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Racists Threaten To Abandon GOP Over Election Of First African-American Party Chairman

By Sonia Scherr on February 4, 2009 - 11:10 am, Posted in White Supremacist

It’s not easy being a white supremacist these days.

Already reeling from Obama’s win in November, believers in white superiority were dealt another blow last week when former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele became the first African-American to head the Republican Party.

Extremists view Steele’s election to the helm of the Republican National Committee as a betrayal by the party that many considered, in their words, “the lesser of two evils.” On blogs and online forums, they excoriated the Republican Party for supposedly pandering to minorities while abandoning what they see as its white base.

No one professed more outrage than David Duke, the ex-Klan boss and former Louisiana state legislator. “GOP traitors appoint Obama Junior as Chairman of the Republican Party,” proclaimed the sub-headline on his website.

Yet ever the optimist, Duke saw a silver lining in Steele’s election, just as he had in Obama’s win. “I am glad these traitorous leaders of the Republican Party appointed this Black racist, affirmative action advocate to the head of the Republican Party because this will lead to a huge revolt among the Republican base,” he wrote. “As a former Republican official, I can tell you that millions of rank-and-file Republicans are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore! We will either take the Republican Party back over the next four years or we will say, ‘To Hell with the Republican Party!’ And we will take 90 percent of Republicans with us into a New Party that will take its current place!”

Despite such rhetoric, white supremacists seem to be doing more whining than strategic planning. The Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), a white nationalist organization descended from the pro-segregationist White Citizens’ Councils, complained that Steele supports affirmative action, gun control and “more Federal handouts.”

Under the heading “GOP continues shooting bullets into it’s [sic] own corpse,” the CCC wrote: “Meet the new improved GOP. Steele’s supporters actually believe that having a black chairman will cause the media to be nice to them and blacks to leave the Democratic party [sic].”, an anti-immigration hate website, called the election of Steele a “disaster” and weighed in with a blog post titled “RNC to White Men: — Off” that referred to Steele as a “professional Black” and called white Christians “the new Slave class.”

“Apparently Chairmanship of the Republican National Committee has become another of those positions, like being head of an Ivy League School or Governor of the Federal Reserve, to which white men of Christian heritage Need Not Apply,” fumed the writer of the post, Patrick Cleburne.

James Edwards, host of the white nationalist radio show The Political Cesspool, blogged that the Republicans were trying to “outpander” the Democrats — a strategy he said would fail as more white conservatives stopped going to the polls. “Now they’ve got a black man heading up their party, just like the Democrats do, and the GOP couldn’t be happier. It simply wouldn’t do to have a white chairman. Not with a black man in the White House heading up the Democrats.”

And the League of the South, a neo-confederate hate group, blasted Steele for reaching out to moderates in a blog post titled “New GOP chair to Southerners and conservatives: drop dead.” It concluded: “Remind me again why I should vote Republican?”

  • Tyrone


    Americans must get real about how this country was started! Why it got in the horrible condition it is in! We Americans must also tell the truth about American history! FRIST TRUTH: The majority (WHITE PEOPLE) where the first Americans to receive a Welfare /Affirmative Action Program in America. In the form of slavery! Government approve! Which cause the extreme have not and the extreme haves! So the statement “pull yourself up by your boot straps” DOES NOT APPLY TO THE MAJORITY”! Whites where able to secure financial security for theirs elves and their families! The majority (WHITE PEOPLE) where able to secure land and property for their selves and their family! By denying minorities Americans the right to secure wealth and property! This practice continue TODAY indirectly by red lining minority neighborhood! SECOND TRUTH: White racism has disrespected every institution in America! The Constitution and non-whites! THAT IS A FACT!!! The results is 90% of America wealth is own by 1% of America’s population! White greed is destroying America’s economy and becoming the greatest! The result of white racism has rank America 17 in some area and 34 in others! White racism plus being the majority of America’s population equal disaster! THIRD TRUTH: The need for a “Civil Rights Bill” was belittling the Constitution that should had protected all Americans civil rights! America’s Government and America’s judicial system is full of white racism and unequal treatment and discrimination!
    Now some people will read this and call it racist WRONG!!!! I love all GOD’s people! BUT we as a people can’t change what we don’t acknowledge! If all Americans come together we can be the greatest country on earth!

