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New SPLC Report: Three leading anti-immigration groups share extremist roots

By Heidi Beirich on February 3, 2009 - 11:54 am, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Latino, Extremist Propaganda

Today, the Southern Poverty Law Center is releasing a new report, The Nativist Lobby: Three Faces of Intolerance, examining the three Washington, D.C., organizations standing in the way of comprehensive immigration reform. The report shows that they are part of a network of groups created by a man who has been at the heart of the white nationalist movement for decades.

The Nativist Lobby describes how the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) and NumbersUSA were founded and funded by John Tanton, a retired Michigan ophthalmologist who operates a racist publishing company and has written that to maintain American culture “a European-American majority” is required. The report reveals that Tanton, who still sits on FAIR’s board of directors, founded the racist Social Contract Press and has corresponded with Holocaust deniers, white nationalist intellectuals and Klan lawyers for decades – correspondence documented by his own writings stored at a University of Michigan library.

The report shows that FAIR has been aware of Tanton’s views and activities for years.

FAIR, whose members have testified frequently before Congress, has hired as key officials men who also joined white supremacist groups. It has promoted racist conspiracy theories. And it has even accepted more than $1 million from the Pioneer Fund, a racist foundation devoted to proving a connection between race and intelligence, the report found. In 2007, FAIR was designated as a hate group by the SPLC.

The report also examines how the Center for Immigration Studies – which bills itself as an “independent” scholarly think tank – began its life as a FAIR program and continues to produce dubious and sometimes completely false studies furthering FAIR’s anti-immigration agenda. It’s a vision described by Tanton in a 1985 letter in which he wrote that CIS would produce reports “for later passage to FAIR, the activist organization, to remedy.”

Similarly, NumbersUSA, a group that has achieved dramatic policy successes, began its life as a Tanton foundation program, the report found. NumbersUSA Executive Director Roy Beck has even been described by Tanton as his “heir apparent.” He also edited The Immigration Invasion, a book by Tanton and a colleague that was so raw in its immigrant bashing that Canadian border authorities have banned it as hate literature.

  • Mrs Jalica Miller

    I grew up in a cultural mixed society…and there was respect and regard for people back then! What has happened to our country today is the on-set of greed and dishonor…What is to be Honored is Truth…and Truth is not relevant for those who have managed to use tyranny and suppression to “keep those who want what is right” to exist…The diety that exist is the ignorance and the lack of leadership to control our control the enevitable rights to be heard..but also, the ingenuious concerns that have cost many their lives. America has been a nation that many wish to share in…but we also have our faults..predicated on misconceived undertakings and more…But we are who we are as we educate and gain unsurmountable ways to “stop” the detriments…But with that comes the schemes of so much more…Are we on top of this dilemna…We recognize the collaborations, the undertakings to bring about acceptance to many but the “threats, the dangers” to those who wish to right the wrongs have become grave…We have a new President, but we still have baggage of injustices that impede the renewal of “change”! Apachecheynne

  • Gregory

    Wow, this thread disintegrated into a festival of sock puppetry. I guess that sort of things works on WN sites, probably not so much here.

  • SabrinaR

    Jalica – I think we have turned over too much power to our government – and many decissions in Washington are based on the needs of “big business” – politicians who do not have the best interest of this nation or her citizens at heart will be exposed and removed from office. Nobody likes violence – but you can not be one who sits around and takes whatever your government wants to hand you – especially when you know it’s not what’s best for you or your family or your country – people have become “welfare-ish” lazy and dependent – not at all what this nation was based on – take this last election – what I heard a lot of people saying was “What are you going to GIVE me – put gas in my car and pay my mortgage” some people actually believe our government has their own checking account with unlimited funds—-THAT MONEY COMES FROM AMERICAN TAXPAYERS – wake up people!!!! The government doesn’t give you anything without American taxpayers covering the bill. Get involved with what is happening in your city, state and voice your concerns – hold your elected officials responsible. We accept ALL legal immigrants in this nation, because they cared enough about this nation and her citizens to become one of us, but those who do not care and do things unlawfully are NOT welcomed.

