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Idaho ‘Constitutional Militia’ Takes Shape

By David Holthouse on May 1, 2009 - 9:56 am, Posted in Militias

Declaring “We are the Army of the Lord, visiting His wrath on all those who would aggress the people of Idaho” and vowing to “oppose tyranny in all its forms,” an antigovernment “Patriot” group calling itself the Idaho Citizens’ Constitutional Militia (ICCM) is recruiting members for its first official muster, scheduled for September, according to its website.

The ICCM’s “commanding officer” is listed as James Ambrose, who’s depicted on the website wearing forest camouflage fatigues and a black beret.

“The Idaho Militia will meet once a month; one day for training, and a weekend bivouac for field training exercises,” the website states. “The training will cover movement and infiltration, land navigation, responding to an NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) attack, wilderness survival, emergency first aid, anti-terrorism, ambush response, Geneva rules of combat, and a host of other skills and topics. We will train all year long in all sorts of climate at various locations all across Idaho.”

Although it’s not known if Ambrose’s group has any followers yet, its appearance is the latest indication of a possible resurgence of the kind of militia groups that characterized the 1990s. By the close of that decade, most of those groups had disappeared or lapsed into inactivity. But in the last year or so, numerous self-described militias have begun to train again, as they did in the ’90s, and the themes that animated those groups — including conspiracy theories about the “New World Order” and fear of the federal government and gun control — have resurfaced across the country.

On his website, Ambrose puts out a special recruiting call to military veterans: “Those former members of the military, I will expect your assistance in establishing, modeling, and enforcing … standards for those who have never served in the armed forces. Full military customs, courtesies, and protocols will be practiced in the militia.”

The website features imagery of the United Nations flag; the burning Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas; a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) badge, and the message, “I AM THE GOVERNMENT YOUR FOUNDERS WARNED YOU ABOUT.” Opposition to the United Nations, government actions in Waco and Rudy Ridge, Idaho, and the ATF were among the defining issues for the 1990s militia movement.

“The Militia is in nature a purely defensive force and will take no aggressive action or recklessly plunge Idaho into war,” Ambrose informs potential recruits. “But if events similar to Ruby Ridge should ever again occur in Idaho, our resolve to respond with force in kind cannot be doubted.”

  • Eldon Kirchmeier

    Thomas Jefferson was right to worry that a tyrannical governmen would enslave “We the People”. Our rights were degraded under Bush during his tenure (in the name of national security) and in the last two and half years under Obama, the government payroll has grown by 25% as he has placed his own people in powerful posotions to take charge of all aspects of our lives. The nations unemployment rate, with trillions squandered by Obama, has grown by 25%.
    Absent an armed citizenry, there is no end to our own government actually enslaving us all. Thank god, there are those willing to take up arms at thier own expense and train trirelessly so that they are able to stand in harms way, should it be necessary. Those dedicated individuals such as the leasder of the Idaho Lightfoot Militia, and their counterparts… the Eastern Washington Militia, will be known as the heros who protected “We the People.”

  • Cold Laser

    The US military is far more combat effective than any civilian militia would ever be. If you claim to defend against foreign invasion,

  • Eldon Kirchmeier

    Cpt James Ambrose.
    I too am a California Transplant for all the reasons you give. I would ask why you do not include those of us over age 60 who are former combat vets in great physical condition. Mnay of us offer militray specialties that would be useful to the organization. Seems counterproductive to exclude by age rather than physicla condition?

  • Sasha

    Rant and rave all you want about this leader and that leader of the past,bottomline,for hundreds of years all the tyranny inflicted upon various civilizations no matter their ethnicity,religious beliefs or country of origin has accomplished nothing but pain,suffering and death for millions of people.As far as i am concerend there are no “superior” people,just those who either want freedom for all or those who want to take it away and dictate what will be tolerated and who will be allowed to live.As a woman i have both witnessed and experienced first hand the oppression of gender bias.Nothing like living in what is supposes to be a “free society” and yet be degraded for being the opposite sex.I hope that whatever the militia or group it is that is truly devoted to freedom for all and what the United States is supposed to represent understands that using “all” its devoted citizen-soldiers will be the only way to certain victory.It takes more than might and physical fighting to make change.It takes the unity and intelligence of all who believe in a cause greater than themselves,yet a cause that represents “everyone” and leaves ignorant and idiotic stone age stereotypes concerning ones value and place in life as a person based upon gender,ethnicity or skin color where it belongs…in the past.We will only keep America free by standing side by side as people who are united by our devotion to one another,to our principals and willing to fight for them…tyranny in history will continue to repeat itself as long as we allow it to,take a stand and show your devotion to freedom!!!

