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Nativist Groups Call For Mexico Tourism Boycott

By Hatewatch Staff on March 24, 2009 - 7:43 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Americans United to Halt Tourism in Mexico – a new organization formed by various Minutemen factions and the California Coalition for Immigration Reform – distributed fliers urging tourists to boycott Mexico.
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  • Ryan the non-Aryan

    And sadly for many of these retro-subhumans(natavists). Many of their college kids still took trips to Cancun, Mexico for the annual spring break. I figured its already a tradition. This was according to the national broadcasting media. Unfortunately, many of these kids are white. Beside the usual native Mexicans who lived and worked in Cancun, I didn’t see any other minority group. Which brings me to another point–

    Blame your white children for not “boycotting” Mexico.

    Haven’t they learned from the infamous Natalie Holloway case?

    Gulible silly white people.

  • John Lloyd Scharf

    “Even from the far off UK” they have very nasty laws about foreign citizens without passport being in the UK. Unlike the UK, we walk down the street without CCTV on every corner. Unlike the UK, we do not have the luxury of speaking of illegal aliens having to cross miles and miles of water to reach the US.

    Regarding “profiteers and smugglers” they are overwhelmingly immigrants themselves and likely illegal themselves. If you make guns illegal, you are addiing them to the tons of illegal drugs. Prohibition creates crime rather than reducing it. Prohibition makes the world more dangerous rather than less.

    The problem with the Southern Poverty Law Center is that they are bad for the South, the Law, and those in Poverty.

    They advocate the violation of the law and they are most likely to attack groups who are poor and paranoid in their powerlessness.

    Every day I watch and read here extremist ideology that promotes the very intolerence it claims to hate. I will not stop reading or watching this “Watch Dog” group. Every Aryan Airhead group claims to be a “watch dog.”

  • George Sidoti

    It’s time to put all the hatred aside before we all are eaten up by bigotry and racism. The who travel to the United States from Mexico are usually taken advantage of by a few profiteers and smugglers who take the “immigrants” for a ride, dump them off and do it again.

    There must be a legitimate understanding of the needs of the people south of our borders to come to the United States. And, part of those needs is to address the matter of gun control in the U.S….

    With over 90% of all guns and weapons used in the drug wars and by the drug cartels bought in the U.S., it is time to get some control of our gun laws and the NRA. Support the Brady Bill in all of its implications.

  • Terry Washington


    Even from the far off UK, I can see the stupidity of this call for an tourism boycott of Mexico by Americans. Even the dullest white supremacist should be aware that the more impoverished Mexico becomes, the heightened likelihood of greater emigration(including illegal by so-called “wetbacks”) from Mexico to the Southwestern US, thus making the area “browner”!