOU! Uncle Tom indeed-Monkey-nativist- Anti immigrant- I have never heard these terms used by any anti ILLEGAL ANIEN group at all!

  • Fred

    Geno: You are a very good propagandist indeed-because I have heard these same Hispanic groups say in public that they want every white person to go back to (their) own so called country! Don’t know how they came up with that crap since the spanish are not native people! Yet so many of us so called (white boys) have just as much or even more Native blood then you do! Did you ever take the time to think of that fact you racist you!

  • Fred

    The minute men are made up of people of EVERY race unlike most Hispanic groups today like La Rasa! Let the real facts speak for themselves here people! The truth is real hard to fight!

  • Babette

    I think the SPLC has become a subversive and treasnous agency in the U.S. who aid and abet hostile foreign powers. I think they should be slapped with a tax-payer’s lawsuit as domestic terrorists and subversives attempting to overthrow our government. So let it be written, so let it be done.

  • GENO

    ‘The SPLC staff is rabid in its anti-white racism.”

    Imagine an “Uncle Tom” standing next to a snaggled-toothed who refers to Blacks as “monkeys”–

    Self-hating Blacks who suck up to the unhygienic meth-faced natavists is laughable. And the “Brown Barets”??? Lol.
    Yeah sure buddy, they’re hardly a force to be recognized and almost never heard of among mainstream Hispanics, let alone have they ever done anything as recently to be heard that they’re back to being an organization again. “La Raza” is only small street gang comprised of teenager and you pansies are afraid of little brown children? Lol.
    Yewah-Yewah and the New Black Panther Party are just as bad as the lame WN movement if, not maybe worse. I have yet to see “La Raza” and the “Brown Barets” commit any atrocities on a specific group of race, on the federal government or even such purported threats on our newly elected president. And if there is anyone that should harbor any hint of “shame”, its a self-hating “Uncle Tom” who associates with ther very scum who calls him a “monkey”.

  • Jeff M

    mbhall does the same as most all pro-illegal alien activists. He uses the term “anti-immigrant” as a race baiting hot button to tar and feather anyone who is ANTI-ILLEGAL MIGRATION. An “immigrant” by definition, is here LEGALLY and mbhall does a great disservice to those who have come here the right way with respect to US immigration law. Shame on you mbhall. Race baiter.

  • GENO

    Ah yes, as cops had doubts in her first stint awhile back, she then comes up with another *orginal*- plan–
    Getting “shot in the arm.”

    Seriously where is the mental health professionals??? This is a serious case of self-inflicted bodily harm from one extremely desperate *wacko*. Remember–that desperate people will do desperate things. I have yet, to hear the outcome of the first investigation into her *supposed* rape story.

    Nice acting by the way. But is it “Golden Globe” deserving? Maybe not, but asylum deserving(with a strap jacket that is).

  • mbhall

    It seems as though the anti-immigration/immigration groups are getting more paranoid as time passes. I used to agree with some of their points (NAFTA and such). After visiting some of their blog sites and web sites, I now want to distance myself from these rambling, hate-spewing extremists.

  • Sharonms

    Juanita, what is wrong with you? Shame on you for wishing hardship on anyone. The Minutemen have BROUGHT ON THEIR OWN designation as a hate group. They may not have started out that way, but they didn’t police their own ranks, and becoming a hate group was the result.

  • Jeff M

    The SPLC breeds hatred between the races as it puishes fro further balkanization of Americans through it’s support of the illegal alien invasion from Mexico. The SPLC staff is rabid in it’s anti-white racism. The new Nazism is here America, as the SPLC, La Raza, the ACLU, MALDEF, The Brown Berets,Enrique Morones, Armando Navarro, and other seditious brown racists ready their railroad cars , gas chambers. and incinerators. And the liberal media, run by the new brown Nazi propaganda arm, tells us “everyone remain calm, Obama is here.”

  • Fred

    Oh so La Rasa trying to shut down our free speach is NO big deal! Yet it seems the Socialist racist group (THE RACE) or (THE PEOPLE) can do no wrong! What a bunch of P.C. bull crap that is!

  • Juanita O’Connor

    And to think I used to donate to SPLC makes me ill now. You have become a “hate” group and irrational. I wish you hardship in every new year.