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California GOP Group Hosts Author Who Claims Gays Behind Holocaust

By Casey Sanchez on March 25, 2009 - 2:26 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT

A chapter of a group once described by Ronald Reagan as the “conscience of the Republican Party” has announced plans to host a speech by the author of a book that falsely claims that homosexuals largely orchestrated the Holocaust. The Murrieta-Temecula Republican Assembly, a local chapter of the conservative GOP activist group California Republican Assembly, says it will hear on April 3 from Scott Lively — a man it boastfully describes as “The Pastor Vilified by the Newspapers as a Hater Because of his stand Against the Promotion of Homosexuality.”

Lively, who runs Abiding Truth Ministries, co-authored the notorious book The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party and claims that “the Nazi Party was entirely controlled by militaristic male homosexuals throughout its short history.” The book’s crude thesis, that gay men played instrumental roles in forming the Third Reich and carrying out the Holocaust, has been thoroughly discredited by real historians. (Lively’s speech to the Murrieta-Temecula group is entitled “The Pink Swastika.”) Lively is also co-founder of the anti-gay hate group Watchmen on the Walls.

The Murrieta-Temecula Republican Assembly’s leader did not return a message left by Hatewatch, but its website, adorned with the words “God Bless America,” does note that Lively “is called a ‘Hater’ by the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center.” (The SPLC lists Abiding Truth Ministries as a hate group because of its promotion of clearly false allegations about homosexuals.) CRA President Mike Spence said that local chapters like Murrieta-Temecula operate independently.

March has been a busy month for Lively. Just a few weeks ago, he flew to the Ugandan capital of Kampala for an anti-gay conference, where he argued that gays and lesbians should be forced into conversion therapy as an “alternative” to Uganda’s current criminal punishment for homosexuality: life in prison. Lively compared the lives of lesbians and gays to those of alcoholics, claiming that “to give arrestees the choice of therapy instead of imprisonment [is] similar to the therapy option I chose after being arrested for drunk driving in 1985 (during which time I accepted the Lord and was healed and transformed into a Christian activist).”

For years, Temecula was the home base of Lively’s Abiding Truth Ministries.  But he has recently relocated his operations to Springfield, Mass. He also keeps up a busy speaking schedule in Russia and various former Soviet republics, promoting his book.

  • Montana

    The KKK started the minutemen and then the Teabag Party. Now they control the GOP. Does anyone real believe that minorities will change the view of the GOP. The GOP just wants to send out coconuts out with the same old GOP message of protecting the rich, because they no longer hold a lead on civil liberties because they were the ones who came up and passed the Patriot Act, they were the ones who kidnapped and waterboarded, they were the ones who passed vaginal ultrasound bills throughout the nation (but leave the child abandoned after birth), they are the ones who love hating the gays, they were the ones who passed minority voter suppression laws right before a national election. I think the GOP has written off all minorities, but hey send out your coconuts, but don’t expect winning any elections. The GOP is reaping what they have sown!

  • carmen

    I am horrified by this ‘person’ and his hate speech. The fact that Uganda re-intoduced bill to make homosexual behavior a capital offense following a conference wherein this hate-filled liar discussed the “Gay Agenda” and spread the lie that homosexuals FREQUENTLY molest teenagers ( fact is that majority of pedophiles are straight men ) and advised Ugandans on how to safeguard their children from being “recruited” by homosexuals shows a direct link between Scott Lively and the persecution of homosexuals in Uganda. And by Christmas his hate speech and lies may be directly linked to the State sanctioned murder of homosexuals in Uganda. Free speech only goes so far! You cannot yell “FIRE”in a crowded theater! His actions….his speech is no different. In fact, his hate filled rhetoric and lies are even more dangerous than yelling “fire” in a crowded theater! I am praying lawsuit against this monster is successful! But that is not enough! Revoke his passport! As his travels abroad he has one agenda, to get other countries to revoke the human/civil rights of individuals based on who they love! Any Republican politician aligned with this monster should be ‘outted’! I believe in free speech….but this monster needs to be stopped now before another country takes his hate speech as ‘gospel’, and it results in the beatings, harassement, torture, ‘correctional rape and state sanctioned murder of human beings because of who they love! Lastly, as a Christian I wonder if this evil man has ever read the New Testament? Jesus spoke of love, compassion and tolerance. Whereas S Lively only spews hatred and lies!

  • Carter

    While I certainly agree that Nazis targeted a plethora of groups, it was not only those who they superficially didn’t like but those who represented a co-incidental selection of those who presented an antipathetic interaction with their propaganda efforts as their priority.
    It should be said that unfortunately those individuals may have only symbolically been “enemies of the State”. Thus the whole of their efforts should be examined in the light of [not only] a lack of logic but of a grotesque attempt at uniformity.
    Many top Nazis had minor Jewish backgrounds but may have been “closet” homosexuals.
    Even after a purge. National Socialism was a sham. The concept of Nationalist Socialism itself was a construct similar to groups today who make exceptions to “the Rules” based on expediency.
    There was a distinct lack of “purity” in the Nazis way of doing things, albeit superficially they maintained an aura of consistent conformity to the “ideal”.
    This is not unique to that era but today WN groups make vast exceptions that they attempt to shield behind a curtain of rigidity.
    The Nazis had their own Bible; the writings of Hitler. This created a whole new selection of groups & individuals who were targeted. They & similar group eventually find it difficult to find enough people politically pure enough to be left in peace. They “eat their own children” & encourage the children to destroy their parents.