  • Genuinely RED

    For you militia types everything involving the “state” is “socialist”. The fact is that the US state, is laws, its taxes, and its problems were not caused by any communist/socialist/one world government conspiracy.

    These things were the product of centrists, of Democrats and Republicans. The Iraq War, the Afghan War and the “Af/Pak” War in Pakistan are the product not of “communism” or anything like that but the pure product of the US regime, its constitution and its military.

    Democracy produces its own monsters. Democracy produced Napoleon. Democracy put Hitler in parliament with a vote. Democracy intentionally ran the weak Hindenburg against Hitler and lost. Democracy took up fascism in Italy and Germany. In Italy the fascists transformed themselves into “christian democrats” after the war. In Germany the Nazis effortlessly became the National Democratic Party, as opposed to their prior name the National Social-Democratic Party. All the dictators of the world have been centrists, or have managed to make their own extremism acceptable to a mythical political “center” determined for the most part by whatever the wealthiest and most powerful layers of society feel they need to react to.

    Stalin was called the “great helmsman” because he was seen as steering a correct course between political extremes. Hitler’s campaign posters read, “German Women think of your children-Vote Hitler”.

    The truth about the US regime is that it has always supported and worked with fascist and stalinist tyrants, even in the midst of using rhetoric against the political tyranny of Stalinism and Fascism the bastions of “freedom” and the republic, like Prescott Bush were doing good business rearming the German War machine. The US fought WWII in alliance with Stalin and even helped round up Stalin’s political oppenents for “repatriation” after the second world war came to an end.

    There are three kinds of republic, fascist, stalinist and democratic. Ultimately they are all the same in the end. They are all based on exploitation and maintaining a permanent state of war. Saddam Hussein was the US’s own boy for literally decades until our regime decided he was a “dictator”. I remember when those same Democratz and Republikans were calling him a bastion of democracy because of his ability to murder lhuge numbers of rebellious oil workers.

    Those who were opposed to BOTH Hitler and Stalin knew who was on the side of the fascists and stalinists. It was you valiant “defenders” of the constitution, which as Bush said is just a “piece of paper”, not a sacred document but a worthless piece of paper that we are supposed to worship in lieu of defending ourselves, our lives and our rights as human beings.

    Your flags are all rotten blood stained rags. I am old enough to remember how the Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin got together and divided the world up, as allies arm in arm with each other, and true to the political realities of various forms of republican politics (fascist, stalinist, and “democratic”) never gave two hoots about how many people they killed or slaughtered.

    Churchill was the first leader to use poison gas against Iraqis. Stalin killed 8 to 16 million of his political opponents, that is to say, other members of the communist party and not flagwavers, christians or other ridiculous identity groups who always suck up to every tyrant that comes along despite all their whining otherwise. Note how the most anti-communist church on the planet, the Catholic Church in Poland had some 80% of its own clergy sold out and ratting out opponents to the regime from the confessional booth. The Russian Orthodox church, grovelled at the feet of the very regime they bitched and whined about oppressing them. Roosevelt ordered the bulldozing of crops while two million US citizens starved in order to keep up the price of agricultural commodities.

    Hitler’s minister Schacht was noted for saying that genius of National Socialist economic policy was that they had no economic ideology. NAZI ideology was purely based on race, nation and state. If you read Mein Kampf you will notice that fascism grew out of nationalist disgust with the loss of WWI. The German flagwavers, like Hitler, couldn’t stand the thought that they lost a war. Likewise the right in the US could never stand the idea that they lost the Vietnam War. When the US loses its current wars, there will likely be a similar reaction among patriots, that of hysteria, blame and violence. The patriots will say the wars were lost because anti-war people opposed it.

    For instance, Obama comes out with a statement that condemns a coup d’etat in Honduras. Great, everyone loves democracy. However, the underlying administration policy from the start was to remove the rightfully elected president of Honduras. The coup was supported by the Obama administration that in rhetoric condemned it.

    A militia movement guided by decades of state-department anti-communist rhetoric and crackpot pseudo-history will only succeed in causing the US government to look like the good guy when it crushes them. The US regime today doesn’t deserve this. Not with the blood of literally millions of Iraqis, and Central Americans on its hands. In the eighties and nineties if you remember it was pro-US and pro-reagan forces committing most of the mass-murder in the Americas. I remember seeing a twelve year old girl with the skin of her arms literally melted off by US white-phosphorous munitions. Your regime and constitution are stained with blood, you can chose to see it or not.

    If you look at history the wealthy and powerful, act without conscience or ideology. They adopt whatever ideological facade or rhetoric that is convenient to them. The same way Obama can seek the nomination of the New Party, while making friendly overtures to christian identity movement preachers. The only truth is power. You either have power or you don’t. The ideologies only exist to fool those who have no power.

