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Chained Immigrants Paraded By Arizona Sheriff

By Casey Sanchez on February 4, 2009 - 7:03 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant

This afternoon in Maricopa County, Ariz., more than 200 Latino immigrants were chained, dressed in prison stripes and forced to march down a public street from a county jail to a detainment camp in a desert industrial zone outside Phoenix.

Maricopa prisoners

Along the way they were filmed by television news crews and guarded by at least 50 Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) deputies, wearing body armor and combat fatigues, armed with shotguns and automatic rifles. At least two canine units were present; a Sheriff’s Department helicopter hovered overhead.

The massive show of force was pure stagecraft for a blatant and dehumanizing publicity stunt orchestrated by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The MCSO gave no indication that any of the immigrant prisoners were particularly violent or presented a grave danger to the public.

According to a MCSO press release, 220 immigrants were transferred to a “Tent City” surrounded by electrified fencing. “This is a population of criminals more adept perhaps at escape,” Arpaio stated in the press release. “But this is a fence they won’t want to scale because they risk receiving a shock – literally.”

The press release further detailed how the immigrants will be treated like any other prisoners, “with two exceptions.” First, “Arpaio wants them to be instructed in American immigration laws, as a way to help them understand that the violation of these laws has serious consequences not only to them but to society as a whole.” Second, immigrants who violate jail rules will be put on a desert chain gang. “This chain gang will work to clean the areas [of the nearby desert] which have been impacted by human trafficking trade,” the release stated.

Maricopa tent city

Humiliating prisoners by putting them on parade began in Imperial Rome. In modern times it’s been widely denounced as a barbarous practice. In March 2003, after the Iraqi government paraded five captured U.S. soldiers in front of television cameras, then U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld protested that it was a violation of the Geneva Convention.

The Phoenix New Times pointed out that Arpaio’s immigrant parade was scheduled for the same day that MCSO Captain Joel Fox was scheduled to appear in court to appeal a $315,000 fine levied against him for channeling an illegal $105,000 campaign donation to the Republican Party in the name of a shadowy entity called the “Sheriff’s Command Association.”

“Which event do you think average news consumers will remember on Thursday – an administrative hearing concerning a convoluted tale of campaign finance laws, or the image of 200 Mexicans in stripes marching in chains down a public street?” asked the New Times. “Yeah, we thought so, too.”

Arpaio is lionized by Minutemen vigilantes and other nativist extremists for his controversial “287(g)” arrangement with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which empowers the MCSO, a local agency, to enforce federal immigration law.

Many Latinos taken into custody in recent months by MCSO 287(g) squads have been pulled over for minor traffic violations, such as a broken headlight or an improper lane change, and then arrested when they’re unable to produce proof of citizenship or a valid visa. The operations, several of which have been concentrated in predominately Latino neighborhoods and conducted in some cases by MCSO officers wearing black ski masks, have drawn widespread accusations of racial profiling.

Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox, an outspoken critic of Arpaio’s immigrant-bashing antics, told the Associated Press that today’s parade was “one of the most inhumane things I’ve ever heard.”

“[Arpaio’s] trying to justify this as a ‘budget savings,’ and I’m just appalled. It’s just another publicity stunt,” Wilcox said. “I don’t think you can segregate people that way, and we’re going to get all kinds of violations against us.”

  • ForJustice

    SabrinaR – You are a filthy troll. Mexican undocumented immigrants contribute over 6 billions dollars annually in tax revenue. They more than make up the 50 million you mentioned earlier. You are the most uneducated, simple minded racist human being I have ever had the misfortune to come across. How about you educate yourself before you open that fat mouth of yours?

  • Star

    I am the great-grandchild of 4 LEGAL immigrants, 2 from Italy, 1 from Poland and 1 from Austria. All of my relatives had to learn English and follow the laws of this country. Just like today’s immigrants, they chased the American dream for a better life.

    When I lived in New York, the immigrant melting pot, one that celebrates the best talent of the world. The companies I worked for would sponsor great talent from other countries with temporary LEGAL work visas.

    I live in California now and its a nightmare. Companies here need to be held accountable for the disaster they’ve created. Its time for a change. Using non-documented people for slave labor is inhumane and illegal. It is also dangerous to have people running around this country that we have no criminal and health histories on not to mention the obvious financial drain on public services.

  • Dave

    I’ve just plowed through this entire discussion. Very passionate and legitimate arguments from both sides.

    Citizens from other countries have no ‘right’ to sneak in here and make demands and do…. whatever.

    I’ve been all over the world, seen alot of bad. If I lived anywhere else, I too would do whatever I had to to get my family here.

    So it seems to me that this problem could actually solve itself if the illegal immigrant population among practiced some old-school policing of their own. Keep their brothers from causing all these news-making problems.

