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Racial Profiling Lawsuit Moves Forward

By Hatewatch Staff on February 17, 2009 - 11:36 am, Posted in Uncategorized

A racial profiling lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union against the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office based on a series of immigration round-ups in Hispanic neighborhoods has been allowed to proceed by a federal judge.
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  • Roger Mac-Evoy

    I get really tired of all this talk about how many jobs illegals are taking away from Americans in our economy today. As usuall we blame the wrong end of the problem and create a racial and cultural boogy man. We create a false national security issue at our “southern border.” As a former intelligence officer who spent most of his study on terrorist issues I firmly belive that a credible 9/11 style terrorist attack will not come from illegal immigrants. Smaller ones maybe, but not something with such planing.

    We need data,science and compasion applied to this problem. Instead all we see is emotion and jingoism. Too much of it on both sides of the argument.

    Arpio is someone who acts like he owns the law, but he deserves a fair hearing as does his accusers.

  • cindy hawkins-legorreta

    The only problem with using the rationale of millions of Americans out of work, and illegal aliens here undocumented (presumed taking jobs away) is: most Americans wouldn’t TAKE the kinds of jobs illegals are even able to get: day labor on construction crews/delivering newspapers in the wee hours of the morning/custodian-porter at a restaurant/being a nanny-often for less than minimum wage/ or, laundry work. Only the most fiercely motivated illegals become bank tellers, managers, legal secretaries. Undocumenteds are often denied access to for example, ESL instruction (I personally know two employers who fire any undocumented workers who attempt to take English classes or even to network, with their intended goal of developing English language skills and, applying for legal status) These employers are “not supposed to hire them” – but they do. Clearly, there are huge contradictions in place. And, yes, I agree our economy is in peril. Although the issue of undocumented workers needs desperately to be addressed and solutions found, blaming the undocumented is knee jerk, does not move our nation toward any real progress in this regard, and is counterproductive in the end.

  • Fred

    How many illegal worker do we need John when we have millions of U.S. citizens now out of work! Are you kidding me or yourself here buddy?

  • John Lloyd Scharf

    About 30 million immigrants are in the US. Of those, about 12 million are illegal. Of those, about 7 million are employed.

    We are spending $786 billion on the ARRA just to retrieve 3 to 4 million jobs, according to those who voted for and passed that law into effect. We are morgaging the future of my great grandchildren to pay for likely less than half of those jobs taken by illegal immigrants.

    Unlike most, I do not want to boot out our illegal immigrants, but plenty are getting very frustrated by the influx going on unabated.

    In a nation that needs jobs and has problems with security at the borders, it seems to me there are some worthwhile jobs to be created that beef up that security and give us an accounting of who partakes of the feast.