    I’d hope that people one day would realize this and stop seeing the world in terms of “conservative” or “liberal”, “capitalist freedom” or “communist tyranny”. None of those things mean anything to people who have power. Ideology is the marching music of ruling elites.

    If only the militias would start fighting the Washington government, but they don’t have the proverbial balls.

    Marx and Nietzsche were “philosophical tyrants”? You evidently don’t know anything about either of them. Nietzsche’s main target in his writings was christian hypocricy. Marx wrote critiquing political economic thought. “Socialism” as American anti-communists know it, was in fact founded by Ferdinand Lasalle, not Marx. The first socialists in the US were Lassallean and not “Marxist”. Anti-communist hysteria was a fact long before there ever was a communist movement. Wealthy people have always feared that some sort of “communism” would come and take what they had. Take a close look at history and you will find that Marx at no point during his life led a majority, even in his own international. He criticized capitalism, which deserved to be criticized, especially nineteeth century capitalism.

    Who are the real tyrants? Military officers, the police, the state, the “elected” representatives of the republic; those people who actually make the decisions and run things. The current situation in the US is the direct product, not of a socialist slide taken by the US but of the decay of our own political parties and our own state apparatus. Some people would like to look at the demise of US power and stability and blame it on something, an external ideology that has no unified organized existence and is thus nebulous enough that you could claim anything about it.

  • CPT James Ambrose


    To that I will say, “do it”. It takes determination and effort to extract yourself from an abusive state. As a former California native I was absolutely set on moving to Idaho after my enlistment in the Army and I made it happen. The difference is like night and day. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked through downtown Boise with a gun holstered on my hip. It’s a whole different attitude here. The place I live in would cost twice as much in California. I could go on and on. New York deserves to lose your money.

    One thing I won’t do is explain the subtleties of my deliberate spelling of potatoe with an “e” to our red communist Ruslan Amirkhanov. It’s an Idaho thing, you wouldn’t understand, comrade. As far as Marx goes, I find it difficult to distinguish between philosophical tyrants such as Marx and Nietzsche, those who carry out those philosophies, or those like Ruslan who cheer them on. My marked loathing for all three blurs you all together.

  • TSR

    I’m with you CPT. I live in NY state and I see all the benefits of a “Progressive” Government. Here, if you work, you are taxed to the max. If you own property, ditto taxes. If you legally own firearms you are a target of every idiotic anti gun law that you can imagine. If you shoot someone in self defense, you’ll most likely get 25 years to life and get sued. If you rob and shoot someone with an illegal gun, you’ll probably get probation, and they’ll give you $100.00 cash, in a “Anti Violence” gun buy back program. This state is all but lost. Some of us are still fighting for our rights but it doesn’t look good. I am currently fixing up my house to sell, if I have to. Idaho sounds good to me.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Nonetheless, people DO remember many of the followers of such people, and were you or were you not aware that Marx was not a “tyrant”, in fact he never had any kind of political power whatsoever? Books- READ THEM.

    P.S. Thank you for offering a unit of your new national currency, known as the “potatoe”; I take it that the name is derived from the tuber known as the “potato”, often associated with Idaho.

  • CPT James Ambrose

    It was clear from what I posted that I said nobody will remember the twits who cheered tyrants who crushed all opposition. Since you fit so succinctly into that category, no other logical exegesis could have been extracted from my statement.

    Except by an imbicile who probably thinks Occam’s razor was a shaving device belonging to some dude named Occam.

    I’ll bet an Idaho potatoe that everyone else reading this riposte had no problem understanding what I meant.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Yes, you are a grown man who appropriates a military rank for himself, but I am an “imbecile”. You claim that “nobody remembers” Alexander, Xerxes, Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, etc… If there is one within 500 miles of where you currently reside, I suggest you go to something called a “library”, or perhaps a “book store”. Bookstores require you to pay for the books using money before removing them from the facility, whereas libraries require you to register for something known as a “library card”, with which you can then borrow books. But I digress.

    The main point of all that is that if you were to actually go to one of these places, you will soon be shocked to find out that MANY people DO in fact remember Marx, Alexander, Hitler, Lenin, Xerxes, et al. Hell, Alexander had a movie made about him by none other than Oliver Stone. Hitler is a regular feature on the history channel and practically has his own section in any of those “book stores” I was talking about.