    No I don’t buy it that every illegal immigrant came here to commit crimes, but the ones who did are ruining the chances for the ones who are honest but desperate.

    Start policing your own or shut up.

  • Anna

    What about the trafficked workers?
    Even Wal-Mart still uses illegals, according to a manager I know. They just contract somebody ELSE to go get them, and they pay that person/company. Walmart is the biggest employer in the US, aren’t they?
    What about the trafficked sex slaves and nail salon workers and factory workers? Shouldn’t the traffickers and employers be in MORE trouble than the desperate immigrant trying to find work?
    Has anybody read the ‘Grapes Of Wrath?’ iI’s a very eye opening book.

  • JJ

    since when is it a crime to want to live a better life? immigrants belong here in the united states,since white trash lazy people dont want to do cheap labor jobs,someone has to do it. im glad immigrants are here in this country,they are the source that keeps this country moving forward. so screw all of you people who hates immigrants.go shut your mouths or just go to hell

  • GENO


  • SabrinaR

    Geno—-you should really be careful—you are sounding a bit like a racist with all the hate speech coming across!!!!! I, and millions, agree that ANYONE, no matter the nationality, who hires an illegal should be jailed and fined and to take it a step farther–take their business away!!! So lets get our Congress and President to make it law!!!

  • GENO

    How many of you retards and whiners actually understand “the rule of law”???

    And since the subject is about the *rogue* (Sheriff) joe and immigration. Let me ask you pro-law folks one simple question:

    If you support “the rule of law”, then you support every law written in the books. This also means you don’t necessarily support just one friggin arcane law over the next main law. And here’s the big difference between crossing the border and corruption–

    1.) Crossing the border illegally is a class 1 misdemeanor(that is, if you are caught).

    2.) Corruption is a class 1 felony, punishable up to 10 years(or more), if proven and found guilty by the court of law.

    Which is the worst crime? I say corruption, which is why its also a felony. And that’s what this bogus and inept (Sheriff) is all about. You retards should be directing your rage and energy at this KKKorrupted (Sheriff)!

    Not to forget that you fools should be angry at the greedy self-fish white capitalists who run, own and managed many of the companys and corporations who knowingly hire illegal aliens. These white capitalists are part of the problem and not the solution. If you don’t want illegal aliens coming here looking for work, then you oughta be blaming the white employers who control these big companys that employ them. You need to put your anger where anger is due. Pure and simply put it this way–illegal aliens can’t employ themselves, its the employers who hire them. So blame the white man!

  • SabrinaR

    Jan—we are simply going to have to agree to disagree—-regarding the Supreme Court ruling—gosh let me think how this will play out—not one single illegal will know, or even think, that that SS card (number) that they PURCHASED (which is common knowledge not the way you obtain this piece of documentation LEGALLY) may belong to someone else —- they will most likely be versed on what to say—-how close am I Jan?????
    Now let me make it perfectly clear—I DO NOT HATE ANYONE. I DO believe in the Rule of Law, I DO believe there are ILLEGALS in this country who steal, rape and murder citizens of this nation and I DO believe the multitude of monies the American Taxpayers have to cover for social services, free school lunches/ food assistance programs, education, incarceration and Medicaid, sucked up by ILLEGALS, is completely and totally unfair. I ,and millions like me, will do everything within our power to make sure there is never again an Amnesty for those who would enter this country illegally. I agree with you that our Immigration System needs to be revamped – our borders MUST be secured —we have a right to know who is in our country and what they are doing here — I hope we will agree on that. I believe that if a pregnant woman enters this country illegally her child should NOT be considered a citizen of this nation simply because she gave birth here. I believe our elected officials have a responsibility to the Citizens of this country to protect them to the best of their ability and with our open borders that has not been done. I believe any employer who hires an illegal should be sent to jail and fined heavly. We are a nation of immigrants but we are also a nation of laws and these laws are not to be stomped on when not convenient for someone from another country.

