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Vigilante Rancher’s Civil Rights Trial Begins

By Hatewatch Staff on February 3, 2009 - 8:00 am, Posted in Uncategorized

A trial is underway for a federal lawsuit charging Cochise County rancher Roger Barnett, who has boasted of detaining thousands of border crossers at gunpoint, with violating the civil rights of a group of immigrants Barnett encountered in 2004.
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  • Sick of American B.S.

    Lets clear some things up right from the start……I am an american. I have both loved and hated this country on many occasions, because of the B.S. that other mindless americans spew on a daily basis. I have believed and will continue to do so until proven otherwise, that a hell of a lot of mexicans are harder workers than the lazy ass americans that they will be replacing in the U.S. workforce.

    I have worked part from 14 – 16 and full-time from 16-36 [present age], with nothing less than 40 hours a week, many times 50-65 hours a week when I was healthier. I have had many back surgeries over the past several years which has left me in severe chronic pain at all times that has been impossible to treat medically. I have tried all known treatments and incurred over $200,000 in my failed attempts at getting my health back.

    Even with the current health issues, I continue to work doing my part to support the economy. Many of my tax dollars go to support “families with brats” every day, I get the luxury to keep giving to these same lazy ass american baby makers. What is the difference wether I support your white/black/asian brats or mexican brats??? I don’t see the big deal, my tax dollars will continue to support your american welfare programs, why not help out poor immigrants as well??????

    I would rather see a mexican worker at McDonalds working, and being productive than to see a lazy white or black person standing around and being rude. I see it everyday, these same lazy ass white people chatting on their cell phone while they are supposed to be working. Or some black person with dreadlocks sporting their “bling” and less than enthusiastic attitude. Personally, when I see these people, I take their pic with my iPhone and post it on my website to show just how many lazy fuckers there are out there in this country. I am astounding at how many useless americans are here…….give me a hard-working “illegal alien” anytime!!!


    A hard-working and dedicated white american with family history dating back to Ireland and American for many generations. You can hate me for my words here, I do not really care. I just know, that these words are indeed true and can be substanciated by going out into any public area in this country and just look around. If you OPEN YOUR EYES, you will see what is the truth and what others want you to believe.

    I want to be a proud american, but at this time, I am not sure that is possible until everyone gets their head out of their a** and pay attention to what is going on.

  • thehat

    Oh come on folks. These were just undocumented aliens trying to get by – /sarc

    We are a nation of laws. What part of “illegal” do liberals not understand?

  • TruthTeller

    This is the last egg I will lay.

    You will find the location of the incident here.

    Since you mentioned I was WRONG


    From the ‘Lectric Law Library’s stacks
    Illegal Immigrant’s Rights — The Meaning Of “Inhabitant”.

    The word “inhabitant” has several meanings in law depending upon on the
    context. In some contexts it is equated with citizenship; in other
    contexts, specifically that of the federal civil rights acts passed
    during the Reconstruction, “inhabitant” has been held not to mean
    “citizen.” Baldwin v. Franks, 120 U.S. 678, 690-692, 75 S.Ct. 656, 32
    L.Ed. 766 (1887)

    After comprehensive analysis of the intent of Congress which drafted
    this legislation, this court holds that the word “inhabitant” describes
    any person who is within the jurisdiction of the United States.

    Upon introducing the provisions which eventually became 18 U.S.C. 242,
    its sponsor, Senator Stewart, explicitly stated that the bill protects
    all “persons.” He noted that the bill “simply extends to foreigners,
    not citizens, the protection of our laws.”. He added:

    This bill extends the equal protection of the laws to aliens, so that
    all persons who are in the United States shall have the equal protection
    of our laws. It extends the operations of the civil rights bill . . . to
    all persons within the jurisdiction of the United States. United States
    v. Otherson (1979) 480 F.Supp. 1369, 1370-1373.

  • Bonfire

    But we cannot ignore the due process.
    The due process is there for a reason in the first place.

    We have to respect that!! IMO.



    We do not have to respect that! Criminal Aliens DO NOT have civil rights they do not have the rights to sue Americans in this country. They criminally invade America. MALDEF snaked a “civil rights” law through corrupt legislators. The Judge should have dumped this case before it got this far. I don’t know where you get that this event was on some highway I will read the court docs again later. This does not matter your snake oil argument is moot.
    Go lay an egg!

  • TruthTeller

    broderraven – ty for your input.
    You are correct.
    In the first case – Morales case – the judge dismissed the motion
    because there is enough evidence of abuse to present before a jury.
    The Morales claims that Mr. Barrett kicked a female family member.
    Which means that the hot pursuit already ended if their claim is true.

