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David Duke Reportedly Arrested in Czech Republic

By David Holthouse on April 24, 2009 - 5:03 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime, Klan

Czech Republic media outlets are reporting that infamous U.S. white supremacist leader David Duke was arrested in Prague earlier today on suspicion of denying the Holocaust and promoting the neo-Nazi movement, crimes punishable by up to three years in prison in the Czech Republic.

According to a Prague newspaper, Duke was taken into custody at the Black Eagle, a Prague restaurant, shortly after arriving in the country at the invitation of Czech neo-Nazis. The newspaper reported that 30 law enforcement officers wearing ski masks surrounded Duke, who was scheduled to deliver lectures in Prague and Brno. A third lecture scheduled at Prague’s Charles University was called off earlier this week because the university banned it.

According to an Internet post by the Czech Republic neo-Nazi group National Resistance, Duke was in Czech Republic to promote his book My Awakening.

“Mr. Duke was arrested after previous approval [from the] state deputy for suspicion for committing the crime of supporting and promoting movements which are trying to suppress human rights and freedoms,” read a translated statement from Prague police spokesperson Jan Mikulovsky.

News of Duke’s reported arrest spread rapidly throughout the right-wing extremist online community. A “Free David Duke” discussion thread on Stormfront, a major white nationalist discussion forum, was fast-approaching 300 posts at 5 p.m. EST.

Discussion at Vanguard News Network was equally intense. “Though in the past I have disagreed with David Duke as being too moderate, I must say that this arrest is outrageous and must be protested, vigorously,” wrote EireanGoddess. “Damn the jews.”

  • Elrey Jones

    David Duke is a godsend. The Jewish Bolsheviks murdered over 66 million Russians and others and caused the rise of Hitler and Mussolini. The Jewish bolsheviks right here i the USA are killing millions of white people by covering-up for the massive black on white crimes and the enslavement of whites by black racists due to their welfare.

  • Corey Meyer

    In response to the David Duke comment from above…

    What a load of crap. This guy loves to hear himself talk….!

  • DaisyDeadhead

    Thanks for this news. Trackback:

    David Duke busted in Czech Republic

  • Carter

    I agree; Duke (deep in his soul) could not care less about the Jew’s secret banking conspiracy to control the media which sets Americans to vote-down wind-fall profits for Rockwell which in turn put money into the House of Rothschild so the Bildenburgers can build a new hotel so when the UFO’s land the Grays can sleep in style to wake refreshed for their meeting with the Black Helicopter crowd. His tin-foil hat was blown off long ago.
    Nor does he really care about the “Jews”, the “Blacks” or the sacred “European White man”. I think at one time he did care about having some swinging Aryan sexual adventures but it all got boring.
    He truly is Prometheus, bound by the mortal coil, to never touch the Sun again…. He rose to such heights….now all seems like some predestined dance in a ballroom full of masked silent manikins.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    I would say that Duke most likely doesn’t believe, and doesn’t care about what he says. He probably did when he was young, but somewhere along the way of life, he got disenchanted with the people he was meeting, and then realized that he could easily manipulate such people to live an easy lifestyle.

  • Joe

    ““Freedom of Speech” should not be used as a platform to promote logics relating to hate, racial instigation, anti-government and ideas that are inconsistent with *modern day* American values etcetera.”

    You are an idiot without any understanding of the amendment.

    It was created SPECIFICALLY to protect speech like this. No protection for “popular” speech is ever needed.

  • GENO

    Hats off to Carter, he pretty much sums it up and I wholeheartly agree, as so should others in their “right” mind. If what Carter says, was actually true, David Duke would probably be running for his life, like the white guy in the beginning of the hit movie-“Enemy of the State”.
    Its a widely popular belief amongst the neo-Con, that such Conspiracy Theories are taken so considerably serious(despite how inepitude it may sound), that they begin to fall for such fantastic ideas, rendering the fallicious notion that the federal government is out to get them. It laughable.
    Then again there’s his argument hidden in codes that is generally associated with white supremacy. For instance, he stated above:

    “but simple believe that Europeans have the right to preserve their homelands and that our government should be in the service of our own people”

    I suspected he meant “white” Europeans? That’s what he usually spat during his colloquys. But I’m not so sure which “homelands” he was referring to, but if its in Europe. Then perhaps he’s accurate. Although, I’m no expert in the diversitites/multi-culturalism of European cultures as Mashadov or Ruslan is. But quite ironic about the given messages behind Duke’s verbalization. There are hints of isolationism/segregation rhetorics implemented in it. No one should be foolish enough to buy into it. But as Carter pointed out, Duke is indeed a “manipulator” in these context.