  • Jan

    My comments are based in facts, it is what you keep asking for and how I prove my points, not just repeating things over and over. I think I understand our laws very well, it is you is is narrowly reading them. If you fail to understand the severity of the situation by blaming the problems of the country on “illegal” immigrants, than you are seriously wrong. I mention torture to prove my point, when did i compare “walking down the road” to waterboarding?? Our military did waaaay more than waterboarding—we specifically sought to humiliate Iraqi people. The photos of abuse speak for themselves– making these men pose naked in a pyramid with a female on top of them is degrading to their culture. forcing fear with dogs is u see pictures of waterboarding? bc i didnt.ill repeat: what joe did is exactly what the govt denounced when it was done to U.S. soldiers as violating the Geneva convention, which you keep ignoring. I was also speaking in general when i asked if those border patrol agents, or anyone “protecting” the border who has no right to be there unless they work for the government, should be free if they murder someone? no where did i state that what YOU were talking about the cops were shooting at a drug dealer did i? I will repeat this again and again, in order to understand the situation, one needs to understand ALL of the underlying issues, not just blaming it on a group of people. No one said they are all innocent, just like not everyone in the U.S. is a citizen. Also, read the L.A. times today–supreme court has just ruled unanimously that an undocumented immigrant cant be tried for fraudulant identity theft if they just bought an ID card, if they cant prove they didnt know they were stealing someones identity, than that person cant be prosecuted. yet another gain against the criminalization of immigrants.there is a broader spectrum to be seen, and while i dont condone criminal acts, ANYWHERE, whether it be from a citizen or and immigrant, i will say that people who have done nothing but crossed the border, those who have not committed crimes, are people who want to be a part of the country that gave them opportunity. call them “illegal” and “alien” all you want, but i believe in human rights and I can back my statements up, i dont need to use inflammatory conservative rhetoric to accuse people. “get your country in order” how can you say that to someone who has little say in the politics of her country?that statement right there is the problem, the U.S. has contributed to the collapse of many economies yet you go and blame 3rd world countries for their problems??each country does what they can to keep up but are continuosly falling behind bc of the debt accumulated through loans for economic growth while the large countries benefit from it and grow while exploiting cheap labor of other countries and outsourcing citiznes jobs. we are all interconnected geopolitically, this immigration problem needs to be solved by the government, not by hate. kicking out people you blame for a problem will not solve the issue. even the U.S. is now falling behind China and even Brazil because of the economic hole we dug ourselves into. i repeat: there are broad interconnected issues at work, not just a group of stigmitized immigrants.

  • SabrinaR

    Well Cindy here’s the problem—those “better chance in life, education and jobs” are for AMERICAN CITIZENS and when a person is in this country ILLEGALLY and receives any social service, receives any education or takes a job it is costing the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS so WE have a right to speak out against anyone who is here ILLEGALLY —we are the ones paying their way!!!!! Like I said before—get your country in order and stop stealing from the citizens of this country.

  • cindy

    sabrina your just stubborn you only see what you want to you dont want to realize that not all illegals are here just because they dont want to live where they were born at they come here to get a better chance in life, education , and jobs
    tust me if life would be better in mexico we would of all stayed over there but over here i have more opportunities to succede in life

  • SabrinaR

    Jan—-you do not have to speak for Cynthia—she’s a big girl and can speak for herself—-you need to understand we have laws in this nation and you need to learn to respect those laws—we have them for a reason. Your statements are reckless—are you trying to compair detaining illegals, or walking them down the road to waterboarding???? And the two border agents I was talking about DID NOT kill anyone — they shot an illegal drug runner (who abandoned his vehicle full of drugs) in the butt while he was running back to his homeland–mexico!!!

    Cynthia, the answers to your question is I grew up with my parents because we were all in OUR country legally—-you should have been with your parents in their homeland.

  • cynthia

    you take pride in bieng a citizen just because you were born here but you kow nothing about hard work and determniation

  • cynthia

    its not only what i went thorugh its what every illegal goes through to be part of this nation if you were to go through what illegals go through i assure you that you would even admire them what me and my family have gone is just one of the more million stories of other illegals but instead sabrina why dont you tell me what hard obsticles have you gone through during you childhod? tell me were you seperated from you parent when you turned 1? did you parents sent you your birthday gift in the mail from many miles away saying happy b-day? were you able to show you first fallen tooth to your mom? or when you were scared at night were you able to run into your parents room and cuddle in with them?or when you were sick were your parents thier for you or did you have to cry to you aunt or grandma? or when you spoke for the first time were your parents their to hear you?
    you think illegals are here just to be a burden but thier not you think they willingly WANT to abandone thier kids? when i saw my mom for the first time again i remember she cried she cried a lot and now that im older she appologizes for having to send me away that if things werent the way they were she wold of never send her only daughter away

