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Minutemen Complain About Soccer Field Vendors

By Hatewatch Staff on March 31, 2009 - 9:23 am, Posted in Uncategorized

The Horry County chapter of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps complained to county officials about unlicensed vendors selling T-shirts and homemade food during Sunday games at a county-run soccer field that’s popular with Hispanic players.
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  • borderraven

    As a followup, a couple weeks ago, I went to the local soccer fields. I was on the side of the field that I expected pushcart vendors to approach from, but was surprised by a vendor behind me, approaching the field. I observed for awhile and counted three vendors in plain sight. Eventually they went to two panel vans — a Chevy and a Ford. I took photos of the vans and license plates. These vendors have been reported to the city. The activity continues, so I’ll attend a city council meeting, since calls to the police seem ineffective. I got great response by emailing the city manager and police chief. I have snail-mailed letters and photos to th police chief and the local I.C.E. Special Agent. I remain vigilant, but not yet vigilante. I’ll give more patience and allow the government to do their job, however, I will take action, if the government fails to protect the population.

  • John Lloyd Scharf

    Good answer, Border Raven

  • borderraven

    Marisa, I’ve been involved with Minnutemen, and SaveOurState, since May 2005. I’ve done border enforcement, but I live over 150 miles from the border. I get bac to the border a couple times a year, but most of my efforts, are in the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside and San Bernardino. I protest day labor sites, I speak at city councils, and I report violations of the city ordinances, and other laws. I do my efforts to defend the USA, as I choose. You may support illegal aliens, if you wish, but you should question which nation — not race — you are loyal to, and live there.

  • John Lloyd Scharf

    So, Marisa, anyone who disagrees with you must be uneducated. What is your degree in?

  • borderraven

    I heard a squawking bicycle horn one day and looked out to see a guy, yes latino, pushing a shopping cart, with a black trash bag in it. Hanging off the side were spray bottles of red, blue and yellow. He was selling shave-ice to the locals kids. I’ve also seen guys selling corn on the cob with mayonaise. Well, before I bothered calling code enforcement or the police, I looked up the municipal code, and found an ordinance prohibiting push cart vendors, and requiring confiscation of the cart. Now, I call code enforcement or the police when I see a push cart vendor in the city limits. This ain’t Mexico, but maybe push cart vendors are okay in Alabama.

  • Carter

    A lot of things have to do with the phrasing of the article. If Salmonella poisoning in children had been at issue with a street vendor selling food; a lot of attention would be raised. And for the most part I agree that the agenda is a simple anti-illegal immigrant slam: a lot of things depend on the inherent “victims”.
    I also live in Arizona & there ARE some important issues dealing w/ illegal immigrants that should be discussed in a reasonable fashion but with the level of passions on both sides, that appears unlikely.
    As long as there are people to exploit cheap labor & the country of origin is corrupt, there are going to be illegal immigrants. The focus should be on Mexico; it’s possible political destabilization due to the disparity of rich & poor, it’s grotesque corruption & lack of jobs. The Mexican government’s intensity of not wanting illegals in THEIR country & fostering the poor to leave illegally leads me to believe that the illegal immigration issue has become a “pressure valve” in Mexico to relieve the level of potential civil unrest due to lack of jobs & corruption.
    The USA is getting to be such a borderline place to find employment that we have actually experienced LESS illegals coming over during the past fiscal year & quite a few returning, especially to Mexico. Asian illegal immigrants has a much harder time going home however. Many Latino illegals who I have known have crossed purely for economic reasons; they are the 1st to leave. While some of the Asians have mixed reasons which include political ideology & repression. Legal immigrants are particularly embittered as the illegal immigrants are given a “bump in line” when certain administrations have offered amnesty. Many have waited years to legally immigrate. This is a complex issue; anyone who says it isn’t is either a bigot or is not well versed on the problems.

  • Marisa

    Even if these vendors had been licensed and thus “held to the same standards” as others, the Minutemen would have been complaining – that’s their “specialty.” I am not hispanic/latino, but it is obvious their complaints against various situations and people have to do with skin color, NOT standards for vendors, and everyone knows that. I live in Arizona, and we get to hear all their whining here and from California websites all the time. They need to go back to “where they allegedly started” (watching borders – you’d think they had other things to do in life, but obviously not – and reporting illegal entry into the United States to border patrol agents), which was legitimate – or just disband and SHUT UP!!! Educated and intelligent people saw through their sham a long time ago.

  • John Lloyd Scharf

    Likely, they complained because they are being held to a standard with other are not held to in regarding to vending at the field. I suspect not everything has to do with the issue of illegal immigration.

    If you read the article, they are selling car parts from vendors that have no official standing and could just as well be selling stolen parts.

    Somehow, though, if they had not been forcing the motorcycle rally to obey rules they did not require of the Soccer vendors, this would not have happened.