  • Carter

    If one were to think this through to it’s logical conclusion….IF there even existed an “International Zionist Global matrix of financial and political power”, David Duke would be “disappeared”, manage to have a serious “accident” or other serious & deadly-real method of “stopping him from telling the truth”. If such a thing even existed, does anyone imagine that he would be “allowed” to tell the “secret”?
    No, This is a delusional man who lives in a world of “Star Chamber” like conspiracies, fed by a pathological conviction that somewhere, somehow, he has a hold on the secret truth that involves the world’s true underpinnings.

    Sadly the Nazis were not alone; the Communist / Soviet block of states also murdered millions in addition to the Nazis, but just as their system collapsed, (as have most dictators) so does most anything that denies the rights of people to live free. Eventually, in Africa, Asia, Europe & elsewhere, anything that exists as a form of government that threatens human freedom eventually meets it’s end. To one degree or another, the human condition yearns for freedom because the “REAL Secret”, that of the possibility of a better world for all people, has become a reality.

    IF there were any possibility that there exists a Cartel of secret controlling hands, they would have reached out a long time ago & people who spoke against the “Party Line” would have been swept away. Just as the Gestapo had, just as the secret police of many nations had……Instead we have to listen to the idiocy of [conspiracies &] Power-Barons; dealing with such a morass of inconsistencies that only an angry, frightened, & small minded individual would search for truth in such a tiny bottle.
    The world is much wider and much more complex than can be encapsulated in simple slogan-like collections of “truths”.
    That’s one of the real reasons why David Duke’s message does not reach the multitudes. It’s not some conspiracy…’s that the message is a slogan-like sprawl of bumper stickers & reactive feelings of helplessness. It’s never been one of strength or joy or care.

    But it may simply be a charade. It may be that Duke is a manipulator & really doesn’t believe a word of hat he says. He may be skilled at playing on the fears of some to his own ends. Perhaps it’s all a selfish, hedonistic joke from a con-man, making money at the expense of the fearful or dim witted. It doesn’t make any sense that anything he says regarding a conspiracy would be true because to carry it to it’s logical conclusion, he would never be allowed to say it!

  • wytgirl88

    How can anyone be happy let alone elated to here that somebody could be arrested in this day and age for voicing their opinion. Regardless of who, what, where, when and why.
    It’s sad when anyone’s freedom is taken. Our men fight and die for others so called freedom and Mr.Elated finds it justifiable that one could be jailed, their freedom taken, just because they don’t think like the masses! How twisted is that. We won’t stand for free speech unless it’s something we believe!!!! Communism comes to mind… Hows that sound Mr.Elated? keep giving away your rights to suit yourself and when the day comes you wake to find your freedom gone don’t say you weren’t warned…

  • Mace

    Many of you folks here are really messed up. Perhaps you should be brought up on thought crimes yourselves from what I’ve read here. Shame on you. Just wait until you see what is coming to your own country in the near future. You people sound like a bunch of whining immature babies. I expected nothing less.

  • GENO

    “Freedom of Speech” should not be used as a platform to promote logics relating to hate, racial instigation, anti-government and ideas that are inconsistent with *modern day* American values etcetera.
    In David Dukes case, there is a lethal flaw in his purpose, that questions how “Freedom of Speech” is used. Such purposes that causes problematic turmoil on racial issues involving unorthodox rhetorics like segregation, violence, racism, neo-Nazism and white supremacy. etcetera. And because nonwhites today have aquired enough rights to ensure their independence, their “Soveriegnty” and American Dreams, their right to fair wages and rights to services, the white supremacists like David Duke will abuse the First Amendment to denigrate and demonize Jews and nonwhites alike. Which is why there are limits to what demagoguery thugs like Duke, can say in the general public via media and public gatherings.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    I can assure you that had he stayed- he would have definitely been found in one of Prague’s “night clubs”(look it up).

    I can see his plan already- he is asking for funds, saying he needs to pay a lawyer to fight his deportation from the Czech Republic. After some funds roll in, he’ll claim that there is nothing he can do, and he is not contesting it anymore. They will never know how much, if any, he paid to a lawyer.