  • Jan

    I mentioned my age to show that I comprehend the severity of the situation, i can see both sides better than most who are older. that has nothing to do with whether i am right or wrong, so to state this is very immature and inaccurate.I can see the right and the left and everything in between, i am very involved in politics, immigration, human rights, and the law. i am not seeking a ribbon or a prize, and im sure many of you arent either. what i seek is to understand peoples mentality and their inability to see beyond legality and to dwell in the rhetoric of “illegals” “aliens” and “criminals”. Read section 287 (g), it says they are allowed to help enforce immigration laws, which means detainment and passage of information to ICE. Their mission is to protect human rights and the homeland…now to me, that doesnt say Joe can do what he did. Also, the article clearly states that Cheney denounced similar practices in other countries as going against the Geneva Convention! So yes, it is illegal what he did, he’s on a charade of humiliation. I would also like to point out that you are on HATEWATCH–the majority of people reading this believe these acts are unlawful and the government needs to seek better ways to deal with immigration in ways that doesnt dehumanize or criminalize people. YOU ARE STUCK ON BREAKING THE LAW, YET YOU PUT PEOPLE ON A PEDASTAL WHO BREAK IT. Abu Ghraib guards humiliated and degraded captured Iraqis w/out caring if they were guilty or not, this goes along the same lines. I just want to point out that ICE and the Border Patrol have consistently and systematically committed abuses amongst illegal crossings, U.S. citizens, and resident card holders. Is this right? do you think its fair they do this because they assume people of one ethnic group are illegal? during the 90s, 50% of those people the border patrol abused were citizens. what is ur take on that. As for those officers put into prison for “doing their job”, they should be punished if they are found to have murdered someone who did them no harm. The Border Patrol, like any other law enforcement agency, can draw its weapons when there is an emminent threat. I can site various instances in which officers have shot immigrants in the back who had no weapons found on them bc they “thought” they did. WHy? bc they ran away? i would think if someone drew a weapon, then that would be probable cause. If cops were allowed to do whatever they want, we’d have an authoritarian-ruled country. As for you asking Cindy for her story, she doesnt have to justify her story to you. She comprehends the situation, she understands the circumstances that have led to the immigration problem. NAFTA and the free market are large factors, dont implore a teenager to explain anything about her life to you, thats not right. I see stories of thousands of people detained in prisons for long stretches of time for no reason awaiting deportment. Theres stories of abuse, deaths, hidden information—do you think this is right? shouldnt the government just deport people (granted, not those that did commit crimes), but those that have done nothing but been found to be here illegally? I repeat: what i am concerned with is the fair treatement of ALL PEOPLE, regardless of their status, we all deserve that dignity.

  • SabrinaR

    Cindy, why don’t you explain to us what YOU have been through and where YOU are from.

  • cindy

    hope obama can help get better laws for illegals to have a chance

  • cindy

    im glad that jan is someone who is willing to understand what illegals go through to be part of this nation we dont come here to be a burden to this nation we just want a better life and education

  • mark

    Now that we have a framework of age provided by you. Yes, you are wrong. Not everyone gets a trophy and a ribbon.

  • SabrinaR

    Jan-you are not wrong because you believe in “human rights”,you are wrong because you pander to those who do harm to this nation and her Citizens. If someone wants to get a loan from the bank, but the bank tells this person that they must fill out an application and be approved for the loan—and it could take several days—-should this person just go ahead and rob the bank because they do not want to follow the rules or wait the several days??? Because the process takes time does NOT justify (as you are trying to do) breaking the law.The citizens of mexico need to look within their own country to supply their needs and not assume that becoming a burdin to American citizens is the fair and just thing to do. I am not a racist, I have relatives who are anglo, black and hispanic (all legal citizens) and they all feel the same as I do—and as far as Joe breaking the law by walking illegals—where does it say that he CAN’T do that??? I do not defend the murder of anyone (not like our government who justifies murder through abortion), our prisons are full of those who take lives — and then we see cases of American border patrol agents who go to prison because they were DOING THEIR JOBS —- talk about being angry!!!! Or a father and his two sons who are murdered only miles from home by someone who has no right to even be in this country —- or a little girl who is raped by someone who has no right to be in this country, or an old lady who is stabbed to death by someone who has no right to be in this country—–or a promising you high school student who is shot to death by someone who has no right to be in this country—multiple these events by hundreds of thousands and you may start to understand the built up frustration of the majority of American citizens regarding people who have NO LEGAL RIGHT TO BE IN THIS COUNTRY. We know not all illegals are criminals, even though their FIRST act on American soil was against our laws, but how do you pick the good illegal law breaker verses the bad and dangerous illegal law breaker?????
    I agree that our immigration laws need to be looked at – but not to deminish the laws that are to protect us as citizens. We need to secure our borders, we need to put a cap on all visas—we can not just say (as we did long ago) come on in—as many as you want to bring—-because we are running out of room and resources—-this is not the same America with all the wide open spaces —–those spaces are full and the resources are depleating quickly. Americans will NOT put up with another amnesty.

