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Save Our State Members Rally In Support Of Reality Show

By Hatewatch Staff on February 17, 2009 - 11:41 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Members of Save Our State faced off with pro-immigrant demonstrators in front of ABC Disney Studios in Burbank, Calif., to voice their opinions of the reality television program “Homeland Security USA.”
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  • Crow Eyez

    “Homeland Security” was a title already used by an Native activist organization years ago before this became a trend, it promoted Native rights, soveriegnty et al. Which they were famous for selling. Its a political statement shirts, hoodies, caps, bumper stickers, posters that is designed to insult “European-Americans”, as it says;

    “Homeland Security..
    Fighting terrorism since 1492″

    A comrade of mine have been selling these items for the past 10 years long before this dubious “reality show” was ever created. In fact, this show is hardly creative in the true sense of the term. There’s nothing really creative about “reality shows”, except for the fact that’s its all about hype.

    Sheriff Joe’s dog and pony reality show called “smile…’re under arrest” had poorest ratings on FAUX Reality Channel. It was totally boring that it nearly put me to sleep.

  • jean e

    This is more of La Raza’s agenda to silence the public and any media who would dare to expose what is happening at the border and in this country. We have a right to know. Most of what we are told is leftest bias. Tell the truth, and nothing but the truth. If the truth hurts, then something is wrong. I live in California and we are invaded.

  • REW

    First of all that article was before the event.

    Heres video of the Brown Barets in the middle of a hate crime!