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‘Sons of Dixie’ Leader Indicted For Klan Initiation Murder

By Larry Keller on February 18, 2009 - 5:54 pm, Posted in Klan

A Louisiana grand jury today indicted a reputed Ku Klux Klan leader for second-degree murder in the killing of a woman at a Klan initiation ceremony gone awry. Raymond Charles “Chuck” Foster, 44, was charged in the Nov. 9 shooting death of Cynthia Lynch, 43, at a remote campsite near the village of Sun.

Foster, of Bogalusa, is alleged to be the imperial wizard of the Sons of Dixie Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Seven others were arrested with him in November and booked on obstruction of justice charges. The St. Tammany Parish grand jury, however, indicted only Shane Foster, 20, and Franky Lee Stafford, 21, on those charges. Shane Foster is Chuck Foster’s son. Another defendant, Danielle Jones, 24, was charged with accessory after the fact.

The jury returned a no true bill against the remaining four, including Andrew Yates, 20, who is mildly mentally retarded and was collecting Social Security disability checks at the time of his arrest, according to his lawyer. “I really don’t think he knows what the Klan is,” said the attorney, Ernest Barrow III, of Covington. After Lynch was killed, Chuck Foster stole Yates’ boat and his cell phone “so he couldn’t call police,” Barrow said. “I think he [Yates] was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Also arrested in November but not indicted were husband and wife Timothy and Alicia Watkins. “She was there with her husband,” said Nancy Yeager, the attorney for Alicia Watkins, 23. “Her part was very passive.” Alicia Watkins did not see the shooting, and Chuck Foster threatened her and others if they called for help, Yeager said. Some of Foster’s Klan materials indicate that Alicia Watkins held the title of imperial kaithropp or kalthropp. Yeager said she didn’t know about that. “I think they were involved with the Klan. I don’t really know what her role was in that.”

Lynch lived in Tulsa and took a bus to Louisiana to join the Sons of Dixie Knights, authorities say. Foster and seven followers took her to a wooded campsite about nine miles south of Bogalusa. When Lynch at some point said she wanted to leave, Chuck Foster allegedly got angry and shot her, then dug the bullet out of her body with a razor blade and instructed his followers to burn Lynch’s belongings.

The attempted cover-up began to unravel around 4 a.m. the following day when Shane Foster and Stafford stopped at a Circle K a few miles away and asked a clerk how to remove blood from clothing. She called the sheriff’s office. Lynch’s body was found about a quarter of a mile from the campsite.

Investigators found Klan robes and documents at the campsite. The latter included a Klan “blood oath” in which the person signing agrees to “be Klannish in all things” and to “maintain the purity of the white blood and natural superiority with which God has ennobled it.”

Last year, fliers were distributed in Bogalusa for a crawfish boil at the home that Foster rented from a sheriff’s lieutenant. The flier read in part: “Bring a friend! [Whites Only!]”

  • Earn

    I don’t think Foster knew that miss Lynch was bipolar so it was kind of inevitable that this tragedy would happen. Luckily she didn’t get a gun and start just popping them in their sleep. Well start vetting out who you recruit before you swear them in.

  • Mike Brown

    It’s very sad that people are trying to continue the legacy of the KKK

  • Olivia

    I live in Bogalusa, Louisiana. it is hard to believe that something like this could happen under the noses of this community, even now after all these years. It makes me wonder what else is happening in this community that we do not know about. I had no idea that the Ku Klux Klan even existed anymore, let alone in our area. I did not know any members of the Ku Klux Klan that killed Cynthia Lynch, nor do I want to get to know them. I am very glad that I do not associate with people like that. I know it has been quite a few years since this happened, but I just found this website today

  • Linda

    After reading the comments it is obvious you all need to read up on your history. Republicans have exhibited a very racist agenda as evidenced by their voting behavior and the pure obstructionist policies they have utilized against our first black President. That is not to say all Republicans are racist but the current crop certainly is heavily so. And it is not just a few lone nuts.

    Yes, back in the day the racists belonged to the democratic party especially in the south. But they defect en masse when Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act.

    And to say anybody who calls the Klan Christian an Idiot is ludicrous. That is what all White Supremacist groups call themselves, the Klan included. There is a reason they burn the cross. Is it a perversion of Chrisitan teachings? Yes, but it is hardly the first time hate filled atrocities have hidden behind that particular religion.

  • Al Champagne

    This was said probably prior to RFK’s statement:

    “We’ve still got a distance to go, but we’re finally starting to see some real improvement with more and more black leaders in government, and I’m sure that we’ll have black presidents one day.”
    -Harry S Truman

  • GENÖ: the Shadow Wolf

    Yeah except that “Conspiracy Theories” are somewhat refutable and almost 100% unproven.
    You go way back before the Civil Rights era on politics which was obviously “racist” on all sides. That was easy. The country was still in its infancy in terms of “Race Relations”. Who didn’t know that?