    How many films have been made about you? The closest you will ever get is a perp walk on the local news after you nearly blow yourself to bits making a pipe bomb to save America from the UN, or whatever apocalypse has supposedly been “right around the corner” for the last 50 or so years. Yes, I am indeed skeptical that your weekend warriors will last more than ten minutes against the American National Guard, much less the armed forces of the US, far less than the latter plus the invading UN forces or whatever. Sorry if I am not convinced by your bizarre dialectic comparisons that consist of:

    Iraqi insurgency = irregular forces
    Vietcong = irregular forces
    My group of overgrown children armed with M1As, AR15s, etc. = irregular forces ERGO “Our chance of success and ability to survive is on par with the previous insurgent groups.”

    Sorry but something tells me that the fact that the US government has your SSN and other vital records on file, it might give them a bit of an edge they didn’t have in Vietnam or Iraq.

    Alas, according to you, nobody will remember me. Well “Captain”, I’m not so sure. After all, you said nobody remembers Hitler, Stalin, Marx(you were aware Marx was never a ruler or military leader, right?), Lenin, and ALEXANDER OF MACE-FREAKIN’-DON right? So maybe that means by your bizarre logic, I WILL be remembered!!! Either way it’s beside the point, the thing is- someone like you shouldn’t WANT to be remembered, because if you are, it will most likely be in the form of a Darwin Award spam e-mail, or a hilarious Youtube video that involves a semi-automatic rifle and unintentional self-castration.

    Believe me, obscurity is your friend.

    Good luck in your struggle, “Captain”

    Field Marshal/Ghazi/Emir/Khan Ruslan Amirkhanov DDS

    Islamic Jihad Militia and Express Tire Service*

    *The IJMETS supports the US constitution entirely, and thus should be totally immune to all government regulation.

  • CPT James Ambrose

    Comrade Amirkhanov,

    Do you know why the British played “The World Turned Upside Down” after the greatest military force in the world was routed by a bunch of militia rustics? Alexander, Xerxes, Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, King George III, Marx, all the tyrants and despots had throngs of soul-less idiots who cheered them on as they crushed all resistance. Nobody remembers who these twits were, and similarly, nobody will remember you.

    I endeavor the impossible task of educating an imbicile. American militias don’t have a mission to overthrow the U.S. government. Their mission is to assist in secession if their state decides to do so. Our founders believed that the threat of secession was the greatest check against federal government abuse, not overthrowing the government. You would know this if you spent more time studying American history rather than the Communist Manifesto. I’ll let you get back to your daily copy of the PRAVDA.

    CPT Ambrose, Idaho Citizens’ Constitutional Militia

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Wow you’re a moron Shamus. You can’t see any OBVIOUS differences between the insurgents in Iraq and militia groups in the US? Take a REAL good look at the two and compare them. This would not be asymetrical warfare- it would be a total bloodbath, assuming the overgrown militia children actually stand and fight.

  • Shamus

    Remember…nothing lasts forever. The only constant one can depend on is the eternal truth of ENTROPY. All systems eventually crumble into dust, every society decays to be born again; everything eventually expires of its own obsolescense, no matter how puffed-up and powerful its pretence happens to be. Nothing lasts forever. Things change. Things fall apart.

    So, I put my hope there. You’ve had the cultural hegemony for sixty years. But there are cracks in the dike. There are liver spots on the body of this sob-sister dystopia you put so much faith in. The drips who post messages here are little more than strumous, cankered-brained hordes of Philistines who live and die by what they’ve had drilled into their heads by so many plastic demagouges. Well, have fun breastroking through the watery murk of the Kali-Yuga.

    The sun is setting on this present scene.

  • Shamus

    Yes you have the right to bear arms, and I have pointed out numerous times that your arms are useless against the might of the US military, including the National Guard. As said before, your militia is unnecessary, and would not last ten minuts before the might of the US armed forces. If they are tyrants as you imply, you would probably just piss them off more, creating more trouble for others.

    I don’t know, there Ruslan. Seems like those insurgents over in Iraq have given the mighty US military a run for its money.

    Assymetrial warfare performed by small bands of insurgents can, hypothetically, deal a startling blow against even the most well-equipped and technologically advanced army. I think you put too much faith in centralized, absolute authoritarian structures. But, then, you’re a communist, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    But, please, Comrade, continue your learned discourse on all matters of military strategy. We find ourselves agog at your brilliance. You obvioulsy possess the fighting spirit and strategical genius of Temujin and Alexander, as well as a long, distinguished line of military geniuses reaching back into the mists of antiquity.


  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Wow “CPT” Ambrose, are you telling me that the founding fathers(who incidentally, also intended that the Constitution be amended as needed in the future, according to their own words), thought it was a great idea to have paramilitary armed groups roaming the country with NO oversight? This is almost literally insane. Have you heard of something called the Whiskey Rebellion, or maybe a little conflict called the Civil War? That ought to be enough to tell you that the US government isn’t a fan of armed groups resisting its authority.