  • Tyrone

    Mitt Romney is the worlds biggest Republican hypocrite next to Senator John McCain and the quitter Sarah Palin! First this is the Governor that President Obama model the healthcare reform plan after. That Romney propose and pass for Boston Mass.! But today Romney criticize President Obama healthcare reform plan for all Americans! But Romney wants to be President of all Americans! BUT HE DOES NOT WANT ALL AMERICANS TO HAVE HEALTHCARE!!!! When former President G. W Bush sent Americans to fight and die for nothing in Iraq! He didn’t eliminate Boston Mass Residents! Where is equality for all Americans???? When Romney appear on “The View” the hosts of “The View” DID NOT asked hard questions!
    LIKE: 1.Why do the citizen of Boston Mass. deserve healthcare and the rest of the country does not!
    2. Why is it OK for Mitt Romney to sit in a church that discriminate and calls black people less than…FOR 15 YEARS!
    3. Why didn’t the media attack Romney church like they did President Obama.
    4. Why wasn’t Romney wife and children attack like Ms. Obama!
    5. When Romney spoke about the Constitution! Why wasn’t he asked: Where was the Constitution when blacks where being hung from trees and no one ever charge? Why did America need a Civil Rights Bill” if the Constitution was already written?

  • Tyrone

    Michele Bachmann the IDIOT!!!

    Talk about pure stupid and total ignorance about American history Congresswoman Michele Marie Bachmann and Republican Sarah Palin. Give all white women a horrible name! Michele Bachmann in her response to President Obama “ Nation Address” mis-stated American history about American Founding Fathers! For her information former President Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner and pure racist! Jefferson disliked seeing women take political roles, Historian Richard Morris wrote, “Abigail Adams excepted, Jefferson detested intellectual women. Annoyed by the political chatter of women in Parisian salons, he wrote home expressing the hope that ‘our good ladies … are contented to soothe and calm the minds of their husbands returning ruffled from political debate.'” While President, Jefferson wrote that “The appointment of a woman to office is an innovation for which the public is not prepared, nor am I. According to historian Stephen Ambrose: “Jefferson, like all slaveholders and many other white members of American society, regarded Negroes as inferior, childlike, untrustworthy and, of course, as property.
    Jefferson published his views that blacks were inferior to whites in his book, Notes on the State of Virginia, saying blacks were inferior “in the endowments both of body and mind.” ! Supervising and owning hundreds of slaves, including their children, Jefferson believed that blacks were equal to lazy animals and were inferior to whites in reasoning, mathematical comprehension, and imagination. This was Jefferson’s rationalization for their condition of slavery. In effect, Jefferson believed that the difference between blacks and whites was “fixed in nature”, and was not dependent on their freedom or education.
    Jefferson could see no way for African Americans to live in American society as free people, saying “Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free. [But] the two races…cannot live in the same government.” For a long-term solution Jefferson believed that slaves should be freed then deported to African colonies. Otherwise, he feared war and that in his words, “human nature must shudder at the prospect held up. We should in vain look for an example in the Spanish deportation or deletion of the Moors. This precedent would fall far short of our case.”[

  • beverly

    Jonathan..maybe so, depends on your beliefs and yours is clear, but I am more NOT immigrant than you, I am full blood card carrying Comanche, but of course my fathers’ descendants were Mexican, and I love that too.

    The euro came for freedom of oppression, yet they oppressed and tried to slaughter the original landlords to this Turtle Island. It was they that brought their slaves, whether they were the lowley white endentured sevants or the black slaves, your people brought them here, your people started the immigration of white euro, and now all the rage is against the Mexican immigrants, what about the trillions of whites that are living illegal and not being bothered just because of the color? If the color is not being observed then the accent should give a clue! What if they were all corraled and sent back home,(halleluyah) then and only then should we start sorting the rest out, of course leaving the original inhabitants completely alone. I believe that the Southwest does belong to the Mexican and Native Americans.