  • Mrs Jalica Miller

    Sabrina! Thank You…From where I sit today…the oppression of learning what I trust and make wrong decisions because of lies…to find that what was told was manipulations so grave…This movement to “stand strong” I want to be counted in as an American who wants to see no more harm…Is there not any truth to what a Leader can do? We are a People that have been led because “we believed in our Leaders! I despise violence….the mundane, the hypocrits who use any means to break our country down for their purpose…Someone profits while we suffer….and the ears and eyes have no comfort to come together with those who can,,,and will….”talk”…Talk does not change what we now are facing!

  • SabrinaR

    Jalica – sounds to me you thing giving up is the end game. There are those of us who will fight on no matter how long or how big the battle – yes our government – our elected officials have failed us, but we the people created this mess by not paying attention. I have always been a firm believer that a simple test should be given to any citizen who stands in line to vote – just to make sure they “have a clue”—anyway—saying they win, we lose is NOT an option – there is a movement happening at this very moment of American citizens who will no longer settle, or believe all they are told, but demand the wrongs be made right and that the laws of this nation mean something and make sure people are held accountable for their actions. The filth and distruction in this nation is not due to “something THEY did” it is due to “something WE didn’t do”. BUT TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING!!!!!

  • Mrs Jalica Miller

    Sabrina! I feel a great sense of injustice and loss for those who mean well, but we as Americans have not been put first since the day Corporate America sold us out! How much more does the American worker say, or can do…So much heartache now across this land…So much more,,,The fight is non-stop…and yes! Those who come here illegally can come no more…the trenches are full, the laws are broken, the doors are cracked, and the Men of Right have lost their lives to continue to fight…Yes…No more suffering to any of the men and women who live next door to the fences and the borders across these shores…We are a Land of the free…but to be free is to believe…Our Land is full of desicration of too much…Our Washington Office gave way to Greed and Congress sat on their knees….Amen and Yes, I agree to hault somewhere this continueal upheave! Apachecheynne

  • SabrinaR

    Jalica – you are correct about “how much was kept from our ears and eyes” – we have no idea what “deals” were made “south of the border”, but the reality is the taxpayers of this nation are taxed out and because so many illegals come here and become a financial burdin the time has finally come to say NO MORE – the last amnesty we had was to be “THE LAST”, but due to the lack of security at our borders and the inability for those with visa’s to be tracked we have been invaded by million more illegals who have no interest in becoming legal, learning the language or blending into the melting pot – this is a masive injustice to Americans. We must send ALL who are here illegally back to their homeland and if they want to return they must follow the rules – we must put a hault on visas until we get Americans back to work. It is time for this nation to put her citizens first for a change.

  • Mrs Jalica Miller

    Sabrina! I hear you and I believe you have a piece as well as to what we face Now! Hatred and fear causes violence to be committed against those in view….I fear for more injustice….It is wrong for people of other countries to violate our own..but our own are causing more violence due to the lack of Leadership and oversight! We who pay attention, did so due to the errosion of much…but how much was kept from our ears and eyes…We who are Americans do want the rights to be given, but not manipulated as often happens through the representations of our own constitutional rights!

  • Mrs Jalica Miller

    Tolerance….There is so much more to learn as our country tries to empower those who want to create a harmonious relationship for what is just….the change that is needed through “those who are willing and able” Our system is broken, and continues to manage on a thumb nail…Our Nation is the “Land of the Free” but many things that have happened has to do with the lack of Leadership, and moral judments rather than just the illegals, or the violations that bring on other wrongs…We need more than understanding, issues that need addressing must be non-bias, and give respect to a certain right that fosters “truth and what it is to be a “legal” in the United States… We need to build a strong justice to what we are about…Civilization did not get started on one race…it did not begin with faith of endeavor to build for one, but our country opened its doors to trade and more than was watched….Manipulations are at the backdrop, and more underlying problems have caused a rift for our country!

  • Matt

    Aslan: the neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, etc. all existed before the invasion of the brown supremacists.

    The bottom line is that this is a matter of civil rights: Americans and LEGAL immigrants have the right to equality under the law. Yes, you are speaking hatred when you stand up for special rights for Mestizos.