    Yes you have the right to bear arms, and I have pointed out numerous times that your arms are useless against the might of the US military, including the National Guard. As said before, your militia is unnecessary, and would not last ten minuts before the might of the US armed forces. If they are tyrants as you imply, you would probably just piss them off more, creating more trouble for others.

    By the way, in most countries in the world, paramilitary groups who identify themselves as anti-government are called “terrorists” or “insurgents”.

    General/Emir Ruslan Amirkhanov

  • CPT James Ambrose


    From your post I gather you are very ill informed about the history of this country and I would invite you to educate yourself rather than to further look like a fool. Our founders had absolutely zero intention that there be any “oversight” of the people’s militia or their constitutional right to bear arms, organize, and form a mainstay against tyranny. I apologize for nothing on my webpage as the right of the people to defend against tyranny by government is an American heritage right from the start of our nation.

    Another note, you think yourself patriotic, but your view of patriotism is at variance with that of our founders. They viewed patriots as siding with the people and the defense of liberty, not with the government. Get your head right.

    CPT Ambrose

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Apparently your mastery of the English language is so poor, you are unaware of what my argument is. And my Islamic militia makes no sense than your militias. How the hell is the government supposed to know if your militia is dedicated to the defense of the constitution(something that incidentally, is the job of the US government, its courts, military, etc.)? Simply because they declare it so? Who is overseeing and inspecting these militias? If my hypothetical Islamic militia in the states CLAIMS to protect the US constitution(which guarantees freedom of religion thus protecting Islam), can we expect to be left alone?

    Let me again quote the words used by this Idaho militia:
    “The Militia is in nature a purely defensive force and will take no aggressive action or recklessly plunge Idaho into war,” Ambrose informs potential recruits. “But if events similar to Ruby Ridge should ever again occur in Idaho, our resolve to respond with force in kind cannot be doubted.”

    See that last line? That is what we call a “challenge”. What you have here is an armed body conducting paramilitary training with an overt anti-government worldview, that most likely sees its primary enemy as the US government. I don’t think it gets any more clear cut than that.

  • Darren


    First let me start off by repeating yet again that your idiocy truly knows no bounds. Everytime you respond you dig yourself and your argument an even deeper hole making yourself look like an uneducated moron. Really? Precedent doesn’t answer the question?

    Your argument/example of starting an all Islamic militia is not only ignorant, it doesn’t make any sense. You think an Islamic militia would be interested in protecting the united states constitution you fool?

    I see after the fourth challenge to respond in kind about reading and following the links (especially the link to the open letter to Michael Savage) that you still have no backbone to do so and then comment on it.

    You haven’t even mentioned it at all. I know you can read so what are you scared of besides the fact that it completely and utterly destroys your views about grown men playing GI Joe and getting “whipped” in no time flat by the military?

    Again it will explain why we do not have to worry about Apaches or other military equipment being fired on the people or their militias. It also explains why should that nightmare scenario unfold, why not this or any other military would be able to crush it, in fact quite the opposite would occur.

    I refuse to respond to you any further until you address this challenge, yet again, but I am not going to hold my breath as you seem worse than a crooked politican who can’t answer a simple question. All you can do is provide useless ignorat babble which I will enjoy watching you post repeatedly without addressing the above mentioned challenge.

    Lastly, for your viewing pleasure are two quotes the latter by JFK that you undoubtedly never heard as evidenced by your staggering ignorance. You sir cannot see the forest for the trees.

    Thomas Jefferson:
    “God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. … And what country can preserve its liberties, if it’s rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

    John F. Kennedy”
    “By calling attention to a well-regulated militia for the security of the Nation, and the right of each citizen to keep and bear arms, our founding fathers recognized the essentially civilian nature of our economy. Although it is extremely unlikely that the fear of governmental tyranny, which gave rise to the 2nd amendment, will ever be a major danger to our Nation, the amendment still remains an important declaration of our basic military-civilian relationship, in which every citizen must be ready to participate in the defense of his country. For that reason I believe the 2nd Amendment will always be important.”

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Even citing precedent does not answer the question as to why your militia is necessary. Clearly the government has not called upon you to do so. Moreover, the US military, for all its faults, has done a pretty damn good job defending the US. The closest thing to an invasion America has had was the attacks on the Aleutian islands in WWII.

    And if well-regulated simply means with discipline imposed and training implemented- this still does not answer the question as to what standard of training and discipline is being followed. If that legal argument really had any legs, I could just as easily form an Islamic fundamentalist militia on US soil, formed only of Muslim US citizens. Do you really think that’s not going to draw the ire of the federal government?