    We cannot speculate that Morales family told the truth or
    made it up. That is why the lawsuit is in place and the jury / judge
    will decide and not you and me.

    Let justice be served. Even if Mr. Barrett did commit the civil rights
    violation – I hope he gets a slap on the wrist for his valiant effort
    to stop the illegal border crossing.
    But we cannot ignore the due process.
    The due process is there for a reason in the first place.

    We have to respect that!! IMO.


  • borderraven

    A militia has the unalienable right, authority, and duty to go at all speed, in hot pursuit, of criminals, and may use all force needed to arrest criminal, but may not inflict abuse, or punishment, once arrest is effected. If Mr. Barnett’s militia, needed to follow the criminals, and go on the highway, or across, county or state, lines, within the borders of the USA, then his militia, has every authority, to do so.

  • TruthTeller

    A key fact is missing in the comments.
    I applaud Mr. Barett’s intentions.
    Which seem to be guided by the passion towards the US Constitution.
    But there is a court decision to deny Mr Barrett’s motion to dismiss all charges.
    You can find the pdf on the net if you search by the Morales case number.

    That incident did not occur on Mr. Barrett’s property. It happened on an
    interstate highway.
    Not that it matters much as they entered illegally but
    this is a key fact that should be noted regardless how we feel about it.


  • Diane

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is obviously an “anti-American citizen” organization.
    They will never expose the real racists like Augustine
    Cepeda or Mario Obeldo and their ilk.
    Who claim that their state will be only Hispanic.

    Why isn’t the SPLC telling the truth?

    And who is funding you SPLC?
    We American will find out in the long run.

  • Fair Deal

    I agree with Anne that we should enforce our law.

    However, Congress has chosen not to enforce immigration law, which does provide some very harsh penalties for employers of illegal labor.

    The reasons vary; Some in Congress desire a non voting slave class for the business lobby, and American citizens of all races aren’t suited for that. So, that requires a steady influx of cheap labor, as previous illegal immigrants eventually wise up and their American born children aren’t any more prone to being slave material than anyone else born in America.

    Others have some pie in the sky idea of making the world a better place by importing the world into the US, incredibly believing that Americans have much to learn from “rich” foreign cultures which have provided little but dictatorship and poverty for their peoples.

    Then there are those who have a racial agenda, one which would provoke a swift outcry against such racism if the involved congressman were white.instead of “Latino”.

    So, let’s not pick and chose which laws we are going to enforce.

    That would include immigration laws, which if they had been enforced, we would not be having this conversation about Barnett.

  • borderraven

    to Anne Millbrooke, we are a nation of laws and we the people have the unalienable basic human right to form into a militia and defend our self, family, property and territorial claims.

  • Anne Millbrooke

    The question is whether we are a nation of laws, if no one is above the law, if the law is blind to color, class, cash. That concept, imbedded in the Constitution, is the foundation of our country. Support law, law enforcement, not vigilantes who pick and chose which laws to support. If you don’t like a law, work the political process. Don’t say, no taxes, no money for law enforcement, so do what you want. That is not social, civilized, American.

  • Bonfire

    I am repeating comment from other forum per this subject so we can see all comments


    What I see here are some people that call themselves Americans on a witch hunt! A witch hunt after an American Patriot for not turning yellow to the invasion, a war, as they would do in same circumstances. Real Americans do not assimilate with invading cultures we fight for our rights and fight for American Sovernighty. For you who facilitates the lies of an attack written by a second party journalist you should know that that you skate on thin ice. Yes people we are at war! With Mexico invading America in a quest of colonization. Who do you think poisons your minds? What about the Islamic war we face? And the war with terrorists. Terrorists hail from multiple areas utilizing both porous borders. This is not the time to turn against ourselves. You are making fools of us all.

  • jean e

    When did illegals become more important than a US citizen? Mexico is pushing this agenda, and big business is pulling the strings for that cheep labor.
    Our homes are to be a safe haven from all our worries outside, but not so for this rancher or it would seem any of us anymore. Mexico can even invade our homes now and use our own tax dollars to prosecute us if we resist. Mexico pushed to keep Ramos and Compean in prison, now they’ll get their way with this rancher. Are we not the USA anymore?

  • fair deal

    “Anne” might not know any better, but any Mexican national knows there is a big difference between an American citizen with Latin American Ancestry and an illegally present Latin American.

