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White Supremacist Allegedly Targeted Immigrants In Rape, Murder Spree

By Hatewatch Staff on January 27, 2009 - 7:06 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Accused murderer Keith Luke, 22, reportedly told police that he shot to death two immigrants from Cape Verde and sexually assaulted and tried to kill a third because he was “fighting extinction” of the white race.
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  • carissa

    i’m german/spaniard and when i heard about the article about that white suppremicist killing immigrants. i was not suprised and kept thinking it was going to happen to me.

  • Mdollas

    It’s amazing how rap music is seen as prime factor in the deviant behavior of Blacks.

    Yet the rhetoric of Lou Dobbs, Michael Savage, the Minuteklan, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh , and Pat Buchannan is never seen as factor in deviant behavior of Whites as it pertains to this case, the stabbing death of Marcello Lucero in NY and the beating death of Luis Ramirez in PA—and these geniuses have the nads to say that Al Sharpton is race baiter?

  • Jeff M

    Indeed Fred. Geno doesn’t realize he’s a footsoldier in the new Nazism. Or maybe he does.

  • GENO

    You’re right in that last line there, pal.
    “Racist” has become so trendy in everday conversations nowadays, that the sensationalized mainstream media depicts the anglos as “racist”. And its application in this context is true. Since “whiteys” have invented so many racial epithets for many different races/ethnicity including their own, they have become the epitomic babbles of racist regurgitation…..

    So suck it up and live it with.

    “Spick and Greasers” don’t offend me just as “Crackers”, “Honkeys”, or “Peckerwoods” shoudn`t offend you.
    But remember that the Turd Reichers of the WN hath no feelings other than rage and hatred of mankind and his Freedoms. It makes no difference to offend the enemy, when all they do is offensive to mankind.

  • Fred

    Boy Geno do you sound like a real racist when it comes to(Gringos)? How would you like it if i just called you a spick or greaser? Funny how only white people can be called racist now!

  • GENO

    Neo-Nazism is becoming more like a plaque of the mind. The devastation that only afflicts the gringo. Once they’ve become a part of such a bogus movement. They catch this mind disease that causes them to do the unthinkable. Which is why, as a law abiding citizen, whenever I travel to the city to do errands, I always carry my concealed weaponery that I have a permit for. For self-defense and personal safety reasons, in case, if I even came across another WN, who unknowingly, provokes me through un-necessary instigations, just might catch one right in between the flippin eyez. Good people should have the right to defend themselve against the enemy in the WN.
    Like a pale faced zombie, these brainwashed white supremacists are infected with a mind disease, sure enough to cause some kind of a violent confrontation with anyone who is non-White, white and jew.

    As for the suspect in this article, he is just another statistic. That’s one down but more to go……open up the federal prisons for the WNs.

  • Jeff M

    Oh, and anyone notice the SPLC’s logo at the top of the page? Notice it’s a white skinned blue eyed man as their constant logo? The SPLC is a nazi hate group, with caucasians their target for a “final solution”