    Another solutions would be……..divide the United States right down the middle North to South and you Euros can take the east coast along with the U.S. Government….thats where you landed and the pillage began.

    I just want to make myself perfectly clear, I am not against any people that are not Indian, just the HATE FACTOR in certain groups! There is a prejudice within the Indian Nations also, some think they are better than others, even within the Comanche Nation, but the HATE that these White Nation Supremists adhere to, goes far beyond anything rational and sober thinking.

  • Ryan the non-Aryan


    Say if that were to be entirely true, then what is the need for all this criminal & treacherous WN movements?

    Remember that Jews are not “White Gentiles”, in spite of the fact that they may look
    “white” but they aren’t .


    Its not a “form of racism” to turn against their own. Because they are members of the same race.

  • Jonathan


    “Whites have power, David Duke is white, ergo David Duke has power. Obama is black, ergo he doesn’t have power. Come on! Do you really think in these terms?”

    Answer: No, I’m pointing out that is how many appear to think.

    The American system has turned “anti-racist”, i.e., anti-White. So if it is true that White Gentiles hold all the power in the American system, then they have turned against their own people – this is the worst form of racism.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Whites have power, David Duke is white, ergo David Duke has power. Obama is black, ergo he doesn’t have power. Come on! Do you really think in these terms?

    Overall, it is white gentiles that hold the power in the American system. The fact that one can find a white with no power or influence and a black guy who has power and influence means nothing.

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    With a name like “Juan John”, you are right. Hispanics are the 2nd most “racist” group in the U.S. and usually their racism is directed at mostly whites with names like “John” who are usually biased against the “Juans”.

  • Jonathan


    Is that you, Aslan?

    Apparently Muslims are a race: Nick Griffin of the British National Party was accused and tried of stirring up racial hatred after calling Islam a “wicked vicious faith”. ;) Seriously, this shows the confused thinking of leftists and “hate crime” laws.

    Speaking of Whites and power, are you implying that David Duke has power?

    We now have a Black president, so are you saying Obama has no power?

    So should I conclude that David Duke has more power than Obama?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Gays aren’t a race, neither are Muslims. Many Indians not only marry people outside their caste, but outside their ethnicity as well.

    The problem with white racism is that whites have power. Sure ethnic prejudice is generally bad, but when one side has all the power, it is worse.

  • Juan John

    Most of the people I know who are blatantly racist are either Asian, Indian, hispanic, Arab or Africa-American. When’s the last time you saw someone from India marry outside of their caste. When is the last time you saw a Muslim welcome with open arms a relative or friend who is openly gay. I could go on and on. Are there white people who are racist? Of course. But I would say as a percentage of the population their numbers are comparatively miniscule. The problem is that organizations (for instance the one that runs this site) make their living screaming racism) and they’re not about to give that up or hold minority races up to the same scrutiny.

  • GENO the Shadow Wolf

    Well apparently, my last comment was submitted prematurely, as I was briefly distracted and interupted, resulting in me accidentally pressed the “submit” key. After realizing this, I quickly sent an email to the moderator Mark Potak to inform him of this mistake and told him not to post my incompleted response directed at “someguy’, but Mark did not comply….

    Now back to where I left off, in addressing “someguy” I stated that my focus on racism in the U.S. will be copious and essential.
    Unlike the poster “someguy”, I am not a Johnny-come-lately. I have yet to see this guy post any rational and sensible “arguments”, but instead I saw only squalid rebuttals and classic denials. Typical of a WN.

    “Show me some proof.”