  • Jan

    Wow. I am amazed. So I’m wrong bc i believe in human rights? I never said that people dont know they are breaking the law when they risk their lives entering the U.S., if they did believe that, do u really think they’d come hidden in trucks or trecking through the desert? You have yet to answer my question on whether an American who does the SAME things you are accusing “illegal” immigrants of doing should not be punished for it? If an American murders an undocumented person, is that justified? should they walk free? trust me, i know a hell of alot more about immigration laws and history than you believe. I am merely analyzing the logic being presented here and looking at the broader picture, at the various junctures and factors that brought this “immigration problem” to the forefront even stronger now that it has ever done before. There are various various studies at top-notch universities, various books written on the subject that condone illegal immigration and some who say it’s racial profiling, yet all admitting that the mistakes of the various immigration laws, many of which sought (and still do) to have the cheap labor imported from Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia. No matter what stance they take, they all mention that illegal immigration is a result of past American mistakes to exclude certain groups. Mae Ngai, Leti Volpp, Timothy Dunn are all excellent reads on this dilemma and also give possible solutions. The truth of the matter is that immigration, legal and illegal is on the rise bc of economic factors that force people to make that decision. If it will take you 10-20 years to have your application reviewed, which do you think people would choose? waiting or risking it and just crossing? I never said laws were not menat to be respected, but going along those lines, i implore again: what Joe did is ILLEGAL. nowhere in 287(g) does it state that he can parade people around like that, it is unethical to do so. That was my point–for those that speak of “respecting the law”. you cant break a law to make up for another one if one feels they are to be respected. o if you think race is not a factor, what planet are u living on?As for this distinction between “illegal” immigrants and legal immigrants knowing what’s right or wrong, give me a break! That’s one of the oldest excuses in the book! when Eastern Europeans werent wanted, people said that they were “different” and that they werent as good as Western Europeans and now that’s happening more and more with Latin America. As soon as someone crosses the border, they become “criminals”, just because they crossed, that doesnt necessarily mena that they are evil people and will commit worse crimes. You are setting these people p as murderers and hooligans, you stereotype them based on an illegal crossing. Do you really think that this has nothing to do with race? History has shown that that’s what immigration laws and deportations have always been about. We relocated Native Americans, pushed Mexicans who were already living in the country when it was Mexico out, and interned the Japanes in concentration camps during WWII and deported many. You cant ignore the overarching problems that contribute to this phenomenon, that would be even more catastrophic. I can understand some peoples anger, but i can also step out and see the bigger picture. Reagan was mentioned as granting amnesty, as if i would praise such a president. To me, he was amongst the worst presidents weve ever had, but the majority loved him, it is to Reagan that we can attribute poverty, it was during his administration that many people were homeless for the first time, he opposed unionization. So no, i dont praise Reagan for what he did, nor did i say u said so, im just stating my opinion. This is not a personal attack, i am merely looking at the rhetoric presented. And at the end of the day, I see that i have greater respect for human rights at such a young age than the vast majority of the “older and wiser” population.

  • SabrinaR

    Mark, you are correct – attacking a person (or calling them racist) because they believe our laws should be obeyed is getting old and actually NOT working anymore. We have many many immigrants in this country who followed the law and respect this nation and have become Americans and then we have criminals who have no respect for our laws, our country or her citizens. Some just have a problem seperating the two catagories and feel if they put them all in the same status they will be able to make a point—–WRONG!!!!!
    Americans welcome immigrants, but will fight rewarding those who break our laws.
    Do not let people like Jan get to you—-they are few and far between and haven’t a clue what they are talking about. Stand with the American citizens who stopped amnesty in 2007. Rewarding bad behavior ONLY creates more bad behavior. Regan gave amnesty to 3 million illegals with the promise that that was the last time—–by rewarding those illegals we now have 20+ million illegals in our country—-point proven!!!!!!

  • mark

    Did you read your own post? Your argument is without a doubt the most feeble attempt at justifying the “illegal” immigration I have ever read.

    “they dont willingly INTEND to steal someones identity” Purchase of Social Security number by a person who is not entiled to have one shows intent and willingness to continue to the break the law. It is a very sad day when we condone an illegal activity based on the criminal desire to have what is not rightfully theirs. Based on your statement the fact I would like to have something more than the person that own it is all that is needed to justify any course of action I take to obtain it. Your need or attempt demean the person you attack in the post shows a typical approach. Often the argument taken by those attempting to be politically correct is used to cast others by musing that somehow the other person just isn’t smart enough to see the truth or understand the complexity of the problem.

    Well, I have no problem with immigration to the United States of America as long as the established laws are followed. Folks that break the law should not be treated better than those than those that follow the law. Hmmm, what a concept.

