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Minutemen Fight Halts Highway Cleanup

By Hatewatch Staff on March 31, 2009 - 9:22 am, Posted in Uncategorized

New applications for California’s Adopt-A-Highway program have been placed on hold while the Department of Transportation drafts new rules to deal with the San Diego Minutemen.
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  • Wm. George Hess

    As much as I would not want the Minutemen to have a sign on the side of the highway stating they had adopted that portion to keep clean, the fact is they as well as any other legally formed group have the right to participate in the program to maintain clean roadways and right of the ways.

  • GENO

    If the creation of the “minutemen” was specifically formed by civilians to watch the border and help the U.S. Border Patrol agents in locating suspected illegal entrees by illegal aliens worldwide. Then what on Earth has the minutemen morphed into? A streetsweeper? The article stated there are “3,000” applicants on hold. Surely, there are other legitimate volunteers willing to cleanup SouthCal’s roadside trash. And I think the minutemen should return to their fudumental values and watch the border as that was what the original minutemen was created for. What the minutemen doesn’t know, is that there are *tons* of garbage at the border away from the highways/freeways that they can cleanup.