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Illinois Minuteman Leader Defeated In Congressional Race

By Hatewatch Staff on April 14, 2009 - 1:42 pm, Posted in Uncategorized

GOP candidate Rosanna Pulido, director of the Illinois Minuteman Project, was trounced by Democrat Mike Quigley in a special congressional election.
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  • joe

    Yes indeed Mark the SPLC gets Reder every day now! They even got the scum bag head of the so called Home land security to go after innocent U.S. conservatives on the right now! Makes you wonder what ever happened to our free speech in this country today?

  • Marisa

    Mark, I’d say nearly 70 percent of the vote (against this “great Patriot”) was a trouncing. If the Minuteman Project people had stuck to their “original” purpose and policed their own ranks instead of becoming racist pigs, they might have kept some of their credibility. As it is, Minutemen, BAH HUMBUG!

  • Shadow Wolf

    She’s “Mexican”?
    I wondered if she ever looked in the mirror and see the color of her skin that is a focal target for denigration and demonization by the same group of people she claims to be a leader of? Or maybe she’s blind.
    Regardless, this case is another good news for all Americans concerned for our Freedom. We just endured 8 years of destructive tyranny under a Republitard from TX. “Trounce” or not, she is defeated plain and simple. And that is that. Freedom is a wonderful thing and we as Americans must protect it from the hypocrisy of the neo-Con.

    Hail Freedom!!

  • Mark

    Very interesting how you say this great Patriot was trounced when another candidate in that race was thousands of votes worse!

    The article says nothing about being trounced,only the SPLC says that.

    Funny how the SPLC bashes this wonderful Mexican woman who is such a great asset to the community.

    Once again you folks are showing your colors.