    Comprehensive Immigration Reform IS Racism

  • SabrinaR

    Jalica – yes a big portion of the problems we currently face (economically) are due to greed from Wall Street and Big Corporations, but you can not forget that included in the problems we face are people in this nation who have no right to be here—no right to a job here—no right to social services here that are paid for by American taxpayers. Illegalls were allowed to buy homes — no money down—and when it came time to pay the mortgage—–guess what happened (all for the sake of a poor person being able to buy a home) and Bank of America allowed illegals to open accounts-make loans—what do you think happened there?? Big business has created a lot of the problems by hiring illegals—that’s why E-Varify is so important–to assure that the person being hired has a “legal” right to the job—but organizations like LaRaza will fight E-Varify because they want illegals to take jobs from Americans—again they profit from it!!!!!

  • SabrinaR

    Aslan – illegals are NOT doing any service (jobs) that Americans haven’t done for decades.
    Major – you are absolutely correct – those who call the citizens racist (for loving our country and wanting to keep her strong) are the very ones who profit from illegals – would that make them “pimps”????
    As I said before—SHOULD WE ADOPT THE LAWS OF MEXICO REGARDING WHAT THEY DO WITH ILLEGALS WHO ARE FOUND IN THEIR COUNTRY?? Would someone like to answer that question??? And if those, in this nation illegally, don’t like what is going on in their own countries—get together—go home and take care of business instead of bringing our country and her citizens down.

  • Mrs Jalica Miller

    The drain on this economy is the emotional upheaval that has festered …The economy is hurt because of the investors, bankers and the top notch greed for more….Misinterpretation! The illegals cause two things to happen…more legal issues and more invstment to further or prevent the influx…Something happened to its oversight! The upheaval on the United States is the waste of money, time and people to make right what has fallen to a pool of ups and downs…Someone has allowed this to continue…Laws have not stopped the wrongs for or against…This becomes a continual fight…I do not blame a group of people on the US Economy…The People are our own Americans…Greed…Investors!

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    But they are not an overall net drain on the economy. They built the neighborhoods, the shopping centers, the new roads, the malls, the new schools, etc. Those things put money into the economy and increase jobs, not the other way around.

    If you want to blame someone for the crash of the US economy, blame the idiots who kept pushing for deregulation for over 20 years.

  • americanjoe

    Ruslan: Just because some illegal aliens pay into Social Security or pay federal income taxes does NOT mean that they aren’t a overall net drain on our economy. You have to look at ALL of the financial numbers associated with illegal immigration, and not just the few that you choose to highlight.

  • Mrs Jalica Miller

    Immigration is at the forefront to many Americans now, but only because of the problems that are coming in the “worst” of ways…drugs, violence, draining the meager jobs that “most” will not do…But the worst is knowing that a business man will say ” I would rather higher 20 Mexicans than one black” I hate them! This is the kind of statements that have festered here on the home front…and worse is knowing that the Master is White-Upper Class who truely believes that immigrants are obediant…Hmmm! Who has allowed the influx…Who has permitted this…read history about the southern connection…Someone is keeping this fuelled…someone has the Power, the Influence and the Stture to direct what ever He chooses…Yet, we don’t want illegals, and many who may not be worry because of the manner inwhich the “law” can manipulate and hurt those who do not break it…Many things I have learned as I live in the South…How the means and greed of racism, can and will bring about vicous ways to strain the best of intent, to funneling confusion to the average “Joe”! I am no longer in dismay as to why we have sold our country to the highest bidder…The American Business Man who can come and go freely throughout the “World” can make “Sweet Deals” unknown to the United States and get away with justifying their stakes by profitting from attorneys who protect their interest, and if that means allowing immigration to flood the system that is the way you cause “hate and mayham” old addage of the south….Millionaires of “old school” politics manage to play the game at high stakes that the average person would not “see or notice”! All the reasons brought forth maybe sound in why illegals need to be sent back…but it must be done to “protect and stand on “good, solid affirmation” rather than bias intentions! Apachecheynne