  • Walt

    The first group fed into the maw of Nazi concentrastion camps were Jehova’s Witnesses – who do not take loyalty oath to any earthly government. The second group were the “mentally deficient” or mentally retarded. The third group were homosexuals, and then came the jews. Homosexuality was clearly outlawed in Nazi Germany, to believe that those same homosexuals were the ones running the government of this most criminal of regimes is laughable. That anyone seriously believes this jackass is frightening. I think gay people should start exercising their 2nd amendment rights with a passion.

  • Doris V

    Guess it takes all kinds to make the world go round. Many homosexuals were killed by the Nazis. The Nazis killed whoever they didn’t like and for whatever reason. Jews, Catholics and many people of all nationalities, the mentally and physically ill were targets. Can’t believe that there is actually a sanctioned Republican party group that espouses such viewpoints. We who feel that all people should be treated with respect need to be aware of these sorts of groups and not allow them to get too much power.

  • The Exaggerator

    Speaking of the whole notion of homosexuality as a threat to the Antient and Pecuilar Soverignty and Soverign Identity of Nations, an interesting item from Americans United for the Separation of Church and State about Religiopolitical Right opposition to President Obama’s endorsement of a proposed United Nations Declaration on Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity:

    Radical stuff, huh?

    Yet FRC President Tony Perkins groused that Obama will “reverse Bush’s policy and endorse a nonbinding U.N. declaration to ‘protect’ homosexuals. The document was first presented at the General Assembly last December, when the U.S. joining several African and Arab nations refused to sign. Press reports emphasize that the declaration calls for the ‘decriminalization’ of homosexuality, a policy already forced on the U.S. by a 2003 Supreme Court decision.”

    In an email alert headlined “Queer Eye for the State Guy?,” Perkins complained, “It condemns not only ‘violence’ and ‘harassment,’ but also ‘stigmatization and prejudice,’ terms which some would apply to any disapproval of homosexual conduct, no matter how peaceful and loving.”

    What’s a bigot to do? Why not give a nod to a competing UN resolution sponsored by, of all countries, Syria?

    “Only 66 of the U.N.’s 192 member countries signed the [French] statement,” Perkins observed, “while nearly as many (58) endorsed a counter-statement pointing out that rights based on ‘sexual orientation’ are not found in established international law. On the contrary, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights defends the family as ‘the natural and fundamental group unit of society.’ That – and not political correctness – is a principle worth defending.”

    Let’s see. Who might be among the 58 countries “defending” the family and pushing for the “right” to execute, jail or otherwise penalize gay people?

    Try those venerable members of George W. Bush’s “Axis of Evil,” Iran and North Korea. And don’t forget paragons of democratic virtue such as Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Libya, Algeria, Zimbabwe and the various ‘stans – Pakistan, Tajikstan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

    Sudan took time out from waging genocide in Darfur to sign on too! And our erstwhile allies Iraq and Afghanistan were on the list as well.

    Many of these countries scoff at individual freedoms, of course. Their definition of “family” includes polygamy in some cases and many keep women in brutal servitude. Religious minorities – including Christians, Tony – are persecuted relentlessly.

    But what the heck, at least they’re keeping the gays in their place – pariahs, prison or the grave. Right, Tony?

    You know, Tony, it’s really hard to feel the love when you keep dishing out the hate.

    The Family Research Council is among the Religious Right groups scheduled to meet with the Obama administration’s “faith-based” office tomorrow to discuss a variety of issues. One wonders: Will the UN resolution be on the agenda?

  • Abby

    First, all I can say is alrighty-then. I guess the one upside to this ridiculous idea is that hopefully some of Lively’s followers will fear the Mass-Murdering Queers enough to leave us alone! (yeah, right. Ugh)

    Secondly, Lively’s moving to Springfield, MA (perhaps the most liberal of states and right near the Lesbian-Capitol of Noho) makes me really want to move back, gather my peeps, and stand outside his house till he goes away.

  • Carter

    Even IF the idiots knew how to construct contextual demographics such as: “The head of the SA (Storm Troopers) Ernst Rhoem, who happen to be involved with homosexual interaction with adoring young men of the Third Reich….bla, bla” Instead of “ALL top Nazis are queer” because some were documented to be found in bed with their lovers…… – It wouldn’t make a difference because the concept is laughable.
    Aryan supermen couldn’t breed unless they were at minimum bisexual; obviously. There may be some good humor here as the absurdity is so out to lunch; it’s up there with the UFO – tin-foil hat-crowd, & conspiracies.
    The swastika was pink because the uniforms were laundered so much due to staining! The good & proper Nazis wanted everyone to live in peace but the bad Gay Nazis wanted to take over the world and may it (tremble-tremble) QUEER!”

  • a. mcewen

    Anyone who believes that Scott Lively is a Christian should have their heads examined.

  • BO

    Anyone who believes the foolish drivel contained in this post is beyond foolish.