  • SabrinaR

    Jan—-you really should stand up for American citizens (from many parts of the world) and stop supporting criminal activity. And I would like to know where you get your statistics that those who are here “illegally” are doing better educationally and career-wise than Americans—please let me know where you get that information because it is not true and probably does not exist!!!!
    You do not seem to be able to seperate immigrant from illegal alien—-you are putting these people in the same catagory and they are not—-immigrant is someone who follows the law — has a sense of right vs wrong—-illegal alien is someone who does NOT respect law and could care less about right vs wrong. Please do not use the excuse that illegals break the law because they do not know the law—-they should know the laws of their own country—-lets use mexico as an example—wouldn’t illegals coming from mexico know the laws of mexico regarding being in mexico illegally????? Those laws are a lot worst than ours!!!!! So logically you believe when someone sneaks into this country — through darkness, or in the trunk of a vehicle, or hidden under a vehicle, or crammed into a van with 50 other people that they do NOT realize or know that what they are doing is against the law—-please————.
    And to compare what an American citizen (be they born here or legal immigrant) does to someone who is here illegally is comparing apples and oranges.
    Joe has every right to protect citizens from law breakers–I believe he is paid to do so—–if he wants to parade them down the middle of town square wearing pink underware or Holloween costumes—-SO WHAT —- if this intimidates them then they can do us all a favor and GO HOME!!!!

  • Jan

    While it may be “correct” for Americans and anyone entering the country–or any country for that matter to respect the laws of that country, the issue at hand here is how much can we as Americans stand? Many of you on here claim that these “illegals” are stealing your resources, your jobs, killing your people, yet you don’t see the broader picture. Cindy has it correct when she says that many Americans take it for granted that they are in a great position to prosper yet they dont grab that opportunity. statistics show that the majority of immigrants who come to America–legally and illegally, are doing better educationally and career-wise over natvive-born Americans. So Sabrina I ask you this: is it ok for any American to kill an “illegal” because they broke the law by coming here for opportunity? Would that American be free to walk of committing murder, according to your argument? And i do give these people more credit than you, because i see them as people first and foremost, you see them as criminals and whatever other stigma you have come to associate with immigration. sure, they know they need social security to work, but my argument wasnt that; what i said was that they dont willingly INTEND to steal someones identity. Have you read the articles on the raid in Postville? only about 3 social security numbers out of say 300 actually matched by name and number. So no, they dont go out intending to steal peoples lives. That is a vast difference from the numbers of americans who purposely go out and steal peoples identities bc they want to steal their money and not pay for it. As for health services, everyone has to pay for that, no matter how much insurance you do have, you have to pay something. what do you have to say for those Americans that do the same things you are accusing immigrants of? Americans who should know the law bc they lived here their whole lives? immigrants are obviously not going to know all of our laws, so what excuse do u have for Americans? do you really believe our justice system is always correct? As for Joe, he works with ICE to ENFORCE immigration law, and while i disagree with local enforcement acting like the Border Patrol, he is supposed to enforce it, NOT humiliate and degrade human beings. No where in the laws does it say he has the right to do so.

  • GENO

    Now back to focusing on this incompetent (Sheriff). Earlier this week, your aging “hero” went to NYC to make a hideous appearance on the Stephen Colbert Report, a comedic half-hour on the Comedy Central. All loony and f***ing around while an important border security meeting was taking place with top government officials. Does your (Sheriff) not take border security and illegal immigration seriously? Or is he simply losing his decrepit mind? Either way, he is getting dumber by the day. All of his actions this year just keeps getting out of hand. You neo-KKKons are so brain dead, you fail to recognize his ineffectiveness as a professional law official.

    Even your Republican pals like senior Senator Juan “the traitor of the neo-Con” McCain and Sen. John Kyl, powerhouse GOPs, shying away from your bogus of a lawman, who calls himself “the toughest blah blash in America.”

    If anybody watched the local news yesterday on FAUX10(a favorite of natavists) is said that Sun City(which is an arpaio stronghold) saw an alarming increase of burgularies, home invasions, and robberies. Sun City is arpaio’s backyard, his territorial responsibilty. And you call him your (Sheriff)???

    Blah ha ha ha ha….

    If you want a true crime fighter, look no further than George Gascòn, who by the way should be our next highly respected Sheriff. Your “hero” arpaio is a joke, plain and simple.