  • Major

    Sabrina and Matt, thanks for telling it like it is! I’ve attached my response to a thread regarding those just doing jobs Americans won’t. Garbage spread by the likes of this organization. Understand “Southern” this is not about anybody skin color…that’s an immature excuse, long debuke by Americans of every color. Enjoy…
    This is not about “making a better life for themselves!” Let’s be very clear, their mission is to make money to send back to their countries…PERIOD! Immigrants wanting a better life in America learn English and our customs; they don’t bring their culture expecting another country to accommodate them. As one person stated, “Our government views this destruction to America and its citizens as the price of doing business with Mexico!”
    They pack as many as possible in one dwelling and learn to use our social services so as not to intrude on the amount they send home. If they had intended on being Americans, we would not be having this discussion, because they would have made every effort to assimilate and not bring attention to themselves, but instead they have done very little to become Americans and the number has grown so large that we can no longer ignore their presents and their drain on our economy can not be ignored.
    Again, do not let this be a matter of the heart, because it reality based. Once again, it is about money. Surely, you are aware that remittance is Mexico’s second largest GNP. Americans are so used to taking care of those less fortunate that we have nearly given away our country to a third-world country for financial reasons.
    Anyone you hear belittling Americans by calling them racist is profiting from illegals. Do not believe this is birth from compassion, but from the harsh reality of the almighty dollar. There are no warm and fuzzes attached; no feel goods for Americans. We are being had, but more and more of us have had to learn this lesson at the hands of illegals. THIS IS THE HARD, COLD REALITY, if you are told otherwise, you are being lied to!

  • SabrinaR

    Matt you are correct—-anyone who supports the invasion, into this nation, by people from any other nation are just as guilty as those who either come here or stay here illegally. If they feel so strongly about people being allowed to break the laws of this nation, commit fraud, steal, murder or rape then let “them” repay American citizens for the cost we have been paying.
    Just let congress try and bring another “amnesty” bill to the floor — the ONLY thing that will pass is to return ALL illegals to their homeland. We have enough citizens to do the jobs and yes they will do the jobs.

  • Matt

    Every objective study done shows that illegal aliens use more in services than they pay in taxes.

    Equality under the law means that EVERYONE must obey the law. No special privileges for Mestizos.

    Supporting illegal aliens is racism.


  • SabrinaR

    Ruslan – what part of “illegal” do you not understand???? A pregnant woman, from another country, enters this nation ILLEGALLY – she has no money yet some moron hires her because she will undercut an American citizen in wages – she keeps some of her wages and sends the rest home – she goes to the hospital to have her baby – American taxpayers pick up the bill – she starts her first child (now 1 of 5) in school – American taxpayers pick up the bill for the teacher who can also speak the language of the child, and her child is now receiving welfare (along with the other 4) and getting free breakfast and lunch from school – again American tax payers picking up the bill – she gets her hands on a false social security card so she can get even more freebees and then joins a march waving the flag of her homeland in the streets of this nation screaming discrimination and demanding equal rights—–now multiply this by millions!!!!!!

  • California Jane

    No respect for our immigration laws?

    I’d be okay with sending this one back to Austria.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    So what you guys are saying is that the US government’s own Social Security Administration, IRS, and GAO are purposely making up statistics to show that illegal immigrants are not a drain on the economy, and that they actually put more in than they take out?

  • Jonathan


    Are you implying that the open-borders crowd are immune from making up “facts”? They are notorious for that!

    It boils down to most leftist organizations hate the idea of a White majority and thus see it a moral imperative to import as many non-Whites as possible. There are, of course, many “slash and burn” capitalists who do anything to reduce labor costs.

  • joazinha

    We simply CANNOT TAKE in EVERYONE else’s POOR and UNEMPLOYED ANYMORE! It’s time for OTHER nations to take care of their OWN people!

  • SabrinaR

    Ruslan – where are you from????
    For more information on the cost of illegal aliens to American taxpayers go to Immigration and check under Data Sources.
    If anyone here sounds like a racist that would be you Ruslan — just because Americans want to protect their country from invasion you call us racist —- the time is coming that the American citizens will demand ALL in this country illegally be returned to their homelands and stand in line — if they do not like what is happening in their country—do something about it.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    No gangs? I think someone needs to hit the history books. And current affairs too, because most if not all the gang members are native-born, and most of the immigrants we are talking about come for work.

