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Neo-Nazi, Hard-Core Nativists Hold Pro-Arpaio Counter-Demo

By Hatewatch Staff on March 10, 2009 - 8:23 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Veteran neo-Nazi activist Elton Hall joined 100 to 200 members and supporters of the nativist extremist organization United for a Sovereign America for a counter-demonstration in support of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio while 3,000 to 4,000 civil rights marchers protested Arpaio’s racial profiling and immigration sweeps.
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  • GENO aka “Shadow Wolf”

    John Conyers chairman of the Judiciary House Committee will hold hearings on the abuses/corruption of arpaio and the MSCO. Yesterday’s news coverage was certainly entertaining and something to be on the look out for.

    arpaio may be the poster child for his excessive illegal immigration enforcement, abusing federal powers to justify his criminality. But he will also be made an example.
    Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon said it best when he was asked about the House Judiciary Committee’s investigation–
    (Based on recollective memory)
    “No one is above the law. This country was founded on the U.S. Constitution, so that Kings and Tyrants do not create their own laws.”

    The irony is that Phil Gordon and Mary Rose Wilcox are the only elected officials to have the balls to stand up to arpaio locally. It takes elected officials in other states to step in and denounced arpaio. Due to the fact that arpaio is known to use his office to open up criminal investigations on anyone elected official who opposes him. Which is why it takes elected officials in other states to do it for our elected officials here in Sand Land. Who are obviously–cowardly and spineless. Only Gordon and Wilcox have what no other local elected official has and that’s called a backbone.

  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    To those who don’t know Elton Hall, he isn’t a WW2 veteran. But rather a “neo”-Nazi veteran, as in the first neo-Nazi movement which was founded on the notoriously assasinated George Lincoln Rockwell’s ANP(American Nazi Party). The old man is a regular over at the USA(United for a Soveriegn America), a vicious and insidious racist hate group w/ members like “Buffalo” Rick Galeener who called just about every nonwhite–“monkeys”. Also he is supposed to be registered as a sex offender for exposing himself while peeing in public in front of a Hispanic woman and her son. These racist saguaro nimrods are not just anti-illegal alien, they are anti-Jew, Hispanic and anti-nonwhite. With old time neo-Nazis like Elton Hall to show for it, is proof they are white supremacists.

  • Bente Susanne Hansen

    My country, Denmark, was occupied for five years. It nearly cost my maternal grandfather his life. He wasn´t jewish, just an ordinary social demokrat, who spoke his mind about things, also about how the occupiers threated his jewish countrymen. He was sent to Germany to do forced labour, leaving behind a wife and five children to fend for themselves. We have a neo-nazi movement in Denmark today, and they are allowed to do almost everything they want I´m ashamed to say. They can threaten people and tell the Auschwitz lie. I´m not very proud of being Danish.

  • George Sidoti

    Somebody should explain to Veteran neo-Nazi activist Elton Hall that we won the Second World War. We didn’t want anything to do with that idiotic Nazi phiolosophy then and the same holds true now.

    Elton Hall is a traitor and violates everything this nation stands for. As a veteran of the Armed Forces, I fully support the U.S. Constitution…And, that is the definition of what the United States is all about; and, not some nutty racial idea of pitting one race of people against the other.

  • GENO aka “Shadow Wolf”

    I was there to partake in De La Rocha’s anti-arpaio march. Everybody was united as one. Besides the usual Hispanics, there were Blacks, Natives, Whites(and/or Jews) mixed, bi, multi-racial folks who opposed the tyranny of arpaio. The crowd was somewhere between 4,000 to 5,000 Freedom marchers.. Although this took place 2 weeks ago on Sat. the 28th of Feb.
    To be frank, it was quite possibly the best march I ever participated in, with Zack De La Rocha of Rage Against the Machine. He was a natural born leader. He amped up the crowd like no other elected government official. The Anarchist comrades also came out to support the overthrow of arpaio, waving black flags in anger. It was a great time.
    The Feathered Bastard is one of my favorite local journos who usually covers the local Natavist scene, racist neo-Nazis, and other sorted extremists from the fringes of the far right and of course–Sheriff joe arpaio.

    An update:
    There is good news for many anti-arpaio soldiers. Today, according to the local media, the U.S. Dept. of Justice has sent arpaio a letter, informing him of the investigation into his abuses of the 287(g) agreement and of course–racial profiling. This just came in tonight. I look forward to hearing what arpaio has to say. It will be defiant and bitter as usual. The ancient lawman is extremely vindictive and retialitory. But boy, that sucka’s gonna have to cooporate with the Feds.
    To be defiant and disobient is treacherous. It means he has something to hide. It also could simply mean an end to his tyrannical reign of terror…..

    It would be victory for Freedom, for our Constitutional Rights, and for Arizonians.

  • Bente Susanne Hansen

    The only thing sicker than a nazi, old or new, is a mad dog.