    But however, it was the history of the “Klan” as I was trying to point out, has always been somewhat of a quasi-terrorist group. And the “stereotypes” associated with it, is still active to this day. the same as it were about a century ago…

    The political demographics of each Parties has changed copiously over the generations “to fit with the times” but not with “the Klan”. So the image of “the Klan” stays true to its orginal form since birth. And of course then there’s Ken Meir’s group(or unknown groups like his) that is trying to change its badly tarnished image. But it doesn’t do much to change the the fact that the “Klan” has always been and perhaps will always be a racist hategroup.

  • Carter

    Many people do not know the history of the political parties as reflected in the Abolitionist Movement.

    “Abolitionists in the North spoke and wrote in
    public forums, but were always suspected of secret
    designs and hidden agendas. Funding and organizing
    the subversion of slavery in the South was one
    accusation. Others included complicity in a British
    plot to break up the Union and/or a secret neo-federalist
    stratagem to destroy the Democratic Party.
    Not surprisingly, these anti-abolitionist theories
    often came from the ranks of northern Democrats
    eager to retain the favor of their southern wing.”

    [Quoted from Conspiracy Theories in American Society]

    A powerful force for divisiveness in modern political activity is the wedding to certain Political Parties as being of one mind-set. Perhaps it’s time that some people grew up or at minimum studied a bit of history. At one time the Democrats were the voting slave holders. Even in FDR’s time were there not concentration camps for Japanese Americans that other people of Asian nationality were swept into? It was AFTER WWII that the Buffalo Soldiers (an all Black Army group) were disbanded & men of color were supposedly mainstreamed in the military .
    Many whites don’t realize that people of color get very suspicious of the Political hype of “Republicans = Evil, Democrats = wonderful, caring egalitarians”.

  • beverly

    I found this piece, A POWERFUL AND PROPHETIC THOUGHT RENDERED BY ROBERT KENNEDY 40 YEARS AGO: He gave a speech to the “Voice of America” all around the world and despite what was going on in the country, particularly in Alabama, Bobby Kennedy said this in 1968:


    I wish you could see the picture of Robert Kennedy and President Obama placed side by side. I believe Kennedy was Attorney General at the time he said this.

    Isn’t it ironic we have a Black Attorney General also. This is so much more respectful than what yeagley has posted, comparing our President Obama with a chimpanzee with pictures!

  • GENÖ: the Shadow Wolf

    When it comes to thinking about “the Klan”, most non-Whites(particularly African-Americans) will think of it in “racist” terms, meaning that the folks who call themselves “Klan” members et al, are somewhat hostile or suspicious towards non-Whites and those Whites w/ whom they regard as “race traitors” et al. Will be thought of in negative terms. This is because the “Klan” image has always been viewed as a terror goup or a group that terrorizes Black folks and other people. They created that image for that sole purpose alone, it is not a “stereotype” to think of them in that context. History is full of terror based on the “Klans” activities which dates back to over a century. There is nothing “stereotypical” about “Klan” members when everyone knows what the “Klan” is all about.

    Today”s Republicans(the vast majority of them) have nothing to do with “the Klan” and I’m not sure why some idiots juxtapose Republicans with “the Klan”, however, some political agendas put forth by the Republicans can sometimes be regarded as “pro-white interests”. Depending how they approach issues on Race and Religion. Despite the fact that there are some extremist types of Republicans in their woodpile such as the late Jesse Helms and in my area Rep. Russell Pearce who sponsored the Employer Sanctions Law, he also has white Nationalists/neo-Nazi ties based on the emails he forwards to his supporters along with his association with the local turd reicher J.T. Ready who is by the way the leader of the local NSM chapter. These types of political demagogues give the Republicans a bad name. But the Republicans will only do more damage to their own Party when they do not denounce extremists within their circles like that of Russell Pearce and (Sheriff) joe arpaio.

  • Al Champagne

    I’m sure most people in Bogalusa want to shed their town’s reputation as the Klan capital of Louisiana. This event does not help the matter. They can start by sending this wizard to Angola for life.

  • Carter

    I would like to underline Geno’s remarks. I believe he is absolutely correct. Once again, stereo-typing on top of a group (Christians) reflects that bigotry is a far more complex issue than a one-sided agenda.

    I really don’t know if some people realize that the 1970’s are over….The all encompassing “anti-establishment hysteria” is a poor excuse for not having to use one’s intellect.

    The statement: “KKK members are deeply christian and Republican.” is almost laughably stupid.
    Christianity is a complex religion & the Klan reflects none of it. The Republican party is diverse (to an extent) & Klans generally are not too politically active. Most of the local political campaigns that the Klan can even be traced to were very small local agendas, many with “southern democrats” as mayor, sheriff, etc. But VERY limited in scope (FBI investigations of Klan activity in the rural South, FOIA memorandum).

  • GENÖ: the Shadow Wolf

    “KKK members are deeply christian and Republican.”

    Sorry but I beg to differ. If they were “Christians” as you claimed they are, then surely they would not be forming a hategroup that preached hatred doctines, promotes murder and violence. Nor would they kill one of their own. This KKK is totally the opposite of “Christianity”.
    To call these guys “deeply christian” is completely irrational and ignorant.

  • beverly

    I totally agree with you Ryan-non Aryan and Songbird.

    I wondered what happened with this news, haven’t heard about this since it happened.