    Didn’t you just say “google search”? You just put those two words in my mouth. If you really wanted “proof” on anything, all you needed to do is do a “simple google search” yourself. And its not hard to discover the fact that white supremacists are responsible for some of the church burnings and property crimes reported in the U.S, and not only in the U.S. but globally. If you are as smart as you purported to be, then sucker, this shouldn’t be hard for you to see that this is so.
    As far as the [H]atecrimes statistic goes, why don’t *YOU* go on over to the D.O.J`s website and see what I mean? Read the [H]atecrime reports for 2007. Then come back and prove me wrong. Then if you believe the DOJ statistics are incorrect, then I assumed the law is not on your side.

  • GENO the Shadow Wolf

    “I don’t why you capitalized “hate crimes,” you write like a barely literate person.”

    What I can’t understand is the gross ignorance in your first post. Its like you have a weird habitual oddity of lumping everyone in the same boat who are not so fond of WN idealogy. And then you go on to tell others to “find something better to do” , as if addressing the enmities of racism towards minorities isn’t important. This is only goes to show us that you are either way dumber than I am, or you simply just don’t get it. Either way, my focus on racism in the U.S. will be

  • someguy10

    Re: Geno

    “WNs are the main culprits in committing the highest rates of Hatecrimes and property crimes including burning down of churches and crosses etc. And that number continues to grow daily.”

    I don’t know why you capitalize “hate crimes,” you write like a barely literate person. As far as your “arguments,” I don’t know what “committing the highest rates of hate crimes” is supposed to mean. The vast majority of hate crimes are not committed by actual race groups. This is a fact and can be proved with a simple google search.

    Burning down churches? I don’t even know the last time I’ve heard of a white nationalist doing that. Show me some proof. Your frantic “anti-hate” beliefs are probably based in some sort of bizarre mythology that exist in your imagination. Seek help.

  • Judah

    Look no further than this hateful site for a some GOP supported neo-confederate viewpoints, Pat Buchanan praising, racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-government ranting. When accused of any anti-Semitism or racism, the site owner usually cops the “some of my best friends are” or worse. Judging by the amount of responses, the site is not read by many, but it’s on a continuing transition to the far right, which is why I’m drawing attention to it.

  • mandinkawarrior

    As an older African American,born and rised in the Jim Crowe south.I was appalled at the internet rumors,birth certificate law suites sorrounding Mr Obama,s candidacy.Even though Mr Obama won the election,we still have a long way to go.My hope is in our young people,who don,t see race as much.I look at how young people of all races and backgrounds worked so hard to get Mr Obama elected.My heart goes out to Mr Steele.I see the postings on the internet.Many in the Republican party are not happy with him being elecected to head the GOP

  • Aslan Maskhadov

    Hey “someguy”, care to highlight some examples of this”anti-European American bigotry”?

    And Jonathan, to say that Native Americans are “immigrants” because they migrated into the Americas is like saying that Europeans are immigrants to Europe since they migrated into there as well. You have to draw a line somewhere in history.

  • GENO the Shadow Wolf

    “You really show what the SPLC is really about, hatred of European-Americans.”–someguy10

    Nope. That’s incorrect “guy”. Just because there is a disgruntled poster on here does not reflect what the SPLC is all about. Someone who is expressing their “hatred” of a certain group of people is only expressing themselves as an individual, not for the SPLC and not necessarily for others on here. Thanks to the Right towards Freedom of Expression. If there is anything that has something to do with the notion that someone needs to “do something better with their lives”, its the white supremacists. WNs are the main culprits in committing the highest rates of Hatecrimes and property crimes including burning down of churches and crosses etc. And that number continues to grow daily.

  • someguy10

    Wow, look at the hate-filled anti-European American bigotry on these comments. You really show what the SPLC is really about: hatred of European-Americans. You all need to let go of your bigotry, find something to do with your life.

  • Jonathan


    “Native” Americans are immigrants too! Do you think they evolved from some other species on American soil?

  • Jonathan


    The Founding Fathers were “racist” WNs.

    The truth is actually quite the opposite: you need to resort to suppressed liberties to keep a “multicultural” nation from flying apart.