    This is why they call you people racist- because you equate Mexican immigrants with drug dealers/gang members.

  • Not impressed

    I find the credibility of the SPLC is impaired, not by who they list as racist but whom the SPLC so obviously neglects to list.

    So, SPLC lists John Tanton and FAIR.

    Why is Jose Angel Gutierrez not listed for his nearly fifty years of racist activity? A man who once declared that the white man needed to be gotten rid of, by killing him if necessary.

    How about National Council of La Raza, an organization which arose out of the ashes of La Raza Unida with guidance from Gutierrez and his cronies?

    Where is the denunciation of Rev Lowery, a man living fifty years in the past, concerning the inaugeration prayer which included “when white will do right”? That is just as racially offensive as if it were David Duke babbling about an upcoming day when blacks would cease being so uppity.

    All flies in the face of the fact that Obama wouldn’t have been elected if it were not for the “white” vote.

  • Mike

    Pigs fly, it is a well known fact!

    …some use the word fact way too loosely.

    If organizations founded by folks who support white supremacy produce facts out of thin air, it’s probably a good idea to look for your facts elsewhere. I think we’re still waiting on some reputable sources for some of these “facts”.

  • jean e

    When one tries to say, ‘We were all immigrants’ line, there must be pointed out the huge distinction between those immigrants of yesteryear and many of those arriving today.
    First, there were no gang members making up 1,000,000 of the population as there is today.
    Second, there wasn’t a drug market and profit associated with it that there is today.
    Third, there wasn’t the welfare system that is set in place as there is today. Those immigrants of yesteryear worked hard and if they couldn’t cut it they went back to there homeland.
    Forth, Mexico wasn’t teaching that the US stole one third of the western part of the US and didn’t encourage it’s poverty to invade the US.
    Fifth, remittances and drug revenue were not draining out as a main source of revenue to Mexico and the drug cartels.
    This is nothing like the immigration of the past and the negative impact today is at a detrimental rate.

  • SabrinaR

    Dawn —- this is the United States of America – if you enter this country by sneaking in illegally you are considered an illegal alien (or if you do not return to your own country when your visa runs out) – if you apply for citizenship to this country and follow the rules and are given citizenship you are an American!!! This nation belongs to American citizens—end of history lesson.
    Rewhbl — how right you are!!!!
    Conrado—being a Human Being does NOT give you the right to invade another country in order to become a burdin to that countries citizens – all who are here illegally need to go home.

  • Dawn

    Hmmm….If we look in our history books..didn’t we actually take many of our states from Mexico. And now they are considered the aliens?

  • Mrs Jalica Miller

    Hate, Prejudice and so many underlying reasons why People in this country commit acts of violence and mayham..even with ostersizing those who are American citizens because they assume the role of “sympathizer”! What I see, and have felt is the control of the white-supremacy since coming south…Not that it does not exist throughout the north but not as heavily inendated through the vines of job (careers established through means of nepitism and family friends)! To read and heed about illegal-aliens is cause of concern because the problem is that illegals learn to manipulate for survival, and this may be human…but in America, being a good stewart makes other become more helpful, more supportive, but when race, color and the civil rights causes come into play many of the majority will call it a downplay because the majority are racist…to the extreme we all have some prejudice, I am against nepitism and those who built a system to beat another race down, or to not give freedom to those who deserve that right as they enter this country…but the ways and means of a people to come here are not always understood to the laws of our country what will not be done because we have so many Americans breaking the law for “money”. It is easy to create a criminal…especially when you set them up for drugs, for small petty theft…especially children…and children are used to fornicate these acts that are led by adults who have learned to get what they want no matter rich or poor…I have learned that many who have will buy someone’s time…and the buck continues to breed in criminal acts that many would not have been criminal before…We have laws that are broken and the infrastructure of Law Abiding Citizens trained but many have prejudice and hate as well….Very proactive in the south…Very!