    Two Mexican nationals might not understand each others Mexican Spanish dialects, but they will immediately detect the accent of someone who learned their Spanish In the the home while growing up in America. And they may well be prejudiced against that person for not being a “real Mexican”

    Why is it that the words “Mexican”, “Latino”, and “Mexican American” somehow describe race, and race is somehow an indicator of nationality, language, culture, and political belief?

    That is a wrong premise, and all sides of the immigration debate (whether in genuine ignorance or egregious obfuscation) need to stop exploiting the misuse of those words.

  • rewhbl

    Anne, mistake in your song. instead of immigrant, tell the truth and say illegal alien breaking into a country in which they dont belong.

  • borderraven

    Is not a man’s home his castle, and his property his realm? At what point do we stop respecting a property owner’s right to defend their property? The USA is a republic(by rule of law) form of government, not a democracy (by rule of majority). The US Constitution (the framework of the US Government) was modeled in part after concepts learned from the Magna Carta.

  • borderraven

    If anyone says, they fear the extinction of their family, their genus, their gente, or their race, they are only accepting reality. When the day comes of white man’s extinction, then who will be responsible for the future of the World? Will the latino gang graffiti be finally painted over? Will borders and immigration laws be needed? Will wars be fought for politicians?

  • fair deal

    I believe that if anyone objects to Barnett’s activities they should open their own home up to no questions asked, “do whatever the heck you want” public access.

  • Lisa

    Barnett has been quoted as saying that he is afraid the white race will die out. He’s clearly a racist, so I don’t support him.

  • jean e

    If I were Barnett I would have done the same. This invasion is destroying the town I live in. I have graffiti on my fence trash and used diapers all around my car and sidewalk and 20 illegals in a thousand square foot house living next door. We should be thanking Barnett for his help.

  • Anne Millbrooke


    Be careful of Cochise County.
    Don’t go there.
    The rancher Roger Barrett has a dog.
    The rancher Roger Barnett has a gun.

    Be careful of Roger Barrett.
    Don’t go there.
    He’ll catch you in a wash.
    He’ll catch you in a draw.

    Be careful, oh immigrant.
    Don’t go there.
    He’ll kick Mexican Americans.
    He’ll detain any Latin American.

    Be careful of Roger Barrett.
    Don’t go there.
    He’ll catch you with a dog and gun.
    He’ll hold you for deportation.

    Be careful of the vigilante.
    Don’t go there.
    He’ll choose which laws to enforce.
    He’ll choose which laws to break.

    Be careful, oh immigrant.
    Don’t go there.
    The rancher Roger Barrett has a dog.
    The rancher Roger Barnett has a gun.

    By Anne Millbrooke

  • borderraven

    Roger Barnett, is guilty of protecting his property from trespassers and defending the USA from invasion, per Article IV Section 4 and the 14th Amendment, guarantee of equal protection. Roger Barnett and his assistants were taking the laws into their own hands, as there was a lack of local, county, state and federal law enforcement or a conspiracy against enforcement, which caused the problems he had to deal with. 32CFR215, 10USC333,

  • Bonfire

    My best wishes and prayers are with you rancher and fellow American Roger Barnett. You had every right to protect your property. Those criminal aliens had no rights the moment they criminally broke into our country. You had the right to protect and defend yourself, family and property against these criminal invaders. They have no rights to set foot here let alone create an environmental holocaust, steal from landowners livestock and gardens, and pollute our waterways as they invade our border to colonize America. Many are armed and dangerous smuggling humans, drugs and weapons. Good for you Mr. Barnett hang in there you did the right thing.

  • JB

    Why do you guys blur the facts like this? Roger Barnett never detained “border crossers” who were IMMIGRANTS. Immigrants enter this country LEGALLY and gain that legal title when they are in this country LEGALLY.

    “BORDER CROSSERS” as you have called them, unless they have entered the USA at a legal point of entry, with the legal documents showing they have permission to enter this country, become ILLEGAL ALIENS the moment they cross that border without papers or crossing anywhere along that border other than at a designated point of entry, as is stated on signs all along the U.S./ Mexican border as instructions to anyone wishing to enter the USA LEGALLY!

    Roger Barnett’s ranch IS NOT a LEGAL point of entry into the USA and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS don’t have any rights other than to be arrested and deported.

    There is a huge difference between ILLEGAL immigrants and LEGAL immigrants. Quit acting illiterate and conveniently too stupid to know the difference between the two. Stop mixing them together in a lame attempt to cloud the real issue here and to confuse the issue further.