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Minutemen Face Off With Protesters Outside Border Patrol Office

By Hatewatch Staff on February 10, 2009 - 10:33 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Minuteman Project rally organizers repeatedly interrupted speakers during a raucous demonstration outside a Border Patrol office in Riverside, Calif., where protesters criticized recent sweeps at day-labor sites.
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  • Scott Flatland

    I agree WE should be able to decide, but there are as many innocent kids being harmed just across the border as there are in the nations we are at war with.
    As far as everyone saying to get the wall built….the bad guys are already here….are we trying to keep them in???

  • Amanda

    Scott, maybe we should grant amnesty for some citizens of Mexico who may face a direct threat, however, it should be up to us to determine who comes in, not just anyone who sneaks across the border without background or disease checks. BTW, why is this site boycotting Lou Dobbs? He is NOT a nativist. If you actually watch his show, he’s all for immigration, LEGAL immigration. His wife is of Mexican decent. He wants our borders secured to stem the flow of ILLEGAL immigrants and drugs coming from our southern border, If you find that offensive you need your head examined. Why do you have the right to slander Lou Dobbs, but he doesn’t have the right to tell the truth? Kinda backwards

  • rewhbl

    Scott, Wake up and smell the coffee! Get the wall done and line the ground with explosives to keep out those terrorist bastards!

  • Scott Flatland

    Again, the situation in Mexico is so bad now that the United States should allow decent citizen’s from that country to seek asylum here from the drug violence, especially along the border.

  • Pancho X. Villa III

    I’m really confused. US citizens, including Hispanic-Americans, show up to support the Border Patrol during a protest by a group that doesn’t want immigration laws (at least for Hispanic illegal aliens) to be enforced. SPLC considers this to be “nativism” or racist? SPLC is one screwed up organization. I may have to join these Minutemen and stand up for law and order.

  • rewhbl

    Thank you Patriots for the counter protest on these socialist swine!