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Youth for Western Civilization Stirs Furor At Vanderbilt University

By Hatewatch Staff on March 31, 2009 - 9:22 am, Posted in Uncategorized

Sounding a war cry against “mass immigration” and “radical multiculturalism,” the Vanderbilt University chapter of Youth for Western Civilization represents the new face of intolerance on America’s college campuses.
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  • M in TN

    These kids will look back and be deeply embarrassed about their behavior and their allegiance to this group.

    I don’t think that they really understand the deeper implications of the group and their belief system.

    I think this is called… white privilege.

  • Snorlax

    Joe said:

    “As far as the SPLC is concerned only white Americans can be bigots!”

    Joe must be one of the rednecks at Vanderbilt. He is functionally illiterate if he cannot read the SPLC website that clearly describes non-white bigot groups in the US.

    Jeez, they even have a map with colorful symbols for all you inbred illiterate redneck Republican racist scumbags, since you’re obviously incapable of reading at an adult level.

    Yes, there are non-white bigots and yes, the SPLC acknowledges they do exist.

    Too bad you rednecks are illiterates and can’t read that.

  • cindy hawkins-legorreta

    As we say in New Orleans, you ain’t just woofing… George! If we read WAYNE DYER, he refers to a “Them vs. Us phenomenon”. I see it in action often, I’m sorry to say. But happily, I also have witnessed the flip-side. One of my Islamic students spoke to me privately after class asking, “Can we talk a little about Jesus?” “”Sure!” I said, “but I want you to talk a little about Mohammed.” We shook on it, and had a good laugh. Does this mean he will ‘convert”? Will I? No. But what I think it signifies is that we have a positive energy, healthy dialogue, an exchange of ideas; hopefully from that comes a greater understanding of our COMMON interests, goals and beliefs. Which should give each of us a view over the wall, the first step perhaps in lowering it or eliminating it completely.

  • joe

    As far as the SPLC is concerned only white Americans can be bigots! Yet Hispanics can never be racist or bigots either! Now If you truely believe that propaganda- I have a border i want to sell you!

  • George

    Wy would anyone in their right mind want to eliminate almost 2/3’s of the globe from advancing the need we all have to live on the same planet. Would an all white male refuse a blood transfusion, a medicine prescribed by a black doctor or pharmacist and conversely, should a black man not want to abide by the laws that allow everyone to grow and prosper.

    Tearing down each other just to make ourselves look good is not the answer. For anyone of any race, religion or cultural background to point at someone and say…”there goes the bad guy, does not automatically mean we are the good guy”…

    As they say in the military—there are no athiests, bigots or color lines in fox holes!

  • cindy hawkins-legorreta

    You know, I have to chuckle – whites are sooo smug about racism. Bigots naturally believe that only THEY have the ‘real truth’ about something, and ‘others’ just don’t belong/should be re-educated/deported/detained/sterilized/ deported/gassed etc etc. And when we think of prejudice, we tend to ‘start at the top’ meaning Caucasian intolerance trickling down onto whoever is different. But…

    I recall going to the house of a friend years ago. They were Hispanic and their grandmother was quite old, born and raised on the Dominican Republic. She was close to 90, I think. Anyway, when they introduced me, I shook hands with her and then she asked her son in Spanish, “Where is she from?” And he said, “Cindy’s a new Yorker, so’s her Mom, but her grandmother was born in Italy.” She wrinkled her nose and made a face, denoting extreme distaste.

    Which taught me something important about prejudice. It comes in all forms, from likely..and UNlikely sources. Abuelita Gonzales was a wonderful, kindly old woman, but she disliked foreigners, especially Italians. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

  • Dr L Neville. Roach-Lord

    I am new to this forum living in Europe from the Caribbean. It is interesting to read the varied comments, however, need to learn more about the varied current issues, apart from those published and discussed in the media such as the tv (especially Fox).