    In the end, the argument stil stands. These militias are unnecessary, they are not in fact regulated, these people are nothing but adult children playing GI Joe, and if the US government ever decides to actually implement any one of those things militia-types have been telling us were coming for 40 to 50 years,, they would be beaten by lunch time.

  • Darren


    First off, I am not part of any militia. Secondly you might want to read the 2nd amendment and then read it again. Before I go on I would like to point out that you still lack the backbone to take the challenge presented to you earlier….again. Why are you so scared?

    Regarding the term “well regulated”, the U.S. Supreme Court said in District of Columbia v. Heller:

    The adjective “well-regulated” implies nothing more than the imposition of proper discipline and training. But here is an exerpt about it from wikipedia for your reading pleasure.

    A topic central[55] to the gun control debate, is the conflict between gun control laws and the right to lawfully rebel against unjust governments. This right was codified into law as far back as Article 61 of the 1215 version of the Magna Carta, which made it legal to arise in rebellion, and even went so far as to require that the King of England himself order the people unwilling to rise in rebellion against himself and his officials, to do so, when the council of barrons serving as a check on his power found cause for this extreme action.[56] This right was exercised within the Declaration of Independence.[57] During the Constitutional debates, Patrick Henry questioned how the people could resist tyrants if their arms had been taken from them.[58][59] Article 10 of New Hampshire Bill of Rights recognizes this right and refers to is as The Right of Revolution.[60]

    The Founding Fathers, such as Alexander Hamilton, recognized a Lockean right of revolution. He offered the following commentary:

    […]if circumstances should at any time oblige the government to form an army of any magnitude[,] that army can never be formidable to the liberties of the people while there is a large body of citizens, little, if at all, inferior to them in discipline and the use of arms, who stand ready to defend their own rights and those of their fellow-citizens.[52]

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Darren, please explain what part of the Constitution I am ignorant of. Does the US government, or any governmental body sanction your militia or not?

  • Darren

    Wow Ruslan Amirkhanov, just WOW! Your idiocy truly knows no bounds. You just don’t get it period. Obviously you must not be from around here to not understand the basics of our constitution. I see also that not only are you completely oblivious and ignorant, but you also lack the backbone to take the challenge given to you earlier. FAIL!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Gee Darren, if it’s YOUR military and YOUR country, then you don’t need to be running around in the woods playing soldier to defend it. The US military is far more combat effective than any civilian militia would ever be. If you claim to defend against foreign invasion, you would be largely useless to the US military. If you claim to be defending against government tyranny, not only are you basically declaring yourself opposed to the US government’s authority(not that this is inherently a bad thing), but you would find yourself on the receiving end of a corncopia of US military technology, including bunker buster bombs, cluster bombs, laser guided artillery shells, and MLRS platforms.

    Have fun!

  • Carter

    What is a “Hate Group”?

    According to a report published in 2003 in the FBI Law Enforcement bulletin, a hate group, if unimpeded, passes through seven successive stages.3 In the first four stages, hate groups vocalize their beliefs and in the last three stages, they act on their beliefs. The report points to a transition period that exists between verbal violence and acting that violence out, separating hardcore haters from rhetorical haters. Thus, hate speech is seen as prerequisites of hate crimes and as a condition of their possibility. Similar stages have been proposed for genocide. {awp ’03}

    I believe it’s appropriate to define what is & is not a Hate Group if an intelligent discussion is to be maintained about the matter. The government has specific definitions as to what comprises a hate group from a legalistic perspective based of prosecution of hate crimes.
    Defining a hate group by an individual is tempered with that person’s ethics, morals, experiences, & personal convictions. We can easily delve into a morass of personal prejudices here.
    What are we to use as defining element(s)? If a group such as a “citizen’s militia” is a group which structures itself to defend the Constitution of the United States & thereby rejects members who oppose that Constitution, or embarks upon Seditious appeals what’s to be hostile to? The discussion should be set to a Constitutional level & dialog.
    Hate Groups occasionally “piggy-Back” on militias like many other political agendas, we have damn well seen the same thing on Environmental groups as well. But should not someone professing a motive not entangled in hate speech be innocent until proven guilty of being a hate group?

    As to the use of weapons (of which I personally oppose as anything but a recourse to self defense & last resort); history taught us & the Russians something in Vietnam & Afghanistan. Those countries fought with very substandard materials but were fighting in their own backyard. They put up a pretty damn good fight with bolt action rifles & low-tech materials against superpowers who depended upon high tech modernization to defeat an enemy who’s will to win was greater than our internal squabbling.
    Political & intellectual descent is healthy! Why must we always choose to evangelize a political perspective instead of appreciate an opposing perspective? There IS a line of appropriate measurement (i.e. yelling “fire” in a crowded theater), but discussions should be set on what those limitations are rather than if they should exist at all.