  • Jonathan

    Dear Obama 2012,

    “I really think the Republicans are becoming a fringe party …”
    The wheel turns; they were saying the same thing about the Democrats. Patience.

  • Jonathan

    Hi Gwendolyn,

    “Hi Jonathan, you’re busted.”
    I don’t think so; everything on me is working OK, although one of my fingers is slightly sore from rock climbing.

    “Pointing out the existence of institutional racism and institutional sexism is not “racist” or “sexist”.”
    – Questioning possibly racist/sexist statements is not racist or sexist.

    “It’s pointing out an actual, quantitative imbalance.”
    – Do we suspect a conspiracy?

    I don’t advocate that you “step away from the keyboard” as I like hearing a diversity of opinions. Do you support diversity?

  • beverly

    I concurr with Blue Fielder,

    let them split, combine all the money they stole and buy themselves a paradise island occupied by none other than Albino,blue eyed, transulscent skin white aryan nations. Go and be happy with your coverall pants, tattoos, cone caps and capes(I’ve always wondered why they cover themselves up at their public meetings, they talk real big and so proud), then come monday morning, sat behind a desk working for the Government issues, or at luncheons?

    I say GO! Get out of the United State if you hate the different colors its comprised of!

    Start with the White Protestant Anglo Saxons Christians who began the hate, you have been here since the 1600’s, if you are not satisfied by now,dang, isn’t it about time you started a new Nation of your OWN, go conquer another Land, you came, you raped the lush meadows and grasses, cut down the forrests, slaughtered the wildlife, you made concrete jungles, you took over, and don’t want to share with the original inhabitants, nor any other immigrants such as yourself, if you are not a descendent of an original Native American, you are an immigrant! Go away with my blessings, as a true Native American.

  • GENO the Shadow Wolf

    The Libertarian Party is hardly regarded as a pro-WN or a singled raced party supposedly comprised of only white people. To cite one good example of a non-White running for the Libertarian Seat was a 1988 contender named Russell Means, who is by the way–a Native, a movie actor and the founder of the Republic of Lakotah.
    There is no doubt that racsim still exist in every party.
    Arkansas is a good example of this, since that state still to this day has never elected a Black candidate(Republican or Democrat) in any of its state or congressional districts. Even Obama lost that state which went directly to John McCain.
    Here in AZ is quite the same for Blacks especially if the Black candidate is a Republican. An African-American Republican has no place in the AZ GOP scene.
    Tony Bouie an African-American Republican in the LD6 AZ GOP primary exemplify the virulent racism embedded in the AZ Republican arena;

    I wonder if the agenda behind Micheal Steele`s victory to the RNC throne is root out any Neo-Con extremists that are in the Republican? To devide the party into 2 separate factions between the far-right extremists and moderates and centrists? A political move in an effort to revitalize the GOP`s imagine that was badly tarnished by white supremacists sympathizers.

  • Carter

    WN will not involve themselves with Libertarian politics because the basic Libertarian element is diametrically opposed to National Socialism / Fascist / nationalism.
    The “I’ll leave you alone, you leave me alone: lower taxes: less government” concept is totally foreign to them.
    The NAZI concept of State-control is the very heart of the WN movement. How else could you maintain a “white-homeland”?
    We will always FIND racists in EVERY party (Democrats certainly, as well) but they can’t find a HOME in anything but fascist-socialism: a nationalism that is at once isolation-oriented but oppressive to it’s neighbors.
    Active racists don’t find the idea of leaving people alone appealing. WN finds the idea treasonous.
    Libertarians & those with that way of thinking in their make-up have little to worry about. The David Duke-types want busy bodies in positions of power & controlling everyone’s lives.
    That’s why most people who really don’t take an active anti-racist approach or may even be conservative, abhor WN thinking. Not only do they hate the Constitution; they want to be Big Brother more than anyone else!
    They will always be the Enemy of every clear thinking freedom loving individual.

  • Obama 2012

    hahahaha! This is fantastic. If the GOP can’t get together all of it’s different factions they are even more done for than I thought they were.