    These people are all so young. I hesitate to call their growing up “Culture”, but it is how they grew, in their homes, their mom and dads influence is carried with these young minds into the real world, Their World.

    This is the World that our new Attorny General is talking about, the secrecy of these underground people has been known since forever. People who are NOT supremists, but want to live in a free society ARE the COWARDS for looking the other way, its time to bring all the issues out.

    Non-whites have lived with this issue of race for so long it did not shock us! The white racisit who have had their way, are the offended ones. They show their Cowardice, by ranting on and on.

    “dug the bullet out of her body with a razor”…….and what about the man who the city police stopped for having a homemade sign on his car something to the effect to “Abort Obama”, every day an issue involving race is in the news,,,I think it is a good thing, we need it all out in the open!!!! maybe one day all things will even out!.

    yeagley says Oklahoma is against Obama, I say this Oklahoma police officer did his job. When I visited the Oklahoma Capital recently, I saw Obama flags and his picture all over the Offices. Oklahoma may be Republican, but Obama is the most popular President we have ever had besides Kennedy!

    yeagley is WRONG, and white!

  • Songbird

    Ryan, you are so very right. Atty. Holder was addressing everyone in the US that have their head in the sand about exclusion and lack of reality that this land (the US) has every race blood in it’s soil and built this land. Cowards are those who think, “I speak to black people and I have black friends so I can’t be racist”. This is the average “bubble of daily life” and this applies to everyone of any race. BUT what does your heart fill when you won’t go on “that side of town” or “liquor stores targeting only miniority neighborhoods”. I live in the “nice neighborhood” and I don’t want a 7-11 store in my neighborhood! So what does that say?? Atty. Holder was telling us to be real with ourselves, black, whites, hispanic, flipino, chinese and so on. The KKK and similiar “gangs” are so filled with hate and proproganda that they don’t know the truth or reality. Any white person, black person that think “America is their land” elevator doesn’t go to the top! It’s sad. This woman died thinking she was going uponst friends…she was so blind. I feel sorry for her family who may believed she was doing the right thing so what do they think now?? Stop eating on the hate cakes! If you find the conversation is “hate them”, “they are taking something from what is ours”, “we are superior to everyone else” or “God says we are superior”……just realize and think….uhmm..this is quite negative. God is love and created everything and everyone. Hate will turn your heart black and you will find your life just in a rut doing nothing but talking crazy drama that someone “told you”. Don’t be a lamb and think, not just blindly follow. It takes more muscles to frown than to smile. Life is too short and God see all that you do and say. Live a good, Godly and loving life and be happy.

  • FlexSF

    KKK members are deeply christian, and Republican

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    Eric Holder’s statements yesterday does indeed make a valid point. I agree with his notion that America is indeed a “Nation of Cowards” when it comes to racial issues. Many of the folks who are largely deemed as “cowards” as Holder puts it, are usually upper and middle class whites(besides the typical low IQ’ed redneck). Why I tend to believe that, is primarily part of the concept and belief, that whites are either in extreme denial or they just don’t want to face the hardcore truth. Whatever the reasons, non-Whites have been making progress over the decades. One theory points out to the fact that whites experience far less, or no racial prejudice as opposed to non-Whites. Which is why these people have their heads so far up their asses.

    To prove that racism still exist is evident everywhere, take the latest asanine satirical stint put out by The New York Post which showed a caricatured chimp and cops that quotes about Obama’s stimulus plan.
    The irony of ironies was that the person who drew that was also white.
    If we were to address and deal with racism, whites will need to step up to the plate moreover than often. They need to be educated about certain negative stereotypes they tend to fall for. I give kudos to Eric Holder for having the guts to say what he felt was needed to be heard.

  • Mrs Jalica Miller

    The Klan…They exist in Brotherhood…Normally, not outward but hidden with deep inferior contempt…Very well rehearsed in their understakings left….Killing another for selfish reasons is just like the ignorance I have tolerated over this time…Ignorance of so much more have been stated in the American lies….Read and Heed our new Attorney General tells the country of their lameness of race…Its not just blacks that have taken the pain..the Slave masters of our country are deeply embedded in money…they are Your brothers, sisters and honeys…they are greater as they own the southern countries…they continual through the beat down who ever crosses them and more…Learn and heed the statements that come…Man is so evil that their brothers are in parts of the Law! Apachecheynne

  • Robert Inman

    When will someone hit her with a pie filled shoe?

  • Irony

    So a Klansman named Ray Charles kills a woman named Lynch during a KKK initiation? odd combination of circumstances.

    I hope some social services are given for Andrew Yates if he is mentally retarded. If he is unable to comprehend the Klan, then it’s likely a bad home life, or social circumstances, that brought him to being involved.

  • GENÖ: the Shadow Wolf

    I guess its fair to say that you can now refer to Raymond Foster as a “race traitor”. After all, he killed and murdered a White woman…

    Then again, this only goes to show the Americans what the white supremacy is all about. Murder, self-hatred, and dispair. Its the nexus of white power. Raymond sets a clear example of that. It may be the end of white supremacy as we know it.