  • SabrinaR

    Cindy, Cindy, Cindy – you honestly sound like a reasonable person, but you are very misguided regarding legality and laws.
    11-22 Billion dollars on social services to illegals per year is NOT a lie – it is a fact and here are some more FACTS for you—2.2 Billion dollars per year to illegals for food assistance programs, 2.2 Billion per year to Medicaid, 12 Billion per year to primary and secondary school education to children who can not even speak a word of ENGLISH, 3 Million per DAY to incarcerate illegal aliens. This is money that, as you put it, “Could be WASTED on American Citizens.”—who it belongs to!!!!
    In 2006 the Dallas Morning News reported stats on maternity services for illegals at Parkland Hospital—70% of the 16,000 babies born to illegals costing taxpayers 50 million dollars and thats only 1 Texas hospital.
    Now if an illegal is stopped and given a ticket and has their car taken away—-Cindy it is against the LAW for that person to be here much less driving a car here!!!
    Have you ever checked into what mexico does to those they find in their country “illegally”— how would you like it if we did the same???
    American citizens are tired of our borders not being secured, we are tired our laws being ignored, we are tired of supporting the majority of illegals in OUR country and we simply want them to go home—-I do not believe that is asking too much — they were NOT invited here they have invaded this country and should be treated as invaders.

  • cindy

    well my point of view is that ur right sabrina, there are american citizens that go to sleep without them or thier children eating just like illegals, but the difference is that they had the opportunity to seccede and get an edducation to a better life but they didnt take the opportunity of doing so and now your trying to blame their misserable lifes on illegals saying that they are taking their money and jobs? when really all illegals are trying to … i dont know how you say this in inglish but what they are trying to do is have a better “vida honorablemente” because just like their are illegals that are doing wrong stuff like you said their are also america citizens that are also doing the same. and what your saying that illegals are here only to take your money and jobs i consider thats a great lie because illegals also pay taxes and they report thier taxes but never recieve money back or when they get tickets to illegals and take thier cars and your right when an illegal enters here they understand that thier braking the law but if your talking about respect you should also see how the same people who entered here illegaly worked hard to get their papers like my parents that shows that they respect this country and what your saying that they should go back to their country and fix thier issues have it for sure that if it was up to 1 illegal and fix the problem of thier country of origin i assure you that they would not come to this counrty and leave thier family for so long
    the issue of wasting 11-22billion $ on illegals isnt really true that money is bieng wasting on american citizens to you cant blame the economical crisis on illegals for example part of that money bush was wasted on the AMERICAN TROOPS bieng sent of to iraq and afstagan or however you spell it.. wich was tottaly unessacery
    so thats really the whole thing had to say

  • SabrinaR

    Cindy – I am sorry you had such a hard beginning – we have American citizens who have had hard times too – who still go to bed hungry. The issue that millions of Americans have is NOT with immigrants—it is with ILLEGALS. If you are in this country illegally you have no right to welfare, or jobs. Illegals are costing American citizens 11-22 Billion dollars every year. There are illegals in this country who murder, rape and steal so short of being a mind reader how are we to know who is the “good illegal” and who is the “bad illegal”? When you enter this country illegally you have already broken our law which tells us you have no respect for American citizens or our laws. You have a home country–why don’t you try to fix the issues in your country so the citizens can prosper – do not be a burden to this nation – it isn’t fair to us.

  • cindy

    i just really have to say something since in my class this is all we talk about and maybe my comment might not be as good as any of you but i say it from deep inside and im only 15, but well i honestly think its really unfair and racist for this sheriff to have done this i come from illegal parents and honestly i think they have as much right to be here as any one else one of the comments i read sayed that immigrants are taking the citizens jobs but when do you see a white person cutting anothers yard just to get a low payment ?or when do you see white people picking grapes or picking up lettuce? or working in a Tams burger? or luise burger? my father has worked in luise burger cooking hambugers and fryes and getting payed 6$ an hour he didnt just come here because he was bored of living in mexico he came here looking for the american dream wanting to have a better future for me my brothers and my mom. when he came here he didnt know anyone he had to sleep in the streets until he was able to pay for a hotel, now i dont mean to give you a whole essay on my life but it really hurts me hear that people are working soo hard on driving immigrants out when they themself shouldnt be here either the only rightful owners of america are the natives yet you dont see them cumplainig but really this does compare to the holocaust i was reading in my class an article were it said that they rounded up jews and just like the immigrants bieng rounded up here they were forced to walk all the way to the ghetto and were bieng wached and humiliated by the german citizens in the ghetto there was a wall that was surrounded by barbed wire and class and on the other side were ss officers this compares to today and history may repeat itself thats why i think its really unfair and racist to be doing this because most of them bieng locked up are just here trying to work for thier children and wifes just to later be seperated from thier children and loose everything they worked hard for. i have lived through this and its really hard i had to be seperated from my parents when i turned 1 year because my mom and dad had to both worked hard to be able to live and pay rent in a small garage for me and my 3 brothers i remember clearly when i came back to the u.s after 7 years of living with my grandma and seeing my parents for the first time and not knowing who they were i was scared to stay with them and i didnt know who my brothers were up to this day it still herts me that i couldnt live my childhood with my parents like any other child but i know that my parents did what had to be done because now i have a better education and life. we can judge people for what wehear or see but we cant really know what they go through till we step in their shoes