    I really think the Republicans are becoming a fringe party and hopefully they will split into 2 or 3 different fringe parties that can fight amongst themselves.

    Meanwhile hopefully the Democrats can actually start getting things done – And I mean seriously getting things done. We need decriminalization of all drugs. We need real universal health care. All of the things that all rational people know we need to do. We can stop placating the lunatics on the right. Let’s move on. Into the future.

  • Gwendolyn

    Hi Jonathan, you’re busted.

    Pointing out the existence of institutional racism and institutional sexism is not “racist” or “sexist”.

    It’s pointing out an actual, quantitative imbalance.

    Sir, please step away from the keyboard.

  • Gunslinger

    I was raised by my parents (both Republicans) to respect people all races, creeds, religions, and sexual orientations. I feel Mr Duke is grossly overestimating racists within the GOP at 90 percent.

  • Blue Fielder

    I, for one, encourage the racist dickweeds of the GOP to split from the rest fo the party – it ensures that the right will be out of power for decades at least.

  • NotSoRich

    So when does Rush L. start singing “Michael Steele the Happy Negro?” Linbaugh’s been stabbed in the back and publicly humiliated by the Republican Party, and yet he keeps carrying their water. What an absolute tool.

  • Jonathan

    It is no surprise that the Republicans have fallen on hard times with Bush “conservatively” invading other countries and being a cheerleader for amnesty, etc. Now they are trying to play catchup with the more politically-correct Democrats. Talk about a worthless party!

  • Jonathan

    Hi GENO,

    “What’s more ‘sexist’ is having the bitter white man pay their white women far less, ”

    Are you asserting that all White men are conspiring to suppress White women? It sounds a bit sexist and racist!

  • Mrs Jalica Miller

    What the Black people of this country, well educated, mixed in their belief in love, and God has shown the majority of the White Supremacy that given an even keel, a platform to speak, they will be heard just like Martin Luther King! The race card has been down troddened to help serve the so called white christians that serve self but not God…Their God has nothing to do with the imperial hate that causes this country a lack of dignity and human discrace…We are not a People of just White…but many would love it to be that way…and Christians who judge the color of skin need to be slapped down by what “GOD brings in” Hate and Racism go hand-hand, but tokens have always been the way of this land…For Indians know the truth, the ways that society grew to loose…Because it has destroyed the People’s choice, and slammed the impoverish to a world with no choice…Education breeds understanding…and it does not belong to just one White Nation…The countries we learn to understand makes us kinder for the People believe…Its about faith in more than what is seen! Its about Truth and Justice in the eyes of all…its about faith for “One and All” Violence and Anger is not about God, its all about the Greed and the use of the Law! Apachecheynne

  • GENO the Shadow Wolf

    Jonathan–“that sounds a bit sexist!”

    What’s more “sexist” is having the bitter white man pay their white women far less, when it was a Black man(Mr. President Obama) who signed the Equal Pay also known as the Lilly Ledbetter Bill into law…..

  • Ed Weston

    So they consider themselves a positive addition to some political party? Somehow I just don’t see a broad approval for any political party to advertise that they’re where the racists are. More likely to be described as, all of our distrubed voters.

  • tyrone mixon

    It’s called survival of the fittest, and a white man came up with that. If you are not the the fittest then you won’t survive.And let’s not start to bring up history because we all know who will win that one.

  • Exaggerator

    Come to think of it, Mike Steele may be something of a master of electoral “dirty tricks” pandering to racist feelings; according to John Nichols with The Capital Times of Madison, WI (via cyberspace):

    When Michael Steele ran for Maryland’s open U.S. Senate in 2006, his backers hired 300 mostly poor African-Americans from Philadelphia — most if not all of them unemployed, many of them homeless — fed them doughnuts and then packed the crew onto Trailways buses for an Election Day trip that would make a bit of political history.

    The buses, which were draped in banners for Steele and Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich, headed across the state line into Maryland, where the day laborers were dispatched to predominantly African-American neighborhoods of the city of Baltimore and populous Prince George’s County.