  • Darren

    Hey Ruslan Amirkhanov,

    You should read the website the other guy posted. I did and it makes your arguments look absolutely retarded.

    Here ya go read and learn about what the American Spirit is all about foreigner and why we don’t have to worry about Apaches firing on us. You will also find ample information on why the people of this country can wipe out any country on earth without our military.

    Read and follow the links then come back here and try again. I am just on pins and needles awaiting your remarks. If you don’t read, I will know. Don’t come in here with a name like that and try to sell us mis-information, divisive propaganda and your ignorant beliefs about our fellow Americans, our military or our country. You got that?

  • CPT James Ambrose

    There’s a lot of comments on my website and I was surprised (and pleasantly so) when I found I was on SPLC’s “hatewatch” list. Since SPLC takes such dire and unamerican stands, their disapproval reaffirms I’m on the right track. I’ve also noted that those opposed to the ICCM use hate and emotion to express their view. (I forget, who are the haters?) While those who support what I’m doing are logical and well informed.

    I consider it to be unamerican how the SPLC left divides Americans into races, income classes, and victim groups and pits us against each other. I consider it outrageous that SPLC helps illegal criminals sue American landowners in U.S. courts. I can only consider it to be a badge of honor that I’m on their “hatewatch” list. CPT James Ambrose, Idaho Citizens’ Constitutional Militia, Commanding Officer

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Militia idiots have been claiming for nearly 50 years(yes that’s right, 50 years, look it up) that America will be taken over by a “New World Order”-style one-world government/invaded by the UN/become Communist/etc.. It’s always “just around the corner”. The fact that nearly every single checkable prediction you guys make turns out to be untrue(what happened to that universal gun ban that Clinton was supposed to pass).

    You’re just a bunch of grown men playing soldier, You can talk about being “defensive” all you like, but your “defense” would crumble within minutes were the government to attack you in the way you envision that it is coming.

    Good luck taking out Apaches with your Mini-14s.

  • Rudy


    I checked the list of the groups supplied in the article above;…..p?aid=1027. Specifically I checked Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and Virginia. I didn’t see any militias listed in any of those states.

    Based on my observations of your website, I must conclude that militias are not hate groups and they pose no danger to your pleas for donations.

    I also feel offended that you left out such dangerous organizations as the Boy Scouts of America, and the Catholic church.

  • Flick

    SPLC: “Although it’s not known if Ambrose’s group has any followers yet, its appearance is the latest indication of a possible resurgence of the kind of militia groups that characterized the 1990s.”

    And what kind of militia group is that? Don’t play the McVeigh card, either, because you know very well that McVeigh was not connected to any militia. For those that don’t know, McVeigh attended one militia meeting in Michigan and was kicked out and told not to return because he was talking about attacking the government.

    SPLC: “…the themes that animated those groups — including conspiracy theories about the “New World Order” and fear of the federal government and gun control — have resurfaced across the country.”

    Conspiracy theories? You talk about this as though you live in a vacume. While the SPLC will certainly denounce any knowledge of this New World Order, let me point out that it goes by other names, such as the North American Union (NAU) and the Security and Prosperity Partnership *(SPP). Mainstream news media have reported on the Amero, on the Trans Texas Corridor, and the secret meetings held by the leaders of Canada, Mexico, and the United States that, it was later leaked, were to go around those countries’ legislative bodies to forge agreements dissolving their national sovereignty. Leave it to the SPLC to give only half (more like a third) of the story to keep donations rolling in based on fear mongering.

    SPLC: “On his website, Ambrose puts out a special recruiting call to military veterans:”

    Does anyone at the SPLC notice the similarity in the words “military” and “militia”? While the SPLC does its best to give militia a bad reputation, there it is right at the front of the Second Amendment of our Constitution. It’s also in Title 10 of the U.S. Code. Being America’s last response to tyranny, having members who are ex-military would be obviously beneficial.

    SPLC: “The website features imagery of the United Nations flag; the burning Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas; a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) badge, and the message, ‘I AM THE GOVERNMENT YOUR FOUNDERS WARNED YOU ABOUT.’”

    So opposition to the agenda of the United Nations to erase national borders and national sovereignty and impose a socialist form of global governance makes one a far-right terrorist or extremist? Someone who finds the actions of the U.S. government at Waco and Ruby Ridge unconscionable are necessarily far-right wing nuts? I’d say the SPLC’s compliant and unquestioning acceptance of the government position on these events says far more about the SPLC than it does about “scary” militia members.