  • SabrinaR

    Jan – say what you want – illegals are NOT as stupid as you try to make them. They KNOW when entering this country illegally they are breaking OUR laws – they KNOW when buying a SS card it is illegal – maybe I give them more credit than you do. Any immigrant who wants to work in this country or leave their homeland to become an American has opportunity, but first and formost – respect this nation and her citizens by not breaking our laws and not becoming a burdin on American citizens. Illegals in this nation have murdered Amercian citizens – I believe anyone suspected of being in this country illegally SHOULD be questioned – maybe some of our citizens would still be alive if this were done more often! I promise you ANY congress man/woman who votes for amnesty will NOT be re-elected to office – the AMERICAN people are fed up with our open borders where GOD knows who can come through – we are tired of our hospitals closing down because illegals use them and never pay for the services, we’re tired of our schools going down hill because our test grades are so low and we are totally fed up with those who march in our streets waving the flag of mexico – go home and wave your flag – go home and take care of your government or let them support you.

  • Jan

    Sabrina, my dear, you are living in a bubble. your rhetoric of “invasions” is laughable. you call these people “criminals” yet your definition is because they are breaking immigration laws, but you are placing a different stigma on that word. for you, these people are dangerous, but how? do you not know how social security works? if these people use social security numbers, (which most people arent commiting identity theft because they are getting it from someone selling it to them, read the laws, Fraud is the purposeful INTENT of taking an identity to do a malicious act, ie. credit card run ups and such. which these people do not do, they know they need it to work, that’s it) you and many like you are criminalizing undocumented even more by saying stuff like this. you sound crazy and highly nationalistic, which, according to history, can classify you as a nationalist socialist–like Hitler. I agree with others that you are not worth arguing with because you are narrow minded and do not look at the broader picture.. you seem to like typifying a group of people so im glad people do it to you–you are very ignorant of human rights and laws. I’m sure you dnt seem to see that what the sheriff did was against the law.


  • Jan

    Those people who say stuff about “follow the laws”. you tell me where the hell it states that a Sheriff at the LOCAL LEVEL can humiliate and disregard human life? You tll me when it became ok for local enforcement to ask people about their legal status and for papers proving citizenship? have you ever been pulled over and asked for your green card or citizenship status? most likely not–because people have come to associate “illegal” with brown, not even thinking about Europeans or Caribean peoples as undocumented. Why? because you only see and hear what you want to hear, Newsflash–the Sheriff here is breaking te law–what do you have to say about that?? according to Rumsfield, acts like these go against the Geneva Convention—know what that is?international law on human rights violations. GEESH educate yourself!

  • jane

    I am appalled not only at this blatant disregard for human rights, but at some of the comments recieved! It amazes me that people have such ignorant things to say and obviously do not know enough to be commenting on this! the ICE website changes continueosly and claims to be protecting citizens from “terrorism” by detaining all of these undocumented Mexican men, they are criminalizing all immigrants by implying that they are “terrorists” or a threat to the state. This Sheriff thinks that he is above the law because racist, ignorant people think that way. He had no intent but to humiliate these people because he feels he can do so. Explain something to me: he says these men were a flight risk…how the hell were they going to get out of the prison when, presumably, other prisoners hadn’t done so? Reality check–all prisoners are a flight risk! as for the picture with signs pointing to various regions of the world, that is just ignorant and wrong, who the hell is he to degrade these people and treat them as sub-human? For all of you who said that it was a good idea to do this charade, for all of you who said “they should go back to where they came from” and are “taking American jobs”, shame on you! Have you forgotten the history of the United States on segregation and civil rights? Does WWII mean nothing? do all of the various secret wars the U.S. waged on other countries, backing cruel dictatorships by providing training and weapons not say anything? In you’re ignorant comments, you have forgotten that we as a govt. look down on human rights violations and condemn those who do it, yet these incidents are in our own soil and you seem to back them up, shame on you. Get some common sense, educate yourself with real history, and stop being ignorant. these are PEOPLE we are talking about, and who’s to say you yourself wouldn’t leave your country and enter another illegally if the situation got fucked up? As for these “American jobs”, which seems to be the biggest argument, why don’t you go pick the fruit and vegetables? go work in dangerous meat-packing plants, sweatshops, and the like. Complain to you own government about outsourcing, if you know what that is, because that’s where you’re American jobs are going, to places where cheap labor is prefered over American workers.

    I feel deep sadness for people who violate human rights and are ignorant of people different from you, think and gain knowledge on the matter, learn to look at each side, because American egoism has got to go. It appalls me even more given the fact that I am only 20 years old, yet i have more common sense and education than many who are older and “wiser”. Food for thought.