    They spent Election Day handing out glossy fliers headlined “Democratic Sample Ballot” or “Official Voter Guide.” The fliers employed the phrase “Ehrlich-Steele Democrats.” And they featured images of prominent African-Americans, such as former Democratic congressman and NAACP leader Kweisi Mfume, above the words: “These are our choices.”

    The implication that Mfume and other popular Democrats in the state were backing Steele and Ehrlich was hard to miss.

    But Mfume wasn’t backing the “Ehrlich-Steele Democrats” ticket.

    Steele and Ehrlich weren’t running as Democrats.

    Both men were Republicans. And, despite what the group Progressive Maryland described as a campaign of “Lies, Dirty Tricks, and Fraudulent Fliers Designed to Deceive African-American Voters,” they both lost.

    Now, however, one of them, Steele, is the new chairman of the Republican National Committee.

    The former lieutenant governor of Maryland, who has long been a favorite Republican commentator on Fox News and other conservative programs, won the backing of committee members who gathered in Washington Friday after promising to renew the sagging Grand Old Party.

    Steele, an arguably able political player who has for many years been one of the GOP’s highest-profile African-American leaders, pitched himself for the chairmanship by suggesting that he could put a positive face on a party that has seemed in recent years to be more interested in circling the conservative wagons than in attracting new voters.

    Steele promises to engage in “outreach.”

    But what will the outreach look like?

    What sort of politics will Steele practice as RNC chair?

    If past is prologue, this 2006 article from the Washington Post may prove instructive.

    As Post writers Matthew Mosk and Avis Thomas-Lester noted: “Republican leaders have defended the Election Day episode as an accepted element of bare-knuckle politics. But for many voters, it shattered in one day the nice-guy images Ehrlich and Steele had cultivated for years.”

    Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley was blunter: “I think it’s pretty low that Ehrlich and Steele would print up a fake ballot and bus in unemployed people and exploit them. It doesn’t get much lower than that.”

    Ahh, how quickly we forget past history….



    Please…Pretty Please…DON’T abandon the Republican Party! Your continued participation in that organization
    greatly enhances the glaring lack of credibility which they already enjoy. Losing your participation means they may actually begin to be a credible advocate for decency and tolerance…..a development which might actually make them electable again!

  • fred

    To all hate groups that are defecting from the GOP:

    Stay away from my Libertarian Party!

  • Robert Inman

    Will these “Christian identity hate groups ever die out? Maybe if their children come to their senses, as to how bizarre these lunatics behave, and it becomes so socially unacceptable (in all circles) they see how despicable this ideology is. Education is our hope, if only it could progress at a faster and better rate.

  • Jonathan


    “everybody knows that White women are far more less extreme as opposed to the white man.”

    That sounds a bit sexist!

  • GENO the Shadow Wolf

    Another confirmation will keep these snaggled-tooths seething as they weep….
    Yesterday`s confirmation of Eric Holder who is also “African-American” and the first Black man to be confirmed as the United States Attorney General.
    But Blacks are not the only minorities serving in the government, let alone the Obama Administration. There are also women and other non-Whites, and speaking of women, everybody knows that White women are far more less extreme as opposed to the white man. But we all know that the Jews are not “white gentiles” and are largely critical of white supremacy idealogy. But Jews like Dan Stein and those in the American Renaissance are very insignificant.

  • Jonathan

    Maybe Mr. Steel had the most sensible views of all the other candidates: pro-freedom of speech, pro 2nd amendment rights, no affirmative action, limited government, etc.?

  • daemonesslisa

    Wow…so this is “white pride”? For supposedly proud people, they seem awfully fearful of, well, everything.

    The quote from Cleburne was particularly ignorant. I can’t even repeat it.

    Let me spell it out: major corporations…entertainment companies…pharmecuticals…universities…the federal government…ALL of which are owned and operated by whites! You are losing NOTHING! Understand?