  • Dr. David Duke

    David Duke’s response:

    “Yes, I am now free, at least temporarily

    The outrage by so many Czech citizens and even many in the media after my arrest led the government to release me from my cell in the wee hours of the morning, After about 3 hours sleep I now write these words to you.

    The charges, of course, from the beginning are specious. I was invited to the Czech Rep. originally to speak at one of the oldest and most famous universities in Europe, Charles University in Prague. It is also famous for being founded by heroic Czechs like Jan Hus who stood up and told the truth and believed that truth and its pursuit is the most important thing a man can do in his life, even if costs him his life and freedom. This is the man who is the national hero of the Czech people.

    As those who read my material know, I do not seek the suppression of any people, race or religion, but simply believe that Europeans have the human right to preserve our homelands and that our governments should be in the service of our own people and not the International Zionist Global matrix of financial and political power. I am not a man who denies that atrocities took place against Jews in the Second World War, but I argue forcefully that freedom of speech on this or any other is issue is a basic human right of all people.

    My lectures in the Czech republic were not on the subject of the Holocaust at all, in fact why all the constant attention on this subject by the media, when one considers the fact that Bolshevism killed, tortured and harmed tens of millions of more people. I never speak about the Holocaust in Europe other than to say that it is a human rights outrage that people are imprisoned for simply having a differing opinion about an historical event.

    I was going to lecture about the Israeli influence over American and European foreign policy and the International Zionist Banking firms that are leading America and the world to financial oblivion, globalist hegemony and unending war.

    Now they seek a terrible, catastrophic war with Iran.

    That is why extremist Jewish organizations worked to keep my message and ideas from the Czech people and the world.”

  • daemonesslisa

    I won’t mince words…I wish that sort of thing would happen here. Free speech is a powerful and important right, but what most americans don’t seem to realize is that it should be treated with care and responsibility.

    Supporting human rights and holding government accountable for its actions are responsible. Neo-nazism and anarchy are irresponsible. I really don’t understand how and why people continue to confuse the two extremes.

    David Duke got exactly what he deserved. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen here.

  • Gregory

    Given the history of WNs, I shouldn’t be surprised if Duke’s real crimes in the Czech Republic involved pedophilia.

  • GENO

    Speaking for myself, I’m actually elated to hear this.
    What this means is that David Duke won’t be running for a congressional seat in Lousisiana(if memory serves me correctly).

    And the arrest of David Duke is a strong message sent to all, from the Czech Republic that is, about how they will not tolerate neo-Nazism in their country. For those who are familiar with the WN movement, we know that core iideological concept of neo-Nazism is contradictory towards Freedom. I just truly admire how the people of the Czech Republic really take this seriously. And I feel that we as Americans should do the same.
    The Czech Republic is role model and I believe the United States should follow their lead, in terms of handling the neo-Nazis like David Duke, who may be deemed as a threat to our Freedom.
    After all, we went to war with them(Nazis) in WWII.

  • Carter

    It’s not “the Jews” that David Duke is up against, it’s lawmakers in the Czech Republic that are damn serious about their history. The reason why German & states such as the Czech Republic have laws such as they do is that they were very close to the horror & madness of National Socialism & have very strong feelings about it’s re-surfacing.
    Some of the most interesting & intelligent folks I’ve met were in Dresden which is driving distance from Prague (& the Czech Republic).. There are no apologists for the Nazi era in the Eastern portion of Germany that I saw as the Soviets left it very much as it had been since the close of the War. The scorch marks on the buildings are a potent reminder of the depth of reaction from the surrounding world to suicidal narcissistic depravity that was Nazism.

    If he has to stay there awhile, he will be OK….I also doubt that David will be in general population in a Czech prison; he’ll get treated like royalty….like a little duke!

  • Jonathan

    So 30 masked thugs arrested David Duk. It sounds like something that would have happened in the Soviet Union during Stalin’s time. Outrageous!

  • Shadow Wolf


    Thanks to the Czech Republican! We salute you! Send that neo-Nazi to 3 years in the gulag!

    Hail Freedom!

  • Alabama Conservative Citizen

    What is the purpose of reporting in this manner? I bet Morris Dees and Mark Potok want to bring this kind of police state to America.