  • http://aol Conrado Acevedo

    First, we are human beings. Human beings as well non-human beings (animals, plants), have the right to survive. This a human issue and a universal right.
    Throughout history human migration in all continents have been there for centuries.. It was like this until countries came out with the ideas of builiding countries and private property that threw a wrench in this historical migrations. The illegality comes with this sickness called private property. Racists are totally dilusional in that survival get confused with universal survival. Native people (mexicans, guatemalans, hondurans, etc.) have throughout history migrated. This continent in which the United States finds itself in is part of this great migration routes in which peoples have done so to survive.

  • Matt

    Let me clarify: I just really can’t help but wonder why SPLC will have a category on its map called “White Supremacist” but there are no respective categories for other groups when they so obviously exist. Why is Voz De Aztlan listed as “General Hate”? Why the double standard? I’m just saying: Racism is wrong. But as Teddy Roosevelt said “Every movement has its radical fringe”. Why is this “thread” of radicalism on the one side receiving a spotlight while the “blanket” on the other sits in the dark?

  • Matt

    I have not read a large amount of John Tanton’s words, but what I have seen is no different from what is a common sentiment in Japan ( a country with which I am intimately familiar). In Japan they say “Ware wa Nihon-jin desu!” like Leonidas’ “THIS. IS. SPARTA!”. The phrase means “WE! ARE! JAPANESE!”. When Leftists, and others, look at that it is not considered fanatical hatred but rather an ethic majority wanting to maintain its national identity. Now, maybe Tanton has said worse things, I do not know, but this certainly dims in comparison to what is said by the Brown Supremacist group The National Council for The Race (La Raza), which is “For those of the Race: Everything. For those outside the Race: nothing.” I have seen videos of their members marching through the streets carrying signs saying “Whites get out, this is our land.” and have cartoons of blond haired, blue eyed men with their heads cut off. However, I do not see La Raza on SPLC’s map. Why not? It is disappointing to be forced to conclude that it is because they perhaps agree with La Raza’s sentiments.

  • SabrinaR

    Matt – great point!!! And Ruslan-the ONLY way to stop illegals from coming into this nation or “guest workers” from overstaying their welcome is to secure our borders, stop the hiring of illegals and cut off the social services. When the Europeans came to this country we had a lot more room than we have now- if the growth of this nation continues down the path we are headed we will run out of resources – we currently have somewhere between 12-20 MILLION illegals in this country which puts a strain on Americans in every respect – there are means of entering this nation LEGALLY and there are GUEST WORKER PROGRAMS – but we have those who have ignored OUR laws-take our money and waive the flag of their country in OUR streets- there’s nothing wrong with being proud of your homeland—just celebrate it in your homeland not in ours. We are NOT “anti-immigrant” we ARE anti-illegal alien—as much as you would like people to believe that is the same it is not.

  • Jonathan

    Yes, there is more to it than just the illegality of illegal immigration: I want to see Whites remain the majority in the USA; the SPLC wishes Whites to become a minority.

  • Matt

    SPLC is not a Civil Rights group. It is a Leftist front group. That is why FAIR with its “keep them out” founder is listed as a hate group, but Planned Parenthood with its “Kill them into extinction” founder Margaret Sanger is not. Why is an Immigration Moderation group a hate group, but not all the anti-child, pro-abortion groups?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Why call these organizations racist? Simple. And we’ll even ignore all the times these guys are busted as having ties to open racist organizations or individuals.

    – If they are so upset about illegal immigration(of all the things there are to be upset about in this country), the best, most efficient, cost-effective way to solve the problem is a guest worker program, or otherwise a program that makes it easy for Mexicans to immigrate legally(simply because they are the closest neighbor and the ones looking for work). Do that, and no more illegal border crossing, no more death in the desert, no more coyotes.

    Yet for some reason, none of these groups seem interested in that. They tell us it’s just about the law, yet they are not interested in making it legal the same way it was for millions of Europeans who showed up on boats before. Now WHY oh WHY could that be? After all, it’s just about crossing ILLEGALLY right?

  • Jonathan

    I donated to NumbersUSA last week. After reading this article I’m tempted to donate more.