    SPLC: “Opposition to the United Nations, government actions in Waco and Rudy Ridge, Idaho, and the ATF were among the defining issues for the 1990s militia movement.”

    You keep referring to this 1990s militia movement as though that has some foreboding message for us.

    Ambrose: “The Militia is in nature a purely defensive force and will take no aggressive action or recklessly plunge Idaho into war,” Ambrose informs potential recruits. “But if events similar to Ruby Ridge should ever again occur in Idaho, our resolve to respond with force in kind cannot be doubted.”

    So they’re not going to initiate violence. That is in line with the purpose of the militia as defensive only. So what exactly is it that worries the SPLC about this and other militia groups?

    I was surprised awhile back to discover that a group I belong to is listed by the SPLC as a hate group, which initially made me wonder where the SPLC gets its information. After reading up on the SPLC, I no longer wonder. The SPLC has no interest in reporting the truth, or at least has an interest in omitting crucial parts of the truth. If the people are not made to fear the militia, the SPLC loses funding. So what’s the group I belong to? It’s the Virginia Citizen Militia, and you can see our website at

  • BF

    The far-right-wing idiots are panicking – the govermnet realizes they’re paranoid, fearful, and unstable, and both sides are gearing up to do something about it.

    A few dead far-right hate groups would send a good message to the rest: You lost, you’re anti-American, shut up.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    I find it funny that they are tryin to recruit from the military, because anyone with enough military experience knows that their mini-14s and semi-auto AKs won’t stand a chance against the US military. They will determine their positions within minutes of hostilities, and then rain down fire and destruction on them for about ten minutes, and then arrest anyone who is left.

    But back to the real world- militia nuts and conspiracy theorists have been assuring us that the US is on the brink of Communism/UN takeover/Martial Law/All three for about 50 years now. Look it up, 50 years it was “just around the corner!” And what has happened thus far? It’s not different than rapture ready crowd.

  • Carter

    During the 1960’s the term “State’s Rights” was generally a cover for those who opposed integration. This may not be the case today.
    I would not go out on a limb and call such a thing like this thing (in Idaho) a hate group until I had done more research. That being said, in the mind of older individuals who remember the Civil Rights campaigns, the term “States Rights” brings back some bad memories.
    However we also know that “piggy-backed” on some militia groups has been some obvious hate groups & the suspicion is easy to feel for many.
    Many causes have been exploited by hate groups until the entire thrust of the original has morphed into that which was never intended.
    We need to look at certain painful truths. The Waco debacle was actually a scandal. We supposedly were there to HELP children & we burned them to death. It’s also a VERY popular feeling in this country that just like the League of Nations did little to help the world move from war, the UN has been less than successful in it’s most important agenda. The majority of Americans love this country & don’t want to see it changed into a EU model. No matter what one thinks of Randy Weaver, he did not deserve what happened to him; nor did his wife deserve to be shot in cold blood, etc.
    These issues had set the stage for the Militia movement & realistically could have been avoided if the government of that time had not circled the wagons & done little than give Weaver a multi-million dollar settlement & apologize to the people at Waco who lost their children.
    There are no clear-cut “good guys” on ether side of the political isle when Congress has money on it’s mind. The sooner we learn the painful truths that we all have many painful things to be responsible for, the sooner we can start to communicate in a healthy manner.
    I don’t know how many times I’ve read in this blog the accusation that Republicans are racists or that Democrats are appeasers bordering on cowards. Such concepts are political bigotry. They are built on the lie that one group has all the answers. That should be dangerously obvious to need no further commentary.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    I love the way these idiots actually think they could stand up to the US military, much less those UN forces they always talk about.

  • aquestioner

    Read a little more–a bit more nutty than I thought, though I still don’t think it’s a hate group–that, or it’s the weirdest hate group I’ve ever seen.

  • aquestioner

    I checked the website. Where is this “We are the Army of the Lord, visiting His wrath on all those who would aggress the people of Idaho” item? And while these guys are states’ righters, calling them a hate group is excessive. A bit off the wall, maybe, but not hateful.

  • Pat

    They’re posted on their website. Here the list is broken down into categories. You’ll have to click on each of those category names in order to see the specific groups listed.

    The groups are also listed on the Hate Map, which has a link near the top right of this page (the blog here).

  • Sam

    So how is this considered a hate group? Please be specific and be careful that you do not appear so unpatriotic that you describe the founding fathers who liberated this country from tyranny. Seems to me like many more of these types of groups are needed to keep the government in check. So would this guy at be considered a hateful person in your eyes? If so, I think you are on the verge of being a hate group yourself…hating patriots who love their country and value the Constitution.

  • texasconservative

    Could you post a list of the over 900 alleged hate groups you are investigating?