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New Nativist-‘Patriot’ Coalition Formed

By David Holthouse on April 16, 2009 - 8:09 am, Posted in Anti-Immigrant

The head of a notorious anti-immigrant group has announced the formation of a coalition that further indicates major elements of the nativist movement are morphing into a new wing of the resurgent antigovernment “Patriot” movement.

Declaring “Revolution is Brewing!”, San Diego Minutemen (SDMM) leader Jeff Schwilk earlier this week dispatched a mass E-mail to followers heralding the dawn of the so-called SoCal Patriot Coalition. “It’s a new beginning, at least for our very strong movement in SoCal, the front lines of the invasion from Mexico and the socialist takeover,” he wrote.  “Let’s roll! Let’s take our country back now! Strength in numbers.”

According to Schwilk’s April 13 E-mail, the coalition has 23 member organizations. Along with the SDMM, they include tax-protest groups like Stop Taxing Us and the Taxpayer Revolution Committee; several gun rights organizations; eight rogue Minuteman factions, including the Mountain Minutemen, the group that produced a faked video purporting to show the murder of a Mexican immigrant by a border vigilante sniper; and two anti-immigrant organizations listed as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center — Save Our State and the California Coalition for Immigration Reform.

A press release subsequent to Schwilk’s E-mail described the common cause of the various groups in the new coalition under the motto “Secure Borders, Constitution, and Rule of Law.” It stated that “Patriotic and Constitutional American grassroots groups” had formed to “fight the growing threats to our region and to the taxpaying American citizens.”

The SoCal Patriot Coalition is taking shape amidst what appears to be a spike in antigovernment Patriot activity. The Department of Homeland Security earlier this month warned law enforcement agencies nationwide that widespread rumors of pending gun control legislation, the recession, and Barack Obama’s presidency, among other factors, are fueling a rise in antigovernment extremism.

Simultaneously, conservative media figures from Internet radio to FOX News are giving credence to antigovernment conspiracy theories and using violent rhetoric to express their opposition to the Obama administration. For example, during a discussion of Obama’s economic policies on the March 31 edition of Fox News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” Fox News contributor Dick Morris said: “Those crazies in Montana who say, ‘We’re going to kill ATF agents because the U.N.’s going to take over’ — well, they’re beginning to have a case.”


    Much the same list can be found on ALIPAC’s website Plus, they had pre-printed signs for the Tea Bag Parties. Huffington Post report at noticed many “Americans for Legal Immigration” signs or personnel, it is not clear which at many border states rallies.

  • Maricela Espinsa

    Why are people who are against ILLEGAL immigration AGAINST paying taxes? Because we are TIRED of working 2 jobs, to pay all the taxes which make the Welfare & Public-Assistance payments to people who are in this country ILLEGALLY!! WHY should people here ILLEGALLY get free money and hand-outs, when the rest of us are working 2-3 jobs just to feed our children, and we are still losing our homes? How SELFISH of ILLEGALS to COMPLAIN that we are not working hard enough to give them all MORE MONEY!! And how RUDE to take all our public assistance money, and try to re-designate the term ‘ILLEGAL Immigrant/ as “Immigrants” and “New Americans”. They are ILLEGAL. Immigrants and New Americans become citizens and contribute to society.

  • Dina De Leon

    Esta incorecto, the SDMM is anti-ILLEGAL immigration. That’s why your statements are a negative reflection on our Naturalized Hispanic Communities…we are WELCOMED! It is the child sex slavery, drugos, and criminales that are NOT welcome!
    You misuse the term “Nativist”, too. Nativists are people who live long-standing in their communities…so of COURSE people who live in their communities do NOT want illegal gang activity, & illegal activities that theaten the safety of their children and their homes. I am a Legally-Naturalized Citizen, and that makes me (and those who follow THE LAW) just like me!!
    No matter how poorly you try to twist the words, or misuse the English Language, you canNOT make ILLegal legal. Why is it a crime for someone to break into the home of an “illegal immigrant”–but it is NOT a crime for the illegal immigrant to break into our home/country? The city of CHAPAS, MX has these same problems!!

  • Litl Bits

    OMG! these people must really be extremist! they actually believe in the Rule of Law -and the CONSTITUTION? How dare they?

    I hope everyone noted that of the hundreds of thousands of Tea Party participants – there was NOT ONE INCIDENT of violence or fighting! – not one!
    Compare that to your Mexican and leftie rallies/marches – hmmm! seems like the Tea Party marches/rallies won out on that one!

    As for that phony DHS report – we KNOW that the hateful SPLC wrote that thing…we recognize your language! – AND there is NOT ONE BIT OF EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE on which to base these FALSE CLAIMS!

    The American People KNOW WHO YOU ARE – and they recognize that YOU DO NOT REPRESENT THEM!
    Go back in your corner and pout a while!

  • Bobby XD9

    Please publish your proof, Fidelicet. Show us all exactly the proof you have that your statements aren’t the usual slanderous distortions that are spewed every day by the Neandrathal left. Stating specifics like who, when, where would be the honorable thing to do.

    An example of being specific would be such as; “The last 4 left-wingers to shoot at a sitting president have resulted in 2 killed & 1 wounded”.

  • Stephen

    Oh my gawd! Now they’re anti-government and FOX news is promoting violence! We need the Homeland Security to shut down FOX news and throw them all in jail. Rupert Murdoch is trying to take over the world and he is using these “tea party” puppets to do his dirty work.

  • Jonathan

    “And we know(?!) just who would be likely to support this bombast-powered ‘coalition:'”

    Yes we do: patriotic Americans, who know the dangers of excessive government power.

  • The Exaggerator

    And we know(?!) just who would be likely to support this bombast-powered “coalition:”

    Videlicet, the same ones who were likely to attend the so-called “tea party” gatherings previously, or would likely continue so attending.

    And who, for the most part, tend to be poor, undereducated or homeschooled, socioeconomically marginalised (especially where they lack realistically marketable job or career skills) and tend to reside in lower-income or otherwise economically-disadvantaged ZIP+4 areas with few or no real jobs likely to be available, especially for such with hard-wired complacency in unskilled manufacturing.

    And whose great-grandparents probably listened faithfully to the ilk of Father Coughlin and Rev. Gerald L.K. Smith in their time.