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Mexican-American Family’s Home Defaced With Neo-Nazi, ‘Wetback’ Graffiti

By Hatewatch Staff on April 21, 2009 - 8:59 am, Posted in Uncategorized

When U.S. citizen Orlando Diaz returned home from a vacation to Mexico recently, he found his home burglarized, his aquarium fish poisoned, and his interior walls spray-painted with neo-Nazi slogans, a crude picture of a Mexican mowing a lawn and the phrase, “Pay back is a bitch, wetback.”
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  • Ryan the non-Aryan


    So what did the family do to hurt this neo-Nazi[s] *personally* that warrants some sort of a revenge ploy on a vacationing family? Evidently, neo-Nazis are quite dastardly, they constantly commit vandalism in the absence of the victim[s]. Rarely, if ever, would they be a man(and for once), and confront the problem rationally. Whatever that may be between the neo-Nazi[s] and the “Mexican-American” family and work out their issues like responsible adults. But instead, the neo-Nazi[s] were cowardly(as always). And that’s rather embarressing for a movement relating to “white power”.

  • GENO

    Hence, we can suspect that an arpaio-zombie is responsible for this grosteque hatecrime, neverhteless. The usual suspects as noted by the above comment. After all, sandland is a breeding ground for the ghastly hordes of snaggled-tooths, who in turn, supports an incompetent (Sheriff), who just happened to returned from NYC to appear on the Stephen Colbert Report(on the Comedy Central). His choosing to diss a very critical meeting to appear on a comedy talk show coincided with the timing of an important border security conference held by top notch governmental officials that included Senator Juan McCain R-AZ, has everybody questioning the authority our of top KKKonstable. Ironically, that also includes various Republican figures.

    As for the cactus country, has indeed, become the epicenter of the immigration debate and border security related issue, rendering the government to seek ways to address such a growing problem, here in the valley of the sun.
    arpaio, in my mind, is culpable for some of the racial tensions, he helps create with his “racial profiling” of Hispanics. As Colbert put it in his insignificant role. As for him being on the Colbert Report, you can read the latest piece by the Feathered Bastard over at the Phoenix New Times. Don’t forget to read the comments by fellow comrades, lol.
    The bottomline is this–
    We have a growing problem with the white supremacists and I wondered if the SPLC should set up an office in the greater Phoenix area to keep tabs on the activities of these “extremists”.

  • Marisa

    I live in the Phoenix area. I am not hispanic and have lots of hispanic friends, but there are LOTS of people in this area who would think nothing of doing something as horrific as this. One reason, I suppose, is that we’re living in a “border state.” Another reason, I REALLY suppose, is that the Phoenix area is pretty conservative, politically, and thus, people who want to commit hate crimes, think they’ll get away with it because others will sympathize with their cause. I’ll be glad when “nativists” and “white supremacists” get what is coming to them – a good stomping (figuratively speaking, of course).