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Alleged Cop-Killer Reportedly ‘Disturbed’ Over Obama Win

By David Holthouse on April 27, 2009 - 3:26 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime

A reported member of the Florida National Guard who allegedly killed two Okaloosa County, Fla., sheriff’s deputies in a shootout at a gun club last Saturday believed the U.S. government was conspiring against him and was “severely disturbed that Barack Obama had been elected president,” his wife told investigators.

Joshua  CartwrightThe dead lawmen, Warren “Skip” York and Burt Lopez, both 45-year-old fathers, were gunned down by Joshua Cartwright (photo at right, from earlier arrest), 28, after they attempted to arrest Cartwright on domestic violence charges at the Shoal River Gun Club, officials said.

Cartwright fled the scene in his pickup. A short time later, he was himself shot to death during what witnesses described as “an intense firefight” that occurred after pursuing deputies rammed and overturned his truck during a high-speed chase. Walton County Sheriff Mike Adkinson later said 50 or 60 rounds were fired in the ensuing gun battle.

Okaloosa County Sheriff Edward Spooner said that Cartwright was interested in militia groups and training, and that investigators were looking into any weapons training he may have had.

Records show Cartwright was arrested in November 2008 on a previous domestic battery charge.

The murders of Deputies York and Lopez occurred less than a month after three Pittsburgh police officers were shot to death by right-wing extremist Richard Poplawski, who had posted numerous racist and conspiracy-theory messages to white supremacist websites.

In the 14 years since the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, at least 25 law enforcement officers have been killed in the line of duty by white supremacists and anti-government extremists.

“We did lose two very fine men today,” interim Sheriff Ed Spooner told the Northwest Florida Daily News. “I don’t think anybody anticipated this would get to the level it did as quickly as it did.”

  • Alfred Rosenberg

    I agree with Truth Monger and would like to add that according to a quick google of FBI uniform crime reports 57 cops were killed feloniously (non-accidentally) in the US in 2007.

    Lets estimate and reason – 1995-2009 thats 14 years so 57×14 = 798.

    So thats 25 cops out of 798 – that means there were 773 cop killers who where not pro-white but anti-white and/or pro-something-else. (btw 47 of the 57 cops killed in 2007 were white, and all 57 were males)

    I remember reading another report that stated since 1975, (aprox) 8500 people were shot by citizens and 8500 by police in self defense or to prevent a crime. In that time, 11000 police were killed in the line of duty.

    Did anyone notice the dubious association between his political views and the actual event? Kind of betrays the extreme left wing bias. I wonder how many more of the 25 were the result of clutching at straws or breaches of the 2nd amendment.

    The article fails to show how his disappointment about Obama being elected is even relevant to this incident, which was related to an arrest for domestic violence.

    Lets say hypothetically if McCain was elected, and a crack dealer was involved in a shootout with police over an arrest warrant for drugs, killing 2 policemen. If the crack dealers gf said “he was very upset that McCain was elected”, would that become the focus of the story like it has here? Would people be calling to lynch left-wing commentators for being pro crack?

    Its ridiculous how the article tries to twist this into a republican thing to illicit the required pre-programmed cookie-cutter Marxist-party-line response of some of the commenters above and their ilk, who would like America to become a leftist dictatorship, where there is free speech as long as the party agrees, otherwise its a thought crime and to the gulags you go.

    BTW The 2nd amendment and supporting documents, speeches and writings of past presidents and court decisions clearly state that all non-criminal citizens have a right to bear arms, AND have a right to form a militia to oppose a government who might wish to subvert the constitution, INCLUDING THE 2ND AMENDMENT.

    Some presidents have even declared it not a right, but a DUTY. That is patriotism not white supremacy. It is a built in safeguard against tyrants like some of the posters above and their ilk. Just a shame the tyrants have to use law enforcement officers as pawns in their game. It should be mandatory that all state and federal agents be trained on the 2nd amendment, and that they have the right to disobey any orders to the contrary.

    Leftists, the patriots are already one step ahead of you – Chairman Mao said “Political power comes down the barrel of a gun” well then, as leftists like to say (when they mean the opposite) “Power to the people”.

  • Truth Monger

    atleast 25 killed by white supremacists? i wonder how many have been killed by black and hispanic gangs since 1995? somehow i bet its far larger…too bad you wont hear those statistics from the SPLC anytime soon

  • Fredric L. Rice

    And yet the rightard extremists Rush Limbaugh and all the others who whip up these Republican killers all demand that they have no responsibility, no culpability in whipping up their fellow Republican lunatics with frothingly insane conspiracy delusions.

    Why hasn’t Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, Beck, and the other rightarded extremists who egged this killer on been arrested? Don’t we have incitement to commit felonies on the law books any more? Why do the Republican voices of hate manage to escape free and clean despite spewing their racist hate and fascist ideologies of treason on the airwaves every day?

    We have freedom of speech despite the Bush regime’s every effort to suspect the U. S. Constitution, yet freedom of speech comes with responsibilities, and the rightard extremist hate mongers on Fox “News” et al. should be held accountable and responsible for these Republican right wing extremist murderers and their actions.

    These killers don’t rise up and murder in a vacuum, they are egged on, they listen to the right wing nutters on the radio, television, and in simple-to-read monosylibic books. They’re not acting alone, they’re acting in consort with the right wing voices of hate — the O’Reillies and Lumbaughs of the nation should be dragged in to criminal trials to answer for their crimes of incitement.

    My opinions only and only my opinions, as always.

  • midastouch

    Wake up America the time draws nigh. How much more is going to be allowed by the people that represent our voice. I mistakenly thought that tyranny,oppression,malice and such behavior was illegal and as such deserve the full effort of our government to suppress such activity. That was what was said about the Black Panthers. The law still needs to be enforced, where are the enforcers?

  • Loretta

    This is very sad and sickening also. The deputy, Warren York was from my hometown, Kingston Tennessee. I do not him or his family on a personal basis but I have heard how nice his family is. I did read in our local paper that he was retired from the military and had only become a deputy about one year ago. His family is in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Philip

    This is a bad sign when a military person is turning to violence against the police for racist and anti-government extremism. I believe Okaloosa County is where Eglin Air Force Base is.

    Given what the SPLC has reported about extremist in the military it would be prudent to look into any white supremacist activity in the area. You list a League of the South Chapter in nearby Panama City. If there are recruitment efforts by white supremacists of military personnel the authorities, National Guard and Air Force would want to know.