  • SabrinaR

    Ron, you are absolutely right – as long as this country continues to grant amnesty to those who could care less about the laws of this nation the invasion will not stop. And yes, there are hundreds of millions who feel the same way. Those who hire illegals MUST be charged, those who harbor illegals MUST be charged and those who pander to groups who do not have the best interest of this nation at heart MUST be removed from office. If you want to live and work in this country—obey the laws of this country – have some respect.

  • Ron

    I do not understand how the SLPC tags an organization as racist. Just because they speak out against an issue that they deem to be taboo to go against? I have read the articles on this site and many of the others that are single race organizations and it is easy to see that those sites harbor racism as, if not more, much as the sites mentioned above. I am totally against amnesty or any form of it and I am not a racist. I visit sites such as FAIR and Numbers USA and find their articles insightful, you can not find articles like that on the main stream media because they have all been bullied by the single race orginizations. There are literally millions of people like me, we believe in our country and our laws, race has nothing to do with it. We were promised once in 1986 that that was the last amnesty bill ever, yet here we go again. Time to keep promises.

  • SabrinaR

    I will gather all the sources for you, but here’s something else you can check out – Dallas Morning News- 2006 – maternity services for illegals at Parkland Hospital – 70% of the 16,000 babies born were to illegals with a cost to American taxpayers of 50 million and that’s just one Texas hospital!!!!

  • KC

    Sabrina, can you share your sources please? Those figures sound inaccurate. I’ve worked as a case manager in the social services for many years.

  • SabrinaR

    Everytime someone speaks up they are a racist—that claim is getting old and no longer effective.Here are the facts that have been checked out—11-22 Billion dollars a year on welfare to illegals (not immigrants), 2.2 Billion dollars a year on food assistance programs-food stamps-WIC and free school lunches to illegals (not immigrants),2.2 Billion dollars per year on Medicaid to illegals (not immigrants) – the war in Iraq has cost American taxpayers 120 Billion a year, but illegals in this country cost American taxpayers 400 Billion per year – don’t forget the cost of jobs, identity thieft,and to incarcerate illegals-3 million per day!!
    If you want to enter this nation–do it legally- why do some feel that is just asking too much???

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Actually what you are claiming is not a fact, according to the Social Security Administration and the GAO. Look it up. Anyway, social benefits in America do not account for much of the overall budget(save for social security, which immigrants usually pay into but can’t receive). If you are angry about the economy, blame deregulation and a totally unaccountable military-industrial complex.

  • MdeG

    You can have a reasonable conversation about laws and costs/benefits. I welcome those — they’re few and far between. What I don’t welcome is the racist part, which is almost always there. Someone whose name ends in -ez gets arrested for something, and there’s this chorus of “Must be an ‘illegal'” (pardon my French). I say that I think the laws need reform — and they do! — and I get the same, though I was born here.

    When the talk gets round to English only (part of my family spoke French until not too long ago), dilution of European identity, etc. it’s just plain hate speech. SPLC is right. This kind of discourse isn’t OK, and I’m glad that they speak up and discourage it.

  • SabrinaR

    Illegal immigrants may be ineligible, but DO RECIEVE benefits through false documents – this is a well known fact. They recieve a lot more than they pay in.
    So if there was no law at the time my ancestors imigrated—there was no law broken — what has that to do with those from other countries who enter our nation illegally (since we do now have laws) or over staying a visa?
    Should we adopt the laws of Mexico regarding those who are in their country illegally?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Time for some facts:

    1. Illegal immigrants are inelgible for most social benefits. They have been found again and again to pay more in taxes than they get in return.

    2. Your ancestors immigrated legally simply because there was no law at the time against what they did.

    3. Illegal entry into the United States is a misdemeanor. How many “enforce the law” types speed while driving?

  • SabrinaR

    I’m a little confused as to why “some” label people racist just because they love their country and feel the laws of this nation SHOULD be obeyed.
    There is a difference in LEGAL IMMIGRANT and ILLEGAL ALIEN (we are all immigrants so the key word is LEGAL). Everything I have read from FAIR or Numbers USA address those who have broken the laws of this nation – those who are here illegally. I am an angelo, I have family members who are mexican and black and they all feel the same as I do—-American taxpayers will no longer pay for social services for those who ignore the laws of this nation – enough is enough.