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Minutemen Join Anti-Obama ‘Tea Party’ Rally

By Hatewatch Staff on April 7, 2009 - 7:57 am, Posted in Uncategorized

About 65 members and supporters of a Kansas chapter of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps gathered to protest the federal economic stimulus package, which they claimed will unfairly benefit immigrants.
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  • Reality

    While Reagan and Bush 41 were in office, everybody who opposed them were Soviet, commie spies.

    While Clinton was in office, everybody who opposed him was a racist, Nazi skinhead.

    While Bush was in office, everybody who opposed him was a terrorist, Al-qaeda muslim.

    With Obama in office, everybody who opposes him is once again a racist, Nazi skinhead.

    Same demonization crap, different administration.

  • truth be told

    as Obama recently said in a real speech with the troops, who showed Him real love. “love you back”. as for tea, you sure as heck arent supporting the economy, its us the people who dont have time to blame everyone else for their own shortcomings of which we all have but we dont see color, only privilige in being here at all.

  • ThisAmerican

    WOW!!! Now the SPLC is trying to claim that anti TAXES is hateful and nativist? I wonder why? Because the silent MAJORITY of Americans are sick and tired of their taxes being spent on ILLEGAL ALIENS? All you ignorants who voted for and support the illegal alien, anti American, Mulatto Messiah just keep rambling around in your vast background of ignorance. If Barry really wanted to help Americans, don’t you think it is wiser to STOP spending, decrease taxes, NO bail outs and reward the honest, decent taxpayers, rather than his cronies? Nope, it is impossible for you all to portray any morals or ethics because you wouldn’t know one if it hit you in the face.

  • George Sidoti

    Where were the Minutemen during the Bush years?…

    These people are self serving and could care less about immigrants, the economy or anything having to do with human decency.

  • joe

    first off illegal aliens are not immigrants at all! Real immgrants work here legally with no legal problems what so ever!

  • Julie

    Pull your head out. He is giving away the sovereign rights of our nation. Left, right, conservative, liberal, rich, poor — all will suffer. It’s no longer a nation of the left vs. the right. Obama is creating a serf-lord system — and guess who the serfs are?

  • Monica

    I agree with Wilma, he was given those problems just this past January and now it is April and he has done more in this short time than Bush did in his whole 8yr term. They act as if he created these problems. Bottom line get over it people, he is the president of these United States for the next four years, get used to it….move on. Support your President, afterall you guys supported Bush for 8ys and look at the mess he created…Obama hasn’t done anything wrong, so therefore I’m am going to say it is all racial because what